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Frank Castle is such a dick, let’s be real.

He was SUPPOSED to be just a supporting character in a show. He was not SUPPOSED to have such chemestry with one of the lead love interests of the mains character of that show. He was not SUPPOSED to be so good Marvel just decided to whip up a whole series for him. He was not SUPPOSED to dwarf news about the other Defenders. I was not SUPPOSED to ship him with anyone.

And yet, here he is. Here I am. Here we all are. How did this happen?

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Sometimes my coworker will just stop talking mid sentence when she looks at me and will just laugh or scream or something and I’m always startled by it. Today it was about the skeleton hands necklace, and then the belt and then the slit in the dressand i was just like okay okay calm down, thank you , but I thought something was Wrong.


Sophie: “This is the one I want!”

Amelie: “…That one? Are you sure? He looks a little beaten up… and I think someone scribbled on his head… the one next to him looks pretty new. Why not that one?”

Sophie: “Because obviously THIS BooBoo Billy needs more help! That other one will get bought no problem, but THIS poor Billy might be stuck here forever if I don’t save him!”

Amelie: “Alright. Then this Billy it is.”