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Concept: Keith during his first night with the Marmora after saying goodbye to the team, staring up at the ceiling and just. feeling lonely. He doesn’t really get why– he’s been alone for years, he should be used to this by now. And he’s laying there trying to convince himself of that when suddenly the room lights up and he glances over to find his communicator (”space cellphone,” Lance had said helpfully behind Coran’s back) blinking with incoming messages. "I’m proud of you,” says Shiro. "Be safe,” says Allura. "Good luck,” says Pidge. "I miss you!!” says Hunk. "Come back soon,” says Lance. And it just really hits Keith that. Wow. For the first time in a long time, he has a home to go back to and people who miss having him there.

Bill skarsgard😍❤

Imagine going on a trip to Sweden with your cousin or friend and the car you’re driving breaks down resulting in you kicking, yelling and cursing at the vehicle while your friend/cousin is gone to look for some help. Then Bill is casually taking a stroll and sees you cursing at and kicking an inanimated object aka your car. This sight causes him to laugh a bit so he walks in your direction and taps your shoulder; you turn around and stare in awe at him trying your best not to crazily fangirl. Then he starts speaking to you in Swedish but you don’t understand a single fudging word he is saying so you look at him like:

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He then realises you don’t understand and laughs his adorable asf laugh again and finally speaks in English. Y'all have a little conversation and he fixes your car engine -which is now working again- and he asks if you could exchange numbers cause you seem like a cool and awesome person. You add your number on his phone with the contact name as: The car engine girl🚗💨💨

He adds his number on your phone with the contact name: Pennywise 🤡🎪🎈

You both laugh at each other’s contact names and he tells you he gotta go so he hugs you while you’re literally a tomato and jogs away while waving bye bye with a cute smile. Your friend/cousin comes saying they didn’t find help and finds the engine working perfectly; you both drive off to wherever you were going and at night; 08:45 p.m to be more precise your phone rings with “pennywise🤡🎪🎈” on the screen. Bill and you talk until really late at night and until you both fall asleep on the still ongoing call.


Please excuse my English if it’s bad and also excuse the shitty thing I just wrote above. I just HAD to! Bill skarsgard is bae😍❤ Hope you enjoyed this nevertheless, whoever that reads this! Bye byeeeeee~

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Oh and here’s two little gifs of Bill for y'all!❤

My brothers who know more about star wars than me were trying to help me find this character I only saw in a game poster once or twice a very long time ago, this popped up due to me asking about some star wars stuff.

I told them that the character looked like a girl but that was probably in the bad side ( a sith ) and I thought the character was very epic. I told them they had “white tattoos” on there face and wore a black outfit. My brothers kept searching for it thinking of what character it could be, until I decided to search for it on Google as “star wars video game posters” and finally found it.

His name is darth nihilus, and other than the game being made by obsidian, it turns out it wasn’t a girl but gawd damn this guy looks badass regardless. I now have a new favorite character. His hat looked like….a bridal thing so for some reason I thought it was a girl with a pretty hat idk lel

Cool tho :3c

Cagney you–

Other Bosses: How did you die Cagney?

Cagney:*sniff’s and starts to tear up* w-w-well,, Someone sprayed weed killer all over my flowers-and practically drenched them in the poison! I could bear it to let my flowers die alone- so I joined them, and Got poisoned by the weed killer.

Other bosses: Cagney why–


I appreciate every single one of you I seriously do. But i noticed some posts in instagram that my works are reposted without my consent or credit. I saw other’s works posted as well without credit :–( not to be butthurt but atleast credit us artists ;; it may just be for gags but it’s our efforts as well. And taking it and posting it elsewhere is like getting food from ur friend without saying thanks or asking. So yeah. Don’t do that 😭

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MAN LIKE after season 4 all I've wanted to start on is a Blades uniform keith cosplay with the mask and everything and ahhhhh IVE GOT NOBODY ELSE TO VENT MY FANBOYING TO SORRY