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Do you know of any good Artist!AU fics?

I do! I hope you like these, if anyone sees any that I missed don’t hesitate to let me know! (Gif by @viktvr​!)

Artist AU

like your french girls by ebenroot, Teen, 102k
In which Victor is an artist, Yuuri is his figure skating muse, and Yuri is so done hearing about their stupid love story through Instagram. WOW THIS IS AMAZING!!

Yuri On Paper by WhiteMarsh, Explicit, 10k (WIP)
Yuuri has looked up to brilliant artist Victor for nearly a decade so when Victor hosts a six-month art class, he jumps at the opportunity. What could go wrong? Pretty much everything. This is great so far!

Ink on Ice by Daughter of Vayu (aquaregia), Teen, 43k
Because a mangaka and figure skater just didn’t mix together. Or so people thought until they saw Katsuki Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov. This is such a good fic!

Wings by maygunbun, Gen, 2.2k
Street artist Katsuki Yuuri wakes up to find that his wall art has been altered by the famous Viktor Nikiforov. From there, the two get to know each other despite having never met face-to-face, for a picture speaks a thousand words. Thumbs up!

life and love by novocaine_sea, Gen, 12k
Twenty-two year old Yuuri Katsuki travels to Italy to study photography. One day, while going around the city taking photos he gets lost and ends up at a coffee shop, ultimately meeting one Victor Nikiforov who would take him all around Florence, showing him what life and love are really all about. Italian Victor… I mean?? So perfect!

Scrambled Eggs and Waffles by ayyyywhatsup, Teen, 9.1k
Yuuri, someone who hates mornings, picks up a job at his parent’s breakfast diner. If it weren’t for his friends Yuuko and Phichit, he’d have probably fried off his face by now. Viktor comes in one day, and leaves behind little pieces of art behind on napkins. Very sweet one shot!

gays on ink: an epic love story by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 5.6k
Yuuri looks up from where he’s wringing his hands together in his lap, nervous, heart beating way too fast, and looks at his 73 copyrighted Victor Nikiforov posters, and the framed picture by his bed, and the copies of Victor’s artwork that he’s got lying on his nightstand. “Maybe it would be better to go somewhere else,” he chokes out, a bit strangled. Artist!Yuuri high school AU!

Getting to Partner With the Hot Guy in Class by asokab, Not Rated, 833 words
Imagine your otp having to draw each other. They’d pay attention to the favorite details about one another. But not knowing each other will make it awkward. Cute!

PS I miss you. by Viktor__Nikiforov, Mature, 21k (WIP)
When Yuuri’s Idol follows him on instagram, praising his art, Yuuri might have had a heartattack. But what happens when their internet friendship becomes more. Can it work? Rec’d by a follower!

Androgyny by SoraRyuuzaki, Teen, 7.7k (WIP)
“Victor Nikiforov, who was a regular back before he moved to Los Angeles, has quickly resumed his patronage at the café, which also boasts paintings by a young artist signed Y. Katsuki. One painting in particular, which yet remains untitled, is an obvious homage to Victor Nikiforov’s first famous painting, Androgyny. Art enthusiasts can visit this homage, which evokes all sorts of powerful emotions, at the King and the Coffee in Detroit.” Hasn’t updated in awhile, but it’s really good so far!

urgent need of gravity by RennieOnIceCream (Hitsugi_Zirkus), Teen, 36k (WIP)
In which Yuuri is a make-up artist working in a small salon when he’s suddenly invited to work for big time fashion brand Stammi Vicino right alongside its top male model, Viktor Nikiforov, and love isn’t all glitter and perfectly-winged eyeliner. Makeup artist AU!

I will break the ice of your heart by Madlymiho, Explicit, 35k (WIP)
Yuuri is a talented but very shy student who enters in a new university for his last year. There, he meets a coldhearted and strict philosophy teacher: Viktor Nikiforov. Despite their differences, the two of them start to get closer… art student Yuuri! Thumbs up!

A Sketchbook of You by S_naly, Gen, 7.5k (WIP)
Nearly two weeks ago, Yuuri came across the most beautiful sight he seen. He had gotten out of bed early to hopefully sketch and paint the fresh snow-ridden Hogwarts scenery, but was distracted instead with an ethereal figure gracefully ice skating on the Great Lake. Hogwarts AND an artist AU!

the golden hour by wynsolstice, Teen, 7k
The photographer blinked at him before smiling brightly. Without warning, he grabbed Yuuri by the hand. His skin was smooth, and very, very warm. Biting his lip, Yuuri glanced up at him. Photographer Victor!

ExR Fic Recs

Here I am, posting my recs at the very end of the last day of fic rec week. Go me.
Without further ado, here are some of my favorite Enjoltaire fanfiction recommendations in no particular order!

Nondiscriminatory Hiring Practices (7851 words) by Raddtaire: Super fluffy coffeeshop AU with some sweet pining!jolras. I think this is the very first ExR fic I’ve ever read, and it’s like the Parks and Recreation or mac and cheese of fanfiction for me. It’s like a comfort food that always cheers me up. Highly recommended.

I Feel Alive (3246 words) by captainskellington: Enjolras goes to the same bar all the time, and Grantaire is the bartender. Delicious pining and misunderstandings ensue.

Friday I’m in Love (34598 words) by The Librarina: Wonderful fake dating AU. Enjolras is going home for spring break and needs a fake boyfriend to keep his parents from setting him up with people, and Grantaire agrees.

Wanderer (15596 words) by sonhoedesrazao: Busker AU. Enjolras meets Grantaire while visiting Prague and follows him around Europe. This fic is amazing and has beautiful descriptions of all the cities please read it oh my god

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (8037 words) by sonhoedesrazao: Oblivious!Grantaire tries to play matchmaker for Enjolras, who is quite confused about it. General fluff with silly, silly boys.

We Are Who We Are (29691 words) by sigh_no_more: You’ve Got Mail AU! Enjolras falls for an anonymous internet pen pal while also dealing with his insufferable coworker, Grantaire.

That’s How Easy Love Can Be (28886 words) by lady_ragnell: The Amis are teachers at an elementary school, and Principal Valjean proposes a “non-denominational anonymous holiday gift exchange”. Enjolras draws Grantaire’s name and takes it upon himself to spend more time with him in order to decide what to get him. Super cute and has ExR painting together!!! And dealing with little kids!!! Honestly what more could you want??

Date Night (9102 words) by samyazaz: Accidental relationship AU. Enjolras always comes over when Joly and Bossuet are on date night with Musichetta, and Grantaire can’t seem to figure out why.

9 Times Grantaire Asked Enjolras Out (+1 He Said Yes) (3343 words) by captainskellington: Title is pretty explanatory. Really cute n’ flirty, and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

bigger than we ever dreamed (13211 words) by slightlytookish: Enjolras is the former crown prince and needs a place to hide out until the media dies down after abdicating from the throne. Grantaire just happens to be available. Super domestic and fluffy.

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words (25024 words) by BethXP: Grantaire and Courfeyrac are both pining, and they strike up a bet to see who will be kissed by their respective love interests first. (Also, Marius does not deserve this treatment from his friends.)

Sheer Dumb Luck (23002 words) by angryintrovert: Texting universe! Grantaire accidentally texts Enjolras after Courfeyrac messes up Grantaire’s contacts. Nothing but fluff and another one of my comfort food fics.

out of the woods (7328 words) by novembersmith: Grantaire really hates haunted houses, really likes Enjolras, and really wishes he weren’t stuck in a haunted house with only Enjolras to help him out. Warning for descriptions of minor injuries and blood.

I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend (9665 words) by waroftheposes: The 1975/One Direction AU. Enjolras is in a boy band, and he may have a huge crush on Grantaire, the lead singer of the indie band 1832.

Love goes towards love, as schoolboys from their books (92326 words) by GingerNinjaAbi: Absolutely incredible Hogwarts AU. Amazing slowburn relationship and achingly beautiful setting descriptions. This fic is like sweaters and tea on a brisk fall day.

Kittens and Cats and All Things Cute (21576 words) by thedarkandstormyknight: Enjolras receives a kitten for his birthday and Grantaire works at an animal shelter. So, so cute and fluffy(literally).

touching souls (5419 words) by nightswatch Based on this short film(which I highly recommend). High school AU. Enjolras is blind and quite smitten with Grantaire, who very much returns the sentiment. I love this fic so much it makes my heart melt every time.

if viktor and yuuri were artists

 #victuuriweek2017  day ( one ) 
↳ au: other careers  

Title: Colours
Author(s): @viktor-nkfrv
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Street artist Katsuki Yuuri wakes up to find that his wall art has been altered by the famous Viktor Nikiforov. From there, the two get to know each other despite having never met face-to-face, for a picture speaks a thousand words. 

Now also on AO3 here.

Read the full one shot under the cut. (Cut doesn’t work in the original post on mobile, but WILL work once reblogged!!)

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A picture speaks a thousand words.

In the last couple of days I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster, I’m not good at words but I feel like I need to somehow express my feelings.

When I started watching the musical episode I felt like this:

and by the end I was like this:

I was so happy that my otp finally got married, I thought that anything could ever erase the smile on my face.

But then JMO dropped her bomb… and the idea that next Sunday it will all be over (or maybe a season 7 without Emma Swan) scared me a lot.

Suddenly I felt so sad and empty…

At a certain point I even felt a little betrayed… (but just a little, I mean, I understand the reasons behind Jen’s decision, and I think she deserves all the best)

But today I woke up and…well…

Fictional characters have a sort of “expiry date”; when we start reading a book, we know from the beginning that there will be an end, but the most important thing is to enjoy the ride. And I consider myself incredibly lucky, because during the last six years I’ve had the possibility to watch (and live) this wonderful fairytale which is Once Upon A Time.

But fictonal characters have also the virtue that they are timeless, we will always carry everything they gave us, they will live inside us forever, and everytime we decide to rewatch this show (and I’m pretty sure I will rewatch it from the beginnig several times) it will come back to life again and again.

And last but not least, I’d like to thank all the people in this fandom that have make it so precious and unique for me. All the people I’ve getting to know because of this show. And all the incredible writers and talented artists that have made this journey even more pleasant. 

I hope we will go on talking and dreaming about this show forever.

The Colorful Life of the Signs
  • The colors of the sky stand alone. They're so vivid that even if they tried, no one could atone: Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, Gemini
  • For the beauty of the sky, no one could compare. Not even the love, hanging in the air: Aquarius, Virgo, Pisces, Libra
  • They say a picture can speak one thousand words. But why not challenge the saying, and have our voices be heard?: Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo
Milestones (Slight Jake x F!MC)

Universe:  Endless Summer
Word Count: 2322 (whoops)
Rating: PG
For #ChoicesCreates Week 5, hosted by @hollyashton and @cartoonfanforlife.  The prompt for this week was: “Mirror.”
A picture speaks a thousand words.  But when you’re looking at not a still image, but what’s in front of you, the thoughts could be endless.  You tell your own story, through your own eyes, through your own parallels, and through your own reflection.

Side note: I posted another JakexF!MC earlier this week, and would love to receive feedback for it!  May or not be emotion-packed.  Check it out through this link:


-6 years old-

You stand in front of the mirror, watching the blonde pigtails that your aunt tied up bob up and down as you sway to the tempo of the pop song playing on the radio.  They were cute, but your costume isn’t.  Your puffy, cyan blue Cinderella dress seems to refuse to move with you, and because of that you groan in frustration.  It’s so itchy, and uncomfortable, you just want Halloween to be over with.  

Your aunt, Rebecca, strolls into your bedroom, tiara in hand. “What’s wrong, love? I don’t recall the part in Cinderella where she throws fits.”  She jokes, but it makes you even more upset.  

You cross your arms, trying to get the point across.  “I don’t like this costume.  It doesn’t look good on me.  I wanted to be cop.  Why can’t I be a cop?”  

“Sorry, love, I couldn’t find a police costume.  Next year, I promise.  And nonsense, you look adorable,” She tuts.  “But, if you insist, I think I might have just the solution…”  Your aunt waves the tiara ecstatically.  “I knew your dress was missing something, so I quickly drove to the store to buy you a crown, fit for royalty!”  

You stand still, arms remain folded, as she gently adjusts the tiara into your hair, careful not to poke you anywhere.  “There.  Now, you’re beautiful, princess.” 

You scoff and roll your eyes.  “I was always beautiful.” 

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good morning (or afternoon or evening) beautiful person would u be kind enough to bestow a small list (or a hundred page book which is better) of the best enjoltaire fanfics u have read?

of course i can!! this isn’t quite a 100-page book but i always have a fic rec tag for when i come across good fics on my dash or just feel free to hmu again i have fics catalogued in my library

i also recommend you check out all these author’s other works, they’re all incredible!!!!

BE by tothewillofthepeople

may be one of my fav exr fics ever; les amis performing hamlet, this fic is magical pls go read it!!!!!!

World Ain’t Ready by idiopathicsmile

the fic pretty much everyone in this fandom knows: enjolras and grantaire are pretend-boyfriends for great justice

Forget Me Not by Opium_du_Peuple aka our lovely Elise @just-french-me-up

(this fic oh my gooooooood) enjolras loses four years of his memories after a car accident including everything about grantaire (pls go read it it’ll ruin your life)

Years Since It’s Been Clear by lady_ragnell

enjolras demands grantaire to move in with him after he hears about R’s shithole of a flat, it doesn’t exactly make things easier for grantaire…    domestic cuteness and delicious pining

These Things Just Take Time by sonhoedesrazao

incredible slowbuild college au, it’s so amazing, one of my alltime favs!!!

alert: this fic is private but it’s definitely worth making an ao3 account

In The End We Have Each Other by samyazaz

one of enjolras former clients leaves an infant at his office; he is absolutely overwhelmed and grantaire steps in as supernanny

(E and R raising a child together aaaaahhh!!!)

Lay Your Hands On Me by samyazaz

enjolras keeps crossing paths with busker grantaire (it’s sooo good!!!!!)

Oh It’s What You Do To Me by captainskellington

Enjolras stumbles across Grantaire via YouTube comments. French!R sings. NYC!Enjolras pines. They fall in love via email and Skype

this fic had me in tears ok

Transatlanticism by nightswatch

they meet because R is an asshole and leaves annoying comments on E’s blog,,,cue late night skypes and grinning into pillows (do yourself a favour and don’t listen to the namesake song while reading,,you will cry)

loop by oispaceman

enjolras meets R at bahorel’s party,,they keep antagonising each other and fall in love (alternatively: enjolras more than absently wonders how grantaire likes his eggs)

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words by BethXP

grantaire and courfeyrac make a bet on who manages to get the other and their crush together first (hint: it’s enjolras and combeferre) featuring tinkerbells and paramore songs

The Glitterbombs of Angry Queers by 148km

Les Amis is a Los Angeles-based queer activist group; it’s a whole series!!!! (includes e and r going to disneyland omgggg)

The Golden Bough by Opium_du_Peuple

an orpheus and eurydice au!!!!!!! this fic watered my crops and cleared my skin!!

Sheer Dumb Luck by angryintrovert

grantaire drunkenly texts the wrong number, the rest is history

Best Kept Secrets by tellthemstories

fake!! dating!! au!! cosette keeps bothering her brother with his non-existent love life, he asks grantaire to be his fake boyfriend to keep her off his back

This brave new world is not like yesterday by myrmidryad

enjolras needs a job after cutting himself off from his family and ends up working at the bowling alley where R works, and the two of them get a lot closer while on clean-up duty after closing time

Patron Saint of Silent Restraint by vivalataire

hannah’s @vivalar incredible coffeeshop au! definitely a must-read!!!

Keep It Kind, Keep It Good, Keep It Right by lady_ragnell

enjolras finds out about grantaire’s feelings for him and after realising he’s never been particularly friendly to him, decides to get to know him better

this modern love by crooked

established relationship; R makes E join snapchat (may cause involuntary squealing)

pining for you by The Librarina

R gets fired from his job and returns home to help his dad with their christmas tree farm while patron minette is trying to get them to sell at all costs,,lawyer enjolras who has been trying to get patron minette to court for ages does his best to help save the farm (cute lil christmas fic!!!!)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by tellthemstories

aka grantaire is the words hitman ever and falls in love with his target

Correlation by sarahyyy

enjolras is constantly trying to make a move on his bodyguard grantaire who doesn’t believe he is serious, they manage to make everything harder for themselves as always

The MasterChef AU by sarahyyy

the glorious masterchef au which is all cute and shit until you reach part 8 and sarahyyy is ripping your heart out (so yeah don’t read further than part 7 if you wanna avoid that or go read the alternative ending on her tumblr to try and piece your heart back together,,,)

The Drunk Leading The Blind by juanjoltaire

enjolras ends up temporarily blind after being mazed at a protest and grantaire becomes his seeing-eye dog (this is way too cute,,,you have been warned,,)

Love in a Coffeshop by tellthemstories

grantaire is a famous rockstar (which enjolras is totally unaware off) that keeps appearing after closing time at the coffeeshop E works at

somehere along the line they fall in love and the coffeeshop becomes hipster

Nondiscriminatory Hiring Practices by raddtaire

a very very cute coffeeshop au: enjolras meets grantaire the barista at his sister cosette’s new coffeeshop

ain’t got far to go by prouvairing

enjolras and grantaire manage to get trapped in a closet ;)))

A Shadow On My MInd by ladyragnell

criminals au; a mission goes wrong and grantaire is in the middle of an explosion, enjolras mourns and only now notices what R meant to him

Silence Is The Speech Of Love by lady_ragnell

modern greek mythology au; enjolras angers aphrodite which leaves him mute

The sus turns traitor cold by RampantAnnarchy

E and R are forced to share a bed on thanksgiving ;))))

Let Me Count The Ways by zimriya

a 10 things I hate about you au, need I say more

I’m in it for you by raeldaza

grantaire is diagnosed with cancer and ferre is his doctor; since R refuses to tell his friends about it, ferre asks his roommate enjolras to drive back home after his treatments

the quiet truth by kiyala

enjolras agrees to be grantaire’s fake boyfriend to fend off his homophobic parents (you know how this ends ;))

Conflict of Interest by madlyie

enjolras becomes grantaire’s lawyer and gets waaay to personally involved

Hold my hand as I am lowered by enjoloras

canon era trans!enjolras au! it’s so good and emotional

like never before (‘cause lately I’ve been craving more) by noelia_g

groundhog day!au !!!!!

(take my whole life too) by unhookingstarswithoutpermission

enjolras gets distracted by R’s hands, it’s all very cute

Things Joel said during Windows Destruction Starter Meme

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, I got to put in a password for this?”
“Yeah, thanks for ripping me off.”
“I think I’m slowly beginning to realize exactly what this is.”
“What year is this? It’s year ZERO.”
“Is this Chinese Bonzi Buddy?”
“Why in sweet nuclear Christ is this in my disk?”
“That’s…..that’s a purebred camel man….it’s great….”
“Camel Joe, is that you?”
“Wise up. You’re an adult now, you gotta pay taxes.”
“Somebody spat on the motherboard.”
“Memory test. And there’s like a snake on it.”
“Not only is it saying “ow”, as in “please stop, this hurts”, but it’s also doing faces at me!”
“We made a Windows 98 shittify itself into a portable Gameboy version!”
“It’s not that long until this thing starts making noises at me, it’s like hissing at me like an angry fucking cat.”
“The power of nuclear Christ compels you!”
“As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.”
“It’s a little old, 2002.”
“When Mario stopped using mushrooms he went for meth instead.”
“The trick is to, just spam it, right?”
“Yes, we’re really getting to that authentic 2002 experience!”
“I can’t tell if it’s a slayer solo or my computer screaming in agony.”
“It’s in. The shit is in, yes.”
“What is my name? How about EXPAND DONG?”
“How bout you go in here, you monkey fuck?”
“Mmm, absolutely, give me that too!”
“Alright, now that we got that, it’s time to add some wacky effects!
“We’re making a monster here, alright?”
“I’ve had the worst fucking day of my life.”
“The jam….jamm…..jammnest…”
“Who’s been drawing dicks?”
“It’s like a nuke about to blow off and we’re sitting here at the safe distance.”
“When I was 5 or 6 years old, I asked my dad, “Dad, what is technology?” and my dad says, “It’s magic.”
“Ahahahaha, this doesn’t look fishy at all!”
“What is this beast on my floor?!?”
“Oh my god, yes, YES! I want the gun!!”
“Please, give me Jesoos!”
“The Pope! THE POPE!!”
“Are you sure you want to can…..cancell?”
“Nobody sent any! They had to close it down!”
“It pains me to do this……and it’ll be the only one ever…..”
“This is the worst idea since I drank a martini with my eye.”
“I thought everything was fine. But no. No no no.”
“This is a sign of confused bewilderment.”
“Look at it! It’s the worst thing ever!”
“I blame you! You did this! YOU DID THIS!”
“THIRTY? Wait, one is not enough??”
“It sounds like farting in a bathtub.”
“*Laughing* This is the worst image!”
“It’s like a whole Twinkie!”
“Will this look good? Or will it look…….bad.”
“Cut to the chase, and do what we should have done.”
“I don’t want to watch the weather, I want to fucking download MIDI’s!”
“Enter location? HELL. In, I guess, Michigan.”
“It’s a screaming fucking cat!”
“That cat spooked the shit out of me, what the fuck?!?”
“There’s no fucking way this is Comic Sans.”
“It’s working! It’s working!!”
“Can you see me? I can’t see you!”
“I put spinning spaghetti….in…….”
“And God was dead.”
“I’m going to snort some MP3 files…”
“What is this shit? Grand Dad?”
“I sexually identify as an attack helicopter.”
“Whatever’s going on here, I don’t like it. I don’t like it, I don’t like it one bit!”

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Seriously I will take recs from any of the relationships that u mentioned!!! They are all my fav!!! ☺️💕☺️ thanks!!!

I’ve already done some deamus and courferre recs, so here’s enjoltaire and wolfstar

ENJOLTAIRE (and some courferre):

  • A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words: (25k) Grantaire and Courfeyrac make a bet about who can get the other one together with their crush first (enjoltaire & courferre)
  • Friday I’m In Love: (33k) fake dating (WIP, but it ends happy right now)
  • Inked Amis Series: Grantaire gets a tattoo and starts a trend. 2 fics, 1 enjoltaire and 1 courferre (about 19k between the 2 fics)
  • Let Me Serenade You: (10k) 10 times Grantaire sung for Enjolras, and 1 time Enjolras sung for Grantaire
  • Nondiscriminatory Hiring Practices: (7k) coffeeshop au
  • Only Human: (3k) sickfic
  • Plan M: (6k) the amis plot ways to get Enjolras and Grantaire together, but their attempts haven’t been so successful (or have they?). Background courferre.
  • Years Since It’s Been Clear: Enjolras insists that Grantaire move in with him when he finds out that Grantaire’s apartment is terrible


  • Aesthetic: Trash Boys: (73k) nonmagic au, kik/texting fic (WIP)
  • In The Middle: (3k) James tries to get Remus and Sirius together (marauders era)
  • Pack Issues: (87k) lie low at Lupin’s (and Harry’s there too)
  • Work With This: (8k) Remus and Sirius go on their first date during the first wizarding war
  • Text Talk: (113k) nonmagic au, texting fic where Sirius is at a boarding school and Remus is in the hospital (WIP)
Baby Girl

400 Follower Celebration for @jpadjackles (Daddy!Jared x Reader)
  [still taking requests for drabbles!]

“So, what we’ve all been wondering: how is Y/N and your baby girl?”

The fan’s question had Jared smiling like an idiot.  Anything that made him think about his new daughter put a huge grin on his face. “Thanks for asking, so much.  Y/N is amazing as ever, I mean is there anything bad I could say about the love of my life and mother of my children?”  The crowd applauded and clapped, and Jared smiled at the love they were showing him and Y/N.

“As for our newest little bundle of joy…” Jared looked down at his lap, his emotions about to get the best of him.

“Look what you did!” Jensen interjected, automatically knowing that Jared needed a moment to gather his thoughts.  “Now he’s gonna get all emotional!”

The crowd laughed at Jensen’s teasing, and Jared fake cried into his hands for a moment.  

“No, but seriously, guys…” he began again.  “She’s beautiful.  And perfect. And just – I can’t even put into words how amazing it is to be the father of a wonderful baby girl.”

Jared looked over at Jensen before continuing.  “Of course y’all know I’ve got two boys already, and Ackles has told me how it would be to have a little girl of my own…”  He clapped Jensen on the shoulder twice in thanks.  “But it’s just incredible.  It’s different having a girl from having boys.  She’s precious in a way that they aren’t, she’s just –“

“Okay, okay,” Jensen interrupted again.  “If we let him talk more, he’s never gonna stop gushing.”  The fans laughed again, as did Jared.  

Jensen continued, “From someone who won’t talk your ear off, here are the facts:  Y/N and baby are doing great, they were released from the hospital a couple days before we flew here, and they’re both beautiful.” Jensen noticed that Jared was looking at his phone as he kept talking.

“Danneel and the Ackles clan are over at Jared’s house helping out while we’re here, and as soon as we’re done this evening we’re flying back so that Jared can fall asleep with her in his arms.”  The crowd awed and clapped again, loving the image that Jensen sketched for them.

Jared raised the mic to his mouth once more.  “They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so here ya go.”  He held his phone up toward the camera, so the camera girl could zoom in on the image he was showing.  Y/N was laying in her hospital bed, minutes old baby in her arms, wrapped in a pink blanket.  Jared was perched on the edge of her bed, looking down proudly at his wife.  Tom and Shep were peeking over the side of the bed, eager to see their new sister.

The applause from the crowd filled the room, and Jared’s grin got even bigger.  He finally pulled his phone away, saying proudly, “That’s my baby girl.”

a sunday kind of love

Pairing: Taehyung/Jimin
Author: kadotas
Genre: Established Relationship, Tooth Rotting Fluff, Anniversaries, Domestic Fluff, Light Angst, Strangers To Lovers
Rating: PG15

Jimin stumbles upon Taehyung’s old photo albums and realises that pictures aren’t the only things that speak a thousand words.

(or: Jimin reminisces about why he loves Taehyung for the past 6 years they’ve been together.)

Admin’s Notes: so beautifully written. lighthearted, but at the same time, real enough that it brought a tear to my eye. taehyung and jimin are so good together and this fic portrayed that brilliantly. definitely a new fav

Link: AO3

Don’t forget to leave comments and kudos!
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