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I Promise // Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: could you please do a zach imagine wherein zach gives the reader a promise ring? ☺

A/N: Sorry this took so long! Wanted to put out my best work, but not gonna lie I kinda got lazy and procrastinated. Hope y’all like it though. (Also, I kind of had to search up what a promise ring was because I haven’t been in enough relationships or a long enough relationship to know… lmfao)

Warning(s): Just some cutesy shiz, and a very cheesy/extra Zach. 

The school day had just ended, as you rushed out of the school hallway in tears.

It was your one year anniversary with your boyfriend, Zach Dempsey, and it seems that he had completely forgotten about it due to his lack of acknowledgement towards the occasion. You wanted to think you were just overreacting, but Zach was your very first boyfriend, and you were probably his billionth girlfriend, and you couldn’t help but feel heartbroken at the idea of him forgetting about a day that was so special for the both of you.

You sped towards your car to head home. That was until your best friend, Jess, stopped you.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going driving home in that kind of state?” She asked, blocking the car door with her body.

“Jess, I’m not in the mood right now. Go away,” you replied, trying to keep your poise.

Next thing you knew, you were sitting in the passenger’s seat of your car, crying to a Sam Smith song, while Jess drove you to her house.

“I mean, how could he possibly forget our anniversary? I thought I was a good girlfriend. Maybe I am a good girlfriend. He’s just not a good boyfriend! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be sitting here, with you, no offense I love you, but I’d rather be cuddling with Zach, celebrating our anniversary than crying to some stupid love songs… I mean, I could be, if only he’d ANSWER MY DAMN TEXTS!” you rambled, slightly hyperventilating and pounding the dashboard. “Not even a text. One text would’ve sufficed!”

“Okay, I know you’re upset, but can you chill, Y/N? Seriously,” Jess sighed. “You’re kind of overreacting. Don’t let this one little mistake pull you down. Your relationship isn’t over. You’ll fix this. But for the time being, I’m going to take you out on a little girl’s night out. Get’cho mind off of all this. Sound good?”

4 hours later, you were admiring yourself in front of a mirror, wearing one of Jess’s sexy red dresses, black stilettos, with your hair and makeup all done.

Jess came out of her bathroom wearing a plain black dress, and ballet flats. “Wow, Y/N, you look gorgeous! I did good,” she said, flipping her hair, praising herself for the amazing makeover she gave you.

“Thanks Jess, you look,” you inspected her up and down before finishing, “No offense, but underdressed. What the hell?”

Jess nervously laughed it off, and said, “Well, this night is for you, not for me. Anyway, we’re going to be late to our reservation, so we gotta motor.”

“Oh, okay,” you said, picking up your purse. “Where are we going?”

“Um.. this super fancy restaurant. But it’s a surprise,” she smirked.

Jess forced you to keep your eyes shut for the entire car ride, partly because she “wanted her surprise to be perfect,” but also because every single time you opened your eyes, she honked the car, which annoyed you and probably every other driver on the road.

You felt the car come to a stop, and so you asked, “May I open my eyes now?”

“Yes, you may,” Jess responded, getting out of the car and meeting you on the passenger side.

You opened your eyes, to see you were in front of Monet’s. Your jaw dropped in shock, as you got out of the car and slammed the door behind you. “MONET’S? Really? Thank you for the kind gesture, Jess, but when you said we were going to a ‘fancy restaurant,’ Monet’s wasn’t exactly what I had in mind,” you said, crossing your arms. “Also, for your information, it’s closed.”

“Shut up, Y/N, and just don’t question it,” Jess grabbed you by the arm, and opened the front door with a key. You gasped, surprised that she even had one in her possession, as she led you inside the cafe.

Though it was fairly dark inside, the string of lights that hung across the cafe’s ceiling dimly lit up the place, creating a picturesque setting. “Wow, this is beautiful…” You were so lured into the beauty of the room, that you jumped when Jess whispered in your ear, “Have fun, girl.

You turned around to ask her what the hell she was talking about, but she had already fled the cafe and drove away. In your car. You pursed your lips and clenched your first. A part of you wanted to be angry she left your emotionally vulnerable self alone at a closed cafe by yourself with no way of getting back home, but another part of you knew she was doing this for a reason, so you wandered around the cafe looking for an answer.

You walked towards the counter and noticed a trail of rose petals and candles on the floor leading towards the corner of the room, and that’s when you saw it. Zach Dempsey, the love of your life, all dressed up in a suit and tie, standing in front of the exact table he asked you out at exactly one year ago.

You walked towards your boyfriend, unable to contain the huge smile on your face. He beamed at your presence, and said, “You look beautiful, Y/N.”

His compliment sent shivers down your spine, as you hadn’t heard from him all day, and so your first instinct was to leap up and hug him. “I love you,” you whispered into his ear. He held you tightly and kissed your lips softly, then sat you down for some dinner.

After an hour of eating, joking around with each other, and reminiscing on your relationship, Zach began to apologize for leaving you hanging.

“Did you really think I forgot our anniversary?” he chuckled.

“Well, yeah. I mean, I don’t know. Was that stupid of me? You’re my first boyfriend so I don’t really know how these things work…” You sipped on your water, embarrassed.

“No, it’s not stupid. I was the stupid one. I’m sorry I put you through that today. That was not my intention and I really don’t know why I didn’t think about how much my actions would hurt you. I was just really focused on surprising you good,” he said.

Reaching for his hand across the table, you answered, “And you did surprise me good. Seriously, this is the sweetest thing anybody’s ever done for me. How did you even make this happen?”

He blushed at your response, and explained, “Well, first I asked Clay to convince Skye to let me have the cafe after closing so that it could just be the two of us. I know it’s not exactly fancy, but this table we’re sitting at right now has a lot of meaning.. Anyway, I’m surprised Skye said yes, but I guess she’s pretty fond of Clay. Then I asked Jess to trick you into having a fancy girl’s night out with her so you could get all dolled up before meeting me here.”

“Well, she tricked me good,” you responded, making his smile grow even bigger.

He continued, “Oh, and I saved up my allowance for the past few months in order to afford all the candles and roses and stuff.”

You smiled, your heart racing at the idea of him putting in so much effort just to make this one night as special and perfect as it was. You leaned your chin on your hand in admiration, until you came to a realization and commented, “Wait, there’s no way this costed a couple months worth of allowance.”

He sighed, “You’re right. There’s one more thing you haven’t seen yet.” He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny jewelry box.

“Oh my god,” you said softly, as tears began to form in your eyes.

He opened the box to reveal a shiny, diamond-encrusted ring. You stared at it with gratitude, as tears began to fall from your eyes.

Zach reached over to hold your face and wipe your tears with his thumb. You held his hand to your face, and looked up at him staring straight into your eyes, seeing he was tearing up as well. Never have you felt this kind of intimacy with him before, and it wasn’t often that you saw this sensitive side of him. You were crazy about him, and you knew he was crazy about you too.

“Y/N,” he began, “I wanted to give you this ring as a promise. A promise that I will stay forever committed to you and our future. I promise I will never leave your side. I promise that no matter the situation, I will still be here for you always.” He began to choke up, seeing you crying tears of joy. “You’re the only girl who’s ever made me feel this way. You’re the funniest, dorkiest, and most charming girl I know, and I feel so lucky to be loved by you. You’re the first person I’ve ever been in love with, and I want you to know that I promise, I will love you until the end of time.”

He slipped the ring onto your finger, and you got up from your chair, trembling with happiness. He got up and wrapped you in his arms as you both cried tears of joy together.

“God, I’m ruining my makeup,” you joked in between sniffles.

“You’re still beautiful, babe,” he replied. He laid a kiss on your forehead, and said, “Thank you for an amazing year of adventure. Happy anniversary.”


Despite its picturesque setting (a villa on Pantelleria, Sicily), the architectural stars of this film are actually the structured, overscaled components of Tilda Swinton’s onscreen wardrobe, for which Dior collaborated with director Luca Guadagnino. His previous project with Swinton, I AM LOVE (2007), featured similarly architectural and scene-stealing outfits, by Jill Sander.

Fix You- Time

Themes: Rain// Time// Phonecall// Song

Note: And now back with the second chapter~ I would also like to thank Ate Donia (hey!hi!hello!) for taking time to beta-read all the chapters for this~ *insert confetti here* seriously, thank you~ :D <3

Pairing: Jaehyun / Y/N / Taeyong

Originally posted by shutupxiumin

“How long have you been crying for him, Y/N?” Ten asked as he accompanied his best friend outside the dancing studio where Taeyong currently was at. It was in a secluded area of their university, away from the prying eyes, providing privacy for those who would use it.

Y/N gave no response as her eyes were glued on Taeyong’s dancing form, not paying Ten some attention, who grew slightly annoyed yet worried for her.

As Ten observed, not even the walls could separate her from him. He realized Y/N would always look for Taeyong.

Seeing Taeyong—with beads of sweat running down his face, chest heaving from exertion—warmed her heart. He was perfecting another dance routine which she knew he had been practicing for weeks, long before they broke up.

Seeing him again saddened her too, as it reminded her of how she won’t be by his side anymore when he finally realizes his dreams as an idol in Korea.

A warm hand touched her cheek, wiping away the tears she didn’t notice were falling again.

“Y/N, are you ever gonna stop?” Ten asked.

When she finally faced her best friend, pity was all she could see in his eyes. She already knew how pathetic she looked. She didn’t need to be reminded of it again and again. But as long as it was for Taeyong, Y/N would gladly be the fool.

“I don’t think I ever will, Ten,” she replied and saw Ten frown at her answer.

He said nothing more, though, and stayed silently by her side until Taeyong finally emerged out of the dancing studio.

Taeyong looked surprised to see the two of them. He gave Ten a brief nod before turning his gaze to Y/N.

As soon as their eyes met, it seemed like time stopped and only the two of them existed in that instance.

Taeyong looked just like Y/N remembered him during their break-up and the time before that. He was still the same straight-out-of-the-magazine perfect kind of guy. Not even the way his hair stuck to the sides of his face from sweat or the way his breaths came out ragged could take away from his handsome looks.

‘Of course, he still would be, silly,’ she thought.

She smiled as she took in his form. Taeyong tried his best to wipe his sweat away. His chest rose and fell, struggling to even out his breathing.

Even so, to her, he looked flawless. She felt tears gather on the corners of her eyes again as the memories of what happened two weeks prior flooded her mind.

‘No.’ Y/N shook her head, composing herself before approaching him.

“Tae!” She put on her best smile to mask the pain she was feeling that moment. On her hands were a bottle of water and homemade sandwich. “Thought you’d be practicing and end late.”

She examined his face and noticed the confused expression. A pang of hurt made its way to her chest, yet she kept her smile on. Cheering herself on so she won’t falter.

“So I brought you this,” Y/N continued, handing him the items.

“Thanks,” Taeyong said, looking a bit unsure. Behind him were his friends who were also part of the dance club. Y/N could tell they were listening in to the conversation.

Taeyong’s eyes roamed around and met Ten’s. Something passed between them before Ten shrugged. The former directed his attention back to her.

“What are you doing here, Y/N?”

She was sure Taeyong didn’t mean to phrase it that way; at least, that was what she liked to think. Yet, the words still hurt. It felt like he was driving her away.

“I-I just wanted…”

Taeyong sighed and shook his head. “You don’t have to, okay, Y/N? I’m fine.”

He smiled at her and even so, she could feel the same pity Ten showed her behind that smile.

“Take care.”

That was what he last said before walking past her, followed by his other friends who only offered her small smiles. Y/N, through hanging around a couple of times in the dancing studio, became friends with a few of them. However, things had changed, and she could not even say a few words or even return their smiles.

Ten clicked his tongue before walking up to her to wipe away the tears that had fallen from her eyes yet again. “Told you so. You really should let him–”

Y/N cut him off with a hug. Ten just sighed. “Just cry on me–”

Someone cleared their throat and both of them looked to see who it was.

Y/N realized it was her ‘ice cream man’ who introduced himself as Jaehyun.

“What are you doing here, ice cream boy?” she asked, a bit annoyed to have her little ’dramatic scene’ interrupted.

Jaehyun only smiled, showing off his deep set of dimples.

‘There it is again,’ Y/N thought. She didn’t want to admit it but Jaehyun’s dimples might have earned a spot in her heart. Those were not enough, however, or as she kept repeating in her head ever since she met him.

“Ice cream boy?” Ten asked. His voice was laced with confusion. “He’s from—“

“What now?” Y/N cut Ten off as she was growing impatient at Jaehyun’s silence.

Yet, instead of a reply, he only held out his palm and said, “Didn’t I say that I’ll try to fix you?”

“Y/N?” Ten’s voice had a note of warning now.

She bit her lower lip as she contemplated what she just heard. Her gaze went from Jaehyun’s outstretched hand to Ten’s look of confusion and worry. Y/N was suddenly gripped with the odd urge to laugh as a result of the funny look on her best friend’s face.

Ten was right. It was time to let Taeyong go. Two weeks had already passed, yet here she was, still crying. There needed to be liberation, and there was Jaehyun who looked eager to provide her just that.

Y/N needed to decide now. All that was left to do was accept Jaehyun’s invitation or the adventure would be forever lost.

Moving away from Ten, she said, “I’m sorry, Ten, but I got to do this.”

“Wait, Y/N!”

She reached out for Jaehyun’s hand.  As soon as their fingers connected, he smiled at her acceptance.

Together, they ran.

The wind felt good even as it whipped her hair in different directions. The sea was calming even as it crashed into the shore. The sun was picturesque even as it set from the sky.

Everything was washed in hues of yellows, oranges, and pinks.

Y/N took a deep breath, filling her lungs with fresh air. It seemed like a lifetime ago since she laid her eyes on the vast sea.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” Jaehyun asked as he stood beside her.

She could only nod.

“You know, you could always scream your frustrations out to the sea,” he said. “The waves will listen yet drown it anyway.”

“How cheesy.” Y/N crinkled her nose in disgust, making Jaehyun laugh out loud.

“We aren’t in a romantic movie, Jaehyun.”

“But we are in a romantic setting so it still works.” He then jokingly wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive way. “Come on, Y/N. I know you like the idea too.”

She only rolled her eyes because she actually did think about doing exactly just that.

Taeyong! I hope you’re happy now seeing me cry now!” Y/N laughed at what she just said because she didn’t mean it. “I hope you achieve your dreams, Tae!

Her words were picking up pace now, all in a breathless stream. “I’ll miss you! But no one’s gonna be there when it rains! Or when I want cuddles! Or when I want to see bubbles! Or especially when there would be cockroaches!

“I’m going to…” Her voice dropped to a whisper. She even forced down a sob she didn’t notice she was holding. “I’ll miss you.”

“Oh, Y/N.” Jaehyun sighed as he moved closer to hug her.

They both didn’t know for how long they stayed like that until Y/N realized how inappropriate it already was. She met the guy just two weeks ago and here she was, hugging him!

Her cheeks felt warm as she broke away from his embrace. She couldn’t even meet his eyes. So she gazed at the sea instead and let the view calm her erratic heart.

“I guess that’s how people are, huh?” Y/N spoke after a while. Her tear-stained eyes, now gone dry, were still trained on the sea, now getting dark as light slowly left the horizon.

Jaehyun didn’t speak up. He waited for Y/N to continue what she had to say.

“They’ll say, ‘I’ll always be there for you.’ And that is true for the most part,” she went on. “But you never know if tomorrow or the day after, they’ll be gone. And suddenly, you’re left alone.”

Once again, her eyes filled with tears which spilled down her cheeks. Jaehyun was quick, however, to wipe them away.

“You’re used to it anyway, right?” Jaehyun teased, in an effort to make her laugh.

The corners of her lips pulled into a smile as Y/N hit his shoulder lightly.

“You’ll never let me have my moment ever, will you?”

Jaehyun laughed before answering, “Never.”

She just rolled her eyes.

“Because I will always choose to see you smile.”

Her eyes grew wide and she snapped her head towards Jaehyun who merely smiled, showing his perfect set of teeth.

When he dropped his smile, however, it was then that Y/N knew the conversation shifted to something more serious.

“But Y/N, they’re them and I’m me,” he said. “And I promise you I’m staying. No matter what. Till the end.”

For a moment, she almost believed his words. Yet, they were too good to be true. So she shook her head.

“No, Jaehyun.”

He brought his eyebrows together in confusion. She stared right through his eyes.

“Don’t tell me that. Because I might get used to you being by my side and I wouldn’t know what to do when you go.”

“You’re not gonna lose me.”

Y/N rolled her eyes, choosing to ignore what Jaehyun just said. Her eyes then widened when she realized something she almost forgot.

Fumbling in her purse, she produced her smartphone and held it out for Jaehyun. “Type in your number so I can call you when I need you.”

Jaehyun deadpanned at her. “What am I? Your slave?”

Nonetheless, a smirk crossed his lips as he typed in his digits. Y/N took her phone back and saved Jaehyun’s number.

“You know, Y/N,” Jaehyun began as Y/N was still busy with her phone. She only hummed in reply. “Once I promised to never leave you till the end, I’ll never leave you.”

Her mouth hung open. Jaehyun winked at her, making her feel flushed at his words of promise.

“Trust me on that.”

Note: Feel free to leave your thoughts in my askbox! Till the next update~

Read next part here.

Fic: 14 Seasonally Inappropriate Serenades (1/14)

Just because Blaine missed his chance to serenade Kurt on their first Valentine’s Day as friends doesn’t mean there aren’t other occasions now that they’re boyfriends. PG-13.  

1/14 - Your Song (Read on AO3 here)

Kurt and Blaine tentatively take each other’s hand on their walk through Dalton’s thawing campus. The budding trees make a picturesque setting for young lovers and provide a pretense for their stroll, although Blaine is certain Kurt would turn beet-red if Blaine applied the word lovers aloud to them. It’s too soon for that. It’s too soon to say the word love aloud either. He pretends to look at trees and looks at Kurt instead.

Blaine’s real goal? Figure this boy out so he doesn’t screw up being his boyfriend.

“Most iconic, romantic musical movie moment?” Blaine asks like he doesn’t have an ulterior motive. Kurt is contented enough to answer question after question about his likes and dislikes, and Blaine hopes they’ll be the guidance he needs.

“Ooh. Okay, ‘Come What May’ in Moulin Rouge for a proper duet, but if we’re going for a serenade, I’m going with ‘Your Song’.”

“Huh. I figured you’d lean more golden age in your choices. Moulin Rouge is only a few years old.” The movie wasn’t quite to Blaine’s taste at first. He saw the glimpses the ads provided, didn’t understand why it was so loud and fantastical even though he appreciated the artistry, and assumed he wasn’t its intended audience. He was drawn slowly to it anyway. Only once he he sat down with it, getting progressively closer and closer to the screen, popcorn forgotten in his lap, did he realize it was beautiful as well as overwhelming and like nothing he’d ever seen before. Funny how feelings develop.

“It’s so romantic,” Kurt confesses.

“Go on.” This could be a key. Blaine’s grasp of how to do romance needs all the help it can get.

“It cuts through everything else that’s going on, um…” – there’s that blush as Kurt searches for how to delicately describe Satine’s propositioning up to- and including crotch-grabbing and wreathing on the floor in furs – “…With her trying so hard to make herself whatever she thought he wanted. The scene leading into it is a chaotic mess, and then it stops because he sings. He unironically lays all his feelings at her feet. It’s real. It’s for her. She falls in love with him right there, and you understand completely.”

“You want that,” Blaine clarifies. He’s getting better at figuring Kurt out, now that they’ve been dating for weeks. If spilling emotions like an overladen shopper spills groceries is an attractive quality for Kurt, this bodes well for Blaine.

“Yes.” Kurt only hesitates for a moment. “I do.”

Something about laying feelings bare tugs at Blaine’s thoughts. “Valentine’s Day was rough, huh?”

“Because we were tragically single?” Kurt doesn’t sound the least bit sad now that he isn’t anymore.

“I thought it was ‘single with hope.’ Like the final lines in Sweet Charity, which is, like, even a worse ending to a musical than On The Town.”

Kurt shrugs cutely.

“I mean the part where I serenaded someone else.” One day it’ll be mostly funny. One day Blaine won’t feel inclined to wince at the memory. It makes him think of all the times he rehearsed that song opposite his bedroom mirror, thinking he could be the guy someone wanted that way. He perfected the looks he would give, the bravado he would assume as his own. He put himself out there, in front of strangers and his closest friends, and Jeremiah looked and said “no thanks.” He thought Jeremiah would like it, and he didn’t. Not at all.

All those headshakes from Kurt make so much more sense now.

“Yes, I was jealous, but it set us on this path where I told you my feelings, and the one drunken sleepover, one foam party, one parental sex talk, and one dead bird later…” Kurt’s laugh cuts himself off.

“It wasn’t like that!” Blaine laughs at Kurt’s joke anyway. All of those were things that happened, but really, it was Blaine’s adoration of Kurt growing the more he saw him.

Kurt squeezes his hand. “It’s not a bad memory. For me. Who cares about that guy now besides his hairdresser? Who cares that I have to wait for my serenades?”

“I’ll make it up to you.” Blaine can sing a bunch of love songs by heart. He doesn’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to come back around for a chance to say what he feels.

“There’s nothing to make up!”

Too late. Blaine already spots a park bench he can hop onto and starts to sing the song Kurt chose.

Short Romance Fiction: Amidst a Thousand Cherry Blossoms

Originally posted by darkwolffe

               Hanamura was so full of life today. The streets were a flood of people in traditional garb, flocking to the historical district for the annual Sakura Matsuri. It was a picturesque setting, stalls and vendors under a sea of blooming pink cherry blossoms. A beautiful scene, to be sure, and one that you were eagerly preparing for behind a closed door. Hanzo had asked you to come to the festival with him, as it was something he had wanted to show you for quite some time. You agreed, almost immediately getting a fun idea for surprising him.

               While you were preparing, Hanzo was waiting outside, taking a moment to look at the cherry blossoms. When you said you needed a moment to prepare something, it piqued the man’s curiosity. He honestly had no idea what you were planning, but he was more than content to wait and see what you had planned. The festival was always one of his favorite times of year, seeing the city so alive and the myriad of cherry blossoms in bloom. He was hoping you would like it too; he wanted you to experience his culture and find at least some appreciation for it. His eyes darted about, seeing if you were about. Not yet, it seemed.

               Nervously you adjust your clothes, hoping you did this right. You sigh, giving a nod. “Okay, this seems right… time to go show him…” You step through the door, entering the blooming courtyard. Slowly and quietly you step forward, from behind a tree and into Hanzo’s field of view. You smile nervously, placing a hand on the cherry blossom tree to your side. “Well…” You spoke up, getting his attention. “What… do you think?”

               As Hanzo turned to look at you, he instantly understood the surprise: there you were, underneath the cherry blossom tree, in a yukata in your favorite colors. Complete with wooden sandals and tabi socks. You looked absolutely perfect for the festival, and Hanzo’s jaw practically dropped. His eyes went wide, seeing you in this almost perfect picture. “Y/N… you…” He approached you with eager steps, a smile spreading across his face. He puts his arms around your waist, holding you tenderly. “You look absolutely lovely, Y/N…” He said with an affectionate smile. You return the gesture, placing your arms around his waist.

               “Well, I thought since it was a festival, I should dress for the occasion. And, well…” You pause, looking up to him. “This seemed really important to you. So I wanted to engage in your culture, and do my best to participate. Besides, I thought you’d like seeing me in this.” You say that last sentence with a playful smile. And judging by the look on Hanzo’s face, you were certainly right. He leans forward, planting a gentle kiss on your lips, which you return with affection. He couldn’t help but feel so happy about this, the fact that you wanted to do exactly as he had hoped. His embrace became tighter, wanting to hold you close.

               “Y/N…” Hanzo spoke quietly, looking into your eyes sweetly. “… Aishiteru.” Your face immediately reddens, a smile immediately pulling at your lips. You always loved it when he used Japanese with you. You respond with giving him another kiss, smiling. “I love you too…” Hanzo moves a hand from your waist to your hand, gripping it lovingly. He then held your hand up, a new look of anticipation on his face. He couldn’t wait to show you the festival now. And maybe a bit of wanting to be seeing with such an attractive lover was part of it. “Saa, ikimashou.” Your smile widens, nodding in response as you step up to his side.


Got the inspiration for a cute Hanzo x Reader short fiction. Hope you all like it! And I hope the couple lines of Japanese aren’t too obnoxious. Trying to do something with my language degree, haha.

Fakiru Week Day 1: Spring

Fakiru Week 2016

Out of inspiration and out of work, Fakir was ready to throw in the towel and throw out the camera.

Mytho stood stubbornly in front of the wastbasket.  "Fakir, this is your passion,“ he insisted, hands on his hips, "Don’t give up now!”

Passion?  His recent work had all been absolute garbage.  Just like where this stupid thing belonged.

“Fakir, please.  I know—Look, I know no one’s hired or commissioned you for a while—”

“A while?”

“Alright, so it’s been a couple of weeks—”


“—o-okay, months!  But you truly love photography, don’t you?”

“Out of the way, Mytho.”

“It’s your career.”

“Go away.”

“This is the love of your life.”

“Not anymore.”

“It’s also a super-expensive camera!”

“You—!”  … Alright, he had him there.  Fakir slumped back into his seat, his expression a scowl of disgust and dejection.

“Fakir,” Mytho coaxed, kneeling beside his friend with a small, sorry smile, “It’ll be alright.  I’m sure inspiration will hit, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time at all.  Maybe try something else?  Go somewhere new?”

Maybe Mytho was right.  He needed out of the city.  He needed to be away from those major publications and their idiotic regulations and stifling contracts.  It was because of them that Fakir began to resent the very hobby he loved for the greater part of his life.

So, Mytho rented him a quiet little cottage out by the lake, about an hour outside the urban hellhole.  

The upside?  Peace, quiet, and an abundance of picturesque settings just waiting to be captured.  

The downside?  The rain.

Not much to see in the gloom of the April showers.

Tranquil as it was, the lakeside was nothing but gray.  Gray fog, gray skies, the haze of light, misty rain a gray sheet over his expensive lens.

He grumbled under his breath.

Perhaps, at any other point in his life, he would’ve seen the inherent beauty in that alone, but he was /sick/ of gray.  Gray pavement, gray streets, gray buildings.

He strolled—rather, trudged—along a small trail, weaving around the lake toward the park about a mile away from the cottage.  The pitter-patter of rainwater pelted against the protective shield that was his black umbrella, his camera hanging uselessly from his neck, his satchel swinging by his hip.

When he arrived, he was dismayed to see it just as gray, but the slight incline and well-groomed gardens here at least gave him something to see otherwise.  Taking advantage of the hill overlooking the calm waters, he lifted his camera to his eye and peeked through the lens, scanning along the horizon.

Gray, gray, gray.  

Then, suddenly, red.

Orange-red, beneath a light blue umbrella decorated with a yellow duck.

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Hero’s in the Half Shell Part 3

Warning’s: Swearing, needles, and smut

Here you go @pink-ink-slinger

The children were splashing around the crystal blue lake. White pines, red maples, and Mulberry trees rimmed the picturesque lake. The setting sun casting an ethereal glow on everything it touched including you and Raph.

“You know I was thinking about favorites….” Raph trailed off, kissing your ear before he made a beeline for your sweet spot.

“Oh really?” Your question punctuated by an intake of breath. Fingers skimming his large thighs from knee to hip, kneading slightly.

“Someone’s feelin a bit frisky. Same as the night you got pregnant with Vinchenzo……”


“Raphael, I love you,  our second child is NOT going to be called Vin Diesel.” Eleven month old Malikai was asleep in your arms, a bag of groceries on the other. Your blue tooth blinking out that obnoxious neon light as you headed to your car.

The air cold enough to be seen passing through your lips.

“Raph. The pizza’s going to be late.” You said pulling Malikai closer to your breast. The bag sliding from your forearm into your hand. The light on your blue tooth turning purple.

“You’re coming with me.. Your husband has made my boss VERY angry.” The man in the black ski mask said. The grocery store light’s flickering to save power. Raphael’s threats and encouragements giving you strength. His thick New York accent telling you he was on his way.

“Well you see he really means well. I’m afraid he just has a bit of a temper. Perhaps a heartfelt apology instead?” Malikai started to stir at the sound of new voice’s; he didn’t like strangers.

“He’ll take both after he sends him your finger.” The masked man lunged at you. His serrated knife spinning towards your head. Your heel shooting out to catch him in the knee. His black clad knee hitting the asphalt of New York City. An audible popping noise accompanied by his groans of pain.

Your feet moving quickly to get behind him. The bag you are carrying hefted above your head to knock him out.

Before you can bring it down he swings back with a closed fist. The impact slamming your back into your car door. Your fingers dropping the bag to clutch Malikai to your chest.

“Now now, you little bitch, that wasn’t very nice. I can see why he want’s your husband dead.” The man wobbled over, his knee popped back into place un-precisely. The empty parking lot becoming eerily quiet by the second.

Malikai screaming his indignation at being shoved while you caught your breath. Just as he got within range of you a beeping sound emitted from your Bluetooth.

“Look you can take me in, no problem, just let me leave my son.” The man smiled dementedly, an evil glimmer entering his eye’s. Raphael picking up speed. His heavy breathing saturating your hearing.

“Oh this will get me promoted for sure. Now. make. the. brat. stop. crying.” His hands pulling out a syringe. The closer he got the more your rage was tapped. The cold, calculated rage of a mother who’s son was going to toddle away. Even if she couldn’t.

“I’ll kill you.” It was the only thing worth saying. Other than I love you, to your son, but he felt it. In the way you smoothed his hair, large green eye’s staring up at you.

When he lunged, you squatted down sliding Malikai over to the lamp post on his shell. His screams heartbreaking but at least he was alive.

The loaded syringe came careening towards your neck. Your fist popping out to hit his adams apple, only to meet his block. While the other blocked his arm.

“Looks like the bitch know’s a few move’s.” The sound of silence causing you to smile.

“What ar-”

“That goddess is my wife.” You could see his eye’s widen underneath the mask. His breathing erratic as he processed THE enemies presence.

Then that familiar jingle permeated the air. A massive garbage truck pulling up just behind your car.

In your relaxed state you hardly noticed the man’s shift in weight. Your body whipping around until you were front to back, a syringe at your throat.

“Raph! Get our son out of here!” You commanded the large turtle. The brothers creating a circle around the situation.

“Look I ain’t leavin without ya. I’ll make you a deal.” Curiosity slipping into the villains eye’s causing the panic to recede.

“I’ll go with you if ya if you let my wife and son go.” When you attempted to respond your would be kidnapper jammed the needle into your neck.

“If you try any funny business I’ll send enough of this shit into her neck to OD the bitch. Come quiet or she leave’s silent.” Your eye’s watering at the pain in your neck, refusing to give him the satisfaction of a scream.

“Raphael, Baby, get out of here. Please.” Voice trailing off into a whisper.  Mouthing I love you to the big red turtle. His eye’s giving you all the response you needed. He looked down on his son seeing his whole world in his arms. You were an amazing mom, he knew that much. Gently kissing his forehead his son stared confused at the emotion’s he was feeling from the big man.

“Hey no cryin champ. You gotta watch for ya mom.” The shaking in your shoulder hurt like hell but this couldn’t be the end.

Raphael walked towards the small man causing him to jerk you around in panic.

“Watch the good’s chump.” A growl came emitting from his throat, green eye’s sparking.

“Put the kid down. Kneel in front of me.” A disgusting sound of satisfaction dropping from his words like diseased honey.

At Raphael’s compliance your lips began to shake. The needle being jerked from your neck not helping. When he shoved you to the ground Raph lost it. For once you were faster.

Grabbing Donnie’s staff from his hands you turned releasing the full reserve of electricity. The man jerking violently, sounds of bones breaking audible. When he finally stopped he only twitched before he lost consciousness.

Your fingers releasing the staff with a jerk.  You rushed over to your son with Raphael. Malikai’s crying a relief to both parent’s. The boy pressed between the two of you as Donnie got the criminal an ambulance for a street over..

“Y/N-” Raph attempted before you grabbed his plastron. Your lips latching onto his pulling him into you. Thigh’s hopping up to his waist. Raph’s adrenaline so high that his erection was almost instant.

“Should we?” Mikey attempted to ask his older brother’s.

“No.” Leo and Donnie said in unison.

“Besides I’ve, uh, sound proofed the back.” Donnie blushed.

“You, hey where are…uh maybe we should drop him off?” Donnie stared in confusion until he heard the garbage truck door slam shut.

“Yup we’re walking home.” Leo hoisting the man in a Donnie approved position.


Once you were inside you placed your son in the crib Donnie added. Sometime’s you just couldn’t leave the tott’s at home.


“Shhhhh….” Finger’s working your button’s down while you pushed Raph into a chair. Your slowly exposed flesh making his mouth water.

Raph knew words were useless at this point. When he moved to unbutton his pant’s you stopped him. Kneeling down in front of him breast’s exposed along with the slowly forming bruise. His hand gently caressing the spot until he felt your warm mouth on his head.

Your tongue swirling, finger’s working his base. His head leaned back while his finger’s gripped the chair. Your head head bobbing until your breast enveloped him. In which his hips started bucking in time with his churr’s.

“Y/N, I love you.” His fingers grabbing your hair guiding you to standing. When you attempted to unzip your pant’s he covered your pussy with his empty hand. The warmth of his hand seeping into you. Your hips shamelessly grinding into his hand. HIs fingers cupping and kneading your pussy through your pant’s.

“Raph.” You whispered breathlessly. Torso leaning over to lock lips once more. Hands trailing down his plastron and over broad shoulders.

His finger’s working your pants over your hips. Once you were panty clad you stepping out of them and into his lap. Raph’s hands sliding inside your panties to rake across flush skin.

Your whimpers fueling him on. His hands nudging you towards him.

“No, I want to impale myself onto you.” Raph churred at the statement. When your lips began the descent down his thick shaft he had to correct his breathing. His teeth running over his lips while he took in your focus.

Eye’s locked onto each other when he was halfway inside. HIs hands sliding from your thigh’s back up to your ass. Raph slightly using the leverage to help you move down his length. Your breathing unified, forehead’s leaning together. Your panting getting louder as you got closer to the edge. The pace you had set increasing until you were biting your lip hard enough to draw blood.

“Fuck me. Please, oh please fuck!” Your voice slightly shrill at the end.

Raph stood up using his impressive strength to move you up and down. Your head falling back as your breast bounced in an impressive display. Nimble finger’s coming up to massage your own breast.

“Huuuuh, Raphael, fuuuuuck.” Raphael smiled, got it, G-spot acquired. He laid you onto the empty panel in the front. Leg’s in the air while he plowed away.Your eye’s locked the entire time.

Raph leaned his hip forward using his scales and hip bone to rub your clit. You breathed deeply thrusting your hand against the window behind you. Your eye’s rolling back into your head while your orgasm wracked your body in all the right ways.

When you were a panting mess on his dick he moved back to the chair. His large arms cradling you to him.

“Love ya.” He said stroking your hair, placing kisses to your temple.

“Your turn, love.” Raphael supporting you on shaky leg’s. Your ass sliding down his plastron until you were reversed cowgirl on his dick. HIs hands lifting you part of the way as your leg’s were still weak.

“Raph, raph, of fuck. Cum in me. Feel’s so good.” Finger’s gripping his knees while you took him in rapidly. The coolness of his skin even engorged by blood still made your toes curl. His scales had a texture that was out of this world. When Raph started to come he pulled you against his chest. Arm’s encasing you in warmth, safety, and protection. That’s when you came unglued together. Raph holding you so he was sheathed in you entirely. His finger’s rubbing your clit tirelessly to maximise your pleasure.

Both of you panting until the sound of Malikai’s crying broke your revere. Your tired laughter mingling together.

Raphael placing you gently in the seat. His large form arched over your son’s crib. When you attempted to get up Raph brought him over.

“There’s your momma, champ.Ain’t she perfect?” Raph asked with a tired smile, placing him gently to your breast. Your child latching on to feed since no other nutrition was available.

“You know at this rate I’ll end breast feeding Malikai just as Vinchenzo is born.” Raph startled by the name but not entirely turned off.

“All right. I’ll bite what’s it mean?” He asked leaning naked against the door frame of the truck.

“Conqueror.” You said with a smile while Malikai sucked away. Raph nodding his agreement to the name.

“Vin can still be his nickname….” Raph nodded contentedly.

“Good boy.” HIs eye’s getting droopy once more, full stomach and warm environment lulling him to sleep.

Raphael and you walking him back to his crib in the back. While you stroked his hair Raph moved to start the truck.

Five minutes later you were dressed and seated next your husband; who was neither.

“Donnie said not to sit naked in his chair?” You asked placing a hand on his.

“Ya.” Raph smiled cockily. While you trailed a friendly hand up his thigh.

Raphael sitting down to give you better access to the rest of him.


“God’s that was a long night.” You said grasping his hand to slide down your waist. Eye’s watching it disappear until it reached exactly where it needed it be. Your eyelids fluttering shut until children’s laughter broke your silence.

“Mom, we’re hungry.” Malikai proclaimed with a voice crack. His face bright red untl his little sister walked up to grasp his hand.

“Dinner’s in the crock pot, but I believe we have a cake to bake!” The children yelling excitedly as tiny feet ran inside.

“That was a good trick.” Raphael said with a grumble his hands caressing your waist. His lips kissing a path down your neck.

“When your brother’s get here we’re going to take a break. I’m going to ride you into the mattress.” He closed his eye’s and groaned, head falling back as you cupped him. Your finger’s trailing deftly as you walked away.

“Donnie, hurry up.” Raph said into his intercom. Before following you inside his shoulder leaning against the door. A large smile breaking out on his face at the sight of his four children and wife in his home.

“This is my favorite. Who’s making dad a cake?!?” A chorus of voices was heard in reply. Maybe this was the best part.

Unnatural Habits - Torn!

This is a season-ender so there’s lots to tie up but also to tantalise and to tempt for the next series. (Well until they decided to have the Christmas Ep).

Key players find themselves torn - between duty and allegiances, between family and friends, between love and loyalty. 

And the viewer?  The viewer is left shattered, simmering, screaming at the screen!

The opening scene is an idyll  - a picturesque setting with Hugh and Dot talking about their honeymoon. Until they fish something nasty out of the river.

And in a rather unpleasant reminder of contemporary Royal Commissions and investigations, the relationship is established between protected, institutionalised exploitation and the weak and vulnerable these places purport to shelter.

Phryne’s social conscious is ignited at the laundry, which sparks the indignation of those who see her views as radical.  Jack, in the first of a series of cameos, defends and supports her.

Perpetua (to Jack): … We’d prefer your police woman wait outside.

Jack: I would prefer her presence.

Jack doesn’t deny that she is “his police woman” and in defending her presence, the exchange foreshadows a later one where Phryne is clear that Jack as a policeman is useful to her.

That Scene no. 1 - all tied up

Now if you read in the TV programme guide of this Ep, that, within the first 8 minutes there would be a scene of Jack, looking relaxed, legs akimbo, surrounded by sheets, with Phryne close by; then they get up close and personal, what would you think?  You’d think, AT LAST!  But, you’d be wrong.

Now what’s going on here?  It is really odd  - absolutely gorgeous - but odd. 

Jack, with tie off, sitting on his desk, very relaxed - that must be a first! There’s some nice banter:

Jack: Hmm, I do know my knots, Miss Fisher.  I’d be curious as to how you do.

(Naive Jack, why ask?…This is Phryne Fisher!)

Phryne: There was this Portuguese sailor I once knew…

Jack: Don’t… Enough.

(You did ask for it!)

Phryne needs to demonstrate the inefficacy of the thief knot in joining sheets together to hold a person’s weight.  So what can she use to demonstrate this? Not the very sheets themselves that happen to be sitting on the desk! They could just have had a bit of a tug of war with the sheets to demonstrate that the knots wouldn’t have held.  But no that would be far too easy, the only thing she can THINK of using is one end of her scarf and Jack’s tie!  She knots these two items of clothing together with a “Voila” then, immediately pulls them apart.

So, to do this, Jack must have taken his tie off - or did she take it off?

After some more banter, where Phryne’s upbringing has shades of the mistreatment of the girls in the laundry, we have THAT scene:

Phryne: My father used to lock me in a cupboard to try and break my spirit.

Jack: Clearly didn’t leave you there long enough (…).  Oh, you’ve creased it…

Phryne: Oh, come here. (but she moves to him..)

As soupsouffle so perceptively pointed out, the tie scene parallels and complements the scarf scene in Marked for Murder. It is a beautiful sequence of his submitting to her gentle act.  (I’ve taken so many shots and so many have been posted, but what the heck, I’ll add a few anyway…)

Intimus Interruptus no 1

Don’t any of these senior citizens know that it’s polite to knock? In comes The Godfather to spoil everything:

Sanderson:  Jack, Miss Fisher.  You do indeed keep close company these days.

Moment over, intimacy lost.  Like a pair of guilty teenagers, they straighten themselves up.

So much so that even though Jack criticises the laundry’s Dickensian conditions and its protection to Sanderson face to face in his office, he won’t engage with Phryne in this.  He rebukes her quite angrily:

Jack:  Leave it alone Miss Fisher.

Presumably his anger is multi-faceted:  he is angry and embarrassed by Sanderson’s intrusion, he is angry and surprised with Sanderson’s sudden and unforeseen promotion, he is angry and humiliated with the transfer of the case to another officer who is incompetent.  Phryne bears the brunt of this.

Aunt P enters

Back at St Kilda, Aunt P provides some clues and makes some perceptive comment.  She links the Fletchers to one of her charitable societies, ironically called the Gratitude Committee!

Phryne: Fletcher, as in Sidney Fletcher?

Aunt P: Yes their eldest.  He’s godson of George Sanderson, Deputy Police Commissioner.

Phryne: And fiancé to Jack’s ex-wife, Rosie.

Aunt P: You have a very roundabout way of looking at things, dear.

Not really Aunt P, not if you are Phryne and Jack.  These are strong connections that weigh heavily upon both of them!

Roses are red

There is a very cute scene where Hugh puts his foot in it again when Jack arrives to find Rosie and the spiv in his office.  Hugh finds referring to Rosie as Jack’s ex difficult.

Hugh: Shall I send Mr Fletcher to O'Shaughnessy too sir? (…) He and your wif… your ex-wife.  Ex-wife.

Jack: Yes, yes Collins.

Hugh (very softly to himself): How many times do I have to say that?

So begin the Jack/Rosie/Phryne/Fletcher interactions and distractions. At a meeting at the station  and in Rosie and the ghastly Sidney (the spiv) Fletcher’s presence, Sanderson rebukes Jack for his relationship with Phryne, Jack’s removal from the case is made apparent and he insults Phryne following her return to the laundry. 

Sanderson (referring to Phryne not speaking to her): I thought these dilettante types slept ‘til noon (…). I want this woman brought to heel (…).  You seem to have some sway over her.

Rosie: Father I believe you’ve taken Jack off the case, why?

Sanderson: It’s a diplomacy issue my dear. Jack understands. It’s nothing for you to worry about.

Jack: No, no, no.

Sanderson: But if you don’t keep Miss Fisher under a tighter rein, you may find yourself suspended from all duties.

Jack does the “right thing” by not rocking the boat.  He won’t argue or speak contrarily in front of the group despite Sanderson’s offensive manner and remarks. Clearly Rosie feels Jack would be of benefit to the case, and this would suggest her naivety of both her father’s and the spiv’s involvement in the people smuggling. The fact that Sanderson tells her not to worry about his recent decision would support her being kept at arm’s length from his business.  (I think I may be changing my tune a bit here about Rosie.  Oh dear, must be something in all that ice cream making me soft.  Could it be that she’s not the wicked witch of the west I thought her to be?  Egads!)

But Rosie’s support for Jack contrasts her obvious disdain for Phryne.  Her “Goodbye, Miss Fisher”  and the look she shoots her, are contemptuous. (So it’s not all is forgiven yet...)

Phryne too feels the need to support Jack and unusually for her apologies to him when they are alone in his office. It is her turn to be relaxed at his desk. 

Phryne: Jack, I’m sorry.

Jack: Please tell me your break-in was worth all this… fuss.

Jack is bearing the burden of being chastised, removed from his area of expertise and further threatened with sanctions for Phryne’s actions.But “noble Jack” downplays the impact it has had on him.

(…)  Then one of those favourite lines coming up….

Phryne: I really am very sorry Jack that you’re in so much hot water because of me.

Jack: Don’t be remorseful. It only confuses.

(Phryne’s foot fashion - impressive!)

Phryne’s investigation of the ship produces evidence of the link among Bernadette’s disappearance and the De Vere notation, the cadillac and the ship’s captain (un Belge!).   This ensures some nice images of hands… (any excuse).

(and a rather nice lean)

His inability to take this evidence to Sanderson, given his removal from the case, leads Jack and Phryne to consider the implications of Jack continuing against orders.  Phryne’s comment, “You’re much more use to me if you remain a policeman, Jack” has some impact.  Firstly it parallels one of the earlier scenes where Phryne is referred to as “his police woman” but it also reminds us of Phryne’s consideration of their relationship - more useful as a policeman than what? A man, a lover? 

Phryne then suggests that as they can’t take the investigation further officially, that her parlour can function as a pseudo interview room.  It is interesting that they don’t consider meeting with Rosie and the spiv in Phryne’s parlour as a risk at all. Rosie and Sidney would pass this meeting on to Sanderson, surely! Given his accusations and his explicit orders to Jack, it seems to function more as a plot device than a rational decision.  It is a clever device though, as the spiv gets to find out how much they know, we see further interaction between Rosie and Jack, and Rosie and Phryne and we have Aunt P’s wonderful observation on Rosie.  Albeit illogical and dangerous for Jack’s position as a policeman.

Phryne, like in Marked for Murder, wears a coat heavily embroidered with roses for the encounter with Rosie - not the same coat as for their meeting at Fletcher’s house, but a more fitted, shortened version.  Worth a comparison I think!

Rosie: Jack, don’t you think you should pass all this information on to Father?

Phryne: Do you think that’s wise? Considering he took Jack off the case?

(They are setting themselves up at odds, with Jack caught in the middle.  Rosie is torn between defending her father and defending Jack.)

Rosie: He didn’t have a choice.  The Bishop was breathing down his neck.  (…) And your constant meddling hasn’t helped. (…) 

(as she leaves the room, she turns and says) You’ve really made things worse for Jack, you know.

And after Rosie has left the room:

Aunt P: Unusually devoted isn’t she?  For an ex-wife.

The shot composition balances the couples - Jack and Phryne, Rosie and Fletcher; then Phryne and Jack and Rosie and Jack.  Aunt P positioned to the edge of the first shot, silently observes until her final comment (6th image).

The A Team

Having being told to keep away from the ship, 

Jack: Please Miss Fisher.  Do what you’re told just this once.

Phryne assembles a crack team.  Mr Butler has a collection of serious kit.

Both Jack and Hugh defy Sanderson to board the ship. It is on the Pandarus that the Fletcher/Godfather alliance is revealed as is Sanderson’s deception. His treatment of Jack, his threats and intimidation now make sense in protecting himself from discovery. Phryne (Jack uses her first name in calling out to her) has discovered the hoard of human cargo and ultimately confronts Fletcher as Jack confronts Sanderson. The Fletcher/Phryne/Jack showdown makes excellent viewing in semi-darkness, with eerie lighting and flashes of torches and gunfire, among tackle and ropes.  Naturally Jack saves the day!

Violets are blue

It is the station that sees Jack confront Sanderson, Rosie confront her father and Jack comfort his ex-wife.  Phryne, at the end of the scene is the observer of all this confrontation and emotion  -  sidelined by the main event. 

 The revelations of the spiv’s illegal business dealings and his godfather’s complicity impact upon both Rosie and Jack.  Jack resents and regrets his former respect for the man who was both his boss and his father-in-law.

Rosie is left bereft and turns to Jack.  (I had, on previous views of this Ep, found her behaviour ambiguous in this scene.  I couldn’t work out whether she was angry at her whole world being torn apart  - therefore her tears were for reasons of selfish indignity, or whether she was genuinely distraught from the discovery of her fiancé’s criminal dealings and her father’s betrayal of trust.  I had always found something false in her comment of “Those poor girls”.  Still not quite sure….)  

Whereas Jack bore with dignity the ignominy of being chided and berated in front of Rosie in previous scenes and Rosie had no qualms about reproaching Phryne, she finds Jack and Phryne’s presence in the office a humiliation and, initially at least, wishes them away.

Rosie’s words to her father, echo Jack’s.

Jack: (to Sanderson) I looked up to you George. I respected you. (…)

Rosie: How could you? I can’t look at you.

Jack (goes over to her):  I’m sorry.

Rosie (crying): Oh, don’t… Oh Jack. On no, oh God…

Rosie rejects, then accepts, then needs his comfort. We see Jack in a more intimate embrace than we have seen him before, echoes of a past we haven’t inhabited and a couple we don’t know.  What we, as viewers observe for the first time, is what Phryne too sees for the first time, as an observer, removed from the scene.

Once again it is clever in terms of plot development and end of season ep.  It leaves so much open.  Rosie is no longer engaged and she turns to Jack for comfort.  We must squirm at the thought of a reconciliation.

That scene no. 2 meets Intimus Interruptus no. 2

And just when we thought all was lost… a spark of hope.  Jack goes round to Phryne’s house.  It takes him a while to tap, ever so gently at the door pane.

Phryne:  I thought you were with Rosie.

Jack:  I was… is it too late?

Phryne:  Never.

Jack:  I’ve never seen her like that before. She was in shock.  She… just needed some company.

Phryne;  She needed you Jack Robinson… The man who always does the right thing… The noble thing.

Jack: Not always Miss Fisher.

Aunt P: It’s very late Inspector.

Another senior citizen who has never hear of knocking!  The parallel with the tie and the Godfather’s entry on the scene gives me shivers.

Now can someone please answer me: WHAT IS AUNT P DOING THERE? Yes, she comes over for afternoon tea (and the occasional helping of humble pie) but why is she staying over?  Why can’t she take the baby and Mary back to Rippon Lea? She has an entire household of help and it’s not that far!  Has she ever stayed over before?  And surely she should be presiding over the house as it’s being set up for the MFMM costume exhibition anyway!

And where was she when the Nubian slave arrived bearing his manacles and chains, or the Greek muscle man, or the Latvian dissident or the Spanish dance teacher or when P was cosying up by the fire with what’s his name in Raisins and Almonds?  Let alone Lin. Where was she then may I ask?  MIA that’s what.  Nowhere to be seen. 

But she has to turn up just when J is about to pash P!  After all this time, after all this waiting, after all the promises, the suggestions, the innuendos, the lead-ups (or is it the leads-up?).The very instant! Split second timing!  A whole host of Phrack aficionados were hurling pieces of furniture at their TV screens, were cursing, and howling at the moon, and rewinding just to make sure it wasn’t some obscene joke from their husbands who thought it would be a hoot to clip a bit of film but NO, it really did happen… she appeared.

 I wish she had taken Mary and the baby and flummeried off! *harrumphs*

Jack: Yes, yes it is.  … (to Phryne) But I’m glad we cleared up that detail.

Phryne: So am I Jack, so am I…

The moment lost.  And no matter how many times I watch it, it always ends up the same *sobs*.


‘There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it, and surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus solely on the good. After all, life is too short to be anything but happy.’


This video explores the similarities and differences between two of Miyazaki’s most well known works: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke. How are they similar? How are they different? What can we learn from that?

Thanks for watching my first video!

For a text transcript, look below. 

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MONSTA X  First Kiss

Shownu – While Shownu can be a shy bun at times he’s also pretty straight forward. He would make sure you knew of his interest first. Surprising you with a kiss if you didn’t even know he liked you would seem out of line to him. But if you two were on a date or he’d confessed beforehand, he’d just take the plunge and hope for the best. Though obviously nervous he’d still be confident if he suspected you returned his feelings. The first kiss wouldn’t be too fancy, but it wouldn’t be hesitant either. Just the right combination of firm and gentle. He likes you a lot and wants you to know how much.

Wonho – His nerves would be directly proportionate to how much he likes you. If it’s early on and he’s interested but not crushing too hard it’d be rather smooth. The kiss would be on the slightly longer side but not too deep. He’d pretty much be in control and a little playful. But if he was already head over heels or he’d put the kiss off for too long he’d overthink the whole thing. He’d move in much more slowly but once the kiss started it would deepen quickly. And he’d get swept up in it just as much as you. The kiss would take a while to break and when it did he’d be short of breath and head spinning.

Minhyuk – As you might imagine, the first kiss would be playful. Although you’d certainly be aware of his attraction, he wouldn’t want you to feel pressured. It’d happen spontaneously except for the fact he’s decided he wants it to be a lighthearted experience. So he’d wait for a chance when you two were laughing and relaxed. In that moment, overwhelmed by his feelings he’d go with it and swoop in. It would be a chaste kiss and then he’d back off, asking if that was ok. If you said yes he’d grin and give you a few more pecks before he got caught up in the emotions and settled in for a longer, more heartfelt kiss with you.

Kihyun – He’d get this idea in his head beforehand about exactly how it should go. Sort of an idealized romantic version that would be memorable for you. Kihyun wants to make as big an impression as he can. Preparing something special he might sing to you a little and then lean in. Or he might find a picturesque setting and feel like that was the place. Picking a flower and giving it to you while his gaze flickered to your lips making it obvious what he wanted. But most definitely it would be planned as much as possible. If he likes you he doesn’t want to leave much to chance.   

Hyungwon – This shy goofball isn’t likely to start anything on his own. If he worked up the courage to kiss you it would be so quick you’d barely feel the pressure on your lips, then he’d laugh nervously. But if you took the initiative and kissed him first, even just on the cheek, he’d be much more relaxed. It’d break the ice and he’d feel more confident about giving you kisses if he knew they’d be welcome. Once the first awkward one is out of the way get ready for all kinds of random, quirky kisses because you have opened the floodgates. 

Jooheon – He’d psych himself up by choosing a particular night or date ahead of time. He’d spend the whole day sweating bullets but determined he would give it his best shot. It’d take him a while to work up the nerve, kind of side-eyeing you throughout the evening. He'd want to just do it, but his heart would be pounding too hard so he’d kiss you on your cheek. Jooheon would act like he was only being cute so if you didn’t like it he could laugh it off as teasing. But he’d watch you closely after the kiss and if you seemed to like it he’d ask if he could do it again, only properly this time.    

I.M – While contemplating how to initiate the kiss, he’d be more reserved and quiet than normal. Hesitantly you’d ask if he was having a bad time. Eyes huge with panic, he’d start rambling, trying to assure you things were great. Then he’d keep talking and spill out various sentence fragments about wanting to kiss you. Embarrassed he’d try to divert your attention to something else, anything else. But if you agreed to a kiss he’d stop and stare like he misheard you. The kiss itself would be sweet and light, not too intense. He wouldn’t push too far the first time, afraid he’d frighten you off. ​Expansion

My favourite Jane Austen adaptations

justcoria asked me about my favourite Jane Austen adaptations. There are so many I’ve decided to make a separate post about them. So here’s my subjective ranking of Jane Austen films. Do you agree with it? :)

1. Pride and Prejudice 1995 (BBC) with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Sexy Mr Darcy, cheeky Lizzy, great sense of humour and faithfulness to the novel. Perfection! :)

2. Sense and Sensibility 2008 (BBC) - I like the 1995 version with Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman…

…but I prefer the quiet, poetic mood of the 2009 mini series set in picturesque Devon. And I simply adore Hattie Morahan as Elinor! 

Bonus for Sherlock fans - Mark Gatiss as John Dashwood:

3. Persuasion 1995 (BBC) - Anne Elliot played by Amanda Root might be my favourite Jane Austen heroine. The whole film is bitter-sweet with a grain of humour.

4.  Northanger Abbey 2007 - funny, silly, charming. Great for a rainy afternoon or bad mood. Felicity Jones makes a cute, totally adorable Catherine Morland.

5. Lost in Austen 2008 - it has more in common with a silly fan-fic than a serious adaptation. But it’s very funny and it reveals things about Pride and Prejudice characters than even Jane Austen herself didn’t know. ;)

Incidentally, most of the above shows were written by Andrew Davies and produced by BBC. :)

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There’s Something About Her

Based on this magical conversation with kia8088

It starts with a glance. It’s the tiniest thing really, so small that it would take someone with his prowess to catch it, but he does. 

It had a been a mere month after returning to Konoha. The dead were buried. The families still mourned. And he was back, enfolded under the shade of dancing leaves once more. 

The Konoha Genin had all gathered for one final celebration, a chance to remember, rejoice, and re-introduce him to everyone as the newly returned genin come home. And it’s through the smoke and sizzling of admittedly delicious BBQ that he catches her silvery gaze.

It’s only a second, but it’s cold and piercing and for once, he sees the family resemblance he vaguely remembered her lacking.

He brushes it off. She’s not important in the grand scheme of things. 

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Prompt from atiathehuman (I think!): a Rexsoka drabble where one of them cheers the other up after a particularly bad experience. 

Wartime memories– the bad ones, anyway, which accounted for most of them– always sprang up from nothing. A conversation could be utterly unrelated, the scenery could look nothing like a familiar battlefield, but suddenly they’d be back there, living that moment. Experiencing the episode yet again as real as the first time, still as helpless to stop it. The more effort they expended thinking of something else, the harder they spiraled back into those memories.

Ahsoka at least had old Jedi training to fall back on to calm her mind in peaceful meditation. But these episodes continually wore harder on Rex, unsettling him for hours sometimes. A flashback of Fives’ last moments once upset him for two days straight. 

Ahsoka assumed some new recurring memory plagued him now because for the last several hours he’d been attacking the ship’s ventilation system. It wasn’t due for a full scrubbing yet, but that’s what he was administering. She could hear him from half a ship away muttering and cursing when he dropped things. He bonked his head on the opening once, then assaulted it with tools and boots in retaliation before taking a long break to sulk. 

Ahsoka found him sitting against one corridor wall, bowed head in his hands. She knelt down next to him and laid a hand on his arm, saying, “Let’s leave this for now. Come on, we’re going out.”

Although “out” was not very exciting while they loitered on Rennire, a planet inhabited mostly by Bith. Here, on the opposite side of the world from the capital, the most technologically advanced thing within a one hundred mile radius was their outdated ship. 

The nearest town lay within a half hour’s forested walk, so for a half hour, arm in arm with Rex, Ahsoka prattled on about whatever popped into her mind. The weather, the cute forest sqirbbits she saw scattering up a tree, the latest bolo ball updates– anything to get his mind on something else. Rex had stopped wanting to talk about the war years ago; since then, Ahsoka cheered up his plagued mind as best she could.

The sun set a little earlier each day here. Its slanting rays already cast long shadows by mid-afternoon, and the chill convinced a couple roadside market vendors to pack up and leave. But there were still several brave food vendors selling fresh produce, or grilled nuna on a stick.

Rex and Ahsoka barely even noticed the curious stares from the Bith population now– at least half of the vendors they dealt with already recognized them enough to not treat them like diseased foreigners. Ahsoka wandered off down the market street while Rex bought their food; she returned shortly carrying a small, cloth-wrapped package.

She smiled at his questioning gaze, linked arms with him and suggested they have dinner on the side of the lake at the edge of town. And while the idea sounded romantic, and certainly offered a picturesque view of a setting sun lighting the sky in brilliant reds and pinks, and casting the rising moons in hues of orange, the lakeside was even colder than the market. The stone they sat on soon numbed their legs, the breeze from the lake constantly sent Rex further into his coat for safety, and their food cooled faster than they could eat it.

But they were alone here and Rex didn’t complain. 

“Here,” Ahsoka said, handing over the package once Rex had finished his nuna. “This is for you.” Her smile only widened at Rex’s confused expression once he uncovered the small, stuffed Bith doll, a simple, hand-sewn toy with button eyes and dark clothes. Rex’s gaze swept to her, one brow arched.

“It’s a Bith gift! You can put him on the navigation console… maybe he’ll help you pilot better.”

And finally– finally– Rex cracked a smile. He returned the toy to its packaging before wrapping one arm around Ahsoka and dragging her closer. “Thanks, ‘Soka.” And his eyes plainly fell on the half-finished stick of nuna in her hands. “Y’gonna eat that?” She handed it over for him to devour. 

As much as she wanted to broach the subject and ask what exactly had been bothering him, Ahsoka had to settle for helping out where she could, earning smiles from time to time for distracting him instead of mending old wounds. 

They sat on their cold rock for the longest time watching the sky change from red and pink to blue and purple. Despite the breeze, they remained leaning against one another until Rex reached for his new present. The amused expression with which he regarded the Bith toy was a rarity anymore, and Ahsoka gladly received that as well as another hug from him in the darkening silence. 

“Remember that mission to the Citadel?” Rex spoke up finally, the first words in the past half hour. 

“Of course.” 

“That’s been on my mind lately…”

And they sat next to that cold lake, talking long into the night.

10 Best College Game Day Experiences

How much can the atmosphere at a college football game vary from one location to another? After all, it’s the same sport. At each campus, the tailgating and game will feature the same major players: students, alumni, beverages, bands, beverages, food, beverages, cheerleaders, and beverages.Despite these common elements, the game day experiences at college campuses across the country reflect vast regional differences in food, fun, and temperament. Here’s a list of the 10 best game day experiences for your consideration.

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imagine you and rocky going travelling to foreign countries and you’re so thankful for the heat even during winter because when you’re in australia he wears black tank tops. though there’s clouds, it doesn’t stop the winter sunshine smiling down on the two of you. rocky can’t help but smile as light sprinkles of rain begin to fall upon your faces, and when he tugs on your hand to try and dance in the rain, he laughs at your squeaky protests. and in the most picturesque setting, the two of you are subjects of a photo, carefree youths with smiling eyes.


a game of push and pull

a drabble for @2012niall based off of this post. it is basically snippets and not a cohesive story so it doesn’t go into depth about yknow being gods lmao. but yep.

Pairing: Harry / Niall

WC; 1975

Summary: Niall is Himeros and sleeps with everyone until Harry. Oh, he’s the God of love by the way. Eros.

Louis narrows his eyes at the skinny brunette walking past him towards the bathroom, a lakers jersey covering her bum very poorly, and promptly falls to the ground. A very familiar blond comes after, yawning and scratching behind his ear as he stretches his arms and asks, “What’s the time?”

“Two in the afternoon,” Louis answers, eyes still narrowed and suspicious. “Niall, that isn’t Ashley.”

Niall who has busied himself with grabbing a bowl from the cabinet above the sink in the kitchen pauses, turns and grins, “Yes, that’s Tasha.”

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Fluff scenario with Myungsoo when you're married:

The sun peers through the cracks of the Venetian blinds as the sound of the sprinklers outside trickling over the fresh summer flowers fills the unusually quiet room. “Myungsoo?” From amongst the piles of feathers, a remembrance of the pillow fight from the night before, you stretch out your tired but well rested limbs. Receiving no reply you sluggishly stumble out of bed in search for your better half.

You hide behind the door frame of the bedroom “BOO!” You jump out from your cover only to find that you were the only on there. Confused, you walk on in search for Myungsoo ‘He wouldn’t have gone anywhere without telling me’ you pondered to yourself as you were rolling up the sleeves of the over sized black T-shirt you had claimed during the early days of your relationship. There is a rustling sound coming from the living room, you advance towards it slowly with a wide grin spreading across your face ‘I’m going to get you this time!’ You begin to chuckle to yourself under your breath as you creep into the room, hands taking form of a falcons talons as your instincts tell you that your prey is purling close by. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! HAAHAAAHAA PUT ME DOWN!”

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My home practice isn’t glossy or picture perfect. It’s messy and a little chaotic. More often than not, I’m practicing tiny lil #hollowback actions in cramped hotel rooms with weird lighting while using a recycling bin as my tripod. But in many ways, this is what my practice has always looked like. And usually, when I’m in picturesque settings with gorgeous lighting and photographers who actually know what the fuck they’re doing, I clam up and get shy as hell. In those situations, I keep my practice simple and I’m not much for yoga peacocking. And it’s because I’m not a model. I don’t try to look good or make my body look like anything it’s not. I am at my best when I’m alone, with my camera phone, farting and making weird faces. That’s the essence of my yoga practice, & I’m sticking to it. That’s when I really feel like I’m truly myself. PS- These leggings are amazing and they’re by @additionelle PPS- my tits are perpetually falling out of this shirt but it was a femme hand me down from @nettythebakingbetty + I love it very much and nip slips are totally normal so come at me, instagram purity police. Come. At. Me. (at Chelsea, Manhattan)

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