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black canary resemblances

i’ve been seeing lately all over twitter/tumblr that anti laurel lance/katie cassidy stans, (let’s be real, oliciters make up most of them) think that sara lance is more black canary/dinah from the comics than the actual dinah laurel lance so i decided to make a text post to show y'all that some things you say aren’t true, that katie cassidy basically came out a comic book and was made for this role, and how laurel is well, laurel.

(all these pictures are via canaryfighter on twitter, a huge thank you to her)

alright then let’s begin!

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Preference #61 Articles: Family Time


Niall recently posted this family photo on Instagram before he and the other 4 members of the worldly famous boy band One Direction set out on their new On The Road Again Tour; which kicks off in Sydney, Australia. Isn’t it just the cutest? The caption reads: “Gonna miss this little one ! Hope you’re all ready .. we’re on the road again !” I cannot wait to see what the new tour will bring; it looks like it’s going to be a good one!


A little family time never killed anybody. Liam Payne and daughter Adriana were seen leaving LAX airport just yesterday for some cool down after their WWA tour which ended just last month! (Don’t worry; the rest of the gang was there! Wife Y/N and son Michael were following right behind!) Is it just us or is the Payne family seriously the cutest?


Daddy Tomlinson and Leighton were spotted having a bit of fun at the airport along with her uncles this past Friday. It looks like the Tomlinson family might be joining Louis and the boys on the Australian leg of the new On The Road Again tour; wife Y/N and son Drew were seen there as well! You know what this calls for…more cute family pics! 


How cute is this? We love seeing a bit of Daddy Harry. Thanks to wife Y/N for sharing the cute picture on Instagram a few days ago with the caption: “A post-concert snuggle never hurt anybody” We hope to be seeing more Daddy Styles because…do we even need a reason?


Aww is this not the cutest picture you’ve ever seen? Zayn shared the picture via Twitter just yesterday with the caption: “Couldn’t leave for tour without this little one ! xx”, maybe we’ll see some more family pictures if wife Y/N and daughter Blair stick around for a few more shows! (This is reason #123754 why we love the Malik family!)