pictures of me talking about random things


• he stares at you in awe a lot
• you do the same cause he sexy
• “my boyfriend bad as fuck!” you playfully smack his butt
• “yo chill y/n, im supposed to do that to you ” he just laughs at you
• he has hella pictures and videos of you doing stuff or random things on his phone
• texting all day
• video chatting when he’s away just to see each other’s face cause y'all miss each other so much
• falling asleep on the phone
• you get piggy back rides everywhere
• playing in his hair
• sharing flat irons
• he likes to talk about you to the other members all the time
• he buys you stuff but not everything you want cause it’s “a waste of money”
• “kiss me”
• “no”
• you tease him a lot
• playful relationship
• randomly lyao (laughing y'all’s asses off)
• “what the fuck is even funny?”
• ^asked by members 24/7
• sharing drinks
• long tight hugs
• kisses on your forehead
• “you’re so beautiful, you know that?”
• “i know, you’re beautiful too baby”
• movie nights
• watching the sunset
• studying together
• reading educational books cause being educated on various things is sexy and lit
• “stop smiling you’re making me smile”
• he adores your smile
• he’s your bestfriend
• your sexy caring funny bestfriend 🌚…
• hella orgasms
• expect his fingers in your pants a lot
• he literally doesn’t give af about where he is
• if he wants to do sexual things, he’s gonna do it
• dirty talk
• he turns you into a screamer and a sheet gripper
• soft kisses while he effs the life outta you
• he has a daddy kink
• so ofc you calling this boi daddy
• morning sex
• he laughs at you and teases you when he notices your limp that he obv caused
• “shut your yellow ass up johnny!”
• welp
• other than all of that, he buys you hella sweets
• he also writes little poems for you
• it’s really cute
• if y'all were to break up, you’d most likely get back together in a week’s time
• you can’t get enough of each other
• the bond is too strong

Kink |Conor Maynard|

|Word Count - 548|

|Request - No|

“Can I lay on you?” Conor questioned holding back a yawn. Nodding, you pulled him down onto the couch alongside you. Throwing his legs over the side of the couch, he plopped his head down onto your lap. Snuggling into your warm lap, he looked up at you offering a cheeky smile.

“Anyways, what are you doing?” Conor asked you as you continued to scroll through pictures on Instagram. When he didn’t get a response out of you, he pushed your phone away making you let out a little groan. 

“Conor, you came here when I was doing my own thing.” You whined putting your hand over his eyes before going back to your phone. He grabbed your hand with his lowering it down to his chest.

“Can you talk me to sleep?” He asked tiredly making you give a small smile. You couldn’t deny a face like that. So you started to talk to him about random things. You talked to him about your day, your bitchy coworkers, your parents nagging you to finish school and eventually he feel asleep in your lap.

Noticing he was sleep, you looked down awing at his sleeping figure. Your hands twitched when you saw his soft brown locks. For some odd reason, Conor never really liked you touching his hair and you never fully understood why. He would always turn his head or step away when you went to reach.

Slowly opening your hand, you laid your hand over his curls grinning at how soft it was. You ran your hands through his hair feeling pleased at the texture. You stopped when Conor’s face turned into a face resembling pain. After his face went back to normal, you lightly scratched his scalp earning another pained face.

“Ungh. Ngnghhhh.” You drew your hand away as Conor’s eyes quickly widened at what had slipped out of his mouth.

“Shit.” He mumbled quickly sitting up. You held a face of amusement staring at your boyfriend. 

“Did you just…Did you moan?” You asked as Conor blushed scratching the back of his head.

“No I didn’t, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He mumbled giving you a hesitant smile. You reached out to the back of his head lightly grabbing his hair and giving a soft tug. His eyes closed as his mouth opened letting out a small moan. You continued to tug on his hair until you got down to his neck. He whined leaning into your hand when you pulled away. 

“See?” You said laughing at the look of pain and need on Conor’s face. You went back running your hands through the brunettes soft hair making Conor let out another groan. Pulling your hand back, you grabbed your phone scooting away from Conor. Confused, he looked at you through half lidded eyes making you giggle. 

“Why’d you stop?” He questioned with a whine dropping back onto your lap. You looked down at him past your phone sticking your tongue out at him. 

“I found a kink and I don’t want to wear it out.” You said making Conor frown.

“Its not a ki-” Before he could finish, you ran your hand through his quiff making him pull a face of pleasure. You continued smiling down at the brunette.

“It’s a kink.”

Food in the Hymn to Demeter

In this post I will speak about two things from the Hymn to Demeter that have been bothering me for years: why does Persephone eat food?; why is Persephone portrayed in a way that resembles more a mortal than a goddess?

Introduction notes, i) the dating of the Hymn it’s discussed, but it’s later than Hesiod’s Theogony and Homer’s works. Considering that, we must remember that Hesiod portrays Persephone as the awesome queen of Hades (realm) and also says “Persephone, whom Aidoneus -Hades- snatched away from her mother with the consent of wise Zeus”. (Th. 768, 774,913-914). Homer says nothing about her abduction, but portrays her as a dreadful queen as well. ii) The Hymn is written in a manuscript that is torn in certain parts, therefore the real text remains unknown to us; some authors have tried to restore it, but honestly, whatever it said it’s just an speculation.


Unless I’m mistaken, there is NO other mention anywhere of Greek gods/goddesses eating “non immortal food”. They only eat ambrosia and nectar. 

Let’s forget for a moment every possible meaning of the pomegranate (death, fertility, marriage acceptance, etc.). Now, why would a goddess eat something that is not divine-food? Why would a goddess eat “mortal food”?

There is a common belief in many mythologies around the world, where someone can’t eat food from the netherworld without being eternally tied to it. So let’s say Ancient Greeks also had this belief, or if they didn’t, they took it from a different culture (for example, from Mesopotamian or Egyptian myths).

The Hymn first says that Hades “stealthily, gave her a sweet pomegranate seed to eat” (372-373). This is supposed to be about food because “eat” φαγεῖν it’s in the text.. So, there is no doubt that Hades gives the pomegranate to Persephone as an edible thing.

Verse 373 has been discussed, because it says that Hades fed Persephone the seed “taking care himself that she might not remain always (by Demeter’s side)”. That “taking care himself” could also mean, according to some interpretations (Agar, Myres, Bonner, Faraone) something related to a magical act: Moving it to and fro abut himself -to make it a love charm-, passing it round his body, passing it round himself to unite it magically, etc. But whatever the meaning of Hades’ action is, the pomegranate was described previously as food. So whether Hades used magic or not, the thing is that Persephone ate the pomegranate seed.

One of the biggest troubles to analyze this topic is that the part where Persephone and Demeter meet again is torn in the manuscript. We only have random words. Look at the picture, the empty spaces after the [.

 What we basically have is that Persephone and Demeter hug each other, and something -we don’t know what- makes Demeter fear and ask:  “Child, I hope you didn’t / τέκνον, μή ῥά τι μοι σ // any food; tell me   βρώμης; ἐξαύδα, μ”. 

So whatever happened here, the thing is that we are talking about food (βρώμης). 

So… why a culture that portrays gods and goddesses as immortal superior beings that distinguish themselves from human not only for being ageless, but also for not needing food to live, gives us a myth of a young goddess that… eats food.

Remember, this is about food! It’s not a metaphor where pomegranate seed is marriage consummation or whatever, it’s about food and eating:  βρώμης (food),  φαγεῖν (eat),  ῥοιῆς κόκκον (pomegranate seed),  μελιηδέ’ ἐδωδήν (honey-sweet food).

There is consensus among scholars that the line where Persephone tells her version of her story contradicts the narrator’s version, because Hades doesn’t use compulsion or force on her. 

  • Some say she ate willingly and her words are a lie to hide her agency, since the ancient cultural codes didn’t allow women to display desire or have an active sexual/romantic initiative, they had to keep their “honor”. Primitive laws even asked women to complain in order to be trusted if they made accusations against men; for example, in Euripides’ Troades, when Helen complains she was taken against her will, she is told by Hekuba that she is lying: you also say that Paris took you away by force. Kidnapped you. Did you scream for help at all? Did any other woman hear you?. So according to ancient greek standards, there is no possible way that Persephone’s acceptance of the pomegranate could be shown as 100% willing, otherwise she would no longer be the chaste and reverent Persephone. I will leave two great quotes that summarize a bit this idea:

“The figure of the bride is thus poised between objectification and agency, desirability and desire of her own. She must be sufficiently reluctant to suggest that she will not stray once she is married, but she must also actively desire her new husband. To be sure, it was not decorous to speak of such desire directly” (Ruby Blondell)

“Perhaps this reflects the custom reported by Plutarch of having the bride eat a malon, a quince or apple, before she goes into the bridal chamber. Plutarch attributes the ritual to Solon’s legislation and suggests that the purpose was to ensure her sweet speech and that “the first embrace may not be unpleasant or hard to stand”. From Greek myth, however, we learn that the ritual accomplished more than ensuring that the bride would be pleasant to the groom. With this gesture she accepted the first food from her husband’s house, and her acceptance bound her to him, just as Persephone was bound to stay with Hades after she had eaten only two pomegranate seeds. The malon itself shows what would truly bind the bride to her husband. It occurs repeatedly in Greek literature as a symbol for love. By accepting this fruit, the bride symbolized her acceptance of the love her husband offered her.” (The Wedding in Ancient Athens) –> consider Persephone eats just after Hades speech-offerings to her.

  • Others say that Persephone makes up this lie to avoid being blamed for her thoughtlessness by not realizing what the food consequence was. She wasn’t forced to eat, but she should have avoided it.
  • Some say, there is no contradiction and Persephone is speaking the truth, she was forced. This would be an important way to distinguish the voices of males and females on the story. Helios, Zeus and Hades see the marriage as something good, meanwhile Demeter, Hecate and Persephone complain about it. Following this idea, maybe what happens in the missing text is that Persephone still looks so scared from the trauma, or conflicted for being forced to eat, that Demeter notices and makes the question. But, the odd thing is that the words Persephone uses for her speech are the same used by Demeter to make up her lie about being abducted by pirates (121 and 125 compared to 413 and 433).

Comment on Line 412: ἔμβαλέ μοι ῥοιῆς κόκκον, μελιηδέ’ ἐδωδήν : he put in my mouth* a pomegranate seed, sweet honey food. ἄκουσαν δὲ βίῃ με προσηνάγκασσε πάσασθαι. and unwillingly bodily forced me to eat.
*line 412 is odd because it says “embale moi” + “pomegranate seed”. Richardson says the use of embale moi alone, without further specifications it’s unusual in epic. Another example of “embale moi” it’s in Aristophane’s Frogs, 754 that says “ Put your right hand there” ( ἔμβαλέ μοι τὴν δεξιάν, ). In the Hymn we are not told that Hades put his hand on Persephone’s mouth, it just says verb (put, throw, push, etc) + object. Some authors, like Faraone, have thought that the expression could mean “throw”. Since there are tales where a man would throw an apple to a woman to gain a reciprocal love, -whether the woman is willing or under a spell- here Hades would use magic to assure Persephone’s return).

I still don’t know why an inmmortal goddess would eat human food. But, what I find highly important is that this idea of don’t-eat-underworld-food-if-you-don’t-want-to-be-trapped-there it’s something the characters of the Hymn are aware of; or at least, Hades, Demeter and Zeus know about it. Let’s remember that, even we have that laguna in the text, Demeter fears that Persephone could have eaten, and she asks her if she did, hoping the answer is negative. This means that the food-rule was so obvious and so important, that it’s the first thing that comes to Demeter’s mind when seeing Persephone again.

So, if the “underworld-food law” was something known to everyone, how could Persephone be the only one who ignored it? And even if she truly ignored it because she was “a child”, “a young goddess” or whatever, why did she accept not-immortal-food anyway? As a gift from xenia? The fruit that belongs to Hera, goddess of marriage?  Such a careless goddes we have here!


The Hymn to Demeter, portrays Persephone as a young girl who, besides being Demeter’s -a goddess- daughter, has no divine traits at all besides being beautiful.

If we read all the other Hymns, all gods are portrayed in majestic and sobrenatural ways. And gods are superior and awesome since the moment they are born. Hermes and Apollo are great examples, because they are just-born and they already have amazing traits (Hermes invents things, steals things; Apollo is extremely powerful and immediately asks for his prerrogatives, etc). And in the Hymn to Aphrodite, we see that even if she is humilliated by Zeus by falling in love with a mortal and she says she was “driven out of her mind”, she remains a superior, powerful and “divine-in-nature” being through all the Hymn (she can change her appearance, she is depicted as an awe to sight, etc).

But in the Hymn to Demeter, Persephone is nothing but a “maiden”. She doesn’t even seem like a “divine child”, she is just a simple child. We are only told that she is“trim-ankled” (2), flower-like (8), lovely to see (66), trim-ankled again (77)”, and that she is a young girl and Demeter’s daughter. Persephone lacks the awe-inspiring traits of deities, we could even say that nothing distinguishes her from any beautiful mortal girl. —> Probably, since the Hymn is to praise Demeter, there was no need to mention anything that identifies young Persephone as an individual goddess -like young Hermes, Apollo, Artemis, etc-. She must remain as the child and daughter. Probably there were stories about Persephone’s youth on her own, her specific powers and we just won’t get to know them.

It’s from lines 343 forward, when Persephone it’s in the underworld where we are told other things about her that are not only her beauty:

  • reverent/chaste (αἰδοίῃ 343), illustrious (ἀγαυὴν 348), wise (8δαΐφρονι 359), strong-minded (περίφρων 370).

Notice that both words refering to her intelligence come before the pomegranate-eating; we are told that she is wise and strong-minded and just after that she is given food by Hades. So… wouldn’t it be a huge contradiction that, this illustrious, wise and strong-minded goddess is actually so ignorant and unaware of a well-known-rule? This wise and intelligent goddess is actually so inattentive and careless that doesn’t even realize she was given a seed? 

Considering all the heavy symbolism related to marriage that lie in the act of eating and the pomegranate itself, I just find it impossible to believe that, as Apollodorus says, Persephone ate the seed “with no foreknowledge of the outcome of her act”

So, Persephone either ate willingly and knowing the consequences of the food; or she was truly forced by Hades, not with body-force as she tells Demeter, but by a food-magical bind. But such a thing, doesn’t make sense to me in the context of Ancient Greek marriage. note: According to Richardson, When Demeter asks in line 404 “ by what trick did the strong Host of Many beguile you?” (404) ( δόλῳ trap trick +   ἐξαπάτησε deception) it’s most than likely refering to the trick used to abduct her (how did he get to abduct you) and not about the eating (how did he trick you into eating?). Speculations on this, in a future post.

So I recently started a new job at a restaurant and it’s the first time I’ve ever worked in a restaurant. So it’s probably like the 4th day of my second week and I’m standing at the host stand with the To Go guy, my manager and one server. And I look up and this woman is standing there with wild blonde hair, smudged lipstick and a cheetah jacket. And to my side I hear “(woman’s name) is here” and I turn around and everyone has left. So I grab a menu and lead her to a table, all the while she is talking about a million random things including how she wants to buy stock in Shapewear. So we get to her table and she starts telling me about how she has a fiancé and how he’s cheating on her and all these ultimatums she’s given him and that if he does these things she’ll send him nudes. (Keep in mind she’s like 60) then she starts telling me about how God talks to her through her soap by drawing pictures. And how her and her ex had a past life together and so she knew everything that was happening with him. During this time three separate servers came by to try and free me. None of them succeeded until finally my manager came over. I then stayed away from the room but considering that it was 10:30PM and we close at 11PM I had to go clean up the rooms. So I’m wandering and avoiding her when I got sucked into a conversation again but this time I faked my way out of it. Finally I’m standing in the back with the To Go guy and my manager and I ask if we can tell her to leave because it’s 11 and we’re closed and my manager says no. So I go to run a bathroom check when she asks me to help her find a way to put a song she’s written into Facebook messenger so she can send it to her drummer. And I help her for about 20 minutes before I just walk away. And finally I clock out at 12 and I just walk right past her (because she’s STILL IN THE RESTAURANT) and go to my car and I just felt so tired after having felt with her. And to this day I will still try to pawn her off on any host I can do I can avoid her.



This is a story of everything that happened:

Okay so while I was waiting outside the venue I saw manager josh and I was like ‘OH MY THATS MANAGER JOSH WUTTTT’ and then I saw dodie and I ran out the queue and got a really quick pic with her. Then once I got inside the venue (btw this was a really small venue it was for a small festival) she was just standing in the crowd talking to fans and I went up to her again. We talked for like 10-15 mins about dodie yellow john Lennon an random things like that then manager josh said 'dodie there’s a photo booth’ and she got some of the other fans she talked to INCLUDING ME and we all went in the photo booth. Also when she films the crowd in her snapchat I’m in it and just oh my godddd. I TOUCHED, SPOKE, LISTENED AND TOOK PICTURES WITH DODIE. It was actually like her videos come to life.

Stuff that happened at CDP

First of all I’ve got to say sorry because I told you that I was going to record a fancam and I did… until my card got full at the end of the warmup *facepalm* so I’ll still post the warmup tomorrow but yeah.

And thank fuck god for @pink-paperblossom​ that I planned to meet with and that warned me that a marathon was blocking the way for me to get there in time!

Now let’s go to the good stuff.

Now let me ask you something, we all have specific(s) image(s) attached to an event right ? Like frames behind your eyelids ? Because I’ll have many for this event but what I’ll remember first when thinking about it isn’t the amazing program Shoma pulled, but *clear throat*THE FACT THAT WHEN I WHEN I WAS STILL IN THE ENTRY SEARCHING FOR @pink-paperblossom SHOMA BRUSHED PASSED ME AND STARTED TALKING WITH TAKAHITO WHO WERE LIKE 3 FT AWAY FROM ME, WTF DO YOU WANT ME TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK






I STILL HAVE CAN’T BELIEVE IT I’M SO HAPPY (also what is focus lmao)







Being best friends with Charlie Headcannons

Being Best Friends with Charlie would involve…

  • Geeking out together
  • Movie marathons
  • Game nights (Video games and board games)
  • Being her wing girl
  • Sleepovers
  • Having a secret handshake
  • Every May 4th you have a Star Wars marathon
  • Larping together
  • Always teaming up in RPGs
  • Going to the mall together
  • Borrowing each other’s comics
  • She tells you all about the supernatural 
  • Talking about boys/girls while you eat ice cream
  • No secrets
  • Telling each other all your crazy stories
  • “Will you bring me food?”
  • “Fine, but only because I love you.”
  • Her shipping you with one of the boys(if you swing that way)
  • “I think I’m gonna get a pet rat and name him Scabbers.”
  • “Charlie no, that’s a bad idea.”
  • Snapchatting each other random pictures with the filters
  • Trying to make things you find on pintrest
    • usually it doesn’t end up well
    • but you’re always up to try something new next time around
  • Trying weird toppings on foods together
  • Dance parties
  • Being friends since elementary school
    • You met in third grade because you liked her wonder woman lunch box
    • You would often read comics together at lunch
    • And at recess you would geek out together while you sat on the swings
  • Being like sisters
  • Having best friend bracelets/necklaces
  • The inside jokes
  • You were the first person she came out to
  • Heping her when her mom was first in the hospital
  • Always being there for each other

anonymous asked:

Random thought: In Harry Potter were this moving photos f. e. in the magazins. I don't know about you, but I have same mags in the bathroom. Today I got stare down by an actor. So I got the thought about HP. Are bringing wizards/supernaturals mags to the bathroom? Or doesn't appear the people? Or do they love the exhibitionism? Perhaps talking during the shower?

That is actually one of the things in the Harry Potter universe that freaked me out the most! Like, not the fact that the pictures move, but the fact they’re interactive. Like, there are tiny sentient little people trapped forever in that moment in time, right? 

And yeah, some of the things I’ve done in front of pictures, I do not want my ancestors commenting on, thank you. Or whichever actor is on the cover of my favourite glossy magazine this week. 

Can you just imagine when Stiles, the new muggle-born student at Hogwarts, buys a Quidditch Monthly magazine for his personal private time? And on the cover this month is Hogwarts senior Derek Hale, who’s on track to be selected by one of the major teams as soon as he graduates? 

And Stiles is totally enjoying his one time with Derek Hale’s picture, until one day the real Derek Hale grabs him in the library and slams him up against the stacks. 

“You need to stop jerking off to my picture!” 

Stiles is mortified. “What?” 

“Every time you do it,” Derek says, his eyebrows looking particularly murderous, “I know. So stop it.” 

Stiles is too humiliated to even talk to Derek for the next three months. So he’s very surprised when Derek grabs him by the robes and shoves him up against a wall one day. 

“I didn’t do anything!” Stiles exclaims. “I swear, dude!” 

“I know” Derek says, and growls. “I miss it. Do it again.” 

So Stiles does. And again. And again. He does it for a week until he realises how ridiculous this all is, marches into Derek’s common room instead, and drags him into the nearest dark corner so they can actually do this right. 

Peeves is horrified. 

disneyland shenanigans

SUMMARY: Sebastian decides to get a bit dirty on the back of a ride.

WARNINGS: fingering. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this came to me because yesterday when i went on pirates, i changed in and out of a shirt. the ride is basically pitch black for like 95% of it. you can’t see SHIT. definitely a ride you could get down and dirty on. i dont think i would recommend it lmao. ANYWAY, this is based off the Anaheim, CA park so idk if it varies for any other Disney park around the world. 


You arrived to the park early and went into the hat shop to find the perfect set of ears for the day. You tried on a couple and modeled them for Sebastian who would either give you a thumbs up or down. You decided on the classic Minnie Mouse ears headband. Sebastian chose a black cap with the silhouette of Mickey Mouse and you snapped a picture of him before paying for your headwear and heading out to Mainstreet USA. You two held hands as you walked through the crowds of people. You pointed out the characters that were out meeting everyone and Sebastian smiled at the excitement on your face.

“What are we going to ride first?” He asked.

You leaned into him and leaned your head on his shoulder. “How does Pirates of the Caribbean sound like?”

“Yo-ho, yo-ho a pirates life for me,” he sang and you giggled.

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Is no one gonna talk about the fact there’s a mannequin in the background shopping for food?

Also an other style I call it “SINLO to lazy to draw her style so she draws other types of styles she has”

I will post the link of where I got the top picture tomorrow when I’m home from school ♥ Also random moon thing is there to censor my friend on messager o3o

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Can I just have a friend on kik that I can just spam with various pictures of myself? And just talk about random things about?

Not all sexual. Like a friend that thinks I’m adorable and sometimes likes to see me topless. Lol

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~Not the Tig one that I promised but I am working on that. This one just kinda came to me.~

Imagine being with Juice and having to leave him and then finding him again 5 years later

Reader’s POV

I drummed my fingers over the steering wheel as I passed the Charming sign. It had been five years since I last saw that sign and it twisted my stomach up now just as much as it did then. Five years ago was when I ran away from the person I loved most in this world and every mile away killed me more and more. I had done it to protect him but now I needed his help.

Juan and I had been childhood best friends. We were inseparable so it was no surprise to anyone when we become high school sweethearts. We moved to Charming right after graduation. Both of us needing to get away from our families and we figured that California would be the perfect amount of distance.

We fell in love with this place as soon as we got here. We got a small house together and everything had been perfect. That was until I got my new job. I began to work in a restaurant a town over. It was a nice upscale one so my tips were great and enough to support Juice and myself until he found a job that used his computer skills.

One of the regulars, a rich man not much older then myself, began to ask me out and each time I politely declined. I didn’t think much of it until he started sending me things. Flowers, chocolates, and letters. I returned everything and eventually the flowers and chocolates stopped. The letters though became more and more threatening. Eventually after a really stressful day, I confronted him when I found him standing by my car and told him that if he didn’t stop then I would go to the police.

Something in him must of snapped at that because he slammed me into my car and grabbed my throat. He told me that if I didn’t leave with him then he would come to my house and kill Juan while I watched. He let go of my throat and slammed me into the car again, just to make sure my back would bruise and then he left.

After that I knew I had no choice. I had to keep Juice safe and if leaving him was the only option then that was what I was going to do. I went home that night and made love to Juan one last time. The next day when he went out to look for a job, I packed everything I could and left. The next five years of my life were hell with only one good thing that kept me going.

My good thing was currently sleeping in the backseat with a tight grip on her stuffed bunny. I didn’t know that I was a month pregnant when I had left Juice. She looks so much like him. The only way you can tell that she’s mine is because she has my eye color. She was also the reason I was coming back to find Juice. I was brought out of my musings when my car suddenly started to jerk forward and then stall right in the middle of the road.

“Fuck.” I muttered under my breath. At least I was near down town so I could go in a store and ask to call a tow. I checked to make sure my bruises were still covered and then I turned on my hazards and woke up Rosie. I picked her up and put her on my hip as we went into the barber shop. I explained the situation to the owner and he called a tow for me. After thanking him I went outside and waited.

After a bit a tow pulled up and parked in front of my car. A man with wild hair got out and came up to me. He smiled at Rosie and I.

“Hey dolls! My names Tig. Can you tell me what happened.” He asked nicely.

“I’ve been driving for the past 12 hours with barely any breaks.” I told him. He nodded.

“Alright, well would you two like to ride in the tow truck with me?” He asked. I nodded.

“Yes please.” I smiled and he helped me get Rosie’s car seat. Rosie and I got in the passenger side and I buckled her in the middle of the bench seat. She yawned and laid her head on my shoulder. I smiled and played with her hair as Tig drove us. We pulled into a lot that had a garage and a bunch of motorcycles on one side. He parked and we all got out. I put Rosie back on my hip.

“Okay doll, I need you to go into that office back there and talk to the lady. Her name is Gemma and she’ll help you with the paperwork.” He told me. I nodded and thanked him and then headed to the office. I knocked on the door and she said to come in.

“Hi, are you Gemma? Tig told me to come back here and fill out some paperwork. My car broke down.” I told her. She smiled at me and Rosie.

“Sure, sweetheart.” She started grabbing papers and I sat down on the chair across from her.  She passed me some papers and I started to fill them out. Gemma started talking to Rosie.

“What’s your name darlin?” Gemma asked.

“Rosie…” Rosie replied shyly.

“That’s a pretty name baby.” Gemma smiled and so did I. Rosie blushed and hid her face in my shoulder. I giggled.

“I’m sorry, she’s shy.” I told Gemma.

“That’s alright. How old is she?” Gemma asked.

“Almost 5.” I said and handed back the papers I finished filling out.

“Treasure that age darlin. They grow up fast.” She told me.

“Yeah… I know.” I looked down at Rosie who still had her face pressed against my shoulder.

“Are you new in town? I don’t remember seeing you before.” Gemma asked me.

“Yeah, I lived here for a bit a couple of years ago but then I moved.” I looked back at her.

“What brought you back?” Gemma asked.

“We are finding my daddy!” Rosie suddenly said excitedly. I looked at her in surprise and Gemma’s eyebrows raised.

“Well then I hope you find him sweetheart.” She said.

“Thank you.” I said with a blush.

“My boys can help you.” Gemma told me.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, your car is probably going to take a while though and the rest of the boys won’t be back for a bit. Are you girls hungry?” Gemma asked. Rosie nodded and I laughed.

“Yes a bit.” I told her. She smiled and nodded. She got up and went to the door.

“Sack!” She yelled. A skinny ginger came running over.

“Yeah?” He asked.

“Go get three burgers and fries. You can get whatever you want too hon.” She took out some money and handed it to him. He nodded and headed towards the tow truck.

“Thank you. You didn’t have to do that.” I said.

“No problem. Come on let’s go wait in the clubhouse.” Gemma nodded her head towards the big building. I got up with Rosie and we followed her in. We went and sat on some couches in the corner and talked about random things until the ginger came in with the food.

We ate the food and I found out the guy’s name is kip but he goes by half sack. After we ate Gemma showed me around. Half sack and Rosie were sitting on the couches and playing patty cake. Gemma and I were all the way in the back when we heard some motorcycles pull up.

“That’s my boys. Don’t worry, you’ll hear them come in.” She said as she showed me some pictures. Sure enough a minute later, I heard whooping and hollering.

“Aye who’s this sack?” I heard a Scottish voice say.

“This is Rosie. Her mom’s car broke down and Tig’s fixing it.” I heard Half Sack reply.

“Ah do you need anything darlin?” I heard another voice ask.

“No thank you.” Rosie replied. I smiled as I heard Rosie giggle and we started heading back to the front.

“Hey boys will you help the girls find someone?” Gemma calls down the hall. “Sure, who we finding?” A deeper voice said. We came out into the main part of the clubhouse. I looked around at all the guys. My eyes stopped dead on the guy who was kneeling in front of my daughter. He was tickling her and I stood frozen to my spot.

“Juan…” I said softly. I saw him stiffen as he heard me and he turned slowly.

“Y/N?” He asked in a whisper.

~This will have more than one part but feedback would be great!~

things my friend’s new boyfriend said about her the first time i ever met him
  • “i am an old man lost [deep sigh] in the sea of love.” (he is 21)
  • (she shows off a new dress she just bought that is covered in butterflies and is prancing around the apartment) “i never thought i could like butterflies so much in my life. can i…can i please give you a kiss on the cheek? please?” (kisses her on the cheek with a resounding MWAH sound) “magnificent.”
  • “three years in texas? too much.” (emphatically points to her) “the fourth year? totally worth it.”
  • “so, i hate social media, like getting caught up in these filtered lives and shit, but with her? i just wanna take pictures of her all the time, man, and post them all over the place.”
  • he also kept whispering “oh my god” and “wow” under his breath while staring at her while she was talking to me about random stuff
Dan and Phil themed asks
  • Pinof: talk about your best friend
  • the vday video: what's your biggest regret?
  • dan: if you need to vent about a show/movie/artist that you love for like 3 paragraphs since no one in your life cares do it now. or vent about what ur currently stressed out about. or both.
  • phil: what are some of your favorite animals?
  • day in the life: talk about your typical daily schedule
  • I will go down with this ship: talk about your otps
  • draw my life: draw a picture of yourself and post it
  • krave challenge: what's something you're craving right now (either a physical thing or a goal)
  • sexy internet dating: describe yourself as you would on your dating profile
  • my google search history: post the last 5 things in your google search history and be honest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • things i thought were true that are not true: <-name a thing
  • my secret files: open a random screenshot you took and post it
  • a to z of me (send a letter or a few for this): talk about what the letters the person sent are in relation to you
  • 51 things in my room: talk about one of the things you like that's in your room, pictures optional
  • hi my name is [dan]: talk about something you're embarassed by
Fanfics and French class

So this one time I drew a cover for someone who wrote a fanfic I liked, and I was super proud. But like my French teacher overheard me talking about it and legit was like,
“Oh an online book? That’s cool, what is it?”
“Uh….I mean I’m not that great at explaining things.”
“Oh ok! You should bring in the picture and we can pass it around the class!”
And that’s how I ended up showing my fandom-fanfiction drawing to my whole entire French class.

My coworker told me this morning that I’ve ruined Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” for her because every time she hears it now, she pictures me doing a dramatic hair toss/flip and dancing on a pole 😂…after I tossed my head back and cackled, I proceeded to do that dramatic hair toss. Context: a while back I mentioned that if I were a stripper, I’d know what songs I’d dance to. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” was one of them lol. We talk about to most random things here and I love it.

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BoKuroo Headcanons

Hiya! Along my way of developing my bokuroo fanfic, I have developed some headcanons of mine that I’d like to share. So, enjoy!

-The way Kuroo asked Bokuto out on a date was by playing the recorder version of My Heart Will Go. He even got down on one like he was asking for his hand in marriage. 

-Kuroo likes to sleep on top of the covers while Bokuto likes to envelope himself in them. 

-Once, when trying to steal the covers, Bokuto tugged too hard and flung himself out of bed. He couldn’t get out of his blanket cocoon and Kuroo had to come to his rescue.

-Kuroo will not let him live this down. 

-Kuroo likes to sing while cleaning. 

-Bokuto whistles while folding laundry. 

-Bokuto once came home to hear Kuroo singing and dancing to Fergilicious while vacuuming. 

-Neither of them swear much, but when Kuroo does, he gets creative.
-And I mean creative. 

-Once he stubbed his pinkie toe and shouted, “Dick on a stick!” 

-Bokuto can’t help but smile every time he kisses Kuroo. He’s just so happy to be with him. 

 -Kuroo once tried to spice things up in the bedroom and he lost the keys to the handcuffs. 

 -Kuroo has a pair of owl underpants that Bokuto loves. 

 -Bokuto likes to steal Kuroo’s Nekoma jacket from time to time. Kuroo enjoys this very much. 

 -Bokuto can’t watch Kuroo practice because his thighs distract him. 

 -Bokuto once brought home a cat and he named it Kuroo. 

 -Kuroo tried to change the cat’s name, but by the time he decided to do this, it wouldn’t respond to anything else. 

 -Kuroo has very sensitive ears, and instead of whispering provocative things in his ear, Bokuto likes to say random shit like “avocado.“ 

 -This causes Kuroo to jump six feet in the air and Bokuto to loose his shit because he got scared by fucking "avocado." 

-Kuroo tried on a maid dress as a joke and wouldn’t stop teasing Bokuto because he was turned on by it. 

-Bokuto likes to wrap his legs around Kuroo’s torso. It doesn’t even have to be sexual, he just likes knowing he’s close and being held by his boyfriend.

-When Bokuto wears his hair down, Kuroo likes to run his hands through it and twirl it between his fingers. 

-Kuroo is big on coming up behind Bokuto and hugging him. 

-Kuroo teases Bokuto about their small height difference while Bokuto teases him for their slight age difference.

-”Let me get that off the shelf for you, since, y’know, I’m taller.”

“You know, it isn’t nice to make fun of people older than you.”

“Two months, Bo!”

-Bokuto will send Kuroo random ass videos and pictures at 3am. (Based off an actual thing I do to my friend, haha.) 

-When they cuddle, Kuroo will sometimes put his face into Bokuto’s neck and keep talking about how much he loves him and how gay he his for Bo. 

Haha, so thats all I have for now, but I hope you liked it! I’ll probably have another post just like this in the near future, because I love these two dorks so much. 

You guys have a cute moment (IKON)

Jinhwan: -you guys went out to some random restaurant and as you two were waiting to be seated, you curled up to him laying your head onto his shoulder while his arm wrapped around you. The waitress who was going to seat you kept commenting about the adorable scene infront of her. He blushed- “hi”

Yunhyeong: -you would be sitting on his lap while you guys were hanging out with the boys which meant he would only pay attention to you. The boys would take pictures to show during interviews or post of the web so fans could go crazy- “what? My baby’s more interesting and important than you guys”

Bobby: -the two of you were often distracted when you were supposed to be serious. He kept looking at you when you were on the side stage and made faces at you with you doing the same. He would have to be slapped to pay attention- *gif*

B.I.: -he wanted to take you out somewhere special for your first anniversary together. He was inlove with you and you with him, so he didn’t have to do something overly special so your simple picnic was enough.- “come on baby it’s not fancy but I hope its alright” 

Donghyuk: -you wanted to take a normal picture of him but that will never happen as soon as you turned to camera onto him, he was already making a goofy face waiting to for you to take it. But you switched it to video and he was waiting for you to take it still- “come on baby take the picture! Before my face gets stuck like this forever”

Junhoe: -all you guys wanted to do was sleep but even while you guys were trying to sleep and both of you couldn’t help but talk about random things that popped into your head. Sleepy giggles and tired voices- “Do you think our babies would look like you or me?”

Chanwoo: -he was supposed to be posing serious for a shoot but that was hard to do with you there. You’d be standing behind the photographer making faces everytime they would almost take the picture. Almost to the point he got yelled at- “sorry I’m trying. Something’s very distracting”



I was just talking about sprite-making with someone and I was reminded of how much fun I had back when I would obsessively make them so I went ahead and dug up my old post for them and separated my favorites into individual images for a repost (and also now in a text post because wtf tumblr image sets, what do you have against tiny pictures)

I’m still really proud of these things and want people to see them don’t judge me.

(bottom five are player characters Stehl, Afterburn, [random judgement set] Oliver, and Chadley)

(people are free to use the npc ones)

edit: lmao wow fine tumblr post them all in a wobbly line instead of side by side see if i care