What’s been happening with my grandmother has only helped solidify how I’ve tried to live my life ever since my uncle suddenly passed away when I was 10.

Tell people that you love them when you feel it, tell people that you love them every chance that you get. Take that one class that you’ve been wanting to take but have been too apprehensive to. Apply for that job that you feel like you might not get. Go for that walk in that one park or on that one trail you’ve been meaning to explore. Document your life if you want to, in pictures, in words, in drawings. Make spontaneous plans with your friends. Buy food for people, make food for people. Laugh so hard that you cry as often as you can. Wake up early to see the sunrise even if you feel like you might be too tired. Read that one book you’ve always wanted to read. Ask that person out who you’ve fallen for. Listen to the music you’ve always wanted to listen to. Watch the same movie 100 times because it makes you feel good. Go on adventures alone, go on adventures with a group of people. Stay up all night just to see a meteor shower or the stars. If you see something that reminds you of someone, tell them. Go out of your way to visit someone that you care about, surprise them, hug them, tell them what they mean to you.

Live live live live live. As cliche as it sounds, you truly don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring. Live as hard as you can, feel as much as you can - as deeply as you can, love as much as you can. Live for yourself, live for others, live for whatever brings you joy and whatever inspires you and motivates you. Keep going I love you

Klaine High School/Teenager Fic Masterlist - Part 3

A Case of Mistaken Identity -  What happens the day after Kurt and Blaine go to Scandals, when Kurt’s dad and Blaine’s brother discover their fake I.D.s.

Stealing Kisses - While studying for a history test, Blaine falls asleep in Kurt’s bed, which means Kurt is not going to be getting any sleep. Instead, he daydreams what kissing Blaine might be like. If he steals one kiss on the cheek to find out, that wouldn’t be too bad…would it?

Based off this prompt

A Picture and a Thousand Words -  Kurt has been a photographer most of his life, and now, a high school senior, he’s trying to get into one of the toughest schools for photography and the visual arts in the country - NYA. But when Kurt receives devastating news about his portfolio - the one thing that he needs perfect to not only get into the school of his dreams, but win a scholarship to go there - he goes out in search of inspiration. He finds it in a thrift store, in a journal containing the story and photographs of a man that becomes his muse. Kurt goes out in search of him, and not only finds him, but his grandson, Blaine. The two of them have an instant connection, and knowing that they’ll both be in New York City next year seems like kismet. But what will happen when Kurt finds out this boy might stand in the way of everything he wants?

Best Laid Plans -  As Kurt contemplates going away to college and making his dreams come true, it comes with the bittersweet knowledge of leaving behind a unique friend who’s become very special to him.

Tell My Secrets to the Dark - Kurt is struggling with his Calculus homework, so he texts Blaine for help. Blaine invites Kurt to come down to his room so he can help him, but Kurt can’t go. He can’t think when he’s around Blaine, and he’s too afraid to tell him how he really feels. When Blaine figures out that Kurt is holding something back, will Kurt finally confess?

Dalton’s OTP -  Kurt and Blaine have just been voted Dalton’s OTP of the month. The only thing is, they’re not dating. Will this stupid school article convince them that they were meant to be together - because they’ve been together this whole time, even if they didn’t realize it?

Blazers and Lace - Based on this prompt from tumblr - ‘someone write me a fic about eatly!klaine at dalton where blaine wears lingerie under his uniform and one day kurt comes into blaine’s dorm room without letting him know ahead of time and he catches blaine changing out of his blazer and everything and putting on more casual clothes for the evening, like sweatpants or whatever, and kurt sees everything and panics and runs out of the room mumbling apologies, and blaine is like, mortified and freaking out, and neither one of them knows what to say about it afterward, and finally blaine texts him like “i guess we’re over, then, huh?” and kurt says no and eventually admits that it was actually hot (and he may or may not have jerked off after running all the way back to his own room).and then they make out in blaine’s bed and kurt just reaches down into blaine’s pants to feel all the lace and asldkfjsadf *SCREAMS INTO THE NIGHT*’

Blaine’s Adventures with Sugaring - Blaine is in a sticky - and sweet - situation, and needs Kurt to help him out…which Kurt is more than happy to do.If he can just stop laughing.

Do you know these times when you’re sitting in front of your textbook, trying to learn these boring af vocabs you’ve seen 1000 times but still can’t remember and just wish to do something different (or hoping that the world explodes so you can at least stop)?

Well, there are more ways to learn a language and I think because we just learned how we “should” learn a language at school, we’re limited in creativity. Thanks to school it’s hard to think outside of this “textbook, vocab lists, tests, etc.” stuff but there are ENDLESS things you can do to learn a language.
Remember: everything you do in your native language, you can try to do in your target language!

This is for all the people who are tired and exhausted, who are thinking about quitting or don’t have fun with their target language anymore.


Examples for different ways of learning a language:

  • write a diary
  • summarise an article about a topic you like (cooking, fitness, etc.)
  • listen to a podcast/radio
  • listen to music (while reading the lyrics)
  • try to sing along with music
  • read out loud while reading a book/magazine/blog/etc.
  • watch movies/series/videos
  • record videos in your target language or about how studying is going (progress, problems, etc.)
  • write a blog (well hello there :))
  • use apps that make it more fun (duolingo, memrise, lingodeer)
  • chat with native speakers
  • actually talk to native speakers ( I know what a crazy idea)
  • read websites about things you’re interested in
  • use social media only available in your target language
  • change the language of your smartphone
  • change the language of your pc
  • change the language of your life
  • play games in your target language (like not necessarily for learning it, I mean just playing a normal game IN your target language)  
  • take online lessons with teachers that make you forget you’re learning
  • do a challenge! (I love this one so much)
  • find a learning group
  • be active in forums (no matter about language learning or a forum in your target language)
  • find a language exchange partner. (You should, seriously.)
  • watch lessons on youtube
  • read a (children-)book (with audio)
  • talk to yourself 
  • think in your target language (a fun way is to tell a story about your life while it’s happening like “I went down the road with a stranger always behind me, who could it be? What does he want? It got quite… too quite. I tried to keep calm but was it really a coincidence? All in the middle of nowhere?” I know I’m bad at this but I hope you get what I mean, think of it like reading a book.)
  • learn vocabs with pictures, type in the word you want to know and ONLY look for pictures, try to feel the word. If you google for “strawberry” (in your target language and don’t know what it means) look at the pictures, the colours, how could it smell? Make a sentence with the new word. When was the last time you ate it? How was it?
  • Write a story/book online or just for yourself.
  • Make a mindmap
  • Use a topic jar (a jar where you put in notes with different topics on it, you take one every day and write/talk about it)
  • use social media to find groups interested in learning a new language or your target language
  • translate texts and act like you’re a famous translator who’s the only person on earth who can translate your target language (for example if you’re reading articles about historical stuff, act like you’re the only one who can find out what happened back then and the whole world is counting on you!)
  • try to solve random online tests
  • listen to a song/audiobook/whatever and write down what you hear
  • search for words you want to learn and build up (funny!) sentences with them or even whole stories
  • read comics/mangas/etc.
  • search for receipts  in your target language and pray to god you’re doing it right… if not, well you won’t forget the vocab again. Win-win situation. :p
  • search for language learning groups near your living place and actually meet them (stay safe and check everything before)
  • listen to children songs (I still remember the first children song I learned in English lessons… like… 11 years ago in 5th grade) these songs are supposed to stick… *cough* head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes *cough* sorry where was I?
  • connect with language learners over Skype (useful groups of course like German trying to learn French, Frenchman trying to learn Turkish, Turk trying to learn German)
  • write a list (you know… like I do right know so I don’t forget English)
  • describe things you see (more fun with a partner)
  • teach your target language to others
  • listen to audio while sleeping
  • take notes in your target language (I don’t mean for grammar rules or something like that, I mean notes you would take in your native language anyway)
  • write a letter (so much better than an e-mail)
  • write an e-mail (who has time for letters)
  • learn rimes 
  • learn jokes (it’s also useful for social interaction)
  • talk to your pets (at least if they listen to you, if I start to talk to my cat she starts yelling into my face)
  • translate songs and learn the vocab of it so you have more fun listening to it later
  • think about a topic and write down every word you can think of and then translate them into your target language

Congrats on 20 million, @markiplier! These don’t really have anything to do with the milestone, but I made them a while ago (even watermarked with my old url, wow) and since the I Feel Lost vlog was actually just over a year ago, I felt like bringing these back.

Very faintly on each of these pictures are words you have spoken. The gray side is from the I Feel Lost vlog, and the pink side is from that stream where you were goofin’ around the new office, talking about how excited you were to be back to making videos after your hiatus last fall. I remember watching you that night. You seemed so overflowingly happy and I guess I just had to try to capture that. :3

I hope you feel found again, Mark. It’s been wonderful watching you for the time that I have been– and for all the ups, the downs, and even the upside-downs (wink wonk), I’m excited to see where you’ll go next :)

(… also, I can’t “art” but I still wanted to contribute to the festivites :P)