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I need your help. I may have called Patrick beautiful during his intermission interview last night and got ridiculed by my family for saying so. Now I’m on a crusade to prove them wrong because come on the man’s gorgeous and a gift and we are lucky to have him so what are your favorite beautiful kaner pics?

Oh anon can I. Jeez. So this took a while because I was working on a take home midterm but here you go. 

(I’ll put sources if i have them guys. Most of my pictures come off of google so please don’t yell at me. I’ll happily add sources to pictures if you have them, just send them to me.)

My favorite gif of him in history. He knows exactly what he looks like and what he’s doing. 

One of my favorites. Pure joy right here. Dimples out, messy curls. 

Lovely. He’s staring right into my soul. 

little bit scruffly here

look at his smile!

his profile is so lovely


maybe it’s weird but i love his teeth. that little gappy grin slays me

i love his hair here

he has the most beautiful eyes

His beautiful smile


BBY!kaner here and already jaw droppingly beautiful

Even with a mullet he’s beautiful. 

here his grin just gets bigger and bigger and it’s PRECIOUS

and a few of his booty which does not get enough appreciation imo.

Annnd in conclusion a bunch of gifs/pics of his RIDICULOUS eyelashes.  He knows EXACTLY how to use those deadly weapons okay???

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hopefully this makes sense, but when you outline, you have your black lines, and then the pink ones in the face and stuff, how do you achieve this? like do you separately draw the pink lines after the black or how is this done? aaah i hope that makes sense

first you outline everything in black, then you press this nifty little button here by the layers menu

it locks the opacity, so you can color over the layer without going outside the lines. you can also create a new layer on top of your lines and make it a clipping layer (option + click between the two layers) and color there. both have the same effect

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Hi this might be a tall order but could I get a palette for a variety of different purple sapphires? As in Violet, periwinkle, etc.? I'm having trouble deciding so maybe color schemes would help.

Sure thing! Going off of what you listed as well as some other pictures off of google, here’s some color palettes!~

Violet Sapphire

Periwinkle Sapphire

Purple Sapphire

Magenta Sapphire

Lilac Sapphire

Color Change Sapphire

Hope these help you!~

- Mod Sapphire ❤

Light Painting

Characters: Cas x Reader, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 2,391

Warnings: just pure fluff with Castiel because he’s a smol bean

Request by @helllonearth:  Jordan! I noticed that you don’t write that much Castiel recently cause almost nobody is requesting him. But this idea flashed (literally) in my mind while taking some photos. So, what about a oneshot where reader is a photographer and she loves light painting,when cas becomes human she decide to take a pic of him creating wings behind him with a light effect. 

Author’s Note: I do not own any of the pictures. I got them off Google but if you know the person who made them, let me know so I can credit them. If you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite! If you want to request a fic, please send them in! I love writing what you guys want!

Feedback is always appreciated

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If you never became a hunter, you would most definitely be in the photography business. There was something about being behind a camera, capturing moments in life that would never present themselves again.

Of course, you still did photography but not as much as you would like. You tried to take as many pictures as you possibly could, taking pictures of landscapes to people to food to even still life. You loved working on the pictures digitally, making them more modern with filters and other types of things that compliment them.

Your favorite kind of painting was light painting. It was kind of hard to explain but you do this in the dark, take a special kind of light and start “painting” the air as you take pictures which then produces whatever you painted in the air.

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Genie’s 328 Followers Thank You Readings

First: Thank you to everyone who followed me for one reason or another-you guys are dope! 

Second: As a thank you, I’ve decided that instead of a giveaway because it seems like too much work and really not as… thanking than it is as a competition, all of my current 328 followers will get a page worth energy reading, or a six card tarot reading, plus a theme card!

Also: I want to give a special shout out to @thymewitch for letting me help out and get practice with energy readings! And to @littlewitchystar and @itrainferaligatrs for their continuous support! Honestly, all of these guys are just so sweet its ridiculous. 

The only thing you guys have to do: actually send me a request off anon-this is just so I can confirm if you’re a current follower! Naturally, you can ask for it to be private or via DM.

So there we go!

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How are you gonna get mad at people stealing gifs 😂 they're gifs, that's like saying people are stealing pictures off google from whoever posted them lol byeeee

I think you’re very young or very ignorant. Either way, if you make and create something, it belongs to you. If you don’t mind that people share it, that’s okay. But you have every right to say you don’t want your stuff to be taken without credit because you’ve spent a lot of time working on it. Do you think gifs take a second to be made? Do you follow some of the gif makers on this site? Do you know how upset they get when they see their work stolen and posted around without credit?

Also, in case you didn’t know, Youtubers get their videos taken down often times when they use pics from google because of copyright claims. Someone had to take those pics and edit them and post them there, they’re just not yours to take because it’s the internet.

A/N: I don’t know what to do with this  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Summary: Reader’s rather horrible day takes a turn as she meets the two lead actors of her favorite show.

Characters: Jensen x College!Reader x Jared

Warnings: None

1030 Words

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Your eyes shot open the second you heard your familiar alarm by Asia. You instantly turned it off and checked the time. You groaned, if you didn’t leave in ten minutes, you’d be late for your last exam.

Quickly, you got yourself ready and dressed and prayed that you won’t be late so you could write the exam that you’ve studied so hard for.

Thankfully, you weren’t late, but that didn’t stop the rest of the day from not going your way.

The moment you got back to your small apartment after finishing your last exam, you had decided to take a relaxing shower, only to find it was freezing.

Then you wanted to have some microwavable dinner, but the electricity went out.

You snapped when you couldn’t find your phone anywhere, you had promised a week ago that you’d call your mom today.

God, you hate Tuesdays.

You looked outside. It wasn’t dark yet, and since you had spent some time in the library earlier today, you’d figured that’s where you left your phone.

You walked in the library but stopped in your tracks at what you saw. A camera was pointed in your direction with a large crew behind it. You saw that the camera was filming two actors sitting at one of the tables, who looked like they were reading through books.

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i’m probably very silly but i think an undertale dating sim might


be pretty fun??

though to be fair if i was in charge of one, i’d make it so that just like in the game itself you couldn’t actually romance any of the characters, just befriend them and help them get together (undyne and alphys), patch up former friendships (alphys and mettaton, asgore and toriel) and other stuff like that. you could still “date” them, but it would only lead to platonic friendshipness even if you flirted your butt off. soooo i guess it wouldn’t actually be much of a dating simulator ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

also i have never actually played a dating sim in my life and have no idea what they’re like or how they function so :V

(background pictures were just nabbed off google image search, no idea where they’re originally from)


The SLBP Lords As Children Part 1 of 4

So ever since I saw a picture of young Masamune, I have been wanting to make edits of them as little youngsters. This takes a lot longer than expected and these took about 6 hours to photoshop in total. I will be making more in the next few days, expect headcanons to be limited while this is ongoing.

Their Ages In The Edits:

Yukimura: 8 years old

Saizo: 7 years old

Kenshin: 4 years old

Shingen: 11 years old (I know he looks like crap compared to the others but I had a really hard time with him lol, he’s difficult)

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own anything that was used to make these, I just pulled pictures off of google images and screenshots I have taken.

Okay, I’ve seen this tweet floating around, and I really wanted to address it because I’m tired of this.

First of all, it’s so obviously fake. Do y'all really think Melanie would say she’s pregnant just because she threw up? You’d think she’d, ya know, take a pregnancy test? Like everyone else?

Second of all, the person who edited it obviously meant it as a joke. Notice how it says the date is April 1st, or the fact that Donald Trump’s profile picture is in the likes. It’s really too bad that a few people didn’t bother thinking about that and started spreading it around like it was true.

There’s also some alleged leaked Snapchat posts showing Melanie’s ultrasound and various different captions. Do you guys know how easy it is to fake that? I’m willing to bet all they did was pull ultrasound pictures off Google, and somehow people still fell for it.

Please stop spreading misinformation. If she is pregnant, just let her announce it for herself.

Things YoI Fans/Ficcers Should Know (#20)


I’ve been asked by several writers to cover jumps because the Wikipedia breakdown can be a tad bit confusing for those who are not familiar with skating. However, in order to understand the difference between jumps, we have to know a bit about the blade and how you can use it first. 

NOTE: this is not a comprehensive breakdown of all the parts of a skate blade, nor is a physics paper. This is designed for my beloved fic authors and skating newbies. 

The front part of the blade (the spikey bit) is called the TOE PICK. This is different on various models of blades, and quite large on the upper-level skates. The toe pick’s spike gives the skater the ability to dig into the ice, and is most commonly used to propel the skater into the air for jumps. Toe picks are smaller on Ice Dance skates because the skaters don’t jump in the same fashion as Freestyle skaters. 

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Was drawing a bit of my Hijack Model AU, I really love how it’s turning out! I just really wish I can make this digitally on my computer but it broke down :(, so I’m doing digital art on my phone

Might do a full body Image of Hiccup and Jack in this AU and of course Jack will me modeling for Hic🌚 and Hiccup will be the dork he is with that goofy smile

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How do you make your edits?? They're all so good

Omg thanks!!!! 

Currently right now I am usuing Pixlr which is free ( lmao 

I then will take a picture that I got off google I usually search up tumblr aesthetic ___ (example: tumblr aesthetic cat) and then I open that image on pixlr. 

Then I open up a new layer and read the quote word from word, typing it in, hoping I catch any grammar or spelling errors lol 

I use the font Arial most of the time and on there you can change it to italic or like bold italic. Then I will also change the color too. Then on pixlr you can also add like shadow too which would look like this 

Then after that I adjust and save it and post it up on my queue! Hoped that helped!