MCL Carnival Headcanons

Random headcanons for the carnival bc I felt like it tbh. I really want a carnival episode ?? It’d be so cute and um ? i crave a carnival episode, actually.


  • Takes a lot of pictures, 
  • Will try and win all of the prizes, even against the little kids
  • Usually laughs on rollercoaster rides, especially at Candy
  • Always holds his hands up in the air
  • Really good at go kart?? Wow Nath 
  • Actually better than really good, great at go kart
  • Is so annoyed with bumper cars, he’d rather just ride
  • Doesn’t like all of the noise, but he’s learning how to tolerate it
  • Sucks as some of the mini games
  • Water rides are his favorite
  • Knows the history of some rollercoasters
  • Plays for fun, even if he loses, he’s okay with it
  • Will not even BOTHER eating Candy’s cotton candy tbh, 
  • Really good at the dancing games, get those buttons Nath.
  • Holds Candy’s hand, doesn’t wanna lose her in the crowd.
  • Such a mom
  • Will try to keep Candy off the drop-down rides, like nO he will just be like “Candy no that’s very dangerous” or “Are you sure you wanna do that??" 
  • Sometimes gets very nauseous on the rides
  • Not like Candy has a choice but - she isn’t going on rides there’s been accidents on, it’s not worth the risk-
  • Has had to sit down after some rides,,
  • Is nervous to leave Candy on a rollercoaster, but knows she’s ok
  • He is NOT playing those free fall rides, a lot of accidents happen on them
  • Has his only healthy snack bag, he’s not taking fast food/sweets
  • Impressed with Candy being good with the games
  • Pats Candy on the back if she loses, he sucks too so-

The last ride they go on is; The Ferris Wheel. In which is a perfect setting, being close to the stars, and dazzling lights of the carnival. Nathaniel would just wrap his arm around her shoulder and admire their view out the window, just happy in eachothers company. [Que illustration].


  • Will take a bite or two from Candy’s cotton Candy, just to be playful
  • Always yells on the rides, such a little kid
  • Records their rides together, he loves looking at them after
  • Not really a picture guy but - takes some pictures
  • Loves rollercoasters, nothing more
  • Doesn’t care for the mini games, tbh - he’ll pay for Candy to play them
  • Taking all the food he can before they leave
  • Jokes with Candy to beat the little kids at the mini games.
  • Will always find a way to take a bite out of Candy’s food
  • Favorite ride is slingshot 
  • Will honestly win the huge prize for Candy, or just buy it for Candy
  • Cheers a lot on the rides, like not even screaming, he just feels so alive
  • Never brings a snack, buys food
  • Usually wears his hair up in a ponytail, has his jacket tied around his waist, he’s ready for fun
  • Pretty good at winning mini games, but never the big prize
  • Hates walking around endlessly for the gift shop
  • Bought passes just to walk infront of other people bc he can’t waIT
  • Is a pro at the throwing mini games
  • Likes it when Candy’s impressed with his skills
  • Gets so proud of Candy when she wins
  • Kinda teases her when she loses, ruffles her hair
  • Stays until it closes.

The last ride they go on; The slingshot. It’s the most scariest ride in the carnival, slinging just the two of them in the air, there would be a lot of mixtures of laughs and screaming. After they swing for its pause, he’d hold her hand tightly and just smile so much, tells her; "I’m glad you’re not just my girlfriend…you’re also my best friend, y’know that?”  [Que illustration].


  • Pretty calm during the carnival
  • Doesn’t like all of the noise, 
  • Let’s Candy lead the way.
  • Is the king of go kart, just wow lys
  • His favorite part is just seeing Candy so happy and just energetic for the rides
  • IS V scared of rollercoasters, 
  • he CANNOT stand rides that move downwards to the ground
  • Doesn’t eat Candy’s cotton Candy, lmao would rather have ice cream
  • Usually laughs on his rides
  • Brings a hand recording camera, will honestly drop his phone
  • Puts his hands in the air a lot
  • Very nervous before he gets on a ride, would rather let Candy go
  • Loves spinning rides, thinks those are the most thrilling
  • Isn’t good at the mini games, doesn’t have good aim
  • Tries his best to win Candy the biggest prizes.
  • Candy got him a big plush bunny and he was so close to fainting, he loved it
  • Likes recording and taking loads of pictures, saves them on his phone
  • Will actually remember this day, beginning to end
  • Has such a happy smile, let Lysander happy smile
  • Asks Candy what rides she wants to go on, they take turns
  • Likes seeing everyone just smile, it’s so nice to him
  • Buys Candy her food, eats some of it
  • Definetely licks her ice cream, like back at the beach but just more casual
  • Usually stays until it closes, or when Candy says she’s tired

The last ride they go on; Superman. Lysander would want to spend one last fun ride with Candy and this is one of the best ones in his opinion. Doesn’t regret it, he’s laughing and he’s so happy. His smile is just, beautiful. Candy would be recording just laughing too. [Que illustration].  


  • Would just wanna ride every rollercoaster, loves all the rides
  • Will honestly win mini games, he’d tear up ALL of the little kids
  • Wins Candy the big callipillar
  • Takes so many pictures and videos, he’s just so happy
  • His hair gets really puffy after water rides, like curly and just fluffy
  • Usually has some stranger to take a picture of he and Candy.
  • Buys Candy and himself cotton candies, doesn’t take her food
  • Loves seeing Candy laugh, that’s his favorite sound
  • Likes the gift shop, buys some marvel merch like a batman shirt
  • Gets a little sick on the spinning rides
  • This boy is getting all the food he can afford, he is NOT cooking when they get back
  • Will always remember this day.
  • Just fanboys at the rides
  • His favorite ride is between Superman and Batman, can’t choose one
  • Holds Candy’s hand when they’re looking for new rides.
  • Isn’t picky about rides, as long as they’re fun
  • Bought a pass to get through lines,
  • His wallet is just so dead
  • Scared of one ride and one ride only - the free fall ride. He’s heard of accidents that’s happened on it and he’s not risking it, as much as he’d like too - but no
  • Always stays when it closes
  • Buys he and Candy some light sabers, during the night so they see them glow

The last ride they go on; Goliath. Whilst getting up on the steepest, wood-made, ride of the carnival, Armin holds Candy’s hand, just smiling. Candy is pretty surprised, but looks back to a smiling and slightly red Armin. Who tells her; “I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else right now, but with you. I love dork.”  [Que illustration].


  • Is so happy at the carnival, like you couldn’t believe. 
  • Holds Candy’s hand, isn’t loosing her in the crowd
  • Totally prepared. Eith his wallet, trip snacks, and his recorder - everything
  • Doesn’t really go with his friends, tbh, he wants to go with Candy
  • Friends don’t bother trying to leave with him, bc they know he wants to be with her.
  • Has some pictures, but LOADS of recordings like woah-
  • Laughs on the rides, thinks it’s hilarious when Candy is just yelling
  • Takes a small thing of cotton candy from her, just a smol piece
  • Buys loads of sweets, don’t bother trying to stop him
  • Isn’t worried for Candy, at once, this is just about them and having fun
  • Is scared to DEATH of goliath, hates super steep rides
  • Loves water rides, especially log ones
  • Isn’t the best at go kart but he tries
  • SLAYS bumper cars
  • Let’s Candy win some of the games, 
  • Wakamole is like his favorite, he imagines amber like ‘whack a ho-’//shot
  • Rather hold onto the handles of the ride, not a hands in the air type of guy
  • Wins mini games like a boss, he’s getting all the prizes and teddy bears folks.
  • Loves seeing Candy happy, it makes him happier
  • Stays until it closes.
  • So talkative, he babbles like a happy little kid
  • Doesn’t bring that many healthy snacks, healthiest thing he’s eaten was fruit flavored gummies
  • Gets temporary tattoos, gets some anchor on his face

The last ride they go on; The floating swings. Kentin would have his seat next to Candy making sure she’s fastened before himself. The two of them would start going up and Kentin would just smile so much. His precious smile. The two of them would just be happy, quiet, and just laugh. Their legs out and smiles up, they’re just happy. [Que illustration].

mysticmessofcrap  asked:

Whole RFA & Saeran & V reacting to an MC who is a huge nerd that cosplays and goes to conventions and even performs in panels (please?)


  • Oh my god???
  • He thinks it’s so c u t e
  • Yoosung is familiar with cosplaying and conventions, so he’s all for it
  • He would probably help MC with her costumes
  • He might even ask to go with her 
  • Totally there to support MC during panels


  • Three words: cosplay power couple
  • The dude is an actor, of course he loves any chance to dress up and act
  • Insists he goes with MC and picks out a really skimpy costume Zen no
  • Instantly regrets it
  • Wants to fight every guy that stares at her. Nobody is brave enough to take pictures with MC l ma o
  • Takes dozens of selfies with her instead 


  • Doesn’t really get it, but will totally support MC!
  • Thinks she looks adorable in any costume she picks out
  • Helps MC with her hair and makeup before a convention
  • The Supportive Girlfriend™ that goes to every panel 
  • Totally records all of MC’s performances 


  • ‘???? MC, I can just buy you all these costumes??’
  • Doesn’t get why she makes stuff by hand
  • She has to hide his credit cards so he doesn’t buy her like a dozen costumes
  • R E F U S E S to do a couple cosplay. Nope, not happening
  • Insists that MC keeps her costume on when she comes home from conventions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Lmao d u d e
  • He is the cosplay king are you kidding
  • Already has a closet full of costumes for MC to wear
  • Buys tickets to every convention within a 50 mile radius 
  • They always go as the same character 
  • Performs in panels with MC and steals the show


  • Thinks it’s weird at first ngl
  • ‘You look stupid in that color wig’
  • Once he sees how into it MC is, he stops insulting it
  • Actually kind of likes seeing MC get her costume ready 
  • Gets dragged to conventions but secretly loves it


  • The man is so supportive of anything MC does
  • It just makes him love her more??
  • Compliments every costume MC tries on
  • Insists on coming with her to conventions to take pictures
  • Loves to cheer MC on during performances
  • Pulls out all the stops during pictures: the best lighting and equipment he can carry 
  • Best. Convention. Ever.

anonymous asked:

Hey, can you do fluffy headcanons for Castiel, like the one you did for Lysander?

Tysm for the fluff request anon and sure thing. i really like Castiel tho, he’s like one of my favorites to write tbh…anyways, enjoy.

  • Won’t admit he loves cuddles
  • Is suddenly a cook when there’s no money for takeout 
  • Likes resting on Candy’s chest
  • Always sleeps with his arms cross and some angsty face, Candy takes pictures
  • Loves giving Candy neck kisses
  • V good listener, remembers things that are told by Candy
  • Will ho nestly wreCK people that upset her
  • Is v cuddly, actually
  • Likes flustering Candy, a lOT
  • Thinks Candy is adorable wearing his clothes
  • Likes see Candy playing with Demon, has some pictures of that
  • Candy is his background to his phone, any portable device she’s on
  • Blushes a lot if Candy gives Castiel surprise kisses
  • Likes when Candy tries to do his hair
  • rEFUSES to nap without Candy, he’ll hold her close
  • Doesn’t smoke around Candy,,
  • The best thing he does when Candy is upset is just listen and hold her 
  • Spams tf out of Candy if she doesn’t answer 51 text messages and 27 missed calls 
  • Loves her that much to the point to watch chic flicks
  • worried mom in the making
  • Has his arms around Candy’s shoulder a lot
  • One of his favorite places to kiss Candy is the top of her head
  • Surprise kisses 
  • Plays guitar for Candy
  • Is pretty good at singing when he plays it too
  • Spoils candy too much on her bday
  • Is always the first, 12 am, to say happy bday to Candy
  • Always holds her in his sleep,
  • Won’t admit that she’s not an ironing board