Champion - [BTS] Athlete!Jungkook Au

[A/N] In the midst of SEA Games, I love my national’s swimming team. Welson Sim, you have my heart. Rude ass Jungkook. Boi you’ll catch this hands.

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It could be very difficult. It should have been difficult.

He spent years perfecting his skills, mould his body to fit the criteria of an ideal swimmer. And at the very last second of his sure victory, the gold medal is snatched right from his grasp. And nothing hurts more than not being able to bite what you’ve had a taste of. He didn’t have to say it out loud. Jungkook has never lost anything. It was a heavy slap on the face for him. And ever since the fateful match, 500m speed freestyle in Seoul, Jungkook hasn’t been able to relax. He was training, every second of the day, at every chance he get. Butchering himself to ‘work harder’ and push his limits. No time to laze around.

It scared you. The fire in his eyes as he bowed on the starter-platform in tight knee length swim shorts, muscles underneath his skin flexes, and he splashes gracefully into the arena. “Gosh I am so worried.” Sighing about it won’t make it go away. The worrying intensifies everyday, every hour, at every minute you spent around him. You didn’t stay there to watch him beat himself, you were there to make sure he doesn’t kill himself while doing it. “What do I do to stop this. What can I do.” Tilting your chin up a little, you couldn’t even sit on the bleachers. And Taehyung clicks his tongue as he rests his arm over his forehead,laying on his back, trying to get a snooze. He had the white swimming jacket outerwear and the same shorts Jungkook was wearing, wearing a Puma shoe.

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Trick the Past Again- An Akane Kurashiki Mix

“I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve my goals. That’s just the kind of person I am.”

Kidnapper, killer, time traveler, mastermind, scientist, conspiracy nut, cult leader, savior of humanity.  A mix for Akane Kurashiki.

1. A.A.A| Squalloscope//2. Uma Thurman| Fall Out Boy//3. Oh No!| Marina and the Diamonds//4. Cold War| Janelle Monae//5. Strings and Attractors| How to Destroy Angels//6. Just One Yesterday| Fall Out Boy ft. Foxes//7. Playing For Keeps| Elle King//8. Still Alive| Portal OST//9. Black Sheep| Metric//10. Castle| Halsey//11. I am not a Robot| Marina and the Diamonds//12. Soap| Melanie Martinez//13. Academia| Sia//14. Hope on Fire| Vienna Teng//15. Blindness| Metric

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Basically my experiences with Zero Escape can be expressed with a “do it for her” graphic starring Akane Kurashiki. I adore her in all her complex, morally ambiguous, well-intentioned extremist, Machiavellian glory. So here’s my mix tribute to her, complete with the usual obsessively detailed annotations under the cut. 

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Wizard War: 3

“Silencio.” Draco mutters pointing his wand at the door. “You can come out now.”
“Great. Because I love hiding under your bed like a horny teenager.” You tell him as you climb to your feet.
“You have to go now.”
“I already told you that wasn’t happening. I’m here to help defeat your ‘dark lord’ even if Harry Potter and his followers are outnumbered. They’re on the right side on this one. Hate to be the one to break that to you.”
“You think I don’t know?” Draco snaps. “I didn’t have a choice in this matter. I was roped in by my family!” He looks genuinely upset and you watch as he paces the length of his room. “The Dark Lord is, he’s horrible. He kills anyone and everyone, including his own followers. He doesn’t tolerate failure.” He runs his fingers through his blonde hair and you can’t help but frown.
“I’m sorry.” You tell him softly and he stops pacing to look at you.
“I don’t want your pity.” He sneers, you can’t help but glower at him.
“I don’t pity you. I was empathizing with you. Damn.” He narrows his eyes and you roll yours, “What’s your plan for getting me out of here?”
“I’m not spending the entirety of the war locked in your bedroom.” You tell him folding your arms across your chest.
“You don’t really have a choice. Not unless you want to be caught by a group of Death Eaters.”
“Are you threatening me?” You growl.
“No!” He exclaims, “I’m trying to keep you alive!”
“You’ve got a funny way of showing it.” You huff then pull open your bag. You pull a map from it then pass it to him, “At least show me where I am?”
“We don’t show up on muggle maps.”
“A muggle map won’t work.”
“What the hell is a muggle?”
“Someone without magic.”
“Oh my god.” You giggle, “Muggle? Muggle!” You test the word out in your mouth, “Muggle. That’s incredible.”
“Why? What do you call them?” He asks, narrowing his eyes at you.
“No-maj? And you think muggle is weird.” He scoffs.
“It is. Now can you show me where we are? My map isn’t a no-maj map.”
“Oh.” He watches as you unroll the map, then standing beside you he points to where you are. You pull your wand from your sleeve and shoot him a smirk when he tightens his grip on his own wand, raising it defensively.
“Relax. I’m only doing magic on the map.” He lowers his wand but doesn’t relax, not until you gently tap the parchment where he’d pointed. Your surroundings blossom on the page in incredible detail as you slowly turn in a circle. When you’re facing the map again you give a little flick of your wrist then the picture shrinks down. “Touch it.” You tell Draco with a smile.
“With my wand or a finger?”
“Wand.” He does and gasps as your surroundings grow again, becoming big enough to see the details. “You can turn it too.” You tell him with a smile before doing exactly that.
“Incredible. Is that what these marks are? Everywhere you’ve been?”
“Yea.” He prods the San Diego mark and watches, blue eyes wide, as the city unfolds in front of him. “Incredible.” He whispers again. You watch him as he explores a few more of the cities you’ve travelled to. Ontario, New York City, Los Angeles, Los Vegas and Chicago. The joy is clear on his face and you can’t help the words that burst from your mouth.
“Let’s go.”
“What?” He looks at you in surprise.
“If you want I mean. We could go, travel.” His eyes widen in excitement as a smile blooms on his lips. Then reality seems to sink in.
“I can’t. If I just vanish my family will come looking, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named would punish them.”
“Then bring me somewhere I can help. Take me to someone.” He seems to think for a while, the pacing begins again and when he stops suddenly you jerk your head back in surprise.
“How old are you?”
“Let’s go to Hogwarts.”


He wants to touch me wednesday
He says it like he isnt thinking
Every time i send him a picture
He says his brain starts shrinking
All i can mutter when hes
On top of me under covers
I want him so much it hurts
And the feeling only gets worse
Help me please i know where this goes
And when it stops no one knows
He makes my heart beat fast
And my thoughts come slow
What is about him that makes
Me like this
The worse part of it all is
I dont try to fight it
Not again, its so hard to not fuck him
I guess its ok as long as i dont love him.

Behind The Scenes (13/???)

Author’s note: Sorry that this one is shorter than usual too. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Fluff? (Jin)

Word Count: 1935

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

“Jinjin is still here. I ain’t giving you shit!”

“Jungkook c’mon. The sooner I get what Jhope needs, the sooner I leave your room.”

He stared at you for a while, contemplating your statement. “No!”


“I’ll get you his stash, if you do me a favor.”


“What is it?” You asked, already annoyed. You crossing your arms in front of you out of frustration. Just hearing his voice made you want to slap him.

“I have a date tonight. I’ll need you to drop me off and pick me afterwards.”

You looked away from him. The smirk was growing on his face and you felt so disgusted.

“What time and where?”

“At 11, at the same place we had our first date”. He didn’t have an ounce of shame in his voice


“Thank you!” he said giving you aegyo

“The fucking nerve of this motherfucker!” you thought to yourself.

He walked over to his closest and began digging into the forest of clothes. It took a while, but eventually he pulled out the box tossing it on the bed.

You took out the key and opened the box and began searching for the pills

“So you think Hoseok would notice another few pills missing?” he asked teasingly.

“Yes. Stop talking. I need to find what he wanted.”, you said sternly.

“Ouch! Why that tone? I thought you loved my angelic voice?” he questioned you, slowly moving closer to you, mocking you.

You squirmed feeling his presence this close to you. You quickly found the pills and locked the box. Just as his body was about to touch yours, you picked up the box and swung yourself around, pushing the box into his chest.

“Here! Hide it until Jinjin leaves”, then you walked out of his room. You quivered a bit trying to shake off Jungkook’s fuckboy aura.

You ran back to Jhope’s room handing him his pills.

“Thanks. This wait felt like forever!”

“Um, Hobi can I talk to you?”

“Yeah what’s up?” he asked moving to his bed and swallowed his pills.

You moved over to his desk chair preparing for what might be a long conversation

“Ok, so obviously I’m barely finding out about Jinjin”


“Well when I was trying to get in control of you and Yoongi, I heard Jin and his ex fighting and I started eavesdropping and I probably heard more than I should have. Then Jin and his ex walked out and caught me eavesdropping.”

“Y/n! You really gotta stop doing things like that! First me, now Jin!” he said getting after you.

“I know, I know, but I can’t help myself!” you said hiding your face in shame. “Anyway Jin looked at me just super mad at me. Then his ex left and Jin got after me and I got really scared. I lied about what I heard. Then I told Yoongi about it and he told me what went down between Jin and his ex. He warned me about Jin and now I’m just scared. I feel so uptight around him. Yoongi thought it would be best that I not be alone with him. I was hoping you would help me out with Jin too.”

“I see. What exactly did he do to scare you?”

You explained in more detail what Jin did and told him how it freaked you out when he shifted his personality so quickly.

“Y/n don’t worry about it; I’ll help you out. From my experience this is his real personality showing. Don’t get me wrong, the guys and I care for Jin, he’s our brother, but he can be abusive and it can be scary.”

“Thank you Hobi, I really appreciate it”

“Where is he right now?”

“Making dinner. I’m supposed to go back and help him when I was done talking to you”

“Is Jinjin still here?”


“Well I can’t go out yet, especially not like this.”

“Oh ok”

“Maybe Yoongi can help… but maybe after you can come back and like dance with me or something so you don’t have to stay with Jin.”

You went to the kitchen and Jin was already done with the food and you called everyone to come eat. Everyone came to get their food. You took Jhope his food and ended up staying with Jhope in his room for a bit. Not long, Rap Monster returned and went straight to his room.

Jinjin’s mom came and picked up Jinjin. Jin went around looking for you. He told you Jinjin wanted to make sure he said bye to you and V.

Jhope followed you and Suga came out of his room when he heard Jin calling out for you. You all told Jinjin bye. Jin looked pretty sad saying bye. He told Jinjin that he was going to talk to his mom about having him over again soon.

“Can we play more with V and Y/n next time?”

“Of course”

Then Jinjin and his mom left. The second the door closed Suga and Jhope ran to Jungkook’s room and frantically knocked on it, almost knocking the door down trying to get their stuff back.

It was almost 11 so you decided to stay until then.

“Y/n” Jin called out


“I just wanted to say thanks for looking after Hoseok and Yoongi and thank you so much for being so nice with Jinjin” he said nervously scratching his hair.

“Don’t worry about it Jin. Jinjin was so cute. I’m so glad I got to meet him.”

“I was able to find those pictures of Jinjin earlier. Do you want to see them?”

“Uh, yeah sure.” You said trying sound natural.

You and Jin headed to his room. On the way Suga was going back to his room. He walked happily with his backpack of beer in his arms. He saw the look in your eyes as you passed and said “Ya! Y/n. after you’re done talking with Jin, I need to talk to you.”

“Okay. This shouldn’t take too long… should it?” you asked referring to Jin

“Well… it was quite a bit of pictures but I’ll try to show you as fast I can.” He said with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

In Jin’s room he closed the door behind and went to closet to get the pictures.

“Calm down Y/n. You’re over reacting to this whole Jin situation.” You told yourself.

He was taking a while to get the pictures and you felt the need to make small talk. “So, uh, I noticed that only you and Jungkook have full sized beds and the rest of the guys have twin sized beds, why is that?

“Well originally we were both supposed to get twin beds, but we were able to get the manager to give us bigger beds”

“Why?” you asked innocently, curiosity growing inside you.

“Well for Jungkook, when he started having more and more girls over, he begged for a bigger bed, for, uh, well, yeah, you know what I mean” his words slowly fading, avoiding eye contact with you.

“Yeah….” You said doing the same thing.

“And I, well, I needed a bigger bed because at the time, um, well my ex and I were still together and she and Jinjin would spend the night often… Now it’s just me, so I have this bed all to myself!” he said, ending cheerfully.

He found the little photobook and motioned for you to sit on the bed. You sat down first and he sat down next to you. He sat really close to you, so close your thighs and elbows were touching. You didn’t want to be obvious about being uncomfortable, so you discreetly slid over a bit to where at you your limbs weren’t touching his.

However, as if by magic. A photo fell out of the book and flew a few feet in front of you two. Jin got up and retrieved the photo. He sat back down getting close to you like he did the first time. This time you didn’t want to raise an eyebrow and remained in your spot, frozen by this awkward physical contact.

He began showing you the many pictures of Jinjin. Pictures of when Jinjin was born, his first birthday, the first time he carried Jinjin, the first time Jinjin came to the dorm. The rest of the pictures Jin wasn’t around for: Jinjin’s first steps, Jinjin’s first night out of the hospital, Jinjin’s 2nd and 4th and 5th birthdays, and a before and after of Jinjin’s first haircut.

You could see the smile on his face the whole time he talked about Jinjin, especially for the pictures he was there to experience. In many of the other pictures you could see his smile shrink a bit. His voice would get a bit softer and his posture would shrink. He didn’t say it out loud, but you could tell it hurt that he wasn’t there to be with Jinjin in those moments. Seeing him this vulnerable, you let go of all the fear you had about Jin.

The last picture he showed you was of Jinjin’s 3rd birthday. It was the last time Jin really had a chance to be with Jinjin up until yesterday and today. It was at this picture that Jin’s voice broke and he stopped talking. You looked at him to see why he stopped and you saw his eyes starting to tear up.

“Jin, what’s wrong?” you asked. You felt really sad seeing Jin so hurt. You tried to comfort him and threw your arm around him, resting your chin on his shoulder.

“Nothing… it’s just I feel bad that I can’t be there for him. Sometimes I feel as though I abandoned him and it just breaks my heart.” He said with tears threatening to escape his eyes.

You threw your other arm around him and tightened your hug. “Jin please don’t think that way. I’ve seen the way you are with him and how you talk about him. You are a good father. You love him so much and he knows it” you reassured him.

“Sometimes I feel like I chose the wrong path. Every day I wish that I wasn’t an idol.  I wish I was a regular person, someone that goes home every day and actually gets to be there for his kid. Or I wish that I was able to at least stayed with my ex so that I could see Jinjin more often.”

“Jin, please don’t think that way. You probably chose what was best for you, Jinjin, and your ex at the time. And about your ex… if things didn’t work out between you two then maybe it wasn’t meant to be…. if you really do love her then maybe take another chance to work things out. But if there is no love, then don’t force it.”

He stayed quiet in your embrace for a long time. Finally, he wiped away a few stray tears and gently pushed your arms off of him. At first you were scared that you made him sadder, but then suddenly you felt you strong arms embrace you and you reciprocated Jin’s hug,

“Thank you, y/n. I really appreciate it”

He pulled back, looking and you and telling you thank you again. You two held eye contact for a while. His eyes were still watery but his smile had returned, showing that he was feeling better.

Soon his expression became more seriously and his gaze fell down to your lips. You saw his face slowly coming closer to yours.

bad d@vejohn gothic

–john is small.  john gets smaller in every picture you see. he just keeps shrinking.  soon he will be invisible save through the lens of a powerful magnifier.

–what lies behind dave’s shades.  the color of his eyes is unknowable, unfathomable.  only john knows, the sole guardian of a secret no one else was meant to know.  it is something terrible.

–they’re using hand lotion as lube.  they’re using shampoo as lube.  they’re using apple juice as lube.  youre not sure why people even buy lube, if you can use any household object at all.  try the cutlery next.

–john is a loser.  dave is not.  he plays a sport, you know.  he has a jacket, you know.  he gives it to john.  it engulfs him.  swallows him whole.  he is too small to stand against the overpowering strength of the Varsity Jacket.

–(what sport does dave play again? you can’t remember.  it might be all of them.  it probably is all of them.  steal the big man’s thunder on his raucous drive to the hole, dave.)

–this is not how any of your teenage sleepovers went.  yours were less sticky.

–you could have sworn there were two more beta kids.  something about dogs….maybe tentacles….but all there is is a library of sage queer advice housed in the mortal shell of a girl.

–the thing masquerading as dad is not dad anymore.  it is angrier.  instead of cakes, it fills its pockets and its home with ‘pray the gay away’ camp fliers and flimsy picket signs reading “no homo”

–they are both white.  so blindingly white.  the glare coming off their alabaster/porcelain/ivory skin is searing your eyes.  it takes weeks for your sight to return.

ok i really cant do this anymore like i feel a little dead: the real gothic horror


William Joyce appears at the 2011 National Book Festival.

William Joyce has put his personal stamp on all types of children’s media. His picture books include “George Shrinks,” “Dinosaur Bob” and “Santa Calls.” He has won three Emmy awards for his “Rolie Polie Olie” animated series, developed character concepts for the animated features “Toy Story” and “A Bug’s Life,” and made films, including “Robots” and “Meet the Robinsons.” He is currently co-directing the DreamWorks Animation release of “Rise of the Guardians,” inspired by his new series. His new book is “The Man in the Moon.”

Try and hear me then I’m done

‘Cause I might just say this once.

Seen this played out in my dream,

It doesn’t matter.

Casually jumps of the cliff and into the fancasm into the the trash where I belong.

I really adore the video and the characters and the music and EVERYTHING about Ghost. Props to Mystery Skulls for their awesome music and Mystery Ben for his time and effort to put into that animation. As an Motion Graphics Major, I understand the amount of time it takes to go into something like that, and it was flawless. But here is a bit of fanart, just to show you how much I do appreciate it!

The file size is a bit wonky because I worked with such a giant picture and had to try to shrink it proper to fit for tumblr’s weird uploading situation. I might go back and fix it later, but I wanted to get it done ASAP since the idea has been in my head for too long!