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I feel super spooky and witchy in my spooky onesie but also I have the cutest witch themed kitten collar to match <3 My collar was made by @masters-little-pet-fox and I finally got a good picture of it that i love. How cute is this picture lol Anyways!

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It's been two years and I still love the heck out of Stanley Pines! Best-written Gravity Falls character hands down. His arc is picture perfect. I love my trash son!

first of all you are smart and really perceptive and second of all you have great taste


Hey @taylorswift , I just thought I’d let you know a bit about myself…🌸

• I’m Manika, I’m 18 and from England 🇬🇧

• I just started studying dentistry at my dream university💉👄

• I can’t stay in one place for too long, travelling is one of my absolute favourite things✈️ ☀️

• I love taking pictures (especially sunsets) 📸

• I absolutely love football (soccer) ⚽️

• I’m a huge foodie😋🍽

• I love watching tv shows and movies 🎥

• I have struggled with anxiety for the last few years😣 But your music has helped me❣️

• You’re my inspiration and I hope I get to tell you why properly one day 🙏🏽💙


Because he’s not getting the love he deserves and it’s unacceptable so here, have a list of pictures to explain why I love this man and why you should too

• He loves the kids and supports them BIG TIME

• His birthday wishes to the cast on IG are THE BEST

• HE’S PRETTY FUCKING TALL (Bill is 6"4’, just to say…)

• He owns this shirt


• His hair looks AMAZING

• His family pictures on IG (also his sister is pretty fucking awesome and is also the producer of his movies)

• He plays the piano (and the guitar. And hukulele. And banjo. Also he can sing pretty well)


Last but not least: he’s the reason why we’re getting an IT movie and Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise so I don’t know about you but this is pretty much all I need to love this man until my last day on this planet.

(If the movies is somewhat less than a masterpiece I’m gonna jump off a bridge into the Hudson River and you’ll never hear from me again ‘cause I’ll be floating too)


aaaaaaaaa okay i absolutely ADORE these and im so excited to share them!! i’ve always wanted them for my game and now that thought has finally come into fruition :P

there are 3 deco meshes, one laying flat, one standing, and one thats on a slight angle (to look like it’s leaning), and each version has the 10 swatches pictures above. these are not cas items (though that may come in the future)

i’ve worked SO hard on these and so if you attempt to steal them or claim them as your own i will hunt you down >:( if you wanna recolor them, just follow my tou! let me know if you have any issues with the meshes. i don’t bite! and i never get asks so when i do get them i get really excited and reply super quick lol

enjoy them in your game!! post pictures and tag me!! i love seeing my content in people’s games :))))