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The Daft Punk shop closes today but luckily I was able to go yesterday! I was one of the last people allowed in before closing, and it was amazing!!! Tbh with you I’m still crying right now, everything was beautiful so I wanted to share some pictures.


I am free.
No longer beholden to anyone or anything. My beliefs are my own. My values too.
I have time for contemplation, and use that time. I pursue ideas with restless fervour.
When pressures find me, I have finally found the voice that shouts “no!”.
This is a self-portrait of me at this time.

© StueyB


Harry Potter Studio Tour (winter edition)
[part 4] [part 1] [part 2] [part 3]

Lonely Sky: The Sun and The Moon

By Tankunish

The Sun had The Clouds and The Moon had The Stars.

Yoongi, however, had nobody.

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