Momo Coffee/301 Coffee!:: 9/22/2016

Hey Guys! As promised, I rushed my ass over to Momo Coffee today with my friend! It took us about 50 minutes by subway from where we came from, but it was totally worth it! Here are some (hopefully) useful directions for those who want to visit the cafe in the future! I totally recommend it~

1. You will need to make your way to Indeogwon (Line 4, Light Blue). Take Exit 8

2.Once you are out in the open, keep going straight. Like if the main road where the cars drive are in front of you, take the right way. Towards the buildings. Imagine you are in first person with the pictures

3. Follow the road for about 5-8 minutes I’ll post some landmarks so you can know you are going the right way. The last two pictures are across the road.

4. You will see a pathway on your right surrounded by beautiful nature (its so calm and collected in this area, unlike where my campus is) Take that pathway. You will definitely see Momo coffee.

5. You’ve made it! Welcome to Momo Coffee!

When I went there, it was a Thursday afternoon. We weren’t sure if they cafe was even open, but the main doors are a little on the right side of the building. You will see the board that Wonho wrote for the cafe!

There was a nice lady in there. I’m pretty sure it was his mother (I was way to shy and awkward to ask if she was though). Bless her soul for trying to understand my horrible Korean. The prices are quite decent for coffee and a slice of cake. They have a special Mondays to Fridays from 12PM to 2PM where you can get an Americano and cake for like 6,000w? I got the Cafe Mocha Iced and a cheesecake. The coffee was great! So was the cheesecake, but it was a little on the dense side, but it was still good!

On the side of the place you order, there is a small table full of CDs that other groups signed for the cafe!

There are also a bit of signed fan merch that Wonho signed. He marked Monbebe’s birthday!!! #ICriEverytime #ProtectMXAtAllCost

The shoes that Wonho wore in the Perfect Girl MV are also right there on the floor next to it!

There are Eevees and a Jolteon hanging on the window side, chilling.

There are also pictures of Wonho around the cafe, but I’ll let you guys see it for yourselves. I don’t want to give the whole cafe away :P

Overall, the place was super chill. Me and my friend basically had the whole cafe to ourselves. It’s a lot different from other cafes since its roomier and more open. I’m not saying this because Wonho has connections to the cafe either. There was wifi (idk if its for public use), but I couldn’t find the password :/ More people came right before we left, so that was good! There is also a Jokbal place (MoMo’s favorite food, coincidence?) I wish the cafe all the best! I will drag myself here just so I can enjoy the atmosphere and the coffee!

***I’m not going to watermark these pictures. Please use these so you can support Wonho and his mother’s cafe! I trust you guys not to misuse or claim these pictures as yours (I know you guys wouldn’t though!) If you guys repost this, please give credit! Maybe we could a meet up here if any of you guys want :) :) If you guys need more help to how to get here, contact me!

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