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Hipnóticos derrapes de MotoGP en SlowMotion.

Hay que llevar una moto potente en circuito para entender lo difícil que es lo que hace Márquez.

PD: Tengo moto.

Lotor meeting Matt and Pidge at different times and assuming they’re the same person. How’s he supposed to know that humans can’t alter their appearances/voices ever so slightly?

All he knows is that a clever, smartass brunette keeps getting in his way and he’s tired of it. Every time something goes wrong, it’s attributed to this individual. He’s done.

Lotor sends his generals to find this nuisance. He’s pleased when Zethrid returns with them. His mood falls when Ezor does as well. At first, he wonders if Ezor is joking, but she’s serious. He has both the prisoners brought to him.

And that’s when it finally clicks that he had not one, but two troublesome Holts wrecking his shit. He tries to do an evil monologue but the one called “Katie” and the one called “Matt” are too busy rejoicing at their reunion that they don’t pay attention to him. Lotor has them locked in a cell.

He’s happy to have finally dealt with his little problem, but there’s something bugging him. See, he had began to admire his enemy, and he can’t decide which one to court now that he knows there are two.


Probando badenes agresivos a gran velocidad en un simulador de físicas realistas.

Produce un inexplicable gustico.

Every Friday at 11 am, Alexander Calder’s motorized piece, Untitled (1938), will be activated for 10 minutes. One of 8 sculptures whose motors were restored specifically for Calder: Hypermobility, this particular work has never before been exhibited—either during Calder’s lifetime or after. The barely perceptible yet complex movement of this work is delicate and meditative. Activated by a small motor, the drive belt is a string that turns 3 wooden discs. As the discs slowly rotate, 4 stacked tetrahedrons of wire expand and contract in a helical motion. One complete cycle of the sculpture lasts about an hour, making it well suited for contemplative observation. 

[Alexander Calder, Untitled, 1938, Wire, wood, string, and rod, with motor, 87 × 45 × 39 in. (221 × 114.3 × 99.1 cm). Calder Foundation, New York; promised gift of Alexander S. C. Rower. © 2017 Calder Foundation, New York / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York]


Gas Monkey approves.


Mako - La tabla de surf motorizada.

Está fabricada en fibra de carbono y propulsada por un motor de dos tiempos que desarrolla 15cv, suficientes para moverte a 50km/h por encima del agua.


Ken Block subiendo a Pikes Peak.



¿Que por qué los hombres vivimos menos que las mujeres?