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Highlights of last night’s D&D session:

I rolled a crit save and ended up on the chandelier to avoid being hit by a molotov.

Our warforged paladin (who is a hive of bees) then peeled me off of the chandelier and threw me out the window, breaking my nose but saving me from the fire.

Our human fighter tried to get armor. Making it would take too long, so the paladin helpfully suggested that we see if we could find any in the cemetery. Only the dwarf bard/cop thought this could be a bad idea, but was persuaded to allow it as it was the only time her authority as a police officer was recognized.

We learned that this was not the first grave my half-elf rogue and the paladin have interred/grave robbed

We accidentally dug up a revenant, and I rolled a crit fail while trying to hit it with my crowbar, and instead succeeded in tearing a hole in reality and getting a pie in the face.

The fighter died, and then made a deal with a personification of death to kill more undead creatures in exchange for some really sick armor.

I once again proved to have excellent priorities by rolling very highly to befriend our new cart horse. His name is Marshmallow and he is the personification of ambivalence.

We met a centaur and a centwaur, or reverse centaur, on the road.

Part of our supplies included a ten foot pole, which we used to touch the pile of bodies in a burnt and looted town.

When we succeeded in destroying them and it appeared that something bad was going to happen, the warforged threw me out the door. This time I succeeded my acrobatics check and stuck the landing.

anonymous asked:

No but what if Shion was actually this be all and all totally awesome natural fighter (like him being able to get Nezumi's vital points, natural crack shot, able to overcome a grown man during basically his first fight ever (even though its through kicking him in the nuts), etc.) but nobody even bothered to teach him any moves because they all thought OH WHAT A LITTLE SWEETIE PIE HE NO FIGHTER! So that talent basically goes unused forever.


USF4 Daigo Umehara vs Pie Smug - Final Round 18 - CPT2015

Yoooo! This match was way too hype!

Real back and forth to be honest.