“Let me out…Let me out already!!”

Another vague picture to get y’all hyped for the mystery AU I’m working on ;)

Also, I’ll be gone for most of the day because I have a lot going on and it’ll be pretty stressful! So it’d be rad if anyone wants to send in theories about the AU or this picture or anything. I don’t know if any of you are really that invested in this super vague idea I’m teasing about, but I thought it’d be nice to let you know that it’d be fun to come back to some messages :) Have a great day!

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Since I’m graduating soon I put everyone in high school uniforms. Okay lesse the nerds

(top left to right) shiirakeru, moltenbehemoth, deathcladdollface, trashqueenolli
(bottom left to right) shiinseii, bringtheflood, magmassistant, nerdlordmaxie, pyroclassist, maddoctornohart

bonus (cuz I couldn’t fit them in) rayquayquay & seizetheland