pictures of el salvador

My mom is currently reading me messages from her FB. Some old dude is flirting with her and it is unwelcome. My mom is a lady just trying to have a good time with kitten GIFs, pictures of El Salvador and Jesus. Even elderly women have creepers following them online. I shouldn’t be surprised but I had hoped that men would behave after *a certain age*.
The sugar cane workers of Nicaragua and El Salvador - in pictures
Sugar cane workers across Central America have been dying in their thousands from chronic kidney disease. US photojournalist Ed Kashi visited Nicaragua and El Salvador on behalf of NGO Solidaridad to capture their working conditions.
By Ed Kashi

From the link,

Sugar cane cutters are dying on a large scale in Central America from chronic kidney disease (CKD) and studies are pointing to working conditions as the cause. In the past 10 years, 20,000 people have died in Nicaragua and El Salvador alone as a result of CKD, which studies suggest is caused by dehydration, heat exposure and physical stress.

160319 [LOVE LETTER.REN] ㅎ2ㅎEㅎ이

안녕하세요 뉴이스트 레엔이여요
오늘 응원소리에 다시한번 놀랐어요!
역시 여왕님들, 순딩순딩해서 여리할줄만알았더니 절대 ㅋㅋㅋ
타팬들함성소리를 이겼네요!아주 뿌듯했어요
그리고!!내일은 드디어!! 부산,대구 팬싸가있는날~~~~ 너무나 떨리네요.. 고향이라그런걸까?!
아무튼 내일도 꽃단장하고 여왕님들 앞에 나타날테니 우리 행복하고 기쁜마음으로 내일만나자구요
여러분들도 내일 꽃미모를위해 일찍 주무소서.
사진은 엘살바도르에서찍은건데 배경도멋있고해서
이때의분위기를 같이느끼자고요

[From.Ren] ㅎ2ㅎEㅎ이 (Hi Hi Hi)

Hi! It’s NU’EST Re-n
I was very surprised by the volume of cheering today!
My Queens, looks so sweet and fragile but never LOL
You guys were louder than the other Fans!! I was so proud
And!! Finally Tomorrow! There’s going to be a fan autograph event at Daegu and Busan ~~ I am so nervous.. Maybe because it’s my hometown?!
Anyways I’ll dress up tomorrow for our Queens so let’s meet with a joyful heart.
You guys sleep early for tomorrows beauty too!
From Ren who is right next to our Queens
The picture was taken at El-Salvador and the view is fantastic. Let’s feel the mood of that time together!