Allurance is actually canceled after season 6.

[Voltron, ATLA and TLOK spoilers ahead]

I’ve been seing most of the fandom go crazy about Allurance and sadly burying Klance, saying that it died. But that’s not actually what happened. I believe we should have our Klance hopes back up. Here’s why:

1. They said that the romantic endgame is gonna be about Lance and someone else. That person will be someone who’s self assured, confident, and (more importantly) someone he needs, not someone he wants. We all know how much he liked Allura since the very beginning, and they made it specifically clear for us in this season: he really, really likes Allura. So, there you go, Allura is someone he likes, someone he wants. Not someone he needs. I personally don’t believe he needs Allura at all, after all he grew up in these seasons and, specially, after all the heartbreak he’s going through because of her. Besides, Allura is not so confident all the time. Sometimes, she hesitates. She has doubts. Sometimes, she even needed Lance’s advice to keep going. So, I don’t think Lance really needs her. He may need someone else, someone different. Yes. Keith. He’s always been confident and self-assured, but in an impulsive way. But after this amazing journey, he’s come back ‘bigger’, stronger, more mature, more confident. The biggest example is how he acts when the fake Shiro goes away with Lotor. He doesn’t freak out or anything. He stops, he says they need to focus, he thinks things through fast and decides fast, without hesitation. “I will.” he says, when Pidge asks him who’s gonna pilot the Black Lion. He also decides that they all have to split up so he can reach the worm hole and save Shiro. I think that’s a pretty good example of a confident character. And he may be more helpful for Lance now that he can control himself. So, I’m pretty sure that Lance may need someone like Keith, specially in the place he’s right now.

2. Lance is really lonely right now. The story is showing us how he is gradually being left alone. I don’t think that they do it because they’re mean or something. I think that these pairings were always there: Pidge and Hunk, Allura with Coran, Lotor or Shiro, Shiro with Coran. But Lance? Lance was always bickering with Keith. Or maybe having serious conversations. Even joking around. But, as Lance said, “You know, Lance and Keith, neck and neck.” These words are totally true until Keith decides to leave the team. And since then, Lance has been kind of floating around, by himself. The last serious conversation Lance had with someone, having that someone actually taking him seriously and giving advice to him, was at the end of season 3. With Keith. Keith went away and the story showed us how Lance started to feel lonely. But I don’t think he knows why yet. The scene where Lance is playing videogames by himself, how he bonded with Kaltenecker, the scene where Pidge and Hunk are reprogramming the robot in the Galra HQ and they high five saying “Team Punk does it again!” (Which is Pidge and Hunk, not the Garrison trio or something. Just them.) Specifically in this season, we have that scene where all three of them catch Allura and Lotor about to kiss, and they ask why they didn’t call “The engineers”, excluding Lance so much that he had to say “And me”. And even though Lance is openly sad about Allura and Lotor in this season, he’s not been the same since 4x01. He’s not sad just now, remember that. So I believe that all this loneliness he’s feeling, and the way they’re showing it, like “Hey Voltron fans! Look at sad lonely Lance, look at him! Look at how much he suffers and how much everyone makes fun of him. Watch how nobody takes him seriously.” is because of something. I think that there’s a Lance arc incoming. And I think they’re gonna do something about him. He’s getting better and better at being an emotional support for the team, and at the same time they’re leaving him appart for no reason. It would be just cruel to leave Lance without a nice good arc so he can be happy again. So, I believe we still need to focus on what’s going to happen to Lance specifically in the next seasons.

3. The showrunners said that romance wasn’t gonna take a huge screentime here. They said that characters would find themselves before going into any romantic thing. And they said that the most important thing is the actual plot, and that the romance would be “slow burn”. Let’s talk about these points. We can see that we already had a full and amazing Keith arc, so you can say that he truly discovered himself. You could even say that this prepares him to be with someone. But guess what? The romantic endgame of the show has an already confirmed character: Lance. So, if you gather the pieces of the puzzle, you have a confirmed character being in the romantic endgame, and on the other hand, you have another character whose arc has been already finished. It’s just about connecting the dots. The only thing we need is knowing that there’s gonna be a Lance arc incoming. That should definetely settle this situation: Klance would actually be canon. Now, the other thing they said, the “slow burn” romance, it really haunts me. I believe that it means that it’s something that comes from the very beginning of the show, growing little by little throughout the whole main plot. And the ones who come from the very beginning of the show, (meaning, season 1) and are still around, are all the main characters: Allura, Shiro, Keith, Pidge, Hunk and Coran. I want to say that I’ll be giving my personal opinion here, so don’t get offended if you ship Lance with some of the following characters. I wanna show which characters we have as a potential part in this “slow burn romance”, besides Lance. So, we know that we can’t pair Lance and Coran: Coran is old, and his character is not coded to be in a relationship with any other character. It’s just not what he does. Then, we have Lance and Pidge. Pidge hasn’t shown real interest in anyone at this point, and we saw her annoyed by Lance a lot of times, but mainly, they have a sibling-like relationship. The same thing happens with Hunk. He’s a good friend and he’s sweet, but you can see from miles away that they’re just friends. Then, Shiro has his own issues, he’s way older than Lance, and he also didn’t show any romantic interest in anyone yet. His character is like an old brother/father to Keith, so it would be weird if we pair him up with Lance at the same time, being Lance and Keith about the same age, and being Shiro pretty old-looking right now. So, that leaves us with two possible partners for Lance: Allura and Keith.

4. This situation needs a whole new point to be properly explained. Allura or Keith? That’s the big question. And the answer is definetely not Allura. I believe she always had a cute relationship with all the paladins, in an “older sister” way, not to say in a motherly way. I believe she cares a lot about each one of them, and they’re her friends. But she just doesn’t fit with any paladin. They’re younger, they lived less things, they come from a planet where they didn’t know aliens existed. So, yeah, there’s a huge gap between her and the paladins, short enough to be friends, and too big for actually have a romantic interest with any of them. She always treated all of them equally, and I don’t even think she really needs to be with someone. I also believe that her own arc evolves around Altea, his people, all the damage that Zarkon did to them, and now that she found out that there are more Alteans? She has a home now. When everything ends, she has to go back to her people, to live in peace. It would be really bitter if she ends up with any paladin, and she stays with him/her on Earth, or the paladin goes to the Altean planet with her, leaving everything behind. Now, specifically about Lance: we’ve seen the way she’s been rejecting Lance since the beginning. Always in a kind way, but she did it. Lance is her friend, and nothing else. Even when the mice told her how Lance felt, she didn’t seem happy to know. She seemed sad, in my opinion, because she loves him as a friend and she knows that she doesn’t feel the same way about him, so she knows that he’s heartbroken and there’s nothing she can do about it. Not to mention that she didn’t exactly run into Lance’s arms when she found out how he felt. She just… did nothing. So, at least at this point, Allura is NOT into Lance, at all. Guess who we have now? Yes, Keith.

5. And I’m not gonna adress any Klance facts here because I’m pretty sure you got them all memorized from seasons 1, 2 and 3. The only one I want to name is the fact that, in this season, Lance was the first one to notice how Keith changed physically. When he first saw him in this season (through a goddamn SCREEN), he didn’t follow the serious and worried questions of everyone. He just stood there, mouth hanging open, and asked about Keith being “bigger”. In the Spanish version, he literally says: “Don’t you guys think he looks stronger than before? He grew up, right?… No?” No comments on that, the phrase just sells itself. Exactly like the Spanish version of the next scene, where Lance adresses, again, how strong Keith looks now. “Wait a minute. How do we know you’re the real Keith, and not his cooler, grizzled, STRONGER older brother?”. He is basically the first one to get closer to him, and he does it to compliment him, in his own Lance-y way. Literally no heterosexual explanation for that, I’m sorry.

6. Anyway, let’s imagine that Allura magically starts falling in love with Lance, and that all that “he will be with someone he needs, not someone he wants; someone who’s self assured” stuff is actually a lie. What message would it send? Something like, “Hey, if you like someone, just keep flirting with them no matter how much they reject you, because at some point they’ll love you back. No matter how much you suffer and no matter how much of a second option you are, just keep going.” That’s not healthy. It’s time for Lance to let go of Allura finally, he’s been into her since s1 with zero results. He has to be strong enough to move on, finally see her as his friend and look for someone he can actually be happy with. Lance suffered a lot with this Allura/Lotor stuff, and I bet he also suffered before that, having Allura not liking him back. So, yeah. Making Allurance canon would be pretty ugly and lazy for the showrunners. Lance has to move on. And there’s a pretty nice parallel with the scene where Lance tried the Black Lion and it didn’t work, so he wants to return to Blue, and she doesn’t let him in anymore. He tries, and tries, but there’s no chance. He gives up on himself and that’s when the Red lion roars for him. “Maybe what we want isn’t necessarily what we get.” Could that be foreshadowing? Imagine that the Blue Lion is Allura and the Red Lion is Keith, roaring for him, letting him know that he’s actually there for him, isn’t it logic? Lance needs to keep growing up emotionally and move on from his crush on Allura. He needs someone different by his side, an actual partner. Someone who listens to him, gives him advice, and someone who takes him seriously. It has to be Keith, it makes perfect sense.

7. The whole Klance buildup we got from seasons 1 to 3? That can’t be for nothing. That can’t just die there. There has to be a reason why the story focused on their bickering from the very 1x01 and how it evolved to a trusting friendship, and right there, when they started to get confident with each other, Keith went away. There has to be something left to happen. The showrunners said that Lance was Keith’s stability. A member of the Voltron crew also said that Lance had a “void” these last seasons, after Keith went away. Is all that for nothing? And what’s with the whole 2min segment dedicated specifically to Keith, in the video “Lance’s many personas”, uploaded on YouTube? That can’t be for nothing, otherwise it would be straight up queerbaiting, and they said that there wouldn’t be queerbaiting. Is that also a lie? I don’t think JDS would lie about that, coming from TLOK and ATLA.

8. Besides, don’t forget how the surprise factor works here in this show. It’s always almost disgustingly obvious. They emphasize a bad or dangerous situation, just to solve it minutes later. It’s always this dinamic: “We’re gonna die!” and they don’t die. They find the sollution. But, before that, they always make extremely clear that they won’t, that things are really really bad, before they get solved. They always want to take us to the opposite side of what’s actually going to happen. JDS admit it with Lotor’s final moments: they wanted him to be like Zuko until the last moment, where his character drastically changed course and went full Azula. So… what if that’s what’s happening with Lance? They showed us Lance being horribly left alone, they showed us Lance liking Allura REALLY bad, they showed us Lance heartbroken. I believe that this was set up this way in this season, so we get surprised when Lance gets a sollution to all of his problems. Lance is so desperately into Allura? Yeah, that’s been shown so we get surprised when he actually moves on from her. Otherwise, it would be just poor scriptwriting, because Lance flirting with Allura already got too old. It would leave me a bitter feeling seeing them together. But they did went full “Lance loves Allura” this season. I don’t think they would do that just to make them end up together.

9. Keith had his arc, now it’s Lance’s turn. This fits with the whole team coming back to Earth, because it’s already been adressed how much Lance feels homesick. And, as a bonus, let’s not forget that official art where team Voltron was holding three signs: Race, Gender and LGBT. Keith was holding the “Race” sign, with Hunk next to him. We already saw how the beginning of his arc was about discovering he was a different race: he was Galran. And Hunk helped him to feel okay with that, and helped him to be accepted by Allura. The other sign, “Gender”, was held by Pidge, with Allura next to her. She accepted Pidge and wanted to support her in the whole thing about confessing that she wasn’t a boy, she was a girl. That happened too. So, what’s left to happen? Yes. The LGBT sign, held by Lance with Shiro next to him. I don’t know about that, but we may see Shiro helping Lance in his possible sexuality arc. Maybe discovering he’s bisexual? Or, at least, discovering that he actually has feelings for Keith. This is something we have to keep in mind.

So: Lance’s homesickness, everyone going back to Earth, Lance feeling lonely and away from the rest, having his heart broken, being a confirmed part of the romantic endgame of the show (and not with Allura)? Yes. There’s definitely a Lance arc incoming, and the show just left everything more than ready for a serious Klance development.

I rest my case.

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team voltron as emoticons

shiro: :) it’s a classic. a pleased, relaxed smiley face. that’s him when any of the paladins do something he’s proud of.

keith: :’) the crying smiley face. keith is kinda emotional and a lot of his development has to do with finding his family, so this is him when he receives love and support.

lance: <3 i was originally gonna put :3 because Furry but i think the heart describes him better. he loves and supports his friends, plus he’s a big romantic, so the heart emoticon is him whenever he loves and supports anyone at all.

hunk: ;) hunk knows things and he likes to let people know he knows things. this winking emoji perfectly represents hunk when he’s read through your diary and has dirt on you.

pidge: :p she likes to tease her friends! she doesn’t have dirt on them like hunk does, but she’s still gonna (lightheartedly!) make fun of them with what she has, lol.

allura: >:3 this one took some debate, i’ll admit. however, i think it perfectly describes allura when anyone hurts her friends, but she’s got a (quintessence) magic trick up her sleeve to help them out.

coran: :{) mustache. what else can i say?

Pidge could single handedly take over the entire universe.

Recognize her power.

She should be feared throughout all galaxies and worshipped as the queen she is.

(P.S. I miss Matt)

Me, waking up in a cold sweat: Both Lance and Keith were willing to give up their lives, Keith with the force field and Lance actually DYING and being revived. If the show addresses this, Lance will confront Keith or Keith will confront Lance about they shouldn’t have done that and they are important to the team. They will probably use the “my situation was different” and most likely after a fight they will realize they both care for each other (romantically or as friends idk) and their lives are important.

Me, in the middle of trying to stop my thoughts of thinking klance will be canon so I won’t get queer-baited: fuck


Went through my older works and found this rough beauties….probably forgot to post them. I present:


The Castle is a saloon

Allura is the beautiful and badass owner. After her father died in an exchange of fire with the galra she took over and swore revenge and justice (not sure if i wanted her hair white or brown…)

Coran is Coran

Hunk is the saloon keeper and engineer, his feathers were a gift from shay (a native American from the balmeran tribe)

Keith is the grumpy mysterious loner with a dark past (totally Clint Eastwood style) He was part of the galra gang but changed sides with the help of his mother

Shiro is the righteous sherif, who got a thing for Keith and lost his arm in a fight against the galra. Pidge and Hunk build him an artificial limb. (I never drew him before, so please no hate xD)

Pidge is from a bigger city. She was traveling through Voltron city while looking for her brother and father (the worked for the railroad and went missing) where she met the gang. She builds the bombs and stuff. Lance loves to blow up things with her.

Lance is the sharpshooter and gambler, who got the whole gang together in the first place and spends way to much time at the bar (at first because he got the hots for allura, later because it became their home (and because he got the hots for pidge hehehehe))

the galra are the bad boys, a criminal gang who terrorise the city

and the lion are horses (what else)

……so nothing changed much but the setting XD I imagined it as plance fic (obviously) and a little sheith, but you don’t have to see it like that