pictures of my outfit to come

Agent Kallus fan to-do list.

Tomorrow I’ll be going on a Lenten social media fast: not pure, just saving it for Sunday nights.

So, for all you Kallus fans: my dream is that I come back on Sunday with someone having designed a Fulcrum t-shirt for me to buy, someone having written more excellent angsty Kallus fic, someone having written more excellent funny (Uncle) Kallus (on the Ghost) fic, someone having drawn/painted some more pictures of Kallus with mussed up hair, and someone having designed Kallus’s post-extraction outfit….


There’s a massive spoiler in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (Rogue One cover) with “Once Upon a Time” confirming the AU No-Dark Curse storyline is happening as there’s a picture of Emma in a princess style dress and braid standing with 50-60 year-old Snow & Charming in royal outfits & aged makeup/wigs!!! :D The new issue is out early with Thanksgiving coming and I got my copy in the mail today. I don’t have a scanner but there’s a picture and a description for the mid-season finale talking about someone making a wish from the genie that was in the lamp Aladdin has and how it’ll change things for the mid-season premiere in EW’s “What to Watch” section for Sunday, December 4th. I’m positive EW will be posting an article online soon as they usually do for non-subscribers.

I hate it when you talk about your ex. He’s the outfit that’ll never come for you to wear again. Now the black and white quotes you have saved will turn into pictures of us jumping fences. We’ll laugh until we can’t breathe and we’ll come late to class again because we got caught up in talking about things that will never happen. We’ll go to conversations about when we me trouble and shook her hand just to never smile at her again. Or about people who never talked but just listened. You’ll stop talking about him because he won’t be the answer to every problem or the topic of every thing you’ve ever known. He’ll be the ouftit you loved wearing but never came back in for you to wear again.

This picture popped up on my dash so many times that this idea just wouldn’t stay away… 

Assisting on a photo shoot with none other than Harry Styles as the subject was a dream come true. You worked with the stylist for weeks before hand, selecting the perfect suits and outfit choices. Everything was run past Harry. You saw him at every meeting. He was there with you and your boss pouring over the photos of Idol, McCartney, and Jagger for inspiration. He was charming and incomparably kind. 

The first day of the three part shoot was full of excitement and last minute additions. One of which you were holding in your shaking fingers. A leather collar that you were about to strap onto Harry. You were alone in the bedroom of his home in Homes Chapel that was doubling as his dressing room. Harry gathered up his hair as you stood behind him and slid the collar around his neck and slotted it through the buckle. You pulled it through and tested the tightness. 

“How does that feel? Too tight?” Your voice shook a little as you walked around in front of him. He let his hair down. You stepped closer and leaned in to adjust the placement of the collar on his neck and make sure it was centered. 

“It’s good. It feels just tight enough.” He rasps, his hand joining yours on the leather around his neck. You hoped he wouldn’t notice the shake in your fingers at the sight of the collar. 

“It looks good on you. It works well with this look. Very edgy.” You said, your eyes still locked on his leather clad neck. Your crush on Harry was exploding into full blown lust while being faced with your light bondage kink. Suddenly, he removed his hand from the collar and gripped the back of your bare thigh under your skirt and pulled you closer to him. 

“It does look good, but I bet it would look better on you.” He whispered into your ear. Your knees wobbled and all you could do was gasp. 

“Will you wear it for me later, Love?” He nibbled along your neck and squeezed your thigh. You could only nod. He smiled and stood up, his body brushing against yours on the way up. “Good girl.” He winked before leaving you standing alone in his bedroom, hopelessly turned on. 

Did anyone else have a rough day? I had a rough day. But I also got a special doujinshi package….

This doujin collection (plus one individual part which I may do a give away for because it was included in the collection) is about Jonathan and Dio living as a married couple and raising all the Jojos as little kids.


You read that correctly.

Johnny and Gyro are teens babysitting baby Joseph and Caesar, who get into battles.

Dio puts Jolyne in outfits for…some reason.

Kiddie Kakyoin and Jotaro use their stands to build sand castles

Dio comes home from a rough day at the office to Jonathan cuddles….

…and cuddles with someone else….



This doujin series, Love Family, is the most ridiculous self indulgent thing EVER. And it made my crappy day a little better, as does the Jojo fandom <3 Despite the poor quality pictures I hope it made some of you happy as well. If anyone is interested in me actually scanning let me know, particularly if it will yeild a translation!

Also paging infectedscrew because omg, weren’t we just saying that Jonathan is totally Team Mom? And queenamileena because DioGio ;________; Baaaaaaaaaaw those two (three, really) make me so happy!


I wore a maid outfit today to motivate me to clean. What can I say I’m a method actor!
Also really proud of my boobs in this one. Like I’d want me to come to my house to clean, if I was someone else, if I knew what I meant, wink wink. Sorry that was dumb and confusing.
I’m not a funny person..
Anyways it’s been awhile since I got to take pictures of myself. But now that schools over I have a few ideas I wanna try out including some videos and some outfits of my own design. If I’m lucky I can get some feed back.


Holiday Matsuri Day 2 pictures!

Competed in the Holiday Runway Contest as Holiday Wretched Egg from Deadman Wonderland and it was awesome. Didn’t win anything but I made some cool new friends thanks to talking with other contestants and it was just so much fun. Again it was another cosplay that really brought up my confidence thanks to the compliments, hugs, and pictures I got. Body confidence boosted 100%. Everyone was so nice and this cosplay was so great. I learned so much from it since I’ve never used 4-way stretch fabric or EVA Foam in my cosplays before and it just amazed me how far I’ve come since my first cosplay.
Also cosplayed BB8 with my sister as Rey and her boyfriend as Finn. It was great. We went to Disney Springs at one point for dinner and we got so many compliments on our outfits. 😁
And by far my most nerve-wrecking and exciting moment of this con was my walkable Shiny Vaporeon cosplay. The mermaid tail was nothing, but oh my gosh walking around the con with that much skin showing had me so nervous thanks to my self confidence problems. But thanks to everyone who gave me compliments and called me pretty/beautiful, I felt so great. I can’t begin to explain how it feels to finally be confident about my body. Like it’s awesome. I can’t wait to do more female characters now that I’m not afraid to show some skin


There’s no guarantees in being on a show [American Idol] like that, you have to fight afterwards and you have to try and learn everything and keep up and navigate this whole new world, I’m from a really small town in Oklahoma and all of a sudden I was all over the place, constantly filmed and taken pictures of and scrutinized so it was kind of finding my way to stay sane and creative.- Carrie Underwood. 


Happy to share with everyone my OOAK Platinum Belle 17" Limited Edition Doll! I would like to thank the ever so talented @stardustdolls for making her outfit! I restyled and repainted the head myself and made the heels myself! More pictures to come! 🌹🥀 #artofbelle #lithographs #disneyana #waltdisneysignaturecollection#mrspotts #cogsworth #gaston #beast #disney #disneydolls #disneymerch #disneyparks #disneyland #chip #belle #beauty #beautyandthebeast #littletown #lumiere #dolls #disneyprincess #collector #disneylimitededitiondolls #collector #disneystore #disneysbeautyandthebeast #beourguest #instagood #love #disneyside #disneylife



This week’s tutorial is this beautiful Sea Green glitter in a spotlight effect.
I’m currently creating a variety of makeup tutorials for the Prom season on my channel, but really these looks are suitable for any special occasion.
You can choose your favourite look and adjust the colour scheme to suit your outfit!

The glitter I used here is from And they come in these stunning little corked bottles as pictured above. This is approved cosmetic glitter which is safe to use on and around the eye area. Although Certifeye is based in the UK, they ship WORLDWIDE!!! You can get 10% off any orders over £15 using the code SHONAGH10

Prices: The mini bottles - £5 GBP each | Bigger bottles - £8 GBP each | Bundles of 3 - £20 GBP | Rainbow bundle of 7 - £50 GBP

The tutorial for this look will be up on my channel later today:
All products used will be listed AND linked in the description bar.
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This is has been sitting in my WIP folder for MONTHS. 

I’ve been to embarrassed to work on it in studio, but this evening it’s just my friends and I don’t mind the mild chirping because I’m exhausted™.

The WAGS, or SOs (significant others) as they call it after Jack and Bitty come out, organize a dress-up shoot to shoot some pin-up-esque pictures for their hubbies for Valentines Day. Bitty was so embarrassed just to do the puck-bunny outfit with his butt out that he didn’t do anymore outfits, but Jack was beyond happy anyway when he got it.

nsfw just in case



Dressed up again on Saturday! lots more pictures to come. Some incredible new outfits too, and much more on the way so I hope to be dressing a lot over the next month or so, and regularly through 2016! enjoy <3

Absolutely adore my new dress & wig, so gorgeous! <3


How Slipknot’s Clown Spends His Halloween

To see more of Shawn’s photos, check out @6cl6wn6 on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

His photos are a nightmarish mix of black eye makeup, crooked teeth and clown masks with blotched skin and mangled lips. Who takes pictures like this? More importantly, does anything scare the person who does?

“I live in my imagination almost 100 percent of the time,” says Shawn Crahan (@6cl6wn6), also known as Clown, the co-founder of the heavy metal outfit Slipknot and the man behind the most terrifying account on Instagram.

For a guy who plays in a band known for its ghoulish attire, Shawn is surprisingly frank about what freaks him out: simply speaking, it’s not what’s in front of his face, but what isn’t. Being scared of the invisible means a worst-case scenario where anything and everything can come charging out from the edge. It all stems back to Shawn’s days as a kid, particularly on Halloween, where he spent time wandering around his neighborhood and staring off into darkness.

“What I like more than anything is to walk around on Halloween and just interject thoughts in my own mind,” he says. “Yes, it’s Halloween. We’re dressing up. We’re going to walk around. But I like to step outside of the brainwashed minds and go deeper into the intriguing thoughts of why people choose to be what they are and the real essence of what Halloween is.”

For most of the year, Shawn chooses to be a clown — at least on stage. The drummer and percussionist has had several different iterations of the clown look over the years, but typically opts for one with white makeup and neon orange hair.

“I’ve never really tried to make Slipknot Halloween, because it’s Slipknot. It’s a rock and roll band,” he says. “But because we do dress up, it’s kind of like we do live Halloween all the time.”

Perhaps that’s why Shawn doesn’t typically jump into costume at the end of every October. The last time he did, he was dressed as a professional welder that had been in an accident and had his face melted off. Shawn is a cryptic person by nature, so whether he’s in disguise or not, the core idea behind Halloween goes hand in hand with his thoughts and mediations. Today, while the holiday feels more in your face — it’s all about showing off everything that is happening right now, in the moment — he prefers the slow burn.

“I can remember being a kid and just walking around and going, ‘Anything I can imagine can be in those woods.’ And that was always scariest,” he says. “So my plans are always to look in. I live for the glitches in life.”

— Instagram @music
Everything You've Come To Expect - Chapter 3 - nostalgicrollercoaster - The Last Shadow Puppets [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

This is really long and it took a really long time to write cause of how busy I got. Plus, sex scenes take me fucking ages.

Anyways, here’s some visuals for Alex’s outfits, since he changes twice:

(The gif and the picture isn’t mine)

Bel gets snapchat
  • To Xanxus: Selfies. Random interesting things he comes across. Pictures of Squalo's hair getting caught up in things.
  • To Squalo: Selfies. Like a billion of them. (Mainly because he knows Squalo feels obligated to go through all of them since he hates having pending notifications).
  • To Mammon: The price tags of very expensive things. Selfies of new outfits. Snaps of unfortunate victims he just killed. This is the price Mammon pays for being the Prince's best friend.
  • To Lussuria: Snaps of random things with captions like "Where is my red hoodie", "When's dinner", "What's for lunch"
  • To Fran: Pictures of dead frogs with the caption "Thinking of you"
  • To Rasiel: Paused YouTube videos with lyrics like "Every night I pray to god that you never reproduce". Naturally, Rasiel replies with a snap in which he's flipping Bel the bird.

Ok. I know I look like a dork here. Lol. I was having a hard time taking myself seriously tonight. Hah! But I wanted to show you my progress on my Medivh cloak!

Don’t mind the flowery dress I’m wearing underneath. Or my hair. Or my makeup. Or… Pretty much me in general. Or the safety pins!!!  But… look at those feathers!!!!

More progress pictures to come.  I can’t WAIT to have the entire outfit completed!

anonymous asked:

RU having account issues? Your post from today and some other things have gone missing.

Nope, no issues. I was simply reminded of how intrusive paparazzi pictures are and decided to refrain from using them on my pages as well as clear out any pap pics that I may have used in the past. I know some IDs will have disappeared but luckily Tom has worn most items in official pictures as well and I will re-edit those posts.  

We have a HUGE (King Kong huge) press tour coming up so there will be lots of new pictures and outfits to look forward to over the next few weeks! 

#Pinterest We all know it. If you are searching for ‘post apocalyptic’ you will come across some of my pictures, so far nothing weird about that. However, it does get weird if people starting to recognize me from these pics on pinterest…that is..scary shit :) but I don’t mind