Hayden Christensen impressed with Granville Buxton Inn location for First Kill.

The picturesqe city of Granville has made a great backdrop for the film First Kill starring Hayden Christensen and Bruce Willis. Production were impressed with the Historic Buxton Inn and remade the wine cellar into a bunker. The vintage interior of the newly redesigned lobby was used as a living room set with family portraits for other scenes. Enjoy the article and a little behind the scenes at First Kill with hints about the movie.

Buxton wine cellar gets Hollywood makeover for ‘First Kill’

Filmmakers were so impressed with the redesigned Buxton’s lobby that they decided to use it as a living room for shooting family portraits of the characters that will be used in other set-dressing, she said.

Valenzuela added, “I can’t say enough good things about Hayden Christensen.” The actor had researched the Buxton online before arriving and asked many questions about the historic inn, she said.

He even left, Valenzuela said, with a copy of the DVD produced regarding the Inn.


Lazy River wraps ‘base camp’ role in Bruce Willis film

One of those scenes was when the child actor who plays the boy in the movie performed his first scene with Willis. “First Kill” is about a police chief (Willis) trying to solve a case while a bank robber holds a boy hostage.

“We met the child actor and his mother,” Mark said. “It was his first movie and his first scene. I’m sure it was very exciting for him. I know it was very exciting for his mother.”

The Kaspers also ate meals with the cast and crew, which gave them a chance to chat with just about everyone 

“We also had lunch with Hayden Christensen,” Kathy added, “but never really talked with him at length.”