“Oh!” said Molly. “Wait! Before Oliver makes a mess of himself, we should get some pictures.”

“Yes,” said John, firmly, because he didn’t think they had nearly enough pictures. “Sit down,” he told Sherlock, who looked inclined to shrink away. Sherlock obeyed, settling on John’s chair, and John picked up Oliver and dropped him on Sherlock’s lap and then perched on the arm of the chair. “Smile,” he commanded, smiling himself.

Commissioned by lovely Amanda aka u2zgr8 ! :)

It is a scene from “Nature and Nurture“, it’s Oliver’s birthday and Molly takes several pictures of the happy family.


I really wanted to contribute to one of my favorite AU’s ever, which is Aftertale by @loverofpiggies

It is actually really hard for me to get into an au let alone make one, but for some reason I’m really into the Undertale au’s especially Aftertale. So, I wanted to contribute something to this comic series.

I hate that photoshop made me have to shrink the picture so much to get the gif going, but hopefully it still looks good/works.

I didn’t want to shade GenoSans due to not wanting to loose the more “dramatic” feel of the next picture. Hope you guys like the illusion attempt I made with the shading (first time trying something like this).

“I really love how CLEARLY you can see Diana’s confidence spring to life as she grew older. You can just tell by the progression of pictures from her first years of marriage, where she really seemed to shrink into herself a lot, to her later years where she held herself so much better and with so much more confidence. I think she fought a huge uphill battle there, with both herself and what everyone expected from her, and came out of it by being herself. Kudos. What a beautiful woman.” - Submitted by Anonymous


Anon, it keeps shrinking this picture so I’m going to reply to you here. I take no credit for the comic, the credits are in the last panel.

Maybe I was hasty to dismiss you, but the vast majority of the people I’ve heard say things along the lines of what you said, “some people who love the 2nd amendment, like myself, don’t oppose all gun control, just the majority of it” then start talking about things like, “Well you don’t NEED an “assault weapon”” or “Lol you don’t NEED 30 high capacity assault clips.” and quite frankly I don’t want to have that conversation again.

I’m from California where the people who pass gun laws ask for an inch and take a mile. These people know nothing about guns, yet they blindly draft laws that don’t even effect them. As of the 1st of this year the California Approved Handgun Roster has limited the number of new handguns available legally in the state down to next to nothing. In this state rifles with pistol grips and detachable magazines must have a bullet button that locks the mag in place. We’re limited to ten round magazines. Have these laws stopped a single crime? No. These laws simply limit the law abiding gun owner.  

bad d@vejohn gothic

–john is small.  john gets smaller in every picture you see. he just keeps shrinking.  soon he will be invisible save through the lens of a powerful magnifier.

–what lies behind dave’s shades.  the color of his eyes is unknowable, unfathomable.  only john knows, the sole guardian of a secret no one else was meant to know.  it is something terrible.

–they’re using hand lotion as lube.  they’re using shampoo as lube.  they’re using apple juice as lube.  youre not sure why people even buy lube, if you can use any household object at all.  try the cutlery next.

–john is a loser.  dave is not.  he plays a sport, you know.  he has a jacket, you know.  he gives it to john.  it engulfs him.  swallows him whole.  he is too small to stand against the overpowering strength of the Varsity Jacket.

–(what sport does dave play again? you can’t remember.  it might be all of them.  it probably is all of them.  steal the big man’s thunder on his raucous drive to the hole, dave.)

–this is not how any of your teenage sleepovers went.  yours were less sticky.

–you could have sworn there were two more beta kids.  something about dogs….maybe tentacles….but all there is is a library of sage queer advice housed in the mortal shell of a girl.

–the thing masquerading as dad is not dad anymore.  it is angrier.  instead of cakes, it fills its pockets and its home with ‘pray the gay away’ camp fliers and flimsy picket signs reading “no homo”

–they are both white.  so blindingly white.  the glare coming off their alabaster/porcelain/ivory skin is searing your eyes.  it takes weeks for your sight to return.

ok i really cant do this anymore like i feel a little dead: the real gothic horror


William Joyce appears at the 2011 National Book Festival.

William Joyce has put his personal stamp on all types of children’s media. His picture books include “George Shrinks,” “Dinosaur Bob” and “Santa Calls.” He has won three Emmy awards for his “Rolie Polie Olie” animated series, developed character concepts for the animated features “Toy Story” and “A Bug’s Life,” and made films, including “Robots” and “Meet the Robinsons.” He is currently co-directing the DreamWorks Animation release of “Rise of the Guardians,” inspired by his new series. His new book is “The Man in the Moon.”



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Basically just draw your bias in any way you want and tag as many other blogs as you want

Uh yeah. So I didn’t know if I had to post an actual picture of my bias so there you go lmfao. Boo tumblr for shrinking my drawing to ant-size.

I tag - q-tae, vanillatokki, kmlo2, allfortheloveofoppa

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I’ve noticed recently that being taller than most people is giving me really bad posture, and its making me stand in a REALLY unflattering way. Always having to slump or crouch to take pictures with people, and naturally slumping/standing in ways that shrink me down when I’m talking to people (because otherwise I’d literally be looking down my nose at everyone) is making me stand like a big frumpy gorilla.>_O Ffffffff.

the amusing thing is that they could have easily kept the regular old 500 pixel image size while having pictures meet the borders by shrinking the rest of the post box down by 40 pixels and photo/gifsets would look fine but instead they chose to change the size of the images themselves, thereby completely fucking over every single imageset that’s ever been posted and accidentally ruining most custom themes in the process

So. This is a thing that happened.

Someone thought this was sexy.

This person was wrong.

For the sake of sanity, ignore the dinosaur.  Just…  Ignore that.  Please, God, let’s ignore that.

The anatomy on She-Hulk makes no sense.  None.  First of all, the back/spine/head alignment.  Also her arm, which seems to run parallel to her body, then make an unexpected right turn.  Second: people with boobs.  Look at this.  Look at this bathing suit.  Look at the angle she’s at.  Look at how her boobs are defying gravity in a way that requires them to sing a song from Wicked.  

Wasp is shrinking to avoid being in this picture.

Try and hear me then I’m done

‘Cause I might just say this once.

Seen this played out in my dream,

It doesn’t matter.

Casually jumps of the cliff and into the fancasm into the the trash where I belong.

I really adore the video and the characters and the music and EVERYTHING about Ghost. Props to Mystery Skulls for their awesome music and Mystery Ben for his time and effort to put into that animation. As an Motion Graphics Major, I understand the amount of time it takes to go into something like that, and it was flawless. But here is a bit of fanart, just to show you how much I do appreciate it!

The file size is a bit wonky because I worked with such a giant picture and had to try to shrink it proper to fit for tumblr’s weird uploading situation. I might go back and fix it later, but I wanted to get it done ASAP since the idea has been in my head for too long!

Polar Bears on Thin Ice, Arctic Expedition Finds (Polar Bear Tagging)

An expedition to the islands of Svalbard, Norway, to study how rising temperatures and melting sea ice are affecting polar bears concluded Monday (April 21).

Over the 10-day trek, researchers outfitted female bears with satellite tracking collars that will send back data, giving researchers a picture of how shrinking sea ice may be affecting the polar bears’ movements and denning patterns.

“The bear denning habitats appear to be shifting further north,” Geoff York, one of the expedition leaders, told Live Science via satellite phone from the team’s ship in Svalbard Thursday (April 17). The team had so far deployed 11 of their 20 collars, York said