pictures that break my heart

one of the missing girls has been confirmed dead and it breaks my heart because i saw her picture everywhere and was praying she’d be ok. she was only 15 and by the looks of her facebook, a member of the LGBT community. i am so so heartbroken for her. she has left behind a lovely boyfriend, countless friends (including one who was with her on the night), and her poor family. rip


Fight because you don’t know how to die quietly. Win because you don’t know how to lose. This king’s ruled long enough—it’s time to tear his castle down.

All For The Game series by Nora Sakavic

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i just wanna say seeing you at katsu as that ignis made my whole weekend tbh oh my lord. every time you popped out of nowhere to pose the wrong way in pictures you'd break my heart a little more--IN THE BEST WAY.

One time I ran into a door frame on accident and everyone thought I was just in character

Keith Week day 3: angst By @fonbella

A space AU Klance piece Bella made for me, because of course I can always count on her to shatter my smol heart with angst 8′) Except that I FIRMLY BELIEVE THEY BOTH WILL MAKE IT AND ALL ENDS WELL!! *sobs* Right…? Lance won’t let Keith go no matter what… Even if they’d go down together

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Hi, I have a question about your Voltron show AU how would the team react to black paladin Lance theories?

This is something I think about every time I read one of those theories.
I wish I could draw it but at the same time I really don’t know how would it go. On the one hand the team probably knows that there is more to Lance than his goofy attitude, on the other hand…I spent way too much time in langst tag to not imagine how they laugh at the very idea, how impossible it is for Lance to act responsible etc
I actually think that from the whole team Keith- as the one that witnessed Lance’s logical thinking and leaderahip skills firsthanded- shouldn’t have that much of a problem to accept that Lance is more capable of becoming Black Paladin than he is.
It breaks my heart when I read how others picture this scene as Keith being mad at Lance. This is really OOC because Keith’s never really mad at his teammates (maybe once at Pidge when she wanted to leave voltron)
Anyway, I belive that Keith would have more faith in Lance than Pidge, Shiro or Allura.
I said “Pidge” because she’s the one questioning Lance’s ability to do sth most of the times. First during this scene in stimulator at the Garrison, then when Lance didn’t stop Keith before storming out in Galra base, also she didn’t belive that he’s a sharpshooter. And that other time when Lance wasn’t even around (when she and Shiro went after Green Lion)
I’m not saying Pidge is mean and knows what she’s doing by saying those things but no one else voice their lack of trust in Lance’s skills as much as she does.
As much as I like Pidge I think it’s not fair. That’s why that one moment when Lance pointed teasingy that Galra-detektor she built is not working looked kind of like a small petty revange and the only time Lance was ever sorta mean to her.

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So...what happened when you let buyers pick their puppies?

Well, I have several stories because as a newer breeder I am learning too. My first litter I placed a sweet soft boy in a home I really shouldn’t have. She already had too many dogs. Because of all her dogs she did not continue socializing as he grew and he was bullied by her deerhounds. Because he was sensitive (like most borzoi are) he became reactive with other dogs. Large males in particular. His confidence was shot…it’s so important in our breed to have a confident dog. They don’t start fights and it’s so easy to live and take them anywhere. Fast forward to me asking to bring him back to the US to finish his AKC CH title. I was so saddened by how he was so fearful of everything. Still such a sweet dog but he was always watching is back as if someone was going to jump from the shadows. I asked to keep him and he’s still with me. He gotten so much better and now gets along with any males I bring onto the property. He lives with 4 intact males now. They don’t fight even when the girls come in season. So that is one example of poor placement.

Another was in my last litter, I placed a very little girl with a person who had gotten a borzoi from my first litter. He was the perfect dog and she had a lot to live up too. Several times I tired getting the owner to change her mind saying she was super high energy. The owner said she could handle it, she’s trained dogs before, nothing she hasn’t seen. Well this puppy girl said challenge accepted and became a nightmare for her new owner. I do give the owner props for trying but at 10 months she couldn’t take it anymore. She was returned to me and I hold nothing against her for returning the dog. It wasn’t sure good fit. Now the dog is in a home where she runs on 3 acres daily, gets to go run in the open field and chase jack rabbits, she just excels at anything athletic and her first home couldn’t provide the exercise to fit her energy level. Which was my fault.

Another puppy from my last litter went to a lady that wanted to get out of IWs but still wanted a bigger dog. She knew the lady I mentioned above. She loved the boy from my first litter and wanted one just like him. *laughs* cuz that’s not a tall order. Well she didn’t want the pups with the short tail which would have been the ideal fit for her. Though he had prey drive he was very bid able and laid back. Actually I gave her the choice of 2. The other had kinks in his tail.( @noodle-dragon ended up with this boy so it was a blessing in disguise.) She wanted a perfect tail *sigh* I argued with her about this for a while. I told her the other males were going to show homes, she kept saying she wanted one of 2 other boys I had not offered her. That was it. I told her the one must go to a show home, the other we were waiting on his testicle to drop and he just wasn’t the right fit. Because by 9 weeks his testicle never dropped I gave in and said fine…he’s yours. Big mistake as well. She never had anything good to say about him. He bites, he barks, he runs around her house like a crazy dog growling….HE’S A FREAKING PUPPY LADY!!!! Well she didn’t take any of my advice. We went back and forth for months, I tried so hard to help her but you can’t help someone who really don’t even want to listen. I kept pushing her to return the dog and I would give her a full refund, I guess I started pushing too hard. She refused and cut off contact with me. She still has the dog and my spies say he looks good but it breaks my heart she won’t send updates and pictures.

This is why a breeder should be completely honest and at time even put their foot down when it comes to placement. I want people to enjoy my dogs and the breed but coming to a person who breeds Borzoi (dogs bred for their athleticism and prey drive) and basically wanting a Labrador in a borzoi suit is just unrealistic. This is why I don’t let people choose. When I evaluate a litter I also evaluate temperament. If someone is looking for lower drive, if I have any, I will give them their choice. Might be 1 dog, might be 3….don’t know until the litter is about 8-9 weeks and I make no promises to puppy buyers until that time. All those that have puppies from me didn’t get to choose them. I placed the dogs in the homes so everyone benefitted.


When you’re the Doe uninvited

Fic: Room in your Heart for More - Chapter 1

Here’s a little fic I’m working on while waiting to post my OFBB. Right now it’s only planned to be about five-ish chapters, but we will see where the muse takes me. :) Thanks to all my cabin-mates in Camp NanoWriMo for being so encouraging. 

Story summary: 

Army vet Oliver Queen returns from overseas to find out that he has a 5-year-old son. He is fighting for custody, but is struggling to prove he is a fit father. It’s especially hard because he really has no idea what he’s doing. By chance he meets single mother Felicity Smoak, who swoops in like an angel to help him become comfortable in his role as a father. Felicity is recovering from her a recent trauma, and as a vet Oliver is able to be the support that she needs. Together, they learn to open up their hearts in ways they never thought possible.

Read Chapter 1 on Ao3 or below.  Hope you enjoy! (I don’t have a beta on this one, so I apologize for any errors).

Chapter 1:  Kids should come with an instruction manual

His years in the military prepared Oliver Queen for many things – but one of them was not how to deal with the screaming five-year-old in front of him.

It was his day with his son William, so they had taken advantage in the break from the constant rains to come to the park.

“It hurts, Oliver, it hurts!” William cried, holding his leg with a cut knee. New to the parenting business, Oliver had no idea what to do in this situation. He had no Band-Aids. Hell, he didn’t even have a tissue to wipe off the blood that was now dripping down his son’s leg. Should he carry a screaming child through town back to his loft? Should he go to the public restroom and try to clean it up there? It was moments like these that made him feel like a completely inadequate father.

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I’m picturing us reuniting and it makes me feel whole while breaking my heart at the same time. I’m thinking of reaching for your hand and your hand will be there again, I won’t be reaching for my cigarettes like I’ve been lately… I want to rest my head on your chest again, I want to feel your lips on mine again. The part of my fantasies that breaks my heart is what if I’m actually having false hope? What if I will never be loved by you again?
—  Cynthia Chapman