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hey, could you post that angle art activity? i'd love to use that as an easy kick-off for my high school geometry class next year!

Ok, I can’t find the exact instructions I used but basically here is what you do:

*Draw 2 points, A and B, two inches apart. Label them as A and B. Do not draw a line segment connecting them!! They should never be connected the whole time. This is the one thing I had to keep reminding my kids.

*Draw 20 other points at random places all around the rest of the paper.

*From each of these 20 points, draw one line segment to A and one line segment to B. This will make an angle with the vertex being the point that was not A or B. You only draw 2 segments coming out from each point, and none of the points are ever connected to each other, just to A and B.

*When you’ve done this with all 20 points, you should have exactly 2 lines coming from each of the random points and exactly 20 lines coming out of A and 20 lines coming out of B. 

*When you’re done, you’ll have a bunch of triangles and quadrilaterals all over the paper because the lines cross each other and make random polygons.

*Each individual polygon should be colored in a way that doesn’t match the ones touching it…my kids thought at first that they had to use a different color for EVERY SINGLE polygon, but that would be ridiculous because there aren’t enough colors in a crayon box to do that. Just make sure that a green isn’t touching a green, etc. Students can also do patterns instead of just solid colors if they want.

*After the coloring is done, I had my students go back and outline 5 angles in black marker and then use a protractor to measure them and then write about them/name them as acute, right, and obtuse. You could do all sorts of things at this point with the angles/triangles/quadrilaterals you made. We were just working on measuring angles so that’s what we did!


I hadn’t Homestuck’d in awhile, so it was a lot of fun bumming around with you guys~!! All thanks to Jim who /really/ wanted to Alpha out, and Jess who just so happened to be cosplaying nothing and was able to join us!!! (seriously, thanks for joining us last minute!!! it was the BEST) i missed DirkJaking with you!!

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“I know you aren’t far into the seires, but could you please post picures of what their kids look like at birth, 3, 16, and possibly 20? thank you!!”

Yeah, of course. Don’t be afraid to request. I take all!

Braxton Hood:

New Born

Ever since Calum first layed eyes on his little baby boy, he knew that he would do everything to protect his son. Yes he was secretly wishing for a little girl to take care of, but when he came out of his mother, Calum couldn’t help but fall for the small 5 second old boy. Calum was wrapped around his little finger.

Age Three

Braxton had always looked up to his father. It was monkey see monkey do all throught out his childhood. If Calum sweared, Braxton sweared too. IF Calum was playing his guitar, Braxton would try to play too. It didn’t take long for the little three year old to get into a lot of trouble. Sure he was a handful, but he looked up to his father. Ever since Calum took him to his first 5 seconds of summer concert, Braxton knew that that’s what he wanted to do.

Age 16

Braxton was a huge ladies man. Ever girl loved him, every boy wanted to be him. Calum was secretly jealous that his son had the high school life that he had always wanted. Braxton didn’t mind that he was popular. He shook it off and acted like he was just another face in the crowd. He didn’t let popularity come to his head. Secretly because he knew that if he started acting that way, he would never win over the heart of his long time crush, Paisley Hemmings. Ever since middle school, when Paisley started to grow and act more lady like, Braxton couldn’t help but fall for the young Hemmings girl. Only Calum knew about his crush. In fact, he ever helped Braxton find a way to ask her out.

Age 20

Calum was in tears when his son graduated and headed off to collage, but when he found out that he was engaged at 20, he cried even harder. It was no lie that Braxton was now a man. Even though Braxton was an adult, he was still attached to his father’s side. When Calum got the invitation to his and Paisley’s wedding, he was overjoyed that out of all of Braxton’s friends, his son chose him to be the best man at his wedding.

Paisley Hemmings:

New Born

The best moment of Luke’s life had got to be when Paisley first opened her eyes and smiled at her father. Luke’s heart melted at her little smile. She looked exactly like him. Beautiful blue eyes, small blonde hair, she was perfect. Luke didn’t know he would ever be so emotional over such a small person, but that moment changed when Paisley said her first word, “Da”.

Age 3

It was the smile she gave him that made Luke fall head over heels in love with his baby girl. She was his world, his life, his little princess. Ever since he first introduced Paisley to Braxton Hood, Luke became very protective of his baby girl. Paisley and Braxton were best friends. Luke somehow knew they would end up falling in love, but he never imagined his princess falling in love at only 5 years. Luke wasn’t ready and that’s why he became so jealous and protective over her with every boyfriend he brought home. His wife would tell him to calm down and enjoy life as it went by, but Luke refused. Luke didn’t want anything to happen to Paisely and he was determined to have it stay that way.

Age 16

Paisley was a daddy’s girl, no doubt about it. but once she turned 16, her interset went from being her daddy’s little girl to a boy crazy teenage girl. She was crushing on one of the hottest boy bands of her day and flirted with anyone who would flirt back. Sure she was a good student, but Paisley just wanted to fit in. With having a famous dad and all, she just wanted to be like one of the other girls for a change. People always thought of her being stuck up because she was rich. All she wanted to do was prove to them that she wasn’t anything like what they thought. At this age was also the first time she experienced her first heartbreak. Of course Luke was right at her side since she shed the first tear since the longest time. Luke also became jealous because this is when he found out about Braxton’s long time crush on his daughter. He did love the boy to death, but when Paisely said yes to becoming his girlfriend, Luke couldn’t help but become more protective over his daughter even though he trusted Braxton with all his heart.

Age 20

Luke knew that he was going to be loosing his little someday, but he never knew that it would be this soon. He never thought that his little girl would be leaving him at age 20. She wasn’t even out of collage yet! Luke was in hysterics from the minute she walked out in her wedding dress to the minute they took their last dance together. Paisley was finally all grown up, but Luke was okay with that. He knew that no matter what, even when he became a grandfather, that Paisley would always be his sweet little princess. Nothing would ever change that. Not even her name change from Hemmings to Hood, Luke knew that Paisley was still his.

Kelsey Irwin:

New Born

It was no lie to Ashton that Kelsey was the cutest, most beautiful girl in his life. Ashton didn’t even know that his ex was pregnant with his daughter until the hospital called and told him to pick her up. Ashton didn’t know how to take care of a child much less where to start, but lucky for him, his mother knew pretty well (assuming she raised three kids on her own :/) how to take care of a child. 

Age 3

Kelsey was a very friendly Irwin, much like her father. Always doing what she was told, rarely getting in trouble, nothing like her teen years. When Kelsey was a toddler, everyone loved her and wanted to be her friend. She didn’t have any enemies and never mad a child cry. Kelsey was what ever kid wanted to be. Much like braxton, but later on, that changed. Once she hit 6th grade, everything went over the hill and Kelsey became very depressed.

Age 16

Once Kelsey was able to get her first tattoo, that’s when everthing went down hill. She went from daddy’s good girl to Australlia’s most wanted. She started doing drugs behind school and smoked weed with a group of outcasts behind the abandoned store. Kelsey becamed depressed because she lost everything. Her story much like Amanda Todd’s. She did something she later regretted and lost everything she ever had. She never told her father though. Ashton was beyond upset when he found out, not from his daughter, but from his daughter’s best friend Paisley Hemmings instead. Kelsey became more depressed knowing that she had caused her father so much pain. She loved going to the small pound behind her house where she could just be alone and forget about things. There she had met a shy boy who may or may not become her future husband.

Age 20

No matter what Kelsey did, Ashton just couldn’t find himself to get the nerve to be mad at her. She was his only child and nothing would ever change that. From all the drugs to all the alcohol she had when she was a teenager, he was proud of her. Not because of those choices, but because Kelsey had found something to make her happy. Ashton didn’t care, yeah he cared about her health, but seeing his little girl made him smile. Kelsey was one of a kind and nothing would ever change that. Kelsey got her dream wedding. Instead of the bad boy getting the good girl, the bad girl got the good boy.

Daniel Clifford:

New Born

Ever since he was born, Daniel had always been close to his favorite uncle Luke. Michael had always been jealous of Luke and Luke had always been jealous of Michael, but he couldn’t help it that his son seemed to be more attached to his best friend rather than himself. Daniel had always seemed to trust Luke more than Michael. Maybe because it was his bright hair or the way he smelled, but whatever it was, it mad Michael feel really upset about himself and he wanted his son to love him if not as much, more than his uncle.

Age 3

“…that’s how daddy did it.” that little catch phrase of his got Daniel into a lot of trouble as a child. Michael was proud that his son was finally warming up to him, but he didn’t like how his son used this as an excuse for everything. At pre-school, whenever someone had a toy he wanted he would take it form them and simply tell the teacher, “My daddy said bad boys get whatever they want. That’s how daddy did it.” Let’s just say Michael had a small chat with the teacher.

Age 16

Daniel became more and more distant from his family. He stop talking to his mother completely, he rarely talked to Michael, ans spent a good amount of time with his uncle Luke. Michael became worried about his son. Daniel had been acting weird ever since Valentine’s day at school. Every year at his school, people are given a rose so they could give it to the one person they wanted to be their valentine. When Michael called Luke to see if he knew what was up, Luke said that Daniel had texted him that a boy at his school had given him a rose for the 14th. He also told him how Daniel reacted to this, with a small kiss, and he so happened to enjoy it and asked the boy out on a date. Michael was shocked. Not because his son liked a boy, but because his son didn’t think his parents would support him. Being the good father he was, he sat his son down and asked him how he really felt. It turns out Daniel was Pan Sexual. He told his father he didn’t care about gender or looks, just personality. Michael hugged his son and told him that he could come to him or his mother about anything and trust them with all his heart.

Age 20

Daniel got married at 19 years. It didn’t last long. His wife had stage 4 breast cancer and died 8 months later. He was devastated and asked to move back in with his family. Being their only child, Michael said yes. Daniel became depressed once she laid in her death bed. He couldn’t attend her funeral becasue he was so upset. It took him over a year before he stopped crying every night. Why? Because he couldn’t cry anymore. He tried but couldn’t. It was like he was all cried out. It wasn’t long before Daniel ran into a boy at the coffee shop who so happened to cacth his eye. It turns out it was a friend of his ex wife’s and the two had a special bound. Daniel began falling for the boy and when he found out that this boy was gay, he didn’t hesitate to ask him out on a date. Michael never thought his son would end up with a man for a husband, but when he saw the passion he used for the sealing kiss, it brought tears of happiness to his eyes.

Just a small blurb of their offspring’s lives. I hope you guys are able to understand a bit of their pasts so now whenever I post a preference that may not make sense, hopefully it will be eaiser to understand now.