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Hey, I've Got You- Chapter Six

Tony Stark x enhanced! Reader

Summary -The reader was captured and experimented on and given the healing factor and she has claws that extend out from the bed of their nails. The people who are experiment on her cover her skeleton in vibranium. So the reader now has metal claws. They keep her locked away for a very long time. They rarely feed her or let her out because there is such a high chance of her escape now. Somehow the UN panel that is in charge of the accords finds out about the illegal experiments and send Iron Man in to shut down the operation. The reader is the only one there because the scientists had gotten word that they had been discovered. Tony finds the reader and takes her back to the compound.

Message- Team Cap is back!  Sorry if it sucks!!

Warning- Reader is held captive and experimented on. Mentions of torture. Self-injurious behavior.

Background Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five

Word Count- 1500ish 

Tony had received a call that morning informing him that Bruce Banner, Thor and some guy named Dr. Strange would also be coming to the tower.

“I think that they are actively trying to make my head explode!” Tony huffs as he starts to get dressed for day. You had already gotten ready choosing to wear a black pencil skirt and a dark red blouse. You were now holding Teddy, who was still asleep.

“I called Pepper she said that she would handle getting three additional rooms ready, she also said Helen would find two empty labs for Banner and Strange. Everything is taken care of, you don’t need to worry about those things.” You murmur as Tony sits down next to you fully dressed and he looks down at Teddy.

“How are you feeling about leaving him for the day? I’m a nervous wreck about it!” Tony said while trying to laugh it off.

“I hate the idea of leaving him here. He’s barley been out of our sight since the day he’s been born. But MJ is awesome and I showed her everything she needed to know last night, if anything happens she’ll call us and she promised to send photo updates every hour.” You say as you lift Teddy up to kiss his forehead, then you passed Teddy to Tony, so he could say goodbye. The two of you decided to leave the house earlier than usual so you have some extra time to prep. You say goodbye to MJ and then the two of you drive to the compound. The two of you drive in a comfortable silence, Tony held your hand the entire time. Once the two of you arrive at the compound you see Peter waiting for you, he looked nervous.

“Pepper just got a call, they’re gonna be here in about 20 minutes.” Peter said as he ran up to the two of you.

“Why so early? They weren’t supposed to come until 10:00.” You ask.

“They didn’t say. But everything is all set up, everyone else is waiting in the conference room.” Peter says. You and Tony nod and you kiss him on the cheek.

“Go, I’ll be there soon.” You say, Tony gives your hand a squeeze before letting it go. After he walked in you turned to Peter. “So, are you going to wear the mask?” you say as you but your oversized black sunglasses on.

“Yeah, I think that it’s for the best, at first anyway.” You hum in agreement and the two of you make your way to where the quinjet will be landing. When you see it start to approach Peter puts his mask on. You both straighten up a bit and the smile falls from your face. You do your best to look fierce and you feel Peter stiffen next to you as the jet lands. They all start to file off of the quinjet, one by one. They all look around a bit confused probably at the lack of familiar faces.

“Hello, Ma’am, we were told that Tony would be meeting us here.” Captain Rogers said.

“Yes, he’s inside, he had other things to attend to. So if you would please follow us we will bring you to the conference room.” You say icily. Then you and Peter turn around and start to walk quickly through the compound.

“Did Stark get a new assistant?” you hear Natasha ask Steve quietly. Eventually you get to the conference room where Tony, Pepper, Helen and Rhodey are. They all look serious as you enter the room. You quickly make your way to the empty seat next to Tony as you pass him you give his shoulder a little squeeze and he catches your hand and kisses is as you sit.

“Jeez Tony, have you been screwing the co-ed the entire time we’ve been on the run? She’s like half your age. What do you think of this Pepper?” Clint says. You start to tense up, you knew what people thought when they saw the two of you, but most people kept their thoughts to themselves. Tony went to say something but Pepper put her hand up.

“I’m very happy for Tony and his wife Y/N. While Tony and I did date in the past we finally realized that we were better as friends.” Pepper sneered at him.

“WIFE! You must have really lucked out when you went looking for a sugar daddy, kid!” Your hands clench into fists and you feel your claws pierced your skin. Tony looks down and frowns.

“You know nothing about her, so don’t judge her and none of you have been actively pursued in over a year and I know for a fact that most of you have been living in Wakanda.” Tony said as he glared around the room. “Now if we could get started. Things will be different, there are areas you will not have access to without permission, those include Helens, Spiderman’s, Rhodey’s and my labs, as well as Peppers and Y/Ns offices. All of you who lived here your rooms are in the same place. Those of you who haven’t your rooms are labeled. If you need an office just let Pepper know, Dr. Strange, T’Challa and Dr. Banner we have labs set up for you.” Everyone is tense and staring at Tony in shock. Your phone dings and you open it to see a picture of Teddy sleeping, so you show it to Tony and he smiles. “Do any of you have any questions?” No one said anything. “Okay then. I’ll be in my lab, if anyone needs me just let FRIDAY know.” Tony says as he gets up. He reaches his hand out to you and you take it and the both of you walk out. You can hear the rest of your group following you. You turn your head and see Pepper pushing Rhodey and Helen and Peter are right behind them. All of you make your way to Tony’s lab. As soon as you get there you all take a deep breath and just look at each other. Tony grabs a washcloth and whips the blood off of your hands.

“Can we just stay in here for the rest of the day?” you say and everyone laughs a bit. All of you hang out in Tony’s lab for a couple hours but eventually you all make your way out into the rest of the compound. You meet your therapist in your office and you talk for about an hour. Then you walk her out of the compound and when you turn around you see Steve and Bucky walking through the hall. You nod at them and quicken your pace a bit. You meet Peter in the gym and you tell FRIDAY to restrict access. After about 20 minutes you hear a knock on the door.

“FRIDAY, who’s at the door?” you ask.

“It is Captain Rogers, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Barnes and King T’Challa. Do you want me to let them in?” FRIDAY asks.

“Put you mask back on and grab a yoga mat for me.” You tell Peter who nods and jumps out of the ring. You walk over to the door and turn around to make sure Peter has his mask on and that he put the mat out. When he nods at you, you open the door. “Can I help you?”

“Yes, we were hoping to use the gym. We were unaware that you were in here. If you would prefer we could come back later.” T’Challa says.

“No, it’s okay. You can come in. I was just doing yoga and Spidey just wanted to work out without his mask for a while, so we locked the door. His identity is very important to him.” You say with a fake smile. You turn around and walk over to where Peter is standing. “Let’s use the treadmills for a little bit.” Peter nods. While you guys are on the treadmills you watch the four men train. After another 20 minutes you and Peter leave quietly.

“That was awkward.” Peter says when you walk into his lab.

“Yeah no kidding, are you staying for the “group dinner”? It’s going to be so awkward!” You say as you hop up onto one of tables.

“Yeah, I’m staying for it. I’m going home with you and Tony and then me and MJ are going to back to the city together. Tony said that you were going to bring Teddy with you guys tomorrow. That’s okay right? If not MJ can go back tonight and I can miss class to watch him tomorrow.”

“No, we need to tell everyone about him eventually. Does she know about what you really do here?” you ask.

“Yeah, she figured it out before we started dating.” Peter mumbled.

“I like her. She won’t take any shit from you.” You say. “I’m going to go find Tony, have fun with your science stuff.” You say as you hop off the table. After you say bye to Peter you make your way to Tony’s lab.

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DW!AU: *cough* sorry I’m being annoying *cough* but I’m not sorry cause this is beautiful *cough* I don’t exactly picture lil tony sleeping alone in his adult room, or at least not for long. so wHO DOES HE CUDDLE WITH. Is it DUM-E? Ohmygod Jarvis get the camera

lmao Dum-E isn’t exactly a great cuddle buddy, is he? Considering he can’t lay down and he’s made of metal? 

Tony doesn’t even try to sleep in his bedroom. They don’t even introduce him to the penthouse, because it’s better if he stays on the communal floors where they can keep an eye on him. They do give him his own guest bedroom, but he always ends up in Rhodey or Bucky or Sam’s bed by the morning, so eventually they just give up and they rotate sleeping with him for the night. None of them mind it, but the others find it a little strange considering Tony is already five years old and should be able to sleep on his own. (They haven’t heard him crying for his mom, scared and confused about the future, unsure of his own standing.) 

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Can I have Sam taking care of sleepy, tired Tony?

Tony looks ready to keel over but each time someone points it out to him and tells him to sleep, Tony’s forehead curls into a stubborn frown.

Sam has watched Steve trying to convince Tony to finally sleep for the better half of an hour now.

It stopped being funny.

“Tony, all I’m saying is that you need to get some rest. You’ve been up for- JARVIS?”

“For 43 hours, Captain.”

Steve nods at the ceiling, then glances at Tony, one eyebrow raised. “So, way too long. I think you need to sleep.”

Tony, being the picture of manic energy and too much coffee, crosses his arms with a scoff. “And I think you need to stop telling me what to do, Cap.”



Sam gets hit by a paper ball aimed with deadly precision and he shoots Bucky a glare. The man just shrugs, nodding with his head in the direction of their leaders arguing and mouths “Do something about this.”

Natasha’s brow is twitching too. Sam heaves a sigh. If he wants to prevent Tony being forcibly dragged into his room by one overly worried super soldier and a pissed off assassin, he has to act now.

“Tony”, Sam says, over Steve’s next argument.

He gets a huff in response. “Not now, Sam. I’m trying to make Capsicle understand-”

“Sweetheart.” Sam says and Tony goes silent before he’s finished his sentence. “Come here?”

There’s a moment of hesitation, but eventually Tony does come over and Sam takes a long look at him. Yes, his boyfriend looks tired and ready to fall asleep any moment but there’s also a determined expression on his face that tells Sam he won’t just go to bed.

So instead, Sam pats the spot next to him on the couch. “Sit down.” And amazingly, Tony does. He grumbles and complains but he snuggles up against Sam, pressing closer when Sam puts his arm around him.

Having at least quietened Tony like this, they go back to watching the movie but Sam doesn’t pay attention. He focuses on Tony’s breathing. It gets slower quickly, evens out and he smiles to himself. Tony melts into him and it only takes a few minutes for him to snore softly into Sam’s neck.

Which is just about perfect. Sam lets him rest for a bit longer before he moves slowly, running his hand over Tony’s back, then up to his neck and massaging gently. He turns his head to press a soft kiss to his boyfriend’s forehead and whispers Tony’s name.


Tony moves, just a little and makes a sleepy noise that fills Sam with affection.

“Let’s go to bed, sweetheart”, Sam says quietly, murmuring the words into Tony’s hair. His lover just makes this soft noise again, pressing his face closer into the crook of Sam’s neck. Tony is completely relaxed by now, all pliant and lax and Sam kisses his forehead again.

“Bed, Tony”, he repeats. This time, Tony actually follows, moving to stand only to immediately fall back into Sam’s arms when he wraps them around him. Like this, having been asleep and being woken up, Tony is incredibly docile. There’s no fight left in him and so Sam has no troubles guiding his boyfriend out of the living room and into their floor.

Once there, he tucks Tony in, kissing him softly on the lips before he crawls into bed with him. Tony cuddles close, only satisfied when he rests his head on Sam’s chest.

Sam, for his part, runs his fingers through Tony’s hair and falls asleep to the even, calm breaths of his lover.

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A/N: since i’m sick, i whipped up something extra fluffy :3 

Tony Stark was the perfect example of adorable.

Sure, he’ll probably throw a fit at anyone who says that within his hearing range, but it doesn’t stop Steve from thinking otherwise.

The first feature to blame was his eyes.

His wide, chocolate doe eyes and those ridiculously long eyelashes, and don’t even get Steve to start on his bottom lashes.

He has eyes that Steve has found himself drowning into, has eyes that are so truthful about his feelings that sometimes it leaves Steve overwhelmed that those eyes look at him with such love.

The next to blame was his lips.

Lips that had a magic of its own, charming people into it’s desires. His lips are his weapon that has left Steve breathless and defenseless far to many times.

That is until said lips were pouting at him.

He’d be pouting and trying to guilt Steve into getting him what he wants by using his big puppy dog eyes and he’d just look so adorable that Steve couldn’t help but pepper kisses all over his face.

And really, Steve could go on and on about why Tony Stark was so adorable, but well, he wouldn’t live long enough to finish the story.

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Rapunzel  (Tony Stark x reader)

Request:  Imagine Tony stark playing with your hair (and possibly tangling it while trying to braid) thank you!

Thanks for the request, doll!  Hope you like!  

Putting your hair up into your jump helmet was almost impossible.  It was long, thick and downright unruly.  The sheer volume alone took up most of the helmet, and you had yet to find a way to control it.  There were many days when you were close to cutting it all off, but you could never quite bring yourself to do it.  Today was another one of those days; no matter how you secured it, tangled strands fell around your face.

“You know, I’m pretty good at braiding.  It’s one of my top secret skills that we don’t divulge to the public.”  Looking at yourself in the mirror, you could see Tony’s reflection as he stood behind you with a smirk crossing his lips.

“Have at it, my friend.  But I must warn you, you’re going in at your own risk.”

As Tony combed thru your hair, you began to wonder what this would look like from an outsider’s perspective. If one of the other Avengers were to walk in, the ridicule would be legendary.  If Cap thought he suffered thru the whole ‘language’ debacle, this would make that look like a walk in the park.  He began to weave your hair thru his fingers, slowly twisting the braid into shape.  His tongue was sticking out just a bit at the corner of his mouth, his concentration fully focused on your hair.  


Tony wrapped the hair tie around the end of the braid and let it hang down your back.  He stood for a moment, looking over his work.  “I need 4 bobby pins.  No more, no less.”

“Wow, you’re really getting into this, aren’t you.?”  He popped the pins between his lips as he wrapped the braid around your head, securing it into place.  He stepped back one more time to check for any loose strands, clapping his hands together at his success.  “Done!”

You spun your chair around so that you could see your hair from all sides, marveling in the detailed work he had done.  “Well, that settles it.  You are officially my mission hairstylist. Who would’ve thought?”


When the mission was completed and the team returned home to the tower, you didn’t have the heart to take down the braid just yet.  Not only was it really well done and it stayed in place like a dream, it was something special.  Tony was your best friend, and the fact that he did this for you meant a lot.  Once you had taken a few pictures, you finally resolved to take down the braid and jump in the shower, but there was a knock at your door.  

“Miss, it’s Mr. Stark.”

“Thanks, FRIDAY, let him in please.”

When the door opened you were immediately concerned at the sight before you.  Tony looked exhausted and anxious, like so many of those nights when he couldn’t sleep, sometimes for days on end.  He was wringing his hands and pacing in your doorway; he looked on the verge of panic.

“Can you come sit with me for a bit?”


Tony sat on the couch in the darkened room and gestured for you to sit next to him.  He pulled you in to sit with your back to his chest, slowly beginning to undo the braid on your head.  His fingers were moving very carefully as to not pull too hard, gently twisting the strands as they released.  

“Are you okay, Tony?  Did something happen?”

He took a few deep breaths, continuing his work.  “No, nothing specific.  I think I’m just exhausted.”  Your hair was now completely unbound, but he was still running his fingers thru the waves that were left behind.  “When I was helping you earlier, I had this strange calmness when I ran my fingers thru your hair.  It’s all I’ve wanted to do since we got back.  Is that weird?”

Closing your eyes and laughing softly, you were just relieved that nothing had happened to cause his sudden mood shift.  “No, sweetie, it’s not weird.  If this helps calm you, then this is what we’ll do.”

A short time later, your eyes fluttered open to a completely dark room, the sounds of Tony’s quiet snores behind you.  You had no idea how long you had been asleep, but when you woke you found yourself covered with a blanket that hadn’t been there before.  A dim light was on in the lab, and you could see Bruce’s shadow inside. Rather than getting up and risking waking your friend, you grabbed your phone to text the doctor.

Thanks for the blanket, B.

Thanks for finally getting him to sleep.

I knew it.

You must have some magical hair.  I might need to study this.

The next message was a picture of you sleeping against Tony, your hair draped over his face as if he were shielding himself with it, breathing you in.  

Yeah, now it’s weird.

Imagine Tony asking Rhodey to babysit Peter because Steve and him haven’t had a date night in quite a long time. 

So Rhodey agrees to take on the little squirt for the whole evening and they end up having one of the best evenings ever. They watch space documentaries with Rhodey explaining everything to Peter as the young lad listens intently, wanting to know everything there was to know, He tells Peter about how he and his dad used to go to school today and makes Peter laugh with funny yet appropriate stories about his father. 

They DO end up making cookies and Peter insists that they have to make War Machine shaped ones because he loves War Machine a lot and even whispers in Rhodey’s ear “Maybe even more than Iron Man.’ And Rhodey’s heart just swells with affection for this boy that he gives him such a big hug, Peter squealing happily. 

They make a meal out of dinosaur shaped chicken bits (because Tony had warned him in advance) with some fries and apple juice. They literally talk about everything and Rhodey even tells Peter about how he really admires his papa, Captain America. Peter promises to keep a secret and Rhodey laughs and says he’s the best.

At the end of the evening, they end up watching the stars as they were very visible and he tells Peter about the constellations as well as about rockets and how they’re built and what NASA does. And Peter is so incredibly happy that his cheeks are flushed with excitement and he’s asking all these questions which definitely makes Rhodey know that this was Tony’s son.

Tony then arrives back with Steve after a good night out and they see Peter curled up next to Rhodey’s side asleep as he’s covered in his Black Widow blanket. Rhodey is asleep as well with his arm around the little boy protectively. 

Steve and Tony BOTH take a picture before deciding to leave to sleep for a little while longer. 

Accidental Kiss

Latina shewolf asked for an accidental kiss. And aside from redoing that scene from Friends, this popped in my head.


It was a little known fact that Tony Stark without coffee was incapable of dealing with people. As in his brain just didn’t compute anything that wasn’t his work or any errant thoughts running through it. Anything else was shifted to the side as unimportant or imagined.

The only people who knew this little tic of Tony’s were Pepper, Rhodey, and JARVIS. Dummy and his brothers knew as well, but as they shamelessly used Tony without coffee to their advantage, they didn’t count.

Tony’s little team had no idea what he was like without coffee. Mainly because he had yet to show them and also because he kept himself to his workshop or bedroom during those times. (Not that Tony really had any idea just how bad he was; he generally treated his hazes before coffee as dreams.)

So it was months after the team moved in that they got a taste of Tony before his coffee in the morning firsthand.

Tony had come up from a short power nap in his workshop that hadn’t really done much for his weariness. So now he was upstairs in the kitchen, intending on snagging some water before he headed off to bed to get some proper sleep. It was the morning, but he kept weird hours.

Tony hadn’t really expected the people in his kitchen, and the entire scene had such an air of surrealism to it that he doubted it was really happening at all. It was just like him to dream of happy team times. (And Steve smiling at him.)

“Morning, Tony,” Steve said, still giving him that smile.

Tony didn’t say anything, but he did blink at him speculatively. This was definitely a dream.

Because only in a dream would Thor be wearing My Little Pony pajamas. Tony had more pictured him sleeping in the nude.

Also, Steve’s friend James seemed less inclined than usual, to murder people, instead conversing with Natasha in quiet tones.

So if this was a dream…

Tony went up to Steve and placed a hand on his shoulder, leaning down to kiss that smile.

Steve made a sort of startled squeak, his lips parting in surprise. Shamelessly taking advantage of the opportunity, Tony got a good taste of how Steve tasted in the morning. Which was surprisingly like pancakes.

Humming happily, Tony drew back and planted one last kiss on Steve’s nose.

Then he ruffled that ridiculous blond hair and left, intending on finishing this dream on a good note and not risk it turning into a nightmare.

This was definitely one he’d be trying to remember. His lips were still tingling.

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If Steve had an instagram, what would it be like?

okay so first of all, steve’s instagram would be filled with artistic photos, his drawings, what he’s eating, the avengers and of course, tony.

and like he would post a pic of his lunch that day and the caption would be “one of the best things about this century is the food, you don’t need to travel to get food from italy😌”

and he would post scenery pictures and the caption would be like “grateful to be a part of this” or “this is what a masterpiece is”

he posts pictures of the avengers doing domestic things with the caption “is this what living with your college mate feels like?” and he posts a group photo of the avengers with the caption “family.”


he’d post a picture of tony working in the lab with the caption “my world in his world”

he’d post a picture of tony post battle, still in his iron man suit but he’s licking ice cream and he’s got a bit of ice cream on his nose and he’s smiling at steve goofily as he takes the picture so he puts the caption “yeah you look real scary with your adorable face and sweet smile”

he’d post a picture of tony sleeping in the morning with new york as the background with the caption “two sites that i would never get tired of: new york and you.”

he’d post a picture of them together, tony holding a bouquet of flowers with the caption “going into the 3rd year now, and life has never been better, thankyou sweetheart.”

he’d post a pic of tony’s side on their bed when he’s away on a trip with the caption “bed’s cold without you. come home soon” 

he’d post a picture of him holding tony’s hand, the silverband being the focus of the photo, the caption is, “he said yes.” 

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Do you think cat!Tony is a kind of jerk cat that likes to knock things over or sleep over people's sketchbook while they're drawing or sit right in front of the TV when people are watching because I can totally picture him doing that. (Srsly your cat!Tony gives me life tbh)

sleeping over people’s sketchbook like Steve’s sketchbook oMG I CAN IMAGINE THAT HOW CUTE!!

I think cat Tony is one of them hahahha in my opinion XD!

A Man, Not a Boy (Psychic Projector Avenger!Reader X Pietro Maximoff)

Prompt:“Imagine the rest of the Avengers locking you in a room with Pietro until you work out your problems with each other.”


Title: A Man, Not a Boy (Psychic Projector Avenger!Reader X Pietro Maximoff)
Warnings: None//
Please inbox me if you find any mistake!

I tried a different style compared to my last fic, I actually re wrote this four times, mainly because I just can’t capture the stream in my head. If you liked this, I would love to write this prompt again in a different ‘ending’. Just inbox me :D Or reblog, or request on my page! XD

“LET ME OUT!” (Y/N) yelled as she threw herself on the door. She couldn’t believe Tony would actually throw her into a room made of Vibranium for such a stupid reason.

“Please, (Y/N), I really don’t want to write another giant cheque to repair the parts of the tower you and speedy destroy. Talk this out, it’s dragging the team on.” Tony plead from the other side, how many of them were in on this?

“(Y/N), Pietro, I’m sorry!” Wanda’s voice came from the other end, and (Y/N) could hear the ash-blond huff angrily in response.

“Thank you, my dear sister!” Pietro replied sarcastically.

<i>”You like her, ever since we met at the orphanage.” Wanda whispered into his mind, “I’m only giving you an opportunity to be honest.”

“Shut up.” Pietro replied in his mind, mental-Wanda sighed softly, then left his consciousness. <i>

“Nat! Come on!” (Y/N) continued to shout, “You can’t be this childish!”

“No (Y/N)” Clint replied instead, “You need to stop being a child and talk this out with Pietro, we’re sick of fire drills and soggy breakfasts.”

(Y/N) pouted.

Pietro thought she looked incredibly adorable.

“Have fun!” Tony said, “we’ll come back in the morning!” With that, he and the other Avengers spun around and left to their individual rooms.

(Y/N) looked around the room for a weapon, and found the room bare say for a single bed, a very comfortable looking sofa and no windows…great.

The psychic Avenger sighed, suddenly wished that she was less of a pig, if she was, perhaps she wouldn’t have been lured by the invitation to enjoy a few slice of Bruce’s home made apple pie with whipped cream.

Damn it, is loving food a sin?

Especially when they said that they didn’t tell Pietro, so she could eat her slice of pie in peace.

Look where that got her.

“All I wanted was a slice of apple pie.” (Y/N) muttered under her breath, “I don’t deserve this.”

‘Ouch.’ Pietro thought as he shifted uncomfortably on the balls of his feet.

Heaving another sigh, the (H/C) sat down on the couch and patted at the seat next to her. Pietro raised an eye brow in question, but sat down next to her none the less. They were closer than he’d like, he could already feel his heartbeat accelerating and he prayed that his face was not flushed.

It was.

“What’s wrong?” (Y/N) asked, “afraid of a little girl?”

(Y/N) was most certainly NOT a little girl, not with her curvaceous perfect body and long, toned legs. Pietro’s mind was already running off into his fantasies, imagining her thighs wrapped around his waist as he-

“Oi!” (Y/N) waved her hand infront of him, “I asked you a question!”

Pietro wanted to run, as he always does whenever (Y/N) got too close. It always ended up in a cat and mouse game where (Y/N) would be chasing him all around the tower in an attempt to squeeze the truth out of her, Pietro maybe none so carefully throwing obstacles in her way in a futile attempt to stop her.

Being able to teleport, (Y/N) was the only one who could even match to Pietro’s ridiculous speed, maybe it was that, or maybe it was just because she was just such a tease, she would always attempt to catch him and the last time she succeeded, Pietro had to wiggle out of her grasp before she figured out the real reason there was a giant bulge in his pants.

Yup. Pietro silently groaned as he recalled the weeks of torture afterwards, the constant questioning and invasion of private space—like right now.

“I don’t understand! I’ve known you since you were ten! Nine years, does nine years of friendship mean nothing to you? WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU AVOIDING ME?!”

Her face was way too close for comfort, her chest centimetres away from touching him. She angled herself a little further towards him, her left hand resting on her hip, the other rapidly coming in contact with his cheek.

He jerked, and ran across the room in a millisecond. (Y/N) fell over on the couch, lying flat on her stomach.

(Y/N) groaned, and threw her hands up.

“I give up! Okay, I get it! You hate me! I’ll stop chasing you! Now can I get back to my books and Netflix? I have like 20 episodes loaded on there and less than 20 hours to watch them all!”

Pietro knew he should correct her, but he couldn’t, he was afraid of whatever words would spill from his lips if he spoke. Maybe a blunt confession, that would be bad.

“What,” (Y/N) raised an eyebrow, “did you just say?”
He didn’t just say that out loud, did he?

“Yes you did.” (Y/N) replied, skilfully teleporting yet again centimetres from him, she took a step forward as he took a step back. “You better explain this, what confession? Are you hiding something from me? Is that why you keep running when I try to touch you?”

Pietro gulped as his back hit the wall, he didn’t have anywhere to run, not without pushing (Y/N) away, and he didn’t think anymore physical contact with her would do his poor heart any good.

“Hey!” (Y/N) pointed at him, “answer me!” placing her finger on his chest as she said ‘me’.

Then she felt it, the rapid beating of his heart, the flush of his cheeks, the bulge in his pants.

“Oh.” (Y/N) said, suddenly flustered, “I-“

Her sentence was cut off by a kiss, initiated by no other than the lust demon that Pietro had kept under lock and key all this time.

Very surprised, (Y/N) didn’t object as Pietro pried open her mouth, sliding his wet muscle in.

It felt weird to be kissing her childhood friend,.

Her hands went to his abs, and she relished at the feeling of the toned muscle. Pietro’s hands flew to each side of her cheek, deepening the kiss.

Only when Pietro parted their lips did (Y/N) noticed that not only was she holding her breath in the whole entire time, she had also closed her eyes.

She studied her flustered ‘friend’, his icy blue eyes that would drive any women wild, his untrimmed stubble that tickled when they kissed, his long arms and legs, his toned muscles.

Since when had he grown into a man?

Gosh, she felt so embarrassed.

Pietro dared a look, only to see (Y/N) embarrassed and flushed, but not angry. He dared to hope a little, just a little. They were still in each other’s arms, so Pietro smashed his lips down at her’s again, not holding back an ounce of energy this time as he vent out all his frustration.

This time, he felt her kissing back, and he allowed his hands to venture further. To touch the places he’s never dared to think about before, well, maybe outside his dreams.

(Y/N)’s hands found themselves home tangled in his hair, tugging and tilting her head so that he could have better access of her mouth, the heat between them was over boiling.

(Y/N) wanted to go further, she wanted to feel more.

But it felt wrong, it felt weird.

But it felt so right, so damn amazing at the time.

Throwing all logic out the window, she threw herself into flames of passion.

When Tony opened the door the next morning, he half expected to have something thrown at his face the moment he opened the door, but instead he found the two tangled in each other’s arms—fully clothed, (Y/N)’s head resting on Pietro’s chest.

Tony did the only thing a Stark would do, he took a picture and uploaded it to the Avenger’s shared whatsapp group.

He may have a sonic-in-flesh and psychic chasing him afterwards, but it would be well worth it.

“I’m getting my bow and arrow.”-Clint

“Calm down.”-Nat

“No, Nat.”-Clint

“I’m locking down the weapon’s room.”-Nat

“I have a spare.”-Clint

“I just took it, now leave those lovebirds alone.”-Nat

“You knew?!”-Clint

“Ofcourse I knew, calm down daddy hen Clint.”-Nat.

“Awww my brother.”-Wanda.

“I do not understand.”-Vision.

“Bruce just dropped his phone when he saw the picture! xD”-Tony

“I don’t find it very funny, I most certainly don’t think they’ll be very happy when they see this Tony.”-Bruce

“Tony! Come on! :( ”-Steve.

“If it isn’t the star spangled man with a plan! Aren’t you a little too late. ^-^”-Tony

“I think I just saw a flash of silver and blue, run Tony, run!”-Nat

“Oh cra-“

Tony’s phone was found destroyed by a clean swipe of psychic blade and smashed into pieces.

A/N: I think my favourite part is the Bonus. I mean, Tony taking a picture of (Y/N) and Pietro sleeping? Pure gold.

Any grammatical/spelling mistake, my inbox is always open.

I look forward to any of you requesting, I mean, god darn it, I love writing this. <3

anonymous asked:

TG is sleeping with makeup artist that used to work at Scandal. Not sure if she's still there but her name is Jennifer and there are pics of them together. When Scandal got the EW fan award with the cast and crew present, she was the woman on KW's right side. Just so you know...

Well my name is Jennifer. I pretty good at makeup. Perhaps I’m this makeup artist. And she was at an event that happened years ago? And there are pictures of them? Well shit I’m sold. 

I mean, come on. Somewhere there’s a picture with Tony and the woman who licked his neck. Is he sleeping with her too? Tony has a few pictures with Richard Lagravanese. Maybe Tony’s door swings both ways. Baby go do something productive and stop reaching.

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lbr - dummy totally puts the dunce hat on tonys head when hes so absorbed in his work that the outside world turns entirely into white noise. tony might even absently fix the damn thing when it almost slips off because hes so engrossed in what hes doing.

oh my GOD this is so adorable

and then when tony doesn’t notice the hat, dum-e just keeps… putting more stuff on him

kind of like those pictures you see of people piling stuff on their sleeping cats

tony is dum-e’s cat