Sorry for the picturespam, but now that my boy is back and his outfit is done, I had to take some pictures! :D

Okay, so a little breakdown of what is what, my boy Saix is a Dive Seimei with a Senior Delf boy, with a face-up by the lovely and talented Ara and a custom wig by Kagami <3 <3 He’s wearing a cotton pleated skirt(with pants underneath, but you can’t see those…)with a linen blue waistcoat. The front of the waistcoat is handembroidered with jacobean designs and the back is quilted, and the sleeves and top are cream linen with handembroidered needlelace in very fine thread. The sleeves actually took the longest of the whole thing ^_^;;

Then he has a grey wool cloak(you can’t really see it in pictures, but it has very subtle greyblue stripes, it’s so pretty), handembroidered with eh..random chain stitch designs, haha! And lined with a printed cotton from the same series as the fabric from the skirt..and then he has a little needlelace scarf made from the same thread as the embroidery on the cloak. I like stuff matching, can you tell?

Of course, it’s never really finished..xD I’m still waiting for brown gloves from Luts(and different hands so he can wear them)(..the gloves match the shoes…*cough*), and he has a beautiful sword that a friend made for him, so that still needs a scabbard, and I’m sure other little details will sneak in. But! He’s dressed, he has a head and hair, so pictures! ^_^

*edit* Okay, I dont know why the full shot is not showing properly, because it shows fine in the preview! Seriously, getting these pictures uploaded properly on tumblr is more trouble than actually making the outfit! XDD