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Okay but the Googles being gentle with their SO gives me life

Me too my dude, me too, like

They are androids obviously, personally they don’t need affection or things as such, although being treated decently is something they appreciate and they certainly won’t tolerate disrespect, but they do eventually recognize the human need for company and comfort and reassurance. At first they’d get Oliver on it, seeing what their human likes most, what elicits a positive response from them, and doing those things more often when they feel down or as rewards for good behavior. I feel like even they would grow fond of their time together with their s/o when they’re happy. 

Yeah, just soft google boys man.

A Fascinating Piece of Technology
( googleplier )
A Fascinating Piece of Technology

Note: I tried to make Google sound a bit less menacing/more soft in this audio because he actually enjoyed this question. I apologize if this seems too odd; but I thought it was fitting.

Anonymous asked: Do you dress yourself and are you opposed to being dressed up by someone else? Or recommended other clothes. These are all, of course, outfits that you would be asked your approval of before-hand. Although, I am curious of your response to being forced to (or someone attempting to make you) wear things you dislike or out right object to. I wouldn’t even think of trying that, but I’m pretty sure someone would try.

Hm, you are interested in my clothing options, User?

Allow me to elaborate, then.

When we were created we came with casual wear that had technology compatible with us integrated into the very fabric itself.

The G on my shirt is not for show alone. It is a holographic, touch-feedback display meant to make User to unit interactions feel more ‘personal’; along with allowing the close contact to foster a sort of forced bond.

If I were to not have that specialized clothing, I would be far less functional and would rely solely on auditory user input and auditory unit output alone; making for a longer wait time between commands and questions.

In short: regular clothing is a hindrance to my functionality.

However,  a User can make an IRL unit wear  clothing, and a unit itself ( if allowed) can make their own clothing choices.

Now, to address your theoretic scenario:If I were forced into clothing I did not myself approve of wearing I would make sure to accentuate the interface lag caused by such a foolish choice.

You would be surprised how quickly a User changes their mind on clothing options when having to wait longer for what they want.

What my mom thinks of social media

Instagram : a place where you can share photos i guess

Twitter : people yelling

Reddit : what’s that?

Tumblr : more people yelling

Youtube : none of them are humans. They’re all robots.

4chan : your father’s side of the family talks about this a lot. I remember when they asked for your account. Is it safe? It doesn’t sound safe at all.

Deviantart : what??

Google : good

Facebook : all narcissists are here.

INTP vs Google??

INTP(me) & INFP: *doing homework at night*

INTP: *receives call from INFP at 1.50 am*

INFP: Hey, INTP! Quick, tell me what’s the formula for ‘this’

INTP: We learned that quite a while ago, but it’s 'that’-

INFP: Yeah it’s 'that’ right?? I searched it on Google.

INTP: Yeah. If you knew already then why did you ask me?

INFP:Yeah, but the formula seemed wrong so I had to confirm it from you.

INTP:…….. But you checked it on Google.

INFP: I needed confirmation alright?!

INTP: *groans*

(I wish I was making this up, but this is the actual conversation that happened 10 minutes ago)