y’know, the one thing i always found weird about hillary clinton is that she looks perfectly normal in video footage and crowd pictures, but as soon as someone takes a closeup, her skin appears to shrink and stretch across her face like some sort of animatronic or something

like, it’s one of the most extreme cases of “normal-looking people not photographing well at all” that i’ve ever seen

luciferschoice-spam said: This is weird. Last picture I uploaded was yesterday and I had no problems. I’ve tested it again and it seem to work hmmm o_O" 

This is what I find weird about it as well, as the last upload I had was on Tuesday and it was late in the evening. Why, all of a sudden, I cannot post pictures is very annoying and odd to me. I have tried shrinking down images, nothing, I made sure it was the right color mode, made sure I was putting it as the right file type, nothing. I have literally not changed how I upload or do anything at all since Tuesday and yet it still doesn’t work.

I cannot find anything so far on tumblr’s end telling me if this is a problem happening with some users.

On Monday (I think) Tumblr was doing maintenance but even then I was not having problems uploading anything. Why, now of all times, it suddenly decides to not work is strange to me.

I might try restarting my computer just in case something weird is going on behind the scenes and it is affecting tumblr…

All I want to do is post my art.

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