“My God, Sage. Your eyes. How have I never noticed them?”
That uncomfortable feeling was spreading over me again. “What about them?
“The color,” he breathed. “When you stand in the light. They’re amazing … like molten gold. I could paint those …” He reached toward me but then pulled back. “They’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.

Things I Would Do Differently if I Got Pregnant And Had Another Baby


1.) STAY ON MY MEDS. The moment I found out I was pregnant, I half-assedly weened off my anti-depressants and eventually became uber depressed and wanted to abort/die. Once I got back on the meds with the green light from my OB and psychiatrist, I was able to slowly climb out of that hell.

2.) Get on Zofran the moment I experience morning sickness I can’t tolerate. People will judge, but zofran played an extremely large role in treating the extreme morning sickness which indirectly helped treat the depression. Had I got on Zofran earlier, maybe the depression would have lasted a couple months instead of five.

3.) Eat healthier. My gestational diabetes was not caused by my food choices, but it was not helped by them either.


1.) Do more skin-to-skin and nurturing in the hospital. After Syd was born, my legs were numb for 24 hours after and I had a catheter inside me the entire time. It made it difficult to do pretty much anything with her unless someone handed her to me.

2.) Realize the baby won’t break. To be honest, I was also too afraid to hold Sydney because I didn’t want to hurt her in some way.

3.) Not freak out so much about absolutely everything. Changing diapers, crying, when to nurse, etc. Instinct actually does go a long way.

4.) Embrace breastfeeding. With Sydney I wanted to stop after a month. If I knew then what I know now (that it would get easier and be one of the only times we get to bond intimately), I would have been a lot happier during that time. I am so glad I stuck with it! I am going to miss it.

5.) Worry less about SIDS. I was so paranoid about SIDS I literally thought my baby may die if I let her sleep in my arms. Like, I wish educational materials would do a better job explaining the difference between SIDS and suffocation. The odds of your baby dying in your arms are like almost nil unless you fall asleep and they somehow roll off you or get smothered by your body.

6.) Buy less stuff. Can’t tell you how much stuff we never used. 🙄

7.) Shed guilt. Life is too short to get bent out of shape with the dos and do nots of parenting. You do you. If your baby is loved, fed, clothed, bathed, and sheltered, you are already doing a good job.

8.) Go with the flow. A routine helps, but it’s also so much easier when you just listen to your baby’s cues. Not everything has to be planned and nothing is truly the end of the world. Trust me; you’ll learn to laugh at the moments your baby has a blow-out in public or spits-up on your new outfit or projectile vomits all over your face.

9.) Soak in the newborn phase. I’ll be honest, the newborn phase sucks ass. But all I really have to remember that time is pictures of Sydney. I was so zombiefied and scared every second of the day (not to mention suffering from the dreaded baby blues where I thought my life was over and I cried all the time) that I couldn’t enjoy Sydney as a newborn as much as I should have. I try to drum up memories of those moments and have a hard time. It seems like it happened years ago instead of a mere nine months.

10.) Be more confident in my ability to parent. I never told anyone this, but the second night in the hospital my husband had to leave me to stay with his other son. I remember crying with Sydney in my arms because I was so mad at him for leaving me and terrified I wouldn’t be able to take care of her by myself. I relied so much on the nurses that I couldn’t even change her diaper right. She was screaming so hard that the nurse had to come in, finish the job, and calm her down herself while I laid in bed. If I were alone now in that hospital, I know I would do a great job.

And here is the moment I ask myself why I even wrote this as I don’t want more kids. 😂😂😂

Okay, I love Alexa and Charlotte, but I’m tired of them in the title picture. Honestly, WWE just went from Charlotte always being in the Raw Women’s picture to being in the Smackdown Women’s title. Same with Alexa. Raw’s Women division is paper thin, but SD’s is filled with good competitors. So why is Alexa and Charlotte still in the picture all the time?

Prompt: “He watched her, never realising that she was watching him.”
 (X) Part II
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader x Scott McCall
Word Count: 887

Part I available here: (X)

“Okay Y/N, smile.” Sydney exclaimed, holding a camera in her hands as she prepared to take a picture of Y/N. Y/N let a small smile appear onto her face before dropping it slightly before a shuttering sound indicated that the picture was made. Sydney let out a small sigh as she looked at the picture she had taken of Y/N. She noticed the sadness in her eyes, wishing that she could find a way to make Y/N smile.

Y/N sat on the stool quietly before letting out a small sigh. From the corner of her eye she saw Scott sitting near her with his clique into which she desperately wanted to belong. She was sure it wouldn’t happen though; high school was slowly ending, and before they all knew it they would all be in different colleges, scattered around the country or even around the world.

“Okay, let’s try again Y/N. And this time, smile.” Sydney said as she positioned the camera to take another picture of Y/N. She sat up in her stool before a smile appeared onto her face. At the same moment that Sydney took the picture Stiles Stilinski appeared onto the photo, completely blocking Y/N. His foot got stuck behind something as he stumbled over to the stool Y/N was sitting on. Eventhough desperately trying he didn’t manage to gain his balance and ended up falling onto the floor, dragging Y/N along with her stool.

Y/N let out a small squel when Stiles landed on top of her. Realizing his mistake he quickly got up as he cleaned his clothing. Just as he was about to help Y/N up another hand was stretched towards her, offering to help her up. Y/N looked up, seeing those brown eyes she knew too well. With a smile she accepted the hand as Scott helped her up. Stiles stared at the two of you awkwardly, scratching his neck before turning his attention to Y/N.

“I’m terribly sorry about that.” He exclaimed. Y/N let out a small chuckle, confusing him while a smile appeared onto Scott’s face.

“It’s fine, I’m still alive.” She joked, not gaining a reaction from neither of the boys. She quickly cleared her throat, unsure what to say to the two boys. Luckily, Stiles was the first person to say something after her awkward attempt to joke.

“I’m just gonna- yeah- sorry again.” He mumbled as he walked away from her, patting on Scott’s shoulder as a sign for him to follow. He on the other hand stood still, surprising Y/N who was feeling rather awkward and anxious. She was sure that Scott would leave with Stiles, but when he didn’t, Y/N was quite surprised. What could he possibly wanted to say to her?

He looked at Stiles leaving before turning, looking back at Y/N, his cute smile appearing onto his face. Y/N couldn’t help but to smile back at the boy. She was extremely annoyed by the silence between the two of them as she thought of something to say to the boy. Fortunately he seemed to have read her mind and spoke up first.

“Sorry about Stiles, he can be quite clumsy sometimes.” He exclaimed chuckling. Y/N nodded, knowing exactly what he meant by ‘clumsy’. If there was one person who would fall onto the ground without anything blocking him, it would have been Stiles. That boy was simply a walking disaster.

“Yeah, I know.” She quietly said under her breath. When she noticed the confused look on Scott’s face she realized that he had heard her, making her curse at her inability to stay quiet during inappropriate times. She was sure that Scott thought of her as a stalker now.

“I mean, we have a couple of classes together. Let’s just say this isn’t his first time falling onto the ground.” Y/N explained quickly. Her eyes widened when Scott let out a laugh. Her immediate response was to smile at the adorable laugh of his.

When Stiles yelled at Scott he let out a small sigh before looking into her eyes. Y/N was sure she hadn’t seen more beautiful eyes than his were. She felt like she could stare into those eyes for hours. But reality kicked in as she realized that it was something that would never happen.

“Well, I have to go. It was nice talking to you, Y/N.” Scott said before turning around, catching Y/N off guard. She didn’t remember telling him her name, yet he was aware of it, leaving her confused. She watched him slowly make his way towards his friends before sitting back onto the seat he was sitting before. A nudge on her side brought Y/N back to reality as she saw Sydney staring at her with an extremely wide smile on her face. She brought up her camera as she showed Y/N a picture of herself and Scott, staring into each others eyes. She felt a smile appear onto her face which didn’t go unnoticed by Sydney who let out a small chuckle.

“You are so in love with him.” She exclaimed. Y/N shook her head, staring at her friend in disbelief before grabbing the camera as she started to click through the pictures Sydney had silently taken.

“Shut up.” She responded with a laugh. If only she knew the truth.

Big Lessons From Finding Dory

So I saw Finding Dory tonight and let me just highlight a few things that are very important that were shown in the movie but may have gone over other’s heads (none of these are spoilers, really but im tagging them anyways):

1. Not all marine life institutions are like SeaWorld. This film demonstrates there are a lot of really helpful marine life institutions out there who are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals. It takes place in California and although they never directly call it the Monterey Bay Aquarium you can tell that is what it is based off of. Many aquariums like the one in Monterey and a local aquarium by me are completely dedicated to the rehabilitation of marine life/mammals and yes, they tag some animals, but it is just to track their migration patterns and conduct research. SeaWorld has given such a bad name to other marine life centers out there and to be honest, these centers are the kind of organizations we need to preserve our marine life. Most operate on a vast network of volunteers and they could really use your donations–especially when it is apparent that our government does not care about our waters to make any laws protecting it.

2. PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE FINAL SCENE. (The one where Dory says the view before her is “unforgettable”). If you’ve seen the movie, you might have noticed something….well missing. In fact, a lot was missing. Much of the coral reef in this scene as they pan out has become discolored and is dead. Pixar clearly wanted to draw your eye to this scene. Our coral reefs are dramatically dying and if we don’t stop to care for them now, they can be gone easily in a lifetime–as little as 15 years. Those beautiful views will become forgettable if we do not do something about them now. Back when Finding Nemo came out 12 years ago, scientists were just starting to notice the dramatic changes in iur coral reefs. Now if you see recent pictures of the Sydney Harbor, the same one featured in FN, most of those beautiful colorful corl reefs are dead and gone. Although Finding Dory is supposed to take place one year after Finding Nemo, Pixar was really trying to bring that important message out.

So please, keep in mind as you spend money towards a movie ticket, maybe next time use that money and donate to ocean conservation funds. We really do only get one world, and she takes care of us so we should take care of her.

Sirius, Marlene and their baby girl. July 1981. 

“Hagrid, is that Sirius?” Harry asked, pointing to his godfather, the only person left who could explain the picture to him.

“Yeah, and Marlene! Remember ‘er? Told yer about her when you were in Hogwarts!” Hagrids eyes clouded over as he looked at the picture. “Little baby Sydney, born jus’ before you.” 

“Sirius had a daughter?” Harry asked in disbelief. 

“Yeah, she was killed with Marlene soon after this was taken be the looks of it, Sirius got the death eater that did it, and a good lot more than that too, nearly lost it he did. Such a sweet little girl, always giggling, how could someone do tha’ Harry?” Hagrid said sadly. 


[sydrian appreciation week] day 7: favorite bloodlines sydrian moment 

“This is ridiculous. Humans and Moroi can’t be married. That’s your way, as well as ours. This isn’t a real marriage.”
“Not according to the state of Nevada,” I said cheerfully. “We’ve got the paperwork to prove it. Get us a laptop, and we can all look at the wedding pictures together.”