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Warner Bros plans to campaign Wonder Woman to be nominated for an Oscar. Namely Best Director and Best Picture.

I love this song. 

lmao remember when ppl kept saying that WB was the most sexists studio in hollywood even tho they made tumblr’s favorite feminist darling mad max fury road? that was wild

I like how they are gonna campaign HARD for patty to get a nomination, she deserves it

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1. how did you find out about the show?

already answered!! saw ppl talking about it while i was bored over winter break

2. favorite episode and why?

ok this one is obvious but episode 10 because my boy otabek altin finally gets some screentime 🗣🗣🗣🗣  i also really enjoyed getting to see all the gpf finalists interact and stuff

3. favorite character and why?

OTABEK! ALTIN! this boy is so endlessly hardworking and so supportive of his best friend? he’s intense, but when you’re the underdog you kind of have to be that way. yuri was definitely my favorite character before he came into the picture so i loved how open he was with him from the start, and how he’s the only character (besides nikolai or yuuko) throughout the series that NEVER talks down to yuri and treats him as an equal. he waited 5 years to tell a boy that he had the eyes of a soldier, agreed to help him choreograph a free skate overnight even though he had just lost the gpf to him, and all he wants to do is bring gold back to kazakhstan and i want him to DO THAT BECAUSE HE DESERVES IT

4. least favorite character and why?

minami lmao this annoying ass obnoxious ass ronald mcdonald looking ass yugioh hair having ass no relevance to the show bitch

5. favorite rare pair?

i think ppl used to classify ota.yuri as a rare pair but i don’t think that’s super accurate anymore? if not, then probably jjseung which is a ship i never thought about but i saw some cute fanart and suddenly i’m convinced

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I love picturing Alm and Celica with their castle full of all the cats they adopt over the years and consider to be their dearest children (no offense to any human children they have). Nobles across Valentia and visiting from foreign lands quickly learn if you wanna be on the royal couple's good side being nice to their kitties helps a LOT. Everyone still talks about the time Alm and Celica saw an ambassador from another country kick one of their cats and nearly started an international incident

THIS IS PERFECT alm is emotional enough but at least celicas there to be his anchor. however when That happened even celicas pissed so the ambassador was p much doomed if it werent for lukas clive n mathilda holding the royal couple back

saber was there too but hes on the sides cheering for celica to kick the ambassadors fucking ass

Clexakru extra af when it comes to ships within the fandom :D

Eliza Taylor + Alycia Debnam-Carey = Elycia (Best friends in real life)

Clarke Griffin + Lexa Woods = Clexa (Canon Soulmates #Legendary)

Elyza Lex + Alicia Clark = Lexark (Fandom created spinoff ship)

Clarke + Chip!Lexa = Clip (More chemistry than that blarke shit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Clarke + Drawing!Lexa = Clawing (Gazing longingly at the wifey’s picture)