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Was drawing a bit of my Hijack Model AU, I really love how it’s turning out! I just really wish I can make this digitally on my computer but it broke down :(, so I’m doing digital art on my phone

Might do a full body Image of Hiccup and Jack in this AU and of course Jack will me modeling for Hic🌚 and Hiccup will be the dork he is with that goofy smile

A Gavin a day keeps the artist blues away

Spacey fluroite themed Gav as requested by @xkatelyn13x​. And yes admittedly i got the picture of space off google. i’ve spent so much time on this already x.x

Next stop, Black Onyx! Looks like I can get these out approx. every day. got any other themes you want seen?

okay but remember when Taylor would give fans in the audience her bracelets and stuff???

Then she gave fans the black hat 

and now 

Taylor is literally the best person in the universe and nobody will ever even come close to comparison.

Fun fact about young me; I had (and still have, though not to the same extent) an obsession with the grim reaper in middle school. Like, I spent time collecting a whole bunch of different pictures off google for a personal folder on my school account that was just like… a little shrine of grim reaper images. I was just like “shit looks cool, I’mma collect it”.


i made some transparent lawyers with flower crowns yaaaay DISCLAIMER i just edited the pictures, the art is not mine. I got the original pictures off google, i honestly don’t know who the original artists are. if you by any chance know, please let me know so i can credit them.

Update: Athena’s original art belongs to @athenacykes 

Bobby & Simon’s original art belongs to @jaboncito

The Truth About Slytherin

Oh god….how many trees did I kill. This wall took about 3 weeks to make, I originally wanted to cover the entire wall but I ran out of time. Credit for these pictures go to their respective owners, I got these pictures off of Google.

Slytherins are not all evil rebels. So why do I feel like I should be ashamed of being in Slytherin? At least we’re rather open about having produced dark wizards. We are ambitious, cunning, and resourceful. Ambition is one of the defining traits of success, and Slytherin’s are diligent and hardworking. If we set our mind to something, we’ll do anything to achieve that goal. Being goal-oriented is not exactly a negative trait. It either helps you accomplish great or terrible deeds. And sadly for our house many of our members have chosen to do great but terrible things. We are loyal to our friends. We can be smart if we put our minds to it. We are brave in our own special way, but many people in our house will chose to save themselves, but there are exceptions like Snape and Regulus.

I am not evil because I’m a Slytherin. I am not immediately a bad person because I’ve been sorted into the house of green and silver. I am not a bad person because I have goals and ambition.

I’m almost out of room here, I hope you guys enjoyed.

Let’s win the Pottermore house cup again!!

Toms New Dad.

Tom in King Kong is playing, so we are told Carl Denham’s son. Carl Denham was played by Jack black that makes him Toms dad. and here for your discussion and perusal, is some pictures to see its true.

Works for me!

pictures all off google. (thank you google for my learning experiences this year provided by you)

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