“Oh!” said Molly. “Wait! Before Oliver makes a mess of himself, we should get some pictures.”

“Yes,” said John, firmly, because he didn’t think they had nearly enough pictures. “Sit down,” he told Sherlock, who looked inclined to shrink away. Sherlock obeyed, settling on John’s chair, and John picked up Oliver and dropped him on Sherlock’s lap and then perched on the arm of the chair. “Smile,” he commanded, smiling himself.

Commissioned by lovely Amanda aka u2zgr8 ! :)

It is a scene from “Nature and Nurture“, it’s Oliver’s birthday and Molly takes several pictures of the happy family.

(original ask/answer)

I don’t like how ask’s will purposefully condense/shrink a picture. I’m overly proud of this small bit of ask art, so here’s a ‘repost’ that can be properly enlarged and stuff. I don’t know, I just like how Sol’s face turned out. 

(And yes, it is heavily inspired from that Ivan the Terrible painting.) 

From Theron Shan’s Instagram Account:
so my shrink said that i post too many pictures of myself and that i should show a broader range of interests or something cuz im on an endless feedback loop of negativity & narcissism or some such bs. so heres a landscape pic with this chick in it who im not talking to until she gives me back my holonet access who is the best alliance commander ever & only wants the best for me the couch is cold i miss the bed

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weird question but.. how do u make ur edits?

it’s not weird at all!! it tends to vary from edit to edit, some of them are a lot more complex than others, so if there’s any you mean in particular let me know!

but generally, i use photoshop cs6. i tend to find source photos first, a lot of the time on pinterest but i use google images if i have something really particular in mind. i always consider colours and how they’ll fit with each other - like if i’m doing something with long images that’ll all just stack (e.g., this) then the colours don’t really have to match perfectly as long as they’re similar. for moodboards i tend to stick to one or two colours and make sure they’re patterned. they don’t have to be really similar, because that’s the magic of photoshop! you can fix that yourself!

the first thing i do is resize the pictures so that tumblr won’t automatically shrink them. (there’s a ref post here for px sizes) and make sure all the images don’t have to stretch to fit. then i mess with the saturation, brightness, contrast, colours, etc., (this particularly varies picture to picture - some require a lot more than others) and try to make the colours match. lots of people use psds for this which would be a lot simpler but i. don’t like making things easy for myself? i guess

my best advice, though, is always to start with a bunch of tutorials. i guarantee you’ll find tutorials for lots of the stuff you wanna do (definitely better explanations than this lmao) and that’s how i learned! copying a bunch of tutorials until i had a basic grip of photoshop and then i just experimented. and tbqh, i still don’t know half of what photoshop does (what the fuck is the magic wand) but ?? i’m still learning! which is super cool and keeps it interesting for me.

there’s a cool beginners masterpost by sur @hemmicknicky here which has a bunch of good stuff i’d recommend you check out!!! 


The Luulaulu kids are now adults and Bellona is officially the torch holder.

Pictured: poor Bellona’s reaction to growing up very badly.. The magical shrink visited them for the very first time this night.

After this I moved the family to their brand new house and experienced another interesting bug in my game.

When I entered the new lot, the first thing I wanted to do was to give the kids makeovers. As Bellona was walking towards a mirror, I noticed that something was wrong with her control panel.. She wasn’t an adult.

She was a young adult, and instead of having the aging progression bar on her control panel, there was the college semester info thingy! I had to peek at Eduard too, and the same thing had happened to him.
So the game was treating them as YAs even though they weren’t even at a college sub neighbourhood…

I tried to use the phone to make them “drop out”, I used cheats to make them “graduate”, I killed and resurrected them… Nothing worked. Eventually I used testingcheats to spawn the sim modder object, aged them down to teens and then back to adults. It worked, finally.
After all that trouble they reached adulthood properly at last! Geez..

If your teens outside of your college area(s) somehow age up into young adults instead of adults and are stuck as college students, do this:

Activate boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, spawn Sim Modder with it, age them down to teens and then use the modder to age them up to adults again.

DO NOT use “set to birthday” -> grow up, because it will only result in them becoming YAs again.

wheres that tutorial post about making pixel art from pictures in a certain program by like shrinking it down? and they used a picture of a desk (??) or something as an example
you know the one im talking about?? i cant find it

please help me its driving me insane

I wonder if irkens were once a more diverse species with like, less intent on conquering and more on just being a species, even though they had a fairly small population, before Control Brains came into the picture and took over their species/planet, before shrinking down the gene pool for Invaders to something more suitable for hostile invasion of other planets, eventually having the science down to a T to where they could just grow them in tubes to their liking before fitting them with a PAK that controls their thoughts/emotions toward them as rulers. Mind control to an extent. 

I wonder if Control Brains were built by someone else, as they have mechanical parts to them, or at least it appears. I wonder if Control Brains control any other species besides Irken so successfully. Why did the Control Brains pick Irkens out of any of the other species? Did the Control Brains help Irkens evolve through technology, making them more advanced than most other species? 

i need to know

How Emma Watson Made Belle From ‘Beauty and the Beast’ a Modern Style Icon
Kevin Kline and Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast. (Photo: Walt Disney Pictures /Everett Collection)

Emma Watson is many things. A shrinking violet is not one of them.

The women’s rights activist, U.N. ambassador, proud bookworm, and eco-fashion champion is headlining the remake of Disney’s beloved Beauty and the Beast, opening Thursday.

And the film’s Oscar-winning costume designer, Jacqueline Durran, stresses that Watson was instrumental in unburdening the beloved heroine, who first made her debut in the original 1991 animated film, from the many ornamental fashion trappings that held women back.

“It really underlined the inspiration of Belle as a heroine and an example to young girls as someone who’s active in the world and works for the good of the village,” Durran tells Yahoo Style. “When I went into this, I didn’t realize how popular and loved Belle was by all the people who had come to the movie in the ’90s. I had no idea of the impact. She’s a reader and she dreams and she has aspirations and she’s clever. There’s more to her. She doesn’t just wait around to meet a prince and be married.”

Belle in her yellow gown. (Photos from left: Alamy; Disney; Everett Collection)

In the story, Belle, the daughter of an inventor, wants to explore the world. When her father becomes the prisoner of a beast, Belle switches places with him. The conclusion is foregone: True love blooms, as Belle sees beyond the beast’s unsightly exterior.

But aside from that, be prepared for some major style shifts in the film, which is a hybrid of CGI and live action. In the opening scenes, set in Belle’s French village, she doesn’t run around in pumps. Her dress has pockets. She doesn’t wear a corset, meaning that Belle isn’t hobbled by her clothes. But it’s all rooted in actual historical fact, says Durran.

“What we did that maybe changes her look was going back to the historical setting. It was about taking inspiration from the 18th-century story and adding detail. It pays attention to the historical context: finding things like a pocket, which is an 18th century fact that people had pockets tied to strings around their waist. It’s emancipatory for Belle,” says Durran.

Belle in her red cape. (Photos from left: Alamy; Disney; Everett Collection)

Watson had major input into Belle’s appearance.

“The two key looks she has are the blue village look and the yellow dress. That matched with Emma’s interpretation. The yellow dress was quite difficult to pin down. We did a lot of different versions of the yellow dress. Trying to find a dress that is a princess dress but matches the idea of the new version of Belle as an active heroine … trying to tie those two things together was tough,” says Durran.

Belle in her blue village dress. (Photos from left: Everett Collection; Disney; Everett Collection)

So what changed? “The yellow dress was light and had no corset. She could ride and run. It was uninhibited. We made it very active. Her impact is biggest on the yellow dress,” says Durran.

Actually, her impact goes even further. Isla Fisher and Leslie Mann both wore Belle-yellow to the Oscars. Coincidence? Maybe.

“I have started noticing how much yellow there is. Rihanna wore yellow to the Met Ball — that was a huge yellow dress. Maybe it’s in the ether. I think everyone can wear yellow if you find the right shade. The Belle dress is such a particular yellow. To make the association with Belle is quite easy. If it was just blue, it would be much more vague. That tone of yellow is so specific. Now we’re seeing it all the time,” says Durran.

Read more from Yahoo Beauty + Style:



This is my Mexico character, Xóchitl (@xotlacueponi), with @lacalavera‘s La Muerte from The Book of Life.

I was content to have her without her classic Catrina makeup, but…come on, it’s more fun this way. Maybe her true form is revealed in photos :3c I had to shrink the picture significantly for the gif to work, so I’ll be uploading the full res stills on my deviantart in a moment.

reference used 

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I really wanted to contribute to one of my favorite AU’s ever, which is Aftertale by @loverofpiggies

It is actually really hard for me to get into an au let alone make one, but for some reason I’m really into the Undertale au’s especially Aftertale. So, I wanted to contribute something to this comic series.

I hate that photoshop made me have to shrink the picture so much to get the gif going, but hopefully it still looks good/works.

I didn’t want to shade GenoSans due to not wanting to loose the more “dramatic” feel of the next picture. Hope you guys like the illusion attempt I made with the shading (first time trying something like this).

Can you please not bring your Steven universe quality discourse to me, I literally do not give a shit any the show any more and the fact that I’m having this discussion just because I reblogged a picture of shrinking peridot is making me like it less

Stop trying to defend the current season’s lazy art. It’s lazy and it looks bad.


In this sense resolution = the canvas settings you start with. You can’t upscale without the picture becoming blurry, so it’s better to start big and shrink the picture later if you want to. Uh to change the resolution of an image, you can use a drawing program or any program really. Even MSPaint can resize pictures?? Is that… what you are asking.

Anyway, I don’t really know how to explain it in a way that is better than how I’ve already explained it. The gist of it is: if you draw small, you can’t get a better view (you can zoom in if you don’t mind it being hella pixelated/blurry) BUT if you draw big, you can zoom in and draw as messily as you like because no one will notice when they see the big picture.

Again, examples. You can see my drawings are smudgy and I don’t erase cleanly. Some parts were moved or transformed and I didn’t even repaint or line up the parts correctly. BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER! It’s too far away when you see the entire drawing for anyone to care (hopefully).

As for how to make Tumblr stop botching your drawings, I can’t help you there. If you ever find the solution, I’m sure there are many artists out there who will come flocking to you.

I don’t mind the questions, I hope I’ve answered them all. 

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Ladies, I am reading your answers about Franny's situatuation (putting her first). But it seems to me that what Shrink meant is a way bigger picture, It is not about Quinn, Its about Carrie puting her kid first choosing the way of life,( dangerous job- CIA etc). It was not about Quinn. It is about puting her kid at risk (and people in general - remember what she said 2 Max?). Since there will be 2 more seasons, it means current situation ab Franny will be resolved, Carrie will be back at CIA

The situation is complex and first and foremost about Franny. It was a ninety minute session and the therapist was almost certainly referring to Carrie’s life as a whole, including the hostage situation, her involvement with Sekou Bah, and her illness, to name a few.

One can argue, however, that the writers are foreshadowing a choice by having the therapist pointing out that Franny should come first in Carrie’s life directly on the heels of Carrie discussing Quinn.