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GQ (October 2016) | Choi Minho

(T/N: Please note that there might be something lost / errors in the translation. Thank you and enjoy!)

Q: I also interviewed Minho in 2010. I’ve changed a lot since then
I’ve changed a lot as well. That was 2 years since debut. Compared to that time, I’ve experienced a lot of things and also have mentally become mature.

Q: What kind of experience?
Minho: Not only my work experience, but also my daily life. Even from a really small thing like dinner… But if I point out significant thing, it’s concert last week. There would be a lot to put it in details.

Q: Do you like to dwell on things?
Minho: I think a lot. I’m the type who picks out which ones were good and which ones were bad based on my standard.  

Q: How did you sum up your experiences between 2010 and now?
Minho: I felt that there were things I thought of vaguely from debut, and I started to come up with realization from that. I wonder if the image I show to the people I’m comfortable with can make me become close to public. That is my real image, yet I’m still in fear until now. I wondered if I should tone it down a bit. Since I suddenly came up with realization, there were times when I started to discover myself a bit more.

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Guess who got to make the pilgrimage to the Cipher Statue!!!


first off some notes for those who shall come after me

  1. If you use google maps to find the park it will lead you to this random ass house in the middle of a suburb, The park is actually behind said house. Don’t go bugging the people there, The entrance to the park is actually back at the bottom and to the left of the steep road you’ll have passed to get to that road. It looks like some blocked off side road, but I promise you it’s actually a dog park, not much parking space to speak of so keep that in mind
  2. Said dog park is right next to the backyards of a lot of people, so please be respectful. Don’t go screaming and cussing at the top of your lungs, don’t go wondering into peoples yards on a lark. Trust me, the trail to Bill does not take you to anyone’s yard, so if you’re in one you’re in the wrong place
  3. It’s a more or less clear path. You start at this road block and just follow the wide trail past at least two benches until you see some steps next to a bench to your left, then there’s a trail just past that. Take that and look at the tree’s to your left and you’ll see this handsome devil in one of them
  4. The placement of the statue itself can be a bit difficult if not impossible to manage if your disabled. Sorry folks. remember that Alex didn’t get a say with this spot. The tree itself is off the path and the statue is facing away from the path, still clearly visible when you know to look, but not in a convenient place to stay on the path and take pictures

Ok now that we got that out of the way The statue was…well look at him, he’s a big ass triangle stuck in a tree, but he’s our big ass triangle stuck in a tree, and the treasure chest is hidden under some ferns at the base of the tree right under him. And just to prove how awesome the Gravity falls fandom is, there was some stuff in it, thanks in part to two lovely girls from California who helped me find the statue (After I had passed it twice apparently).We found it together thanks to them having exact coordinates, and they were nice enough to take my first pic with Bill yes that’s my face 

so anyway I did bring booty for the treasure, and I had every intention of writing a witty note in Cesar Cipher to go along with them……but I didn’t type it before hand and I messed up the only piece of paper I brought, so that was poor planing on my part. 

But me and my mom still left a dollar store grab bag of plastic gold coins to replenish the stock, plastic gold medals that said “winner” on them, some fake moustaches, a clapper thing (mom got one for herself because it amused her) a can of silly string and a half assed note that said For The Next Gravity Falls Fan 

In return I took the lovely collection you see above, namely a Bill Cipher Charm, a couple of the gold coins and a plastic gem from the original stash, and a kick ass Dipper mug with a Cipher wheel on the bottom that came with a note from the person that left it, shown above, special thanks to @edukwtz if I wrote that right, AKA AveAthena/ #Serious on Discord, I hope it reaches you how much I love this mug

Hometown. :: Nate Maloley.

[Request: Could you please do an imagine with Nate, where y/n is with him in Omaha for the first time and his fam’s havin BBQ, she never really met them so she’s nervous, but then everything will be good and nate and y/n will play with his nephew?] I THINK YOU MEANT HIS COUSIN? I’m pretty sure you meant his cousin, Chance. I hope you like it, though!

‘’But Nate, all you have to do is call them and tell them I haven’t been feeling too good… Tell them we can-’’

‘’Why are you trying to convince me to cancel in my Uncle’s driveway?’’ Nate, my boyfriend, scoffed with a laugh, leaving the car running.

It was the first time I was meeting Nate’s family, and I wasn’t excited for it at all. I didn’t really do well with meeting a boyfriend’s parents and siblings. The last guy I had a long term relationship with took me to meet his parents and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. They were quiet people. I was far from that. 

Nate and I have been together for 2 and a half years. I lived out in L.A. and I’d never been to Omaha, but I knew Nate and Sam because I worked with them. Nate took a liking to me, and I to him.

‘’They’re not going to hate you, babe, they’re welcoming people. I’m probably going to have to pry them off of you,’’ He joked, grabbing a hold of my hand in attempt to reassure me that everything would be fine. After a few more seconds of thinking, I gave in and reached back to grab my small duffle bag I brought since we were going to be staying for a few days. Nate laughed at my partial grumpiness and grabbed his bag as well, getting out of the car with me and walking in front of me as we approached their front door. Nate knocked gently and the nerves in my stomach started to act up again. I’m guessing Nate noticed my look of distress and quickly pulled me into his side A woman who looked about middle-aged opened the door, a wide smile on her face. Nate’s mom. I’d seen her in pictures.

‘’Hey, ma, we made it,’’ He spoke softly, pulling from me to quickly engulf her in a tight hug, pulling back after a moment to pull me forward and next to him. ‘’This is, (y/n). My girlfriend,’’ I smiled and tried to ignore the nerves, the gentle hug she pulled me in helped a bit.

‘’Why, Nate.. She’s beautiful! You did such a good job!’’


Soon we were in the house and in front of most of the family that was inside, but his dad and a few other guys were outside setting up the table. So far, I’d met his mom, sister, aunt, and brother. They were all extremely nice to me, and their hugs got tighter with each person I met. Part of my nerves had washed away, but a few were till there. It had only been twenty minutes.

‘’See babe, they love you to death! You shouldn’t have been worried, I told you they were welcoming.’’ Nate whispered in my ear, pulling me tightly into his side once we were sat on the couch. He was right, but I still had two days here. I had plenty to worry about. I hadn’t even met the rest of his family. This was all who could show up today.

‘’(Y/N) darling, is there anything you’re allergic to? We’ve set up a big dinner to meet you and I just want to make sure you’ll be able to eat it.’’ Nate’s mom spoke, her hands clasped together with a look of slight worry on her face. She was precious.

‘’No, not that I know of.. I’ve got a pretty big appetite, so I think I’ll be fine with anything, Mrs. Maloley,’’ I replied, laughing a bit when she did. She smiled and nodded, walking back out onto their wide, nicely set-up patio to help set up the rest of the dinner. 

‘’C’mon, let’s go eat. It smells nearly done.’’

Nate got up, grabbing my hand to pull me up and started towards the door as I followed behind him. As we neared the back door, I could fully see how nice everything was set up. A few people were sitting down at the table, food on their plates, but they weren’t eating yet, just talking and laughing. There was also a baby at the very end of the table, he was the only one who had started eating. He was covered in food. He was precious looking and when Nate spotted him, his grin was wider than it had been when he saw his mom, quickly running over to him with my hand still interlocked in his, dropping it when he reached him.

‘’How’s my lil’ man doing, huh?’’ Nate cooed as he picked up the child from his high chair, reaching down to grab a napkin off the table and wipe the food from his face and hands, taking off the bib he had on afterwords and began to attack him with kisses and tickles, laughing while the baby did.

He was so gentle with him, it was precious. It made me want to have one of my own. I’d enjoy another Maloley running around the house. I smiled at the thoughts before Nate turned to me, cradling the little boy in his hands, introducing me to him. His name was Chance, it was his cousin and he’s just turned one. I’d never seen a picture of him. Nate didn’t get to see him a lot, but by the look of it he tried to make the best of it when he did.

‘’Okay, everyone! The dinner’s ready, let’s all sit down and dig in,’’ The man, Nate’s father, that stood in front of the barbecue spoke, turning away from it with two large plates of food in his hands and set them on the table. Nate set Chance down and sat in the empty chair that was on one of the sides of the table close to Chance, sitting me down beside him afterwords.


It took everyone about two hours to eat everything that was made, and boy, did the Maloley’s know how to cook. While we were eating, I got to know more of the family. They were loud, they loved that I was too. I felt more than welcome. Nate was right, they did love me and I had already loved them all dearly. I enjoyed being here and I knew the next few days would be okay.

Nate had me curled up in his lap, a small toy basketball in his hands to toss back and forth with Chance. I didn’t know Nate loved kids as much as he did. Chance got tired of waddling back and forth to get the ball and plopped down in front of us, setting the ball in the middle of his legs that were spread out and began to babble loudly, giggling in between them slightly. We were sitting in the empty living room with Chance in front of the couch.

‘’Baby, do you think it’s too early in our relationship to start thinking of a kid?’’ Nate spoke up while turning my figure in his lap slightly to face him, a tint of red in his cheeks from the question.

‘’No, honestly I was thinking of how nice it’d be to have a baby Maloley running around the house while you’re recording,’’ I murmured back, Nate’s face brightening up a bit as he squeezed my sides.

‘’Really? Can we get married too?’’ His expression was childlike. He looked like a kid being they were going to Disney land. I laughed at this and nodded my head, leaning in slightly so that I could give him a quick, gentle kiss.

‘’Whatever and whenever you want, babe.’’

I felt ridiculous for my nerves from earlier. I’m more than glad that I’m here with Nate.