pictures of landscapes


The wooden fence is just another timeless memory from those Transylvanian hills, covered by the same healthy green as always, brilliant even under a scorching midday heat. Of course there are telltale signs that time passed by: a different roofing, power cables, minute details which wont’t fool anybody - around here, things are still done like they used to be. Slowly. “I think that eternity was country-born” said a poet and he was mostly right - pick up your courage to go on a trip through the Transylvanian countryside and you’ll learn to appreciate the slowness, time almost halting to a still.

As evening comes nearer, sip leisurely a Relaxed Griffin then (if you can get your hands on it) and enjoy its slightly overburned caramel bitterness under the mesmerizing perfume of hops. A Romanian red ale issued on the wake of the local craft beer trend, it will become that small comfort from modernity meant to make your time travel even more enjoyable.


Acadia, Maine