pictures to come if i can sneak in his room


Seriously wtf is up with 2D and Murdoc this phase. I know I’ve already gone into this and the character development but the app is not letting me rest. On the one hand, 2D is heaping this excessive praise and sympathy towards Murdoc in interviews with his “Murdoc shoots at me with a crossbow because Murdoc would never hurt a real animal <3″ from High Snobriety and calling him a “misunderstood genius who can be nice sometimes” in his Electronic Beats bio. On the other hand, now we have the app, which reveals the 2D throws darts at a picture of Murdoc that he hangs in his room. And ON TOP OF THAT, in another plot twist, he’s using the same darts Murdoc uses for his own dartboard. What. is. the deal. lmao

Or double plot twist: maybe it’s Murdoc sneaking into 2D’s room and throwing darts at his own picture 😭

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you cannot separate jason and tim after a mission, doesn't happen. batfam has also given up on sending one out without the other, (jason lost it when tim came back with four broken ribs and a fractured wrist.) jason pretty much kidnaps tim after them and it's a while before anyone sees either of them. batfam bets on what they're doing. dick is the one who goes into the room. they're cuddling. or suffocating each other more like it. //jason also pulls a gun on dick but that's normal by now//

Okay this is adorable and I agree with it 150%!

But picture this:

Batman, sneaking into Jason’s safehouse at 4:45 AM. His patrol is done for the night, and all of his kids have been accounted for, except Jason and Tim.  Bruce knows they are likely both here and can handle themselves if any trouble comes up, but he sleeps better if he knows without a doubt that his children are asleep.

He barely makes it all the way in before Jason is pointing a gun at him. It irks him, but definitely doesn’t scare him. Jason is laying on his back on his bed, arm a wrapped around the bundle lying half on top of him. Bruce can make out a tuff of Tim’s hair sticking up out of the top of the bundle and his mismatched socks poking out of the bottom.

“I’ve been waiting for a good reason, B.” Jason hisses. Bruce raises a brow behind his mask. 

“That’s a nerf gun.” He replies.

“Uh yeah so? It’ll still hurt like a bitch if I manage to shoot one up your nose.”

Batman leaves them alone for the night, content in knowing that his family is safe.


*A month later*

This time it’s Dick crawling in the safe-house window, on Bruce’s orders, to make sure the missing boys are alright. He stops short, smiling at the sight of Tim reclining on the couch. Jason is laying down with his head resting on Tim’s lap, fast asleep. Tim is using one hand to play with Jason’s hair while he uses his other hand to type on his laptop.

Tim doesn’t even look over at Dick when he speaks.

“If you wake him, I’ll send the entire Justice League pictures of you in your disco suit.” He says in a deadly whisper.

Dick has never left a building faster in his life. 

Devine (Part Five)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: none

Summary: As a young child you came in contact with an entity. It possessed your body and gave you unthinkable powers. You managed to keep your power hidden for the most of your life, but one day everything goes wrong and you get on the radar of The Avengers.

Word Count: 1.209

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After breakfast with Steve you returned to your room and waited for the movers to arrive with your stuff.

You flopped down on your couch and turned on the tv. You settled on a channel which was airing an romance movie, something you really enjoyed.

Just as you were getting into the movie there sounded a knock on your door. You cursed the person who had knocked and opened the door.

You were shocked to see Bucky standing before you.

‘The movers are here’ he said.

You snapped out of your shock and nodded. ‘Thanks for letting me know.’ You stepped out of your room and closed the door behind you.

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🌚🌚🌚 can I request hcs on how akutagawa, chuuya, dazai, atsushi, and kunikida would react if someone else saw their s/o's nude pictures and enjoyed it. (🌚 maybe one tried to save the picture to their own phone??? ))

I feel the need to say that emoji is my favorite one

Nakajima Atsushi

  • When it comes to sneaking a peek at nudes you’ve sent him, Atsushi’s downright paranoid; unless he doesn’t know he’s opening a naked picture, he never looks at erotic pictures of you if anyone else is even in the room. Unfortunately, though, the boy has a tendency to leave his phone behind and his passcode’s so easy he might as well leave the thing unlocked. Any pervert wanting a glance of what’s under your clothes just needs to wait until Atsushi inevitably forgets his phone.
  • The instant Atsushi sees someone else raising an eyebrow at his phone, his mind’s immediately rushing to the nudes stored in his camera roll. He dives for the device, hoping to grab it before they stumble across anything private. When he glances images of you naked crossing the screen, he dies a little bit inside.
  • Unless they’re stupid enough to say otherwise, Atsushi completely believes them finding your pictures was a complete accident. He only realizes what’s really going on if they own up to it.
  • Atsushi’s immediately at a loss for what to do; he feels like bolting from embarrassment and clocking them right in the jaw at the same time. Hitting them just doesn’t sit right with him, though; Atsushi settles for sending them a steely glare and storming off. Anytime he meets them afterward is painfully awkward; Atsushi simply doesn’t know what to say, and the tension’s practically unbearable.

Akutagawa Ryunosuke 

  • No one guards nudes more jealously than Akutagawa; he’s practically Fort Knox when it comes to protecting risque pictures of you. If someone glances a sans-clothing image of you, it’s either because Akutagawa just received it, or they’re actively trying to sneak a peek at what Akutagawa’s girlfriend has under her clothes. Either way, the second he notices them catching an eyeful, they’re fucked.
  • Rashomon’s immediately humming against their neck, backing them up until they’re crammed against the nearest wall. This is one of the rare times Akutagawa uses his fists on someone; before they have a chance to explain themself their nose is practically at a 90 degree angle and spouting blood like a faucet. Akutagawa pauses for five seconds to give them a chance to apologize and beg for mercy. If they’re not spouting sorry by then Rashomon puts a few new holes in their body.
  • “What’s mine is not for your filthy eyes,” Akutagawa hisses before stalking off.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • Considering his status, Chuuya isn’t too worried about invasions of privacy. Still, he’s cautious with naked pictures of you; accidents happen, and the last thing he wants is an accident resulting in someone getting an eyeful of your body. So, when one of his subordinates keeps trying to sneak a peek after you send Chuuya a nude, it’s pretty obvious what’s up.
  • Immediately, Chuuya’s hand is wrapped around their throat. “Trying to catch a glance of something that doesn’t belong to you?” he bites, shoving them up against the nearest wall. As they slump to the ground, Chuuya whips out his knife, sliding it feather-lightly just above their throat. Using the blade, he lifts their chin so they’re looking him in the eyes. “Don’t ever try anything like this again,” he warns. “Get out of my sight, bastard.” If they’re not instantly stumbling up to bolt, Chuuya drags them up and shoves them out the door.
  • It doesn’t take long before this subordinate’s demoted; they don’t fall all the way back down the Port Mafia’s power ladder, but they’re pretty low. For the next three months, at least, they’re stuck with the worst, lowest-paying jobs. From the way Chuuya always seems to be in a good mood when he hears they got stuck with one of these jobs, it’s pretty obvious who’s behind this subordinate’s fall from grace.

Dazai Osamu

  • Dazai’s never been one for caution; unfortunately, this applies to enjoying your nudes, too. Sometimes, all someone needs to do is lean a bit to the left and they’ve got a full view of your naked body. Dazai’s no idiot, though; the second someone starts craning their neck to get an eyeful, Dazai knows what’s up; and he’s damn well aware they like what they see, too.
  • Deadly calm, Dazai turns to face them, an almost sickeningly sweet expression crossing his face. “Jealous of what’s mine?” he hums. “You should be.” Dazai gets right in their face before looking them in the eyes, his dangerous Mafia smirk twisting over his teeth. “But this sight is for me only, got it? Just like how you feel about…” Dazai launches into a terrifying speech, digging at every detail of their personal life—their lover, family, even their pets—until they’re shaking. As soon as they’re practically traumatized Dazai turns to leave, tossing a cheerful “Next time I won’t let you off so easy!” over his shoulder.
  • Dazai never says anything about the matter when he sees them again. There’s always a certain glint in his eyes when he catches their glance, though—a look that threatens ‘I’m never going to forget what you did’. 

Kunikida Doppo

  • Where your nudes are concerned, Kunikida takes utmost precaution; risque photos of you are glanced over if, and only if, there’s no chance of anyone else getting a peek. If someone really wants to leer at images of your naked body, though, Kunikida’s phone passcode isn’t that hard to crack; they simply wait until the detective leaves his phone and then snatch the device before Kunikida’s even aware it’s missing.
  • When Kunikida returns to find his phone in someone else’s hands, he’s already a bit ticked. As soon as he sees they were in the middle of messaging your nudes to their own phone, though, he’s absolutely fuming.
  • Kunikida practically rips the device from their hands. His fist clenches in their collar as he pulls them up to look him in the eyes; his voice is deadly calm, but his furrowed brows and flashing eyes tell a different story. “You will not ever disrespect my lover like this again,” Kunikida growls. “Furthermore, you will respect what’s mine.” After releasing them, he grinds out a tense “Delete what you’ve sent” before storming off.
The Gym Meeting

Jackson held her bags all the way into the airport. She went late at night so he could follow her, she had said a sad goodbye to the boys. Mark disclosing that he would miss her the most, because now who was going to keep Jackson’s crazy ideas at bay? 

Jackson sighed, holding her hand into the airport, wheeling her bag behind him. He followed her past security and customs, and finally stopped looking quite forlorn as they stood there staring at each other. 

“I want you to say that you’re coming back. Maybe not tomorrow, or the day after, but that you will.” He held tighter onto her hand and for a second she was sure, that he wouldn’t let go. 

“So, in three days?” She chuckled, but he didn’t laugh.

“Come, to the concert at least, you’ll be front row, I can promise that. At least, I can see you then.” He pulled her into his arms, mask still covering his face. 

“You know I will. I’ll cheer you on.” She had to go, she was running behind already. 

Jackson held her tight in his arms. Could she feel his heart? Were the pieces shattering individually? His head was spinning with the idea that, she was actually going to be leaving. She leaned back in his arms enough to pull his mask down, she pressed her lips to his. She was breaking his heart, somewhere inside Jackson wished she didn’t kiss him, because then he wouldn’t remember this pain. He deepened the kiss, tasting her, he didn’t want to forget this moment. When he let go she was wiping her eyes. 

“Don’t cry.” He whispered, pushing her gently away from him. 

She began to walk away. “I love you.” She called. 

Jackson pulled his mask back on, and lowered his hat on his head. “I love you, too.” He hid his tears, as he turned around and walked away, unable to watch her fade into the distance. 

The next few weeks he threw himself into work, promoting the tour, music videos, interviews, photo shoots, new songs, the tour had begun in Korea and then he was off to China. He tried not to think of her, only when he performed because he hoped she knew this was all for her. They talked every day, they were still together after all, but of course at home there was a time difference. They went a week without talking, and she had a job now back in Houston. 

“So, how is work?” He asked her one morning for him, night for her. 

“Tiring, but I’m saving a lot so, that’s good.” She was in her bed, getting comfy for the night. 

“We haven’t face timed in awhile. I want to see you.” He listened to her groan.

“I probably look a mess, can we face time tomorrow?” Jackson became irritated. 

“You said that yesterday. Why can’t I see you? Someone else with you now?” He almost heard her teeth grind. 

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. No-I’m not. What’s wrong with you, why would you say something like that?” She almost yelled remembering it was nearly 11pm at night. 

“I’m upset!” Jackson yelled into her ear. “I’m stressed, I’m tired. I want you here, with me! Where you should be!” 

“Jackson, we’ve been over this.” She sighed heavily. She understood where he was coming from. 

“I want to go over it again. Look, the concert there is in two weeks, I’m going to send you a ticket, and I’m going to make sure you can come backstage. Come see me, I’m not asking.” She had never really heard him talk like this. 

On one hand it was making her blood race with anticipation, and on the other it was pissing her off. 

“You’ve never ordered me before.”Rolling her eyes, although she knew he couldn’t see her. 

“Clearly you don’t remember the nights that I do, then.” He chuckled. 

She laughed, then he did. They were better, they never fought long. She sighed into the phone. “Fine, you can see me in all my ugliness.” 

Moving the phone from her face, she pressed the face time button, waiting on him to answer. 

“There’s my girl.” Jackson was smiling wide, Mark walked past in the background, backing up, waving at her.

She waved back, ducking down more in her covers. “Don’t hide I want to see you, wait I’ll move.” 

Jackson walked into a different room. “What are you wearing?” 

“Dear god, Jackson, this isn’t going to be that kind of party tonight.” 

He tried to puppy lip her, to no avail before giving up. “Fine, never let me have anything.” 

She laughed, sliding out of the blankets enough to let him see she wore one of his shirts. 

“I wondered where that went. You should mail it to me, before you wash it.” 

She covered her face. “Stop, my god you’re embarrassing me.” 

They talked a little while longer, before she said she had to sleep. Work in the morning. Jackson kissed the screen of his phone and then proceeded to try and make Mark, Yugyeom and BamBam kiss the phone as well, before hanging up. 

The day before the concert, she got off of work early, the downside being that she had to go in the next day. She wasn’t going to be able to stay long after the concert, in order to drive home and get enough sleep. She hated retail, but she managed to secure a management position that was earning her good money. More money she made, faster she could see Jackson. 

She went home, and hurriedly packed a small bag for the one night she was going to stay in a hotel in Dallas. A good drive a little over three hours. As she drove she listened to BTS, feeling a little guilty that she wasn’t listening to Got7, but hey she was about to see them in concert. She checked into her hotel, and apparently other fans had as well, girls in the lobby, talking excitedly about the guys.

“I’m so ready to see Mark.”

“OMG BamBam and those legs.” 

“Yugyeom has to do a sexy dance, I demand it.” 

“I hope Jackson has on no shirt, or gets it wet.” 

She smiled to herself, as her phone rang, and she answered it. 

“Where are you?” Jackson said quickly. 

“I just got to the hotel, I’m going to shower, I have food with me so I’ll eat and sleep. I’m excited to see you, tomorrow.” 

“I wanna see you now.” She could hear people talking around where he was. 

“Do you know where I am or something?” She looked around the silent hallway, as she stepped off the elevator. 

“No, I’m at my hotel, but I can sneak away. I’ll have Mark come with me, He’ll do it. Please.” He pleaded with her. 

“Jackson, you are in a foreign city that right now is full of females, who are wanting to see you. The minute you get lost, and someone tweets a picture or snapchats it, youre doomed. You’ll be in trouble. Babe, please, give me a minute and we can face time. I promise.” She walked into her hotel room, half thinking he had actually found her and was waiting. 

“You’re no fun. Mark said the same thing.” He blew his breath into the phone. “What are you going to wear tomorrow?”

“You’ll be the death of me.” She groaned. 

They couldn’t talk long, but she did give him a video peep show, to which he watched excitedly. They would go from Dallas and then to Atlanta the next morning, so she couldn’t spend the night with him, but Jackson wished. The next day she slept in till 2pm. She hadn’t been to Dallas in awhile, so she walked around downtown a bit before going back to the hotel to get ready for the concert.

She was wearing a red and white t-shirt dress, and white hi-top converse. She carried a small black clutch purse, face flawless and jewelry to match. The ring he gave her was still on her finger, gleaming brightly. As she made her way into the venue, a woman sitting next to her complimented her ring. 

“It’s beautiful. Are you married?” 

She moved the ring around on her finger. “No, it’s a promise ring.” 

“He must be a keeper.” She grinned, thinking ‘if only you knew’ to herself. 

She was front row, right near the stage, as soon as they came out she saw his eyes, scanning the rows for her, and she ducked her head, chuckling so he wouldn’t see her. As he did a number, she kept seeing him, look for her, becoming seemingly frustrated as he did so. Finally when he came back on her end, she screamed his name and waved around, it took her two tries before his eyes landed on her and he winked. Girls around her screamed and pointed to themselves, but she knew who it was for. 

The show was fantastic, and she waited for it to clear out before walking to where he told her to, and telling the stage manager her name. She was asked to wait, and next thing she knew she was being taken to the back, where they were cleaning up. 

“Wait here.” The man told her, asking her to wait in a narrow hallway. 

“There you are.” Jackson opened a door, at the end to her left, and she felt her mouth go dry. 

After three long months here he was in front of her. She ran to him, his arms going around, her waist, he wasn’t so sweaty anymore, his arms crushing her to his chest. He swept her inside his room, kicking the door closed. Jackson wasted no time, his lips going to her throat, hands grabbing her breasts, he moved them backwards against a waist high table, seating her roughly on it. Immediately, his hand found it’s way up her dress, and tugged on her panties. 

“Jackson.” She breathed heavily in the crook of his neck. “Slow down, we have a little time.” 

“You don’t know, what I’ve thought about all night. Let me have you right now.” His heated eyes, as he pulled away from her, burned her all the way to her nether region. 

“Hello! How are you? I’ve missed you.” She pushed him away, pulling down her dress, sliding off the table. 

Jackson let out a frustrated groan. “OK. Hello. Did you enjoy the show? I saw you trying to hide from me.” 

He grinned at her, turning to grab a Gatorade from an adjacent table. She grinned, shrugging her shoulders. “Thought I’d scare you a little.” 

He took long drags on his drink. “It worked.” 

“Aren’t you tired?” She licked her lips, she was eager to finish what he wanted, but she was also just hungry for his presence. 

“I am, kinda. Used to it, I guess. Not tired for what I want though.” He turned famished eyes back on her body. “I like what you’re wearing, it suits you.” 

His eyes settled on her ring, and he smiled coming over to take her hand. “Some part of me, wondered if you’d wear it.” 

She took her hand from him, looking down at it. “Why wouldn’t I?” 

He shrugged, tossing the bottle into the garbage. “No one is to disturb me until I come out, they know that. This couch is comfortable and the lights in here dim.” He walked her backwards towards it, slowly. 

“I don’t have much time. I have to drive back to Houston, they are making me work tomorrow.” Jackson, raised an eyebrow at her. 

“How far is that? Didn’t you tell them, you were going to see your boyfriend?” He looked hurt. 

“I did. They don’t care, I’m also assistant manager, and the head manager is a bitch.” He sighed, sitting down on the couch. 

“Don’t.” She sat down next to him, turning his face towards her. “I’ve missed you.” She slid her hand, into his lap and over his crotch. “Don’t waste what time we have.” 

Jackson, quickly stood up, and dimmed the lights. He peeled his shirt over his body, as he walked towards her. His hands found the bottom of her dress, peeling it over her head, careful not to mess up the curls, he knew she had worked on the night before. His hands working her bra off, mouth clamping down on a breast, she gasped, wrapping one leg around his waist. 

“Tell me you’ve missed me.” He whispered, working his pants down his legs, as she moved her pelvis against him. 

“You know I have.” She turned her neck to the side, the feel of his tongue on her skin, making her wetter. 

Jackson hooked a finger under her panties pulling them down her legs. “Tell me you want me.” The same hand brushed over her slit, his thumb on her pearl rubbing gently. 

She couldn’t control the sounds coming from her mouth. Her gasps loud in the quiet room. “I need you.” She moaned. 

He pressed his body flush, against hers, raising his hips just enough to rub against the wetness of her womanhood, before sliding in. Jackson’s whole body quivered, goosebumps breaking out over his flesh. He moaned into her ear, lips capturing the soft flesh of it, as he pulled out to the tip of his length. She tried to raise her hips into his, eager for him to push back, but he held her body down with one hand. 

“What do you want?” He was teasing her, moving the tip in and out of her painfully slow. 

“Not now, Jackson, please.” Her nails dug into his arms.

“Say it, baby.” He moved from her body completely, palming himself, rubbing his member. 

She groaned, one hand over her eyes as she felt her body scream at her, begging for more. “I want it, daddy.” 

Jackson smiled, at her, not saying anything he moved his body over hers, pressing his chest to her. He grasped her hands in his own and entered her in one fell sweep. His mouth on hers, he shoved his tongue into her mouth, savoring the moment. The feeling. He was back with his girl. The place he had wanted to be for the past three months. 

In the aftermath of their love-making, they laid naked on the couch. A soft rap at the door sounded, making her sit up quickly. Jackson chuckled, his hand rubbing her back. “That’s Mark, letting me know I have five minutes.” 

He sighed, sitting up, turning her face towards his, he captured her lips in another kiss. “I’m going to miss you. I can talk to you, while you drive home.” 

“I’ll call you, if I get tired. You get some sleep. You just performed a concert.” He shrugged, standing up, to put back on his clothes. 

“My hair is a frizzy, sweaty mess I know it.” She squinted her eyes, as he turned up the lights a little. 

Jackson turned around shirt in hand to look at her. “I like it, it’s the ‘I just had amazing sex with Jackson Wang’ look.” 

She rolled her eyes. “I’m so lucky.” 

“You are.” 

As they left the room, a bodyguard was waiting. Jackson pointed to him. “He’s going to walk you to your car, and watch you leave. He won’t leave until he can’t see your lights anymore. So don’t worry.” 

“Aren’t you sweet?” She turned towards him, leaning her head on his chest. “Have a good flight, I love you and I’m going to miss you.” 

Jackson hugged her tight, his face on her head, her curls, some now indeed frizzed out, tickling his nose. “I love you too, drive safe.” 

The whole night, she felt the soreness in a good way, halfway home, Jackson called her concerned because she didn’t call him. She could hear Mark and BamBam in the background making kissing sounds, teasing him on the phone. She missed being around them. Their camaraderie, how they joked with one another. Even Junior, and his usually scowl mood, and JB with his quiet grim reaper stare. She arrived home, with 5 hours to sleep before work. As she hit the pillow, she grabbed her dress off the floor, smelling it, hoping to catch his scent one more time before falling asleep. 

The next few months went by quickly, she had saved enough to go back to Korea, although she would have to live elsewhere. She had applied for school again there and had yet to hear back. The semester started again in one month, she was nervous. Could she afford to go back? She didn’t and could not put a strain on Jackson to help her. As she crunched numbers in her room, her sister peeped her head through the door. 

“What are you doing?” Her sister was a shade browner than her, but taller. No one would have thought the 17 year old was the younger sister. 

“Going over some numbers.” She sighed, tapping her calculator.

“To get back to your boyfriend?” Her sister sat down on her bed, smoothing a hand over her newly dyed red hair. 

She looked up at her sister. “I like the color on you, and yes, something like that.” 

“Thanks.” Her sister watched her awhile, clearing her throat before talking again. “If you love him, why don’t you just go back and figure it out from there?” 

Why didn’t she just do that? She looked at her sister for awhile, shrugging her shoulders. “I couldn’t let him take care of me. I have to finish school.” 

“You can do that. All they have to do is accept you. As for him taking care of you.” The younger sibling picked up her hand with the ring on it. “I think he already wants to do that, no use in prolonging it.” 

“I wish, it was that easy.” She sighed, closing her eyes and rubbing them. 

“Maybe it is, you overthink everything. I say you go back, tell him ok let’s do this and come back home for Christmas and stuff with beautiful half Chinese babies.” The younger sister stood up shrugging her shoulders. “Or maybe I don’t know.” Before she left her room, she tapped her temple. “Think about it.” 

The next day a letter from the University came, she left it on her dresser all day, afraid to open it and read what was in it. Finally before bed, she closed her eyes opening the envelope, she held her breath reading over the first few lines. 

It was getting cold in late September and Jackson wished he had worn a thicker jacket. Instead he pulled his hoodie up on his ears, watching his breath escape through his mask. He looked up at the gray sky wondering if it would snow. Just as he rounded the corner, going back to the dorms, he heard a voice cry out to him.

“Just coming from the gym?” He looked up, who was that?” 

The figure walking towards him, obviously warm in those clothes, but those hips, he knew that thickness. 


“Who else?” 

He broke into a run, smashing into her. He heard the air leave her body as she gasped. Jackson felt tears coming down his face, as he held her close to him. “I have’t talked to you in two days. I thought you were mad at me, for playing too much on face time. What are you doing here?” 

He held her away from his body to see her face. “I got accepted into school, I got a scholarship actually from the US, overseas studying program. It’ll fund me for the next two years here. I will need help on a place to stay though.” 

His mouth pressed to her, kissing her hard he, squeezed her body again. “So you’re really staying?” He let her go, holding her hand close to his chest. 

“As long as you’ll have me.” She grinned up at him, waiting to hear his answer.

Jackson blew his breath out. “Baby, why you thirsty for me?” Laughing, as she rolled her eyes at him. 

That was the end of The Gym Meeting. Thank you all so much for reading, commenting, and following the page for more. I truly appreciate it! I will be starting another story soon, hopefully with Jay Park! 

Protect You

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Genre: fluff, angst; bodyguard au

Featuring: I.M x Reader

Request: for @to-move-on-means-to-grow - I.M is your bodyguard, but falls for you as he’s the one assigned to protect you

A/n: Y’all…I think this is THE LONGEST scenario I have EVER written. Like no joke. But I tried to do something different with this request. And I hope it makes sense and you all like it? I noticed I haven’t been getting a lot of notes/feedback on my scenarios lately, and I’m not sure what I am doing wrong? But yeah, let me know if you like this scenario/style of writing, again I hope you like this one!

Words: 3,210

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sleep [jimin&you]

Summary: Said boyfriend Jimin is unable to sleep, so you comfort him until he falls into deep slumber.

a/n: here you are, anon!!! thanks so much for your kind patience! i am such a horrible person for updating so slow T_T but i hope you enjoyed this and that it made you happy!!!

Originally posted by sosjimin

12:34AM is what is being read on Jimin’s phone as he shuffles over to check the time. Sighing deeply, he positions himself comfortably on the bed and starts doing situps. Maybe if he exercises, it’ll tire him out and he’ll fall asleep faster. Besides, his Seokjin hyung have recommended to him before, stating that he should exercise if he ever feels tired and wishes to sleep.

However, nothing just wasn’t working and Jimin has no idea why. He’s done probably about twenty situps, twenty pushups, and at least forty jumping jacks, but nothing helped. Therefore Jimin lays back down on his bed again, taking his cellphone out and playing some games on it. Even so, that didn’t help very much.

With nothing left in mind, Jimin shamelessly dials your phone number and calls you.

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EXO Reaction to  you being a writer

HEYYYY guise!!!! Thanks for the 700 followers! 

Xiumin: “Step away from the book. 5 feet right now. Good girl” *He got addicted to reading the recent fanfic you have been working on. So obsessed to the point where he follows you on


a/n: “ luhan. i put my book right here. what did you do to it?”

luhan: huh? me? what? hehe.. *awkward laugh* what do u mean by “what did you do to it” … i think u got robbed boebi”

Kris: He draws pictures to go along with you story hoping you would use them in the publishing process.

Suho: Since you told him that he can’t read you paper he decides to sneak into your room but then he hears the door knob turn “oh shit I’m screwed”

Lay: “jagiya I’m getting hungry can you please come so we can eat dinner?” he doesn’t want to stop you from doing your job but he also wants you for himself

Baekhyun: “heyyy! a/n say hi to teddy! i found him on the street. you’ve been working really hard, and i recently heard that pets help relieve stress so i brought him here for u. Do u want to touch him?”

Chen: *intensely stares into the novel* “Wow jagiya is this our love story? i can’t believe you remember everything so vividly”

Chanyeol: Kai and Chanyeol meet up to gossip about your articles in the magazine. “Oh ma gad! i can’t believe she wrote this. Poor baby is going to be too embarrassed to even go outside”

DO: He reads your story while eating popcorn. “Wow jagiya your writing skills are so good its like watching a movie.

Tao: He doesn’t tell you this but he’s been secretly following your fashion blog for the past 2 years. “You were talking about this outfit on your blog yesterday? interesting, our tastes seem to match up really well baby”

Kai: He usually respects your privacy but today he decides to look over your shoulder “jagiya. what are you typing? what are you hiding from me? I’m your boyfriend,you have to tell me”

Sehun: He stayed up last night reading your exo smut stories and now he has a photoshoot to attend, how is he going to face the other members. “arg! a/n! i can’t believe you. What goes through you brain!”

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