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I forget I have an inbox (closed rn) and, taking a peek, I actually have a lot of shallura inspiration in there lol

I should really get to that. Maybe make it a goal to finish it by the end of the year, at the latest because I keep distracting myself

Jess Mariano with a look inspired by Eddie from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I started this ages ago and dug it up from my abandoned WIPs, so it took me a while to remember why the hell I started drawing it in the first place.

Then I remembered it’s cause some of the lyrics make for a great song about the general Stars Hollow perception of Jess, with just a few changes to who’s singing what:

From the day he was born  //  He was trouble
He was the thorn  //  In his mother’s side 
She tried in vain  //  But he never caused her nothing but shame

All he wanted  //  Was rock and roll porn
And a motorbike  //  Shooting up junk

TAYLOR: He was a low down cheap little punk!

LORELAI: Taking everyone for a ride

Everybody shoved him  //  I very nearly loved him
I said hey listen to me  //  Stay sane inside insanity
But he locked the door  //  And threw away the key

When Jessie said he didn’t like his teddy  //  You knew he was a no good kid
But when he threatened your life  //  With a switch blade knife

RORY: What a guy
MS PATTI: Makes you cry
LUKE: And I did

Concept: Keith during his first night with the Marmora after saying goodbye to the team, staring up at the ceiling and just. feeling lonely. He doesn’t really get why– he’s been alone for years, he should be used to this by now. And he’s laying there trying to convince himself of that when suddenly the room lights up and he glances over to find his communicator (”space cellphone,” Lance had said helpfully behind Coran’s back) blinking with incoming messages. "I’m proud of you,” says Shiro. "Be safe,” says Allura. "Good luck,” says Pidge. "I miss you!!” says Hunk. "Come back soon,” says Lance. And it just really hits Keith that. Wow. For the first time in a long time, he has a home to go back to and people who miss having him there.

lance: you want your best soldiers on the front lines, so i should probably step down………….

keith: stop thinking about who flies what and just focus on your missions