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Behind The Walls Pt. 2

(Part One) (Part Two)

Summary: Abstaining from going being the walls, Max sees Amber for the first time in three days, but things aren’t as he planned.
POV: Max
Characters: Max, Amber, Adam.
Word Count: 3000ish
Author’s Note: For now on, all of Max’s thoughts will be in bold. Seriously, tormenting Max is kinda fun to write. Thanks @jeffreydeanneganstrash for the proofreading and @autumnjade22 for initiating the brainstorming and motivation for the chapters. 
Quote: “ This is just a compassionate act on her part. It’s as compassionate as a human putting an animal out of its misery. Come on, you should know better.”



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there are rules

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Title: there are rules
Pairing: Choi Seunghyun/Reader
Genre: Dad!AU
Summary: Seunghyun just adores giving everything to his child, Seungkwan, but his wife is against that. Can he be able to deny something to his child for the first time in his life?

It had been so long ever since Seunghyun had a night out with his group mates. The thing is, Seunghyun had immersed himself on being the best father he could be to Seungkwan that he had quite forgotten that he had friends he could talk to, ones that would throw jokes at him when he was feeling sad and make him laugh with their stupid antics. A soft sigh leaves his lips as he enters his house, taking off his shoes and unbuttoning his shirt slightly after taking his coat off. Seungkwan was sleep, absolutely, it was already twelve at midnight and the kid fell asleep at ten –at most, so Seunghyun tried to make light steps as he went up the stairs, passing by Seungkwan’s room and fighting the urge to enter and drown his little face with kisses. A few years ago, Seunghyun fought against the fact that he looked like him, much more when his wife, mother and friends told him so, but now that Seungkwan was about to turn six years old…he could see more features of himself on him. It was a youthful version of Seunghyun, naïve and new to this world as he saw the beauty in the little things that Seunghyun seemed to miss at the age he was at the moment, completely an adult that had forgotten that life could be fun…until he welcomed his wife and his son into his life. A big smile spreads across his face when he sees that his wife was waiting for him and she was laying on their big bed, wearing a white tank top and pajama shorts and she stopped looking at her phone the moment Seunghyun stepped inside the room.

“Why are you awake at this time, beauty?” Seunghyun asks as he goes towards her, pressing a short kiss to her lips as he unbuttons the rest of his shirt and walks towards his wardrobe, hanging the expensive button up and looking through his drawers to find a soft pair of pajamas. All embarrassment was gone after having a kid and being married for so long, so he takes off his pants and changes in front of her, running his fingers through his combed back hair and making his fringe fall a bit before he heard her hum and then respond to his question.

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i have started to see her as a thunderstorm.
her smile is a bright flash of lightning,
her laugh is the thunder rumbling through the air.
her electricity fills up space around her;
energy coursing through those close to her.
my heart beats so fast when she’s around,
but i simultaneously feel calm, relaxed.

i figure this is because this is what i experience during a storm.
my eyes widen at the beauty of a lightning strike lighten the night sky,
my mind relaxes as i hear the low growl of thunder as it travels miles just to reach my ears.
the piddle paddle of rain calms the millions of thought streams in my brain,
and the magical air of it all inspires an awe inside of me.

she’s so magical herself.
the way she carries herself so confidently, gracefully,
like the clouds moving to a new location.
the way her eyes crinkle when she laughs,
i can see moonlight shine through in small cloud breaks.
the feeling i get when she’s gone,
still electrified,
just like the space where lightning has just struck.

she reminds me of a thunderstorm,
and now she has gone so quickly just like the one that just passed overhead.
to grace a new place with her beauty,
with her danger.
i only wish she’d left me a rainbow in her wake,
but i’m only left wanting to be back in the middle of it all.