Every time I see a picture of Blue Ivy, I just feel so proud like I’m her own mama. You can see the intelligence and personality just shining from her little face. She’s so beautiful and lovely and just black girlhood personified. Oh and by the way, a full head of hair. Why? Probably because her mother wasn’t snatching her edges back like you anti-black misogynist wanted her to do.

Why Does This Picture Of Blue Ivy Eating Cake Make All The Single Ladies Want Babies?

She holds her fork like a human, for one.

We’re all rational people here. We feed ourselves. Dress ourselves. Manage to navigate ourselves down sidewalks without face-planting. So what is it about Blue Ivy Carter that turns us all into blathering, drooling idiots whose neurological processes have slowed to such a point that the only thought we can hold in our minds at once is: “DA BABY!”?

Oh, wait, look at this photo of Blue at her birthday party eating rainbow cake.


Maybe it’s the fact that she’s not smeared in food, like the spawn of one’s Facebook friends often are. Maybe it’s all the bows on her pristine pink dress. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s holding her fork like a damn little lady, instead of a toddler. Who knows? All we know is that this GIF…

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… made otherwise rational people react thusly:

Seriously. I am a lady who is terrified of babies and after watching Blue Ivy dominate the VMAs I found myself face-planted on my keyboard in a hormonal haze, speaking (more) gibberish (than usual).

So, Ivy that is Blue, Happy Belated to you! May you continue to melt hearts (and reproductive organs) into 2015 and beyond!

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by brenna ehrlich 


did u guys know beyonce held my sister’s baby in new york once

people always see this picture and think it’s blue ivy but nope no that is sophia tesfay my niece

apparently my sister (who lives in new york) was out at a restaurant when she noticed beyonce sitting next to her and beyonce asked to hold my sister’s baby

this baby gets to grow up knowing beyonce willingly wanted to hold her and probably blessed her with immortality or something (i assume that happens when you touch beyonce)