*tries to be sexy*
*fails miserably*
Took this earlier today while home alone


Hey guys! Here’s my very glow-y outfit and poster for the 1989 World Tour I see tomorrow in Bossier City!!!! I’m so so so excited!!! I love Taylor more than anything and I can’t wait to party all night with here!!!

I’ll be in section 109, row C, and in seat 13 (!!!!!)

swiftkitten13 and rdcook13 will be going as well and they’ll be in the left pit!!!

I can’t wait to see taylorswift!!! It’s literally tomorrow!!


Happy Pan Awareness Day! I’m pansexual and panromantic and kinda trying to figure out the whole gender thing but still using she/her because whatever I’m still comfortable with that. Anyway I walked around my house with all of my pan pride colour stuff (aka queer gear) and took selfies because I’m cute and the world should know 💗💛💙


Since I’m graduating soon I put everyone in high school uniforms. Okay lesse the nerds

(top left to right) shiirakeru, moltenbehemoth, deathcladdollface, trashqueenolli
(bottom left to right) shiinseii, bringtheflood, magmassistant, nerdlordmaxie, pyroclassist, maddoctornohart

bonus (cuz I couldn’t fit them in) rayquayquay & seizetheland