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Feeling as lost as Alice and as mad as the Mad Hatter. Being a black hole in everyones galaxy. Knowing everything about nothingness. Slipping through fingers like cold water. Reading books upside down. Seeing creation in destruction. Finding death in all lives. Solving emotions like a mathematical problem. Living in a state of rationality. Having a perfect broken heart and a clear, confusing mind.

Complex in the easiest way possible.

So I was watching the episode, “Phoebe Cheats” and I just have to point out this picture.

A bazillion questions pop into my head simultaneously when I look at this: What the actual hell?  I know Helga walks around with Arnold’s photo in a heart-shaped locket.  But there’s a difference between “a photo of Arnold that could very well be his school picture” and a “random photo of Arnold taken at the park.”  Seriously what is even up with this picture?  Where and how did Helga even get this picture?  What the hell was Arnold doing when this picture was taken?  He’s like, looking directly into the camera, and posing for fuck’s sake!  Who even took the picture?  Was it Mr. Simmons while they were doing some sort of class activity?  Was it Gerald just for the shits and giggles?  I mean, I don’t even know where to start!

Suddenly, I want 30 more minutes worth of story in addition to the original 11-minute episode because hot damn, I need to know these answers.  Now.


I bought Usa-chan today at fye for freaking $25.
Also, Usa-chan drove me home today. Good driver, just easily enraged by bad drivers.
@lolofangirl wanted to see some pictures
Here we have some pictures:
Normal Usa-chan, draw me like one of your French girls Usa-chan, spooky Usa-chan, selfie Usa-chan, and driver Usa-chan


Feel-Good Films (Malayalam) - i was tagged by @neelaakasham 

  • Chirakodinja Kinavukal - it’s the first ever malayalam spoof movie so of course this had to be on the list. there is so much nostalgia when watching this and also the fact that this movie is basically a 2.5 hour film taken from a 2.5 minute clip in a 1998 malayalam movie and having sreenivasan as the narrator once again was pretty much the best thing.
  • Chocolate - who doesn’t want to be attending an all girls college where the only guy is prithvi? and who doesn’t remember the petticoat scene? or anna maria’s stammer when on a date? all this movie did was make me want to experience studying in a kerala college (you know if it wasn’t so damn dangerous for girls)
  • Salt Mango Tree - if you haven’t seen it - go watch it now. It has the cutest little boy in it and Biju Menon, who is still by far one of the most underrated comedic actors in malayalam cinema.
  • Kunjiramayanam - Honestly, when I first watched this movie I thought it was really weird and didn’t understand how someone decided to make this a story for a film. But then one day I decided to rewatch it and couldn’t stop laughing and since then I think I’ve seen it at least 10 times. I mean watching Vineeth Sreenivasan blatantly acting as his dad, the ‘mandan’ duo of Kuttan-Lalu, and all the other characters actually made me fall slightly in love with ‘Desham’ and its’ stupidity.
  • Nandanam - prithvi. i feel like that’s enough of a reason. but balamani and her celestial best friend <3 even someone who is not as religious as me, couldn’t help but feel slightly mushy at the end when she found out who he was. (although i also did think that she had gone mad, and manu was going to soon have to put her in an institute : nandanam 2 plot line). And who didn’t almost cry at that last note by of Karmugil by Chitra?
  • Ohm Shanthi Oshaana - one of the only movies where the love story is told from the girl’s point of view. and it was still just as comedic and well recieved by the audience (if not more) but now i do want to go and find a giri for myself. the borderline stalking is a bit problematic but that’s not just this malayalam movie, it’s pretty much any romantic one. 
  • Salt ‘n’ Pepper - Aashiq Abu’s movies are so damn good!! this movie obviously looked at a slightly older couple than in conventional romantic movies, and just that freshness was nice to watch. also the age gaps were all reasonable in the film so that’s a big +
  • Vikramadhithyan - I catch myself watching this movie maybe once every month. mainly to stare at dQ and unni as much as possible. but also a huge reason i like watching this movie is the visuals: the colours of the ‘village’ they live in, the costumes worn by all the characters, and just the pretty shots of ocean.

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