written by francis, edit by sur

“Hey, you’re that exy player aren’t you?”

The question comes from behind him, and Neil freezes. He cut through the baseball field on campus to get to his next lecture easier, a route that isolated him and one he wouldn’t have taken a couple of months ago, but Neil let his guard down.

He let his guard down.

He can tell by the tone of voice that he made a mistake.

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okay oh my I’ve calmed down somewhat but I still really cannot believe how into each other Giles and Jenny are because it’s unbelievably adorable

first off, Jenny’s face as Giles is leaving is wonderful

she starts off with kinda soft eyes

and a sweet smile

and then goes to “dorky as all get-out” once he’s turned around and is walking away

the Unflappable Jenny Calendar seen here, folks

look at this lil bean she can’t take her eyes off him and she can’t stop smiling

she tries to go back to being cool at the end but we all saw that, jenny. we all saw it.

ALSO OKAY I HAVE TO ADD the fact that Jenny looks suddenly cool and collected at the end probably has to do with the fact that Giles, who was walking away, turned around again to look at her? Like she’s all dorky grins and stuff when he’s not looking but when he turns around she has to pretend she was already going back into the classroom.

“yep. cool. just leaving. look, I’m going to toss you a flirty look over my shoulder because I’m totally confident and casual about this. not a dork. not me.”

meanwhile gILES



I cannot with these two they’re such smitten idiots even when they’re dating


Forgot to post this! Last time I was at the Cottage, this little fella fell from one of the eves over the porch and tucked himself up under one of the deck chairs cushions. Mom and I (the resident bat lovers) basically plotted over the wee little creature. 

Later that night he was flapping about on the deck and scared the bejeezus out of my dad when he came out to look at the stars. He fluttered off eventually, all fine =) 


wwow ok so I saw @shirehobbit do a personal aesthetic meme and I thought it would be really neat to do one for myself. This was my first time doing anything like this and it took longer than expected but I love the way it turned out.

I’d like to see @mysticbyzantium@brownies-for-thought and anyone else who’s following me try this out (; so I tag u guys

i was doing the original one of this in sai, but it crashed like usual except instead of just sai, my entire computer crashed :) . this one was done in medibang. this ones very nice but the other was good too r.i.p. 

i want to make this a little series (^ ^) despite being very good with colors, i barely do fun color stuff digitally :P

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