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My Fake boyfriend Part 8

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2910

Warnings: Just fuffly and maybe some aganst

Thank you @drinkfantasy you are the best

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Before the war Bucky always liked kids and always imagined having a few of his own. But now? Kids were usually afraid of him and the ones that weren’t afraid, their parents wouldn’t let they get close. Bucky knew how much you liked kids and seeing you with your nephew at dinner last night warmed his heart.  

During the dinner you kept doing silly faces to Julian and telling him little secrets. This opened something in his mind that he never thought that he would have again, the possibility of a family.

You were so happy yesterday and he wanted to make you happy even that he was terrified. After your mother left the room, you pull him into a tight hug “We are gonna have so much fun.” You whisper in his ear, he can feel how excited you are and somehow this makes his fears disappear.

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Motel Trampoline

A/N: This is the first installment of a series I’m starting called Growing up Winchester. It’s basically one shots of what life was like for the Winchester kids. Dean’s the oldest, Y/N is the middle child, and Sam is the youngest.

Growing up Winchester

Dean’s age-7

Y/N’s age-5

Sam’s age-12 months

“De, I’m bored.” You whined at your oldest brother who sat across from you coloring at the motel room table. John, the patriarch of the family had taken Sam to the store with him to get some supplies before he left you kids for a hunt.

“Whaddya want me to do about it?” Dean questioned you with an unamused look on his face.

You shrugged your shoulders, “I don’t know. Can we play a game or somethin’?”

“I don’t know Y/N, Dad said we gotta be quiet. He doesn’t want anybody knowin’ we’re here alone, especially cause he’ll be leaving for a h-work trip tomorrow and we don’t want any trouble.”

“Okay De.” You said dejectedly, “Can you pass the pourple? I’m gonna give the puppy pourple spots.” Dean gave you a sad face before reaching over and handing you the crayon. You gave him a soft smile in return as you grabbed the crayon from his hand. “Thanks.”

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Smart Mouth

Pairing: Alexander x Reader

Requested?: Yeah buddy!

Prompt: “owo what’s this?- I mean can I request a Alex x Reader where they argue A LOT and Alex ends up confessing to R in one of the arguments pls??”

Words: 2.4k+ (my longest one so far)

Dedications: Huge thanks to my best friend @helplesslylins and my twin @secretschuylersister for helping through this long process and proofreading for me! I love you both <3 Also, @fragmentofmymind I know you’ve been waiting for this so here you go ;) Lastly, @shinymarbles I think this was your request but if it wasn’t then sorry for the tag!

(A/N: So glad this is finally done, I hope you enjoy!)

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“You’re impossible, Alexander!” You groaned, rubbing your temples and turning away from the short-tempered man. It was barely 9 am and he was already at your throat over your choice of cereal. Well, the cereal wasn’t for you, it was for the guy who was currently lounging in your bed after a rather fun hook up.

“I’m just saying. Anybody who willingly asks for Cheerios must be clinically insane.” Alexander shrugged, sipping what was probably his 5th cup of coffee.

“You know, maybe if you didn’t chug coffee so much, you could reach the top shelf of a bookcase.” You brushed past Alexander, going down the hall towards your room.

“I’m not short! I’m vertically challenged!” He yelled after you, grumbling as you disappeared into the room.

Your relationship with Alexander was…complicated, for a lack of better words. You were friends, though based off the amount you guys argued anyone would think you hated each other. The bickering between you two was at an all time high as of recently and it was confusing you. Something as simple as a movie selection ended up in a 20 minute debate that only came to a conclusion thanks to Herc grabbing the remote and picking something. Alex’s usual light teasing tone was now masked with another emotion that you couldn’t decipher. There’s a clear shift and you weren’t sure how to go about it.

Soon after he finished his cereal and got your number, the man who’s name you now knew as James left your apartment. The door could barely shut before Alex was speaking again.

“Sex was probably mediocre at best.” He called over his shoulder, eyes on the computer as he typed away furiously. You sighed and rested your forehead on the door before turning to face him.

“It was actually great, want a play-by-play?” You sauntered over to him, standing in front of his computer and crossing your arms. Alex made a show of gagging before covering his mouth.

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Punk (Chap. 5)

Summary: You’re head over heels for you’re best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 2942

Warnings: Same as always

A/N:  FYI on Chap. 4 I had to go back and make a minor change bc of a continuity error.  Bucky’s hair is short (think TJ Hammond style) in this fic and i slipped up an put in a man-bun note (it’s my weakness). Sorry!  Now, back to the story….

Abandoning Wanda in your closet to hunt through the mass of new clothes you’d unceremoniously shoved in there earlier, you raced down the floor towards Nat’s room, ready to call the whole night off after that disaster of a dinner.  You rounded the corner and attempted to stop short but your socks had no grip and you crashed into a wall of muscle.  “Sorry, Sam,” you mumbled.  “You okay?” Sam laughed and steadied you back on your feet.

You heard Bucky snort from behind and winced. Great, he’d just seen you stuff your face full of Chow Mein and apple pie and now he caught you hurdling down the hallway like the giant boulder from Indiana Jones.  “He’s fine,” Bucky clapped him on the back.  “Not even you could crack this thick skull.”  

And with that he pulled Sam’s sweatshirt hood over his eyes and gave him a noogie before guffawing like a doofus and racing past you with Sam hot on his heels.

“Ay yo!  What the hell’s that mean?!” he hollered.  “And don’t touch my hair, man!”  Sam’s voice carried down the hallway as he chased your best friend.  A loud thud and muffled ‘ooof’ confirmed that he’d caught up to him and apparently rugby tackled him in the living room.

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Summary: After a hunt, you can never sleep. Neither can Dean. While you and him get drunk in the kitchen, you offer to bake him a pie, and things get messy?

hahah rip my summary skills

Request: Hi there! Could you maybe do a story where the reader shows Dean her pie baking skills and he just can’t get over her perfection? It could be as fluffy or smutty as you see fit, of course :)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, language

Word Count: 2.4k

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It was the night after a hunt; you, Sam, and Dean had just gotten home a little over an hour ago. You’d pretty much went your separate ways for the night as it was almost eleven. You scrubbed your face before you threw on some pyjamas and laid down. You were sure everyone else would be passed out by now, but not you. You tossed and turned, the leftover adrenaline from the hunt keeping you awake. This happened after most hunts, you wouldn’t be able to sleep that night, or the night after. You’d almost always have at least one nightmare, so that kept you awake as well.

After tossing and turning for almost an hour, you decided to get up and take a shower. The clock on your nightstand read midnight as you grabbed some clean clothes and a towel. You made your way down the hallway to the bathroom and started the water, throwing your clothes and towel down on the floor. While you waited for the water to warm up you left the bathroom and went into the kitchen to grab a beer, trying to stay quiet so you didn’t wake the boys. You tossed the cap in the trash can and headed back to the bathroom.

When you got out of the shower you’d realized that you’d forgotten clean panties. That or they fell out somewhere along the way. You wrapped the towel around yourself and opened the bathroom door, looking to the right first, then left. To your left, you were surprised by Dean, who was holding your panties while also wearing a bright red face.

“I uh- I think you dropped these.” He tossed them at you before turning around and walking back the other way.

“Thanks?” you said, probably to quiet for him to hear as he walked away. But damn did he look good in his boxers and t-shirt. You smiled to yourself before closing the door to get dressed.

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The Signs as German Words
  • Aries: Honigkuchenpferd - It means to have a giant dorky grin on your face. E.g. you are a cutie pie. -boom- you have a giant dorky grin.
  • Taurus: Gemütlichkeit - This word describes a space or state of warmth and friendliness
  • Gemini: Kohlensäure - The bubbles that fizz in your soda.
  • Cancer: Schadenfreude - The word is defined as, "making me feel glad that I'm not you," and "people taking pleasure in your pain."
  • Leo: Torschlusspanik - the fear, usually as one gets older, that time is running out and important opportunities are slipping away.
  • Virgo: Schwellenangst - This is the fear of embarking on something new; fear of crossing a threshold
  • Libra: Ohrwurm - It’s that catchy tune, the worm in your ear, that you simply can’t get out of your head.
  • Scorpio: Treppenwitz - A lethargic comeback. e.g. you think of a cool comeback but ten minutes later.
  • Sagittarius: Weltschmerz - when a person feels that their physical reality will never be as beautiful or blissful as the world they can imagine in their head.
  • Capricorn: Fremdschämen - It describes the feeling of shame when seeing someone else in an uncomfortable or embarrassing situation.
  • Aquarius: Fernweh - The feeling of wanting to be somewhere else. It’s a longing for a place that isn't where you are right now.
  • Pisces: Luftschloss - The word luft in this context means "sky" and schloss means "castle," coming together to create "castle in the sky." The expression is used to describe someone's unrealistic dream.
Kissing Booth | Rucas

Each year, Abigail Adams High has a carnival at the end of the very last semester to welcome summer and celebrate the passing of another successful school year. Students and staff tend to go all out. There are booths scattered around the outskirts of the lot, like the very popular pie throwing contest where you can pay to throw a pie in the face of your favorite, or not so favorite teacher, the dunk tank if ever you’re in the mood to fall into freezing cold water, and the kissing booth.

Normally Riley would partake in all of the activities, aside from the kissing booth of course. She hated the idea of people paying to kiss someone, sure it was for a good cause and all the proceeds helped fund the extracurricular activities for school but still, she couldn’t get on board with puckering up to some stranger who has already kissed dozens and dozens of people.

That is until her crush since freshman year, Chris Cardellini, was the one on the other side. This year, the baseball team is in charge of the kissing booth, since there are so many of them they get to switch off every 10 people or so. Chris, along with two of her best friends Lucas and Zay, is on the baseball team and that meant she finally had a chance to get him to feel what she’s felt for him since the first day of school, almost 4 years ago.

Did he even know she existed? No. Did that stop her from fantasizing about him every chance she got? Absolutely not. To be fair it’s not that she was some unknown loner who had no friends, she had a great group of friends and over all she was well liked, it had more so to do with the fact that she decided to crush on the most popular guy in school. The one who could have any girl he wanted and because that was the harsh reality of the situation she knew deep down she didn’t stand a chance. However, she convinced herself that maybe, just maybe, if she got to kiss him at the kissing booth this year, he’d feel a spark and that would obviously lead to their beautiful love story.

As she sat at her usual lunch table she found herself getting lost in the hypothetical-ness of it all. It isn’t until her best friend Maya slams her lunch tray on the table that she’s forced back to reality.
“Daydreaming about Chris Cardellini again?” The blonde muses as she aggressively opens her bag of chips.

“No.” The brunette pouts, taking a big gulp of her juice. “I was just wondering what I should wear to the carnival.”

“The carnival where you’re going to kiss Chris Cardellini?” Maya smirks, raising her eyebrows at Riley.

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Request: If you are still taking the specific Bucky stories how about a Bucky x reader where the reader and Bucky are friends but the reader is a bit childish abs likes to put cute magnets in his arm. Mostly where he can’t see them but others can.

Summary: You sneak some magnets onto Bucky’s arm and one of them happens to be an Inigo Montoya quote. The teams sees it and starts making Princess Bride jokes, confusing the hell out of Bucky.

Warnings: Best friend fluffy fluff!

A/N: I laughed so god damn hard while writing this, I do apologize for how short it is though.

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“Beautiful Pie” -Dean Winchester One Shot

Originally posted by soluscheese

Summary: Sam has been gone for months and Dean and Reader have finally revealed their feelings towards each other and are now together. Reader decides to surprise Dean with a pie after a rough day at work.

Word Count: 1270

A/N: Just a little bit of fluff because Dean deserves happiness XD Requests are open :D

               You stood at the counter, looking at all the different types of pie that you could possibly imagine. Your boyfriend Dean had been having such a rough day, that you wanted to surprise him with a pie when he got home from his hunt. You had no idea that there were this many flavours of pie, and you weren’t sure which one to get. You knew his favourite was apple but there were three different types of apple pie.

               “Did you need help there?” the girl behind the counter, and you looked up from the pies and gave her a small smile, nodding your head. The girl smiled back. “Is there any specific flavour you were after?” she asked, as she grabbed a pair of gloves from behind the counter and pulled them on.

               “My boyfriend loves pie, probably more than me and I wanted to surprise him with one. His favourite flavour is Apple, but I don’t know which one. Can you recommend which one’s the best one?” you asked, as you moved your face closer to the glass cabinets. The girl opened one of the glass doors on the other side of the counter and grabbed the pie closest to you. You watched as she put it on the counter.

               “This is apple and raspberry and it’s our most popular flavour. I guarantee that your boyfriend will love it.” She explained, as she started to box it up. You nodded, your heart starting to beat rather quickly. You couldn’t wait to get home and surprise Dean. Ever since Sam had gone, even though Dean said he was happy, she knew that he missed him and you felt useless sometimes. Once the pie was all boxed up, you paid for it and left the shop, heading back to your house. Once you were inside, you looked at the clock, seeing that there was an hour before Dean finished work. You put the pie in the fridge, and headed upstairs to put something nice on. You decided to go with a simple pair of jeans and a nice white fitted shirt. You looked at yourself and smiled, and then headed down the stairs to start dinner.

               When Dean finally got home from a tough day at the garage, he was happy to see that you were home, and he couldn’t wait to have some dinner and put his feet up. Locking the car, he headed towards the front door, and could smell the dinner you were cooking inside, and it made his stomach grumble. He was hungry and couldn’t wait to get inside. When he walked inside the house, he could smell the food and a smile appeared on his face.

               “Honey, I’m home.” He called out, and he could hear some noises coming in from the kitchen. Kicking his shoes off, he walked into the kitchen and couldn’t help but smile at the sight of you working in the kitchen. He stood in the door way for a moment, watching you. It took you a couple of seconds to find him standing there, and you turned around and smiled when you saw him. You walked over to him, wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him softly on the lips. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer, kissing you back.

               “How was work?” you asked, as you kissed him on the cheek and walked back into the kitchen. Dinner was pretty much done, so all you needed to do was dish it up. You reached up and grabbed two plates, and started to dish it up. Dean couldn’t help but watch you, every move you made, and he couldn’t help but smile.

               “It was OK. I have next week off, so I thought we could go somewhere romantic.” He commented, as he walked over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, and started to kiss your neck. You closed yours eyes at his gesture, and smiled.

               “Do you mind, I’m trying to get dinner finished.” You said, as you felt his hands move up your body. He let out a small chuckle and kissed your lips once more, before moving away to let you finish. It didn’t take long to finish up, and when you were finished you smiled at your work and headed into the dining room, finding Dean already sitting at the table. You placed his plate in front of him and he looked down at his plate and grinned. It was his favourite dinner. You placed your own plate in front of your place and quickly headed into the kitchen and grabbed two cold beers from the fridge. You opened them both up and headed into the dining room and handed him one.

               “You’re too good to me.” Dean commented, which made you smile. You sat down at your seat, and watched as he dug into his food. Dean had been through a lot these last couple of days and you didn’t think the two of you would get over Sam’s death. You both weren’t over it, and thought about him every day, but you both had to carry on with your lives and you were glad that you came together. You loved Dean like crazy, and would hate to lose him.

               ‘It’s because I love you too much.” You commented, and you started to dig into your own dinner. It didn’t take long for you both to finish up, and when you were finished, you couldn’t wait to bring out the surprise you had for him. “So, I got a surprise for you today.” You said, when Dean put down his fork and knife and he glanced up at you, and looked a little surprised. You stood up, grabbed both of your plates, and walked into the kitchen. You put the plates in the sink and opened the oven, and smiled at how perfect the pie looked. Grabbing he oven mittens, you put them on and took out the pie and placed it on top of the stove. You grabbed what you needed from the kitchen and carried it into the dining room. Dean watched as you walked into the dining room, and when he saw that pie in your hands, his face lit up.

               “Holey crap that is one beautiful pie.” He commented, as you placed the pie in the middle of the table, and you couldn’t help but smile. He watched as you started to cut the pie into pieces and placed one on a plate for him and handed it to him. “Oh wow. Why did I ever wait this long to confess my feelings for you.” He added, as he grabbed a fork and started to eat it. You placed a slice on a plate for yourself and watched as he ate his. It made you happy seeing how happy he was, and you realized that it was the first time you had seen him this happy in a long time.

               “Probably because we were both too stubborn to say anything.” You replied, stabbing your own bit of pie, and taking a bite. You were surprised at how good this pie was, and the girl was right. Dean loved the pie! You needed to remember to go back tomorrow and thank the girl. Dean looked up at you and you couldn’t help but laugh a little at the amount of pie that was around his mouth. You realized then, that this was the man you had fallen in love with and planned to stay in love with for the rest of your life hopefully.

hoteldumorts  asked:

Concept: Magnus and Alec doing that thing where one of them will squish the other's face between their hands and coo "YOU ARE SO CUTE MY LITTLE CUTIE PIE" and the other is trying to smile but can't and they're like "I can't breathe" as the one squishing their cheeks is kissing them and nuzzling their nose


but also like omg imagine them waking up together and alec is still super tired bc he is not a morning person at all but they have to be somewhere and alec is literally like still half asleep and every time magnus tries to get out of bed alec keeps pulling him back with his eyes still closed and then magnus finally gets him to like sit up but then when he tries to get out of bed again alec pulls him back in and hugs him and is like “i’m never ever ever ever letting you go, you’re staying here forever and ever with me, mine and mine only!!” and magnus is laughing like “alexander we have to go, we’re gonna be late-” “I don’t careeee!! They’ll understand when they see how cute you are!! you’re so cute magnus so so cute!! did you know that? so cute, so so cute…” and then he moves away a little and he grabs his face randomly and squishes it and is is just like mumbling at magnus with a super tired voice like “you are so so cute, my little cutie pie, i love you and your cute face!!!” and magnus is like muffled laughing and he’s like “aleg i gant  preath” but alec is just nuzzling his nose and kissing his eyes and his forehead and then he lets go of magnus’s face and he wraps his arms and legs around him and buries his face in magnus’s neck and is like “i’m gonna stay like this forever” and magnus just hugs him back as he’s smiling at the 6 foot tall dork in his arms and he can’t believe he’s this happy and he’s so in love with this idiot and yeah i’m gonna go jump off a cliff now

Chris Evans Fic: Unexpectant (2/2)

Warnings: some angst, topics of infertility and adoption.

@j-jewel-l tagged as per request :)


After settling Dodger in his bed for the night, Chris wearily ascended the stairs to your bedroom. Gently opening the door, he saw your sleeping form on the bed, fitful and uneasy. Quietly and slowly, he padded over to the bed and perched lightly next to you, watching your eyes flicker under your eyelids and your chest rise and fall with hitched breathing. He softly traced the tear tracks on your cheeks, wishing beyond anything that he could magic this all away.

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Coffee?  (Winchesters x Reader)

A/N: Hi!!! Omg I am so so so so sorry for being so inactive, I wasn’t feeling that well and I was really busy with projects and all that. I’m so sorry and I’m also incredibly sorry to anon who sent me this request, I wanted to have it up on your birthday but I really had no time, I’m so sorry😭 Anyways, I’ll be writing as much as I can now as I’m free of most of my work so please enjoy!!

Request: Hello hello :) Can I give you an idea for my birthday tomorrow hihi ? It would include the Winchesters where they are your brothers but one time you get in a fight with Dean before leaving for a hunt. You’re the bait in the Vampire case but during the attack you get hurt really badly and nearly die there, then Dean realizes how wrong he was to fight with you and that he’ll make it up to you after you woke up ? Just some fluff then :) I really really love this Show hihi :)

“This is a stupid idea.”

You groaned as your eldest brother repeated his words again for the fourth time.

“You said you needed a bait to draw them out so I said that I’ll do it and now you say that it’s stupid, what’s your problem?” You asked, crossing your arms.

Dean gave you an annoyed look. “My problem is that I don’t want my lil’ sis being bait for some group of vampires.”

“I can handle myself, Dean,” you sighed, taking out your machete from the trunk of the impala.

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Harvest Moon

Request: skin walker! Sam

Summary: Sam’s still in love with you . Based off Harvest Moon by Neil Young

Warnings: abo, wolf! Sam, alpha! Sam, little bit of angst , blood skin, smut

Tags: @sarahcrystalheart @roxy-davenport @training-wolves  Gonna try @ellen-reincarnated1967 @saxxxology and @blushingsamgirl 

Originally posted by themanicpoet

It had been months, months without you, and months without your warm bed. He was never meant to stay, only to pass on through until his work was done. But of course it all changed once he limped onto your doorstep, tail between his legs.  Sam was typically more careful but the fight with his family left him reeling with anger. Pair that with trying to cross a freeway and the outcome was a shoulder ripped wide open.  

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For the Love of Pie

Because @chaos-and-the-calm67 and Dean keeps giving me ideas! This was seriously fun to write and I hope you guys will enjoy it :D

You and Dean had never done anything the conventional way. Not only had you met on the job. The job that was hunting monsters, you had also damn near taking his head off thinking he was one of the vamps you were hunting.

Luckily for both of you his brother Sam had tackled you just in time and Dean had grabbed you around the waist hoisting you off his brother, before you had gotten a chance to kill him either.

Since then you had hunted with the brothers. You and Dean bickering like an old married couple right from the get go. Still never straying too far from each other’s side. You had shared beds and seen each other half naked more times than you could count. Sharing beds had been convenient at first, but soon you had found a safety in each other neither of you would ever admit too.

The half naked part was… well it is kind hard to play doctor with your clothes on. Oh come on get your mind out of the gutter. Actual doctor. Hunting is not exactly safe you know and stitches through shirts and pants are not doable.    

Your first kiss had not been any less conventional than your history with him, but you wouldn’t want him or it, any other way.

You and Dean shared a few loves. Love of old westerns, love of classic rock, love of coffee and bacon in the morning, love of burgers for dinner, but the one love that came between you the most was also the one that brought you even closer together. The love of pie.

“Dean Winchester! You did not do what I think you just did,” Your voice sounded high pitched through the Bunker’s kitchen.

Dean turned his head, looking up at you from his seat by the table, with a smirk on his face. “That depends, sweetheart,” he winked at you, “what do you think I just did?”

“You ate the last piece of pie! My pie!” You hissed at him and Dean send you a fake apologetic grin.

“There’s still one bite left?” Dean held up his fork showing you the small piece, making your mouth water.

You let out a defeated sigh. If one bite was all you were going to get, it was still better than nothing.

You walked across the room, until you stood across from him. You leaned down resting on hand on the table, offering him to let you spoon feed you with it.

Dean aimed the fork at your mouth and you opened it, when he just in the last second turned the pie away from your face stuffing it into his own mouth.

Your eyes opened wide in surprise, before your body just reacted. There was no way in hell, you were going to let him get away with that. That piece of pie was yours.

You jumped into his lap, straddling his legs before grabbing a hold of his face and pulling him towards you. Dean was so taken back he let you crash your lips against his mouth and force your tongue between his lips, effectively managing to steal back the last heavenly bite from his mouth into yours.

You leaned back a little, staying in his lap with a victorious grin on your face as you chewed and swallowed the bite down. “I won!”

The dumbfounded expression on Dean’s face, suddenly turned into a smirk and his hand found it’s way onto your neck, guiding your face back towards his.

“No, sweetheart. I did.” He whispered against your lips, sending a shiver down your spine. You melted into the green eyed hunter completely as he kissed you with so much love and tenderness it made your head spin.

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