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The Daft Punk shop closes today but luckily I was able to go yesterday! I was one of the last people allowed in before closing, and it was amazing!!! Tbh with you I’m still crying right now, everything was beautiful so I wanted to share some pictures.


I am free.
No longer beholden to anyone or anything. My beliefs are my own. My values too.
I have time for contemplation, and use that time. I pursue ideas with restless fervour.
When pressures find me, I have finally found the voice that shouts “no!”.
This is a self-portrait of me at this time.

© StueyB


Harry Potter Studio Tour (winter edition)
[part 4] [part 1] [part 2] [part 3]

RT staff have previously asked fans not to take Facebook photos from their personal accounts and put them on tumblr, reddit, or other places. Please if you have been added by an RT staffer on Facebook, dont go through photos on their accounts and post them. Don’t track RT staff down and post photos of them from there even if they are marked as public. Sometimes people dont take the time to do this to every photo, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s free game.

Please respect the privacy of the RT staffers, and unless you ask express permission or find the exact image elsewhere in a public place, just don’t do it.  Even if you’re being selective and trying no to add anything too personal, you are encouraging other fans to do this and from experience in this fandom that does not end well. 

Tumblr fandom has worked hard to clean up their bad reputation when it comes to respecting personal privacy of RT staff. Its been a long time since personal photos were leaked. Please continue to maintain that. <3