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phil takes so many pictures of dan um almost like their making a wedding album/:

gross i cant wait to see how many other pictures they have of each other :/

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that's really messed up that you would rather screenshot someone's post than reblog it. thankfully you left the source visible so i could reblog it from them

We find pictures on other places such as Instagram and Facebook and post it if it’s something we like. May I remind you that this is a personal blog that we have for fun for all the Harry Potter fans and if you want to follow us and reblog from us then do so but but if you don’t like it/us then don’t be on our blog. Create your own blog then you can choose your own content.


The Toki Project - Week 3 : February 13th-19th

Until April, I will try to draw as many different Tokiya pictures as I can, all with different outfits and themes. I take a bit of freedom with the weeks…I just try to upload them 4 at a time. That seems like a good deal, I think.

Here are the themes of the third week:

9, Be the Light

10, My Little Little Girl

11. Maji Love Legend Star

12. Namja Town 2017

I’ve been so busy this week and tired last weekend that I can only upload/finish them now. //sob

You may not upload these pictures on other websites, alter, edit or claim them as your own in any way.

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Do you have any advice on how to make a really cool or cute or pretty town in ACNL? I wanna make a blog for my town, but it's far from good enough.. it's okay if not though! Thank you!

Hi! (I saw the other ask as well <3)

As that post said, don’t feel discouraged when making your town! Or an ACNL blog, for that matter! If you want to make a blog, then go for it!! To be honest, I felt the same way when I started this blog. Initially, seeing pictures of other people’s towns made me feel like mine wasn’t as good. But I gradually started to like my town and be inspired by what other people had done with their towns, rather than be envious of them. I got focused on trying to make it nice for other people to visit, rather than trying to make it for myself, and it really took away from me enjoying the game. The game is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, and so getting caught up with what other people think about it takes away the fun and makes it more stressful. So yeah, when you’re trying to make it, do it for yourself and for your own happiness and enjoyment!

As for landscaping your town, sometimes having an overall idea/theme for it can help when planning the layout. Forest towns and pink pastel towns are quite popular (and just because they are popular doesn’t mean you can’t make your town one!!) Some people use specific public works projects to help with the creation (like using lots of zen projects or fairytale projects). Having a colour scheme (for things like flowers) or knowing what villagers you want can also help! But it’s also okay to not have a theme and just design what you like!

There’s some really useful guides on here that have helped me a lot, here are some that I’d definitely recommend looking at:

@fxwne’s masterpost: (includes resources that will help with town/mayor name, villagers and landscaping/interior design)

@mischacrossing’s town building guide: (goes into detail about aspects of town design)

@lilypiedays’ guide on creating pretty areas: (goes into detail about landscaping and designing around projects, helpful if you’re unsure what to do with empty spaces)

Overall, just do whatever will make you happy and don’t worry about what other people think!
I hope this has been helpful, and if there’s anything else you’d like help with, feel free to send me an ask!!

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Where did Miles and Kerry say this? Just curious.

I first discovered this on a post from a good friend that can be found here.

It was said by someone in said friend’s askbox that Miles himself retweeted another image of the same ilk with the caption “It’s a ship!” I went looking, but I don’t know how to navigate Twitter that well bc I’ve never used it. So I don’t know if that part is true or not.

However. I have seen the photoshoot. And there were dozens of other pictures that were not nearly as sexual in nature that both Miles and Kerry could have picked from if they wanted to send the message of “Oh hey look! Cool cosplays guys! A++ on your hard work and love for the characters!”

But they didn’t.  They chose that one. And that, to me, sends a very powerful message that I don’t really want to be sent out.

You feel me?


so its christmas now


Part 1 of [?] - What if the RT channels/shows were ‘Rooster Teeth Originals’ on Netflix: Lets Play, Achievement Hunter & Funhaus