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“When my child was born and took her first breath and then when she put that tight grip on my finger […] 
With that experience I had at the birth of my baby girl, everything changed. I’d do more when it’s for my baby girl. She’s freed me from my own self, which makes life far more interesting. I now look at life through the eyes of a pure spirit, which is really, really fantastic. It’s a lot of work, but the rewards are just exponential, and the meaning of life and how I see things are clearer. Sure, I’m still doing a photo shoot today and she’s not around. But when I do have her, I’m just not available to anyone or anything. I don’t care who’s calling. I’m with my baby.”

- Jeremy Renner on how being a father has changed him

Seeing this Jack Kelly’s 🌟 rise from @papermillplayhouse, to first preview in @newsies_on_broadway, to sitting behind him at the @thetonyawards for his Jack Kelly nomination, was all made even sweeter tonight witnessing his performance in the role he was made to play recorded forever on the big screen… so proud of you, @jeremymjordan. @newsies 📰💞🗞#newsiesforever #bcforever #partnersincrime #friendpride #fansie


This picture uploaded by Jeremy of the exhibition of Miraculous toys (and presumably Zak Storm: Super Pirate toys, which is great if true) from the NY Toy Fair includes a lot of fun things. Dolls for Alya, Chloé, their superhero forms, and Manon/Puppeteer are in the works, more kwami plushes are coming (I can see Wayzz, Nooroo, and the bee kwami), and new outfitted dolls are being made for Marinette/Ladybug!

However, the big detail for me is Fox!Alya. Both she and Chloé’s superhero forms are displayed with the toys as cutouts, and if you look closely at Alya’s cutout, you can see she has a ponytail and a bit of white on her mask. This design of her head matches up with the ZAG Heroez icon we saw of her a while back.

In other words, Alya’s Fox Miraculous transformed form is confirmed to have a ponytail and an orange/white mask with a black spot over each eye!


Once Upon A Time ♔ second generation

Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you.

While searching for warmth (online, as one does) on this cold FeBrettuary night, I found Jeremy in a luxurious cardigan. The source is this fab article from The Guardian archive about him and Richard Briers. How else could one have known that our Jeremy was a classic fashion icon? :D

In 1970, mannequin-maker Adele Rootstein, who had already made window dummies of Donyale Luna, Twiggy and Lady Jacqueline Rufus Isaacs, decided Brett had the right look for today. She convinced him to model, and now there are life-size copies of Brett in shop windows all over the world. He represents “modern man” in the Bath Museum.


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