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Happy birthday space dad !
Team voltron gave him his presents on the 28th this year !

(Bonus when you won’t stop joking about your big bro being 6 yo )

Matt and Shiro's reunion

Shiro: Matt?? Matt is that you?! Oh my god!
Matt: wtf happened to your hair you look like a skunk
Shiro: It’s the stress and yOU KNOW IT
Matt: Yeah trying to get that eyeliner on point must be stressful
Shiro: *looks at the camera like he’s in the office*

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OMG PIDGE KEPT THE TRASH BUDDIES (Lower left corner in the scene where Pidge shows Matt her room, you can see the Lance trash buddy)

YEAH, SHE DID!! there’s also Hunk, and the caterpillar aliens, aaaaand tons of other stuff

TBH Pidge’s room is……………… a mood™

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OK but is no one going to talk about Pidge's expression when Keith attempted to kamikaze Haggar's ship?

Dude, I 100% agree, it’s interesting how they focused on the eyes.
Pidge looks so shocked with those furrowed eyebrows, lines under eyes and tears.
Pidge went through so much this season, she saw the death of that rebel lady and for a short time she thought that Matt is dead too. And in that moment I bet her heart was in pain because she was about to lose someone she cared about so much the part of her new family.
After all, she was the one who said  “We’re really gonna miss you” while hanging on his neck like a koala.

Her expression here is a clear despair. She doesn’t want to lose him. It was painful to watch. I fully understand her.

VLD Team Meets VLF Team
  • VLF Lance: Hey kid,, smoke this *hands VLD Lance a cigarette*
  • VLD Lance: oH mYJgod whAt WHAT if ShIro fInds OuT !!!
  • -
  • VLF Hunk: *heavily accented* Heya there bud, nice to meet ya!
  • VLD Hunk: w o w can u say that just oneeee more time
  • -
  • VLD and VLF Pidge: *adjusts glasses*
  • VLD and VLF Pidge: FUCK.
  • -
  • VLD Keith: (thinking) just don't say anything he's you he's like the same ok don't freak out Keith you can avoid all of this if you just-
  • VLF Keith: Hiiiiiii thereeee!!! :DDD
  • VLD Keith: shit
  • -
  • Sven: These must've been... my.. my... friends...
  • Shiro: *yelling across space* thATS IT YOU GO BOYS!! *turns towards Sven* I DIDNT RAISE MY BOYS TO BE THIS GOOD FOR NOTHING!!

alright so i’m not too satisfied with this and the sketch looked so much better and similar to the original expressions but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

anyway here’s my attempt at a screencap redraw of my fave conspiracy theorists

Voltron Week Day 2: Lions/Voltron

I was going to draw the actual Voltron Lions, but drawing lion versions of the paladins seemed much more fun :’D