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‘getting his shit together’

his own label has been purposely holding him back and fucking him over for the past year. his mother was terminally ill for the majority of 2016 and just passed away 6 months ago.  every single card he’s been dealt since the break started in late 2015 has been horrible and his own team has been sabotaging him and purposefully trying to devalue his image, his brand, and his fans’ loyalty to him.

he’s been reacting and surviving as best he can. what a slap in the face to use language like ‘getting his shit together’ to put the burden for everything he’s been forced to deal with on him rather than on the people responsible for holding him back.

*watching Cyber Chase for SDM*

Shaggy: “Like, the food here is great!”

Me: “Yeah! I love eating packing peanuts!”

*my little brother dies laughing*

At least someone appreciates my french fry/packing-peanut-based humor.

months and months ago, i told my mom that i had been doing a lot of cross-stitching, and was thinking about learning how to sew with anything resembling competence. i also showed her some cool resin jewelry i saw. i finally organized all of the things she has shown up at my house with since then, which includes: a box of embroidery hoops; a box of fabric and some patterns; some resin and molds; a box of cross-stitch pattern books, evenweave, aida cloth, and various kits. i think… i am going to have to find time to cross-stitch, soon.

There are pictures of Ariana’s crew and family arriving in Florida. We haven’t seen any of Ariana yet, but we won’t post them anyway to respect her, her crew and her entire family. We think it’s only fair to give them the break they deserve after a trauma like this and not be as insensitive as those paps were by taking pics of them. We’re sorry if some of you may be upset by this decision, but we honestly think it’s the right thing to do right now!

We can confirm that there are a few pictures of Ariana. She, as well as her entire team and family are back in Boca Raton, Florida.

Gentle reminder

Out there in South Korea there’s a 30-year-old officer
who’s hosting an elementary school event
With deep voice
and serious gaze
Scaring kids to death.

while teachers and moms get swept away by the wave of thirst.

take it in your heart (high school au)

harry is new and awkward and louis is not new and popular and both share a passion for so-bad-they’re-good horror films

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