pictures of nas

this picture is 3 years in the making…

Patchouli and lampent (and an extra litwick) for @unmovinggreatlibrary


The Wailing (2016)

Directed by Na Hong-jin

Cinematography by Hong Kyung-pyo


i have never knew i needed luke screaming at me like a dork to live now i know that my life is complete !


When you’re the Doe uninvited

Imagine Kuroo, Bokuto and Oikawa sending each other snapchats of Akaashi, Kenma and Iwaizumi doing random things and arguing over who’s cuter like

*Picture of Iwaizumi wearing a godzilla shirt with no sleeves* “Yes but Iwa-chan-chan in cute shirt + muscles. I win”

*Picture of Kenma snuggling on Kuroo’s side* “I don’t see Iwaizumi cuddling with you though”

*Picture of Akaashi just standing* “Na, but Bro. BROs JUST LOOK AT HIM”


I went to visit Kashima at her work place today. It’s a cafe.

She started out to relief someone else for a while but somehow she’s still continuing till now.

While we were discussing how fun twitter is, her colleague said “Since we’re on this topic, could you promote our shop?”

The photo turned out surprisingly well when I aimed the camera at them while they were posing.



Kyou wa kashima no baito saki ni asobi ni ittekita. Kissaten na.

Pinchi hittaa de haitta hazunanoni nanda kanda de tsuzuiteru yonaa.

Twitter tanoshiize tte hanashitara, doryou no tenin ni “tsuide ni mise no sen den wo shitekure” tte iwareta.

Kamera muketara poozu made tottekurete, igai to nori ii na!

*Picture: We’re organising a Valentine Fair


(For anime-only fans: Kashima started working at a cafe where Seo’s big bro works too.)