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hey, i love your bujo and was wondering if you could suggest some themes/ideas for weekly spreads? thanks! x

hello, and thank you! i’m in a bit of a slump myself, so hopefully these themes can help us both. 

JOURNAL SPREAD THEMES + suggested things to add

  • hogwarts house colors
    • you could do one color at a time, or multiple!
    • house mottos
    • house aesthetic pictures
  • 4 seasons
    • season aesthetics
    • simple doodles 
    • goals for that season
  • space theme
    • describe your ideal planet
    • space doodles
    • doctor who quotes maybe?
  • library theme
    • different books you want to read
    • book quotes
  • art appreciation
    • museum pictures
    • museum tickets if you have them
    • different art pictures
    • abstract/detailed doodles
    • cursive, small lettering
  • different biomes
    • underwater, mountains, jungle, etc. 
    • animal pictures
    • have the colors match the mood
  • pastels 
    • one color or multiple 
    • cute quotes/doodles
    • sticky notes
    • small lettering
  • bold colors
    • one color or multiple
    • bright pictures
    • big lettering
  • earth tones 
    • plant pictures
    • browns/greens/etc. 
    • plant washi 
  • different brands 
    • cutouts of tags/brand names
    • simple layout 
    • success quotes 
  • stick to one color 
    • simple theme
    • sticky notes to match color 
    • cute doodles
    • cursive and regular lettering
  • garden theme
    • flower pictures/doodles
    • plant washi
    • growth quotes
    • cursive lettering
  • places you want to go/travel  
    • pictures of where you want to go
    • plane/train/boat doodles
    • vast array of colors 
    • lists of where to go 
    • budget to travel 
  • retro theme
    • retro colors
    • retro anime/show pictures
    • quirky or block lettering 
  • academic theme
    • list of classes and professors
    • task lists and test dates 
    • scholar quotes
    • school-themed doodles 
    • assignment trackers 

that was just what i could think of for now. i might make another list if i think of some more! 


1. the tattoos are inherited
2. mccree is more of a papi who wants a daughter
3. Hanzo likes to secretly snap sleeping mccree’s pictures
4. their child would definitely have mccree’s dark skin and she’s beautiful

(i used a photo reference. please drag me out of mchanzo hell i just want them to be happy _(:’D_/ ))

What if......

You know how there’s only month/day on John’s blog, but supposedly it was written in the span of three years. BUT. What if that’s not the case? Let’s use ASiP as the fixed anchor because that’s where it begins – I left the before the same, and rearrange the after in chronological order using only month/day. Needless to say, It’s…… fascinating. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but the beginning actually fits ACD canon’s publish date better, and the end certainly feels like where we were in series 4. Sorry to be redundant if this is already been done; if nothing else, it’s kinda entertaining to think about when these cases supposedly have taken place:

1/1  Actually, Happy New Year

12/31  Happy New Year

12/25  Christmas

12/19  The Six Thatchers

11/7  The Empty Hearse

10/5  Many Happy Returns

9/15  By Royal appointment

9/3  The Inexplicable Matchbox

9/2  The Aluminum Crutch

8/12  Hat-man and Robin

8/11  The Sign of Three

8/1  Sherlock Holmes Baffled

7/21  The May Fly Man

7/13  The Speckled Blond

7/2  The Hollow Client

6/29  The Bloody Guardsman

6/17  Murder at the Orient Express

6/16  The Geek Interpreter

6/16  Untitled

6/10  The Elephant in the Room

6/3  Happily Ever After

5/30  Tilly Briggs Cruise of Terror

5/30  Life Goes On

5/27  The Poison Giant

5/23  Death by Twitter

5/12  The Deadly Tealights

5/1  Quick Update

4/26  A Few Pictures

4/20  A New Beginning

4/1  The Great Game

3/28  The Blind Banker

3/27  FYI

3/23  A Rant

3/23  Diamonds are Forever

3/16  Hello Boys

3/16  The Hounds of Baskerville

3/12  The Woman

2/7   A Study in Pink

2/1  Secret Code

1/31  My New Flatmate

1/29  A Strange Meeting

1/28  Serial Suicides

1/25  Drinks

1/21  Happy Now?

1/20  How?

12/15 Pointless

12/14 Nothing