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  • Kai: Crap, we have a flat tire
  • Lloyd: What are we gonna do? We're still really far away!
  • Jay: Don't worry guys I put a spare in the trunk!
  • Cole: Jay I swear on the first Spinjitzu Master if I open the trunk and there's bowling pins set up back there I'm going to throw you all the way to Ninjago City!!
  • Kai: *glaring at Jay*
  • Lloyd: *glaring at Jay*
  • Cole: *glaring at Jay*
  • Jay: .......
  • Jay: Don't open the trunk

I loved this new chapter because we finally have more shin soukoku interaction. I’ve personally been waiting for it.

The first time I saw the beginning of the chapter (when the raws were first released) I remember being surprised to see dazai holding both atsushi and akutagawa. I mean, their position is hilarious and their faces even more. But now that I have the context, I can’t help but pity akutagawa. I know that dazai saved him, and I understand that he wants dazai to acknowledge him, but I thought that since dazai already acknowledged he was strong, he would calm down. Of course, I never expected him to suddenly move on and forget dazai but still. Akutagawa has so much potential, he has people who care for him (like higuchi) and who recognize his strength (like atsushi and I think Hawthorne, among others) yet he is still stuck in the past. Hopefully, now that his character is being developed and his relationship with atsushi is progressing, he will learn to value more the others (and not be too emotionally dependent on dazai). What I didn’t like in this chapter, is that dazai felt the need to manipulate akutagawa, reminding him this was a good opportunity for him to prove him he changed after 4 years. I can guess why he said that. It was necessary that akutagawa accepted to work with atsushi so that their mission would go without (much) problems, and for shin soukoku to be born. However, I still want to believe there were other ways to convince him and I don’t think it is fair to akutagawa.

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“Welcome to Blue Lion!”

Tho there are already million bakery AUs, I too had to make one where Keith is a tired college student™ who stumbles into an old but cozy bakery/cafe and meets the bubbly baker~

Also this was the first time I created the setting on Sims 4 and used it as base bg. Much more easier than building on Google SketchUp :’)


persona 5 wallpapers - requested by anon

When you were a Guest Star™ and have been dead for over a year but the shit show is still using your name and image...

Whether by knife or by gun, losing your life can sometimes be fun 🔪