pictures ko


I know that a bunch of people have done screenshot redraws of this already but I couldn’t help myself I love these two too much


he just wants one good picture brandon 

h20shark1738  asked:

I was wondering if you could make a picture of rad and Raymond cuddling

Here ya go, bud, how about some sleepy afternoon floor cuddle-chats to add to the cuddle collection~? :Pc

((Also I’m not saying you have to drag it, but it is transparent, so….~ :3c))


the pictures have captions

ok ko doodles!!

  • adult!darrell and teenage!shannon babysitting kid!raymond, he’s excited to go to the sports store and shannon doesn’t want to be there
  • enid, rad, and ko (in a baby carrier) at boxmore; enid’s beating up a jethro while rad and ko make faces at a camera
  • based on ep 18, read under the cut if you can’t see what they’re saying

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