pictures in dirt


Seems these old hills
They keep on calling
Clouds ‘round here talk
Man I been listening


upper big bend, utah

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Prompt: Steve discovers the dog filter on snapchat

“This,” Natasha says, clicking on a little yellow icon on Steve’s phone, “is Snapchat.”

“Okay. What is it?” Steve’s gotten pretty good at technology over the past few years, so Natasha’s over to teach him what she likes to call ‘the stuff the other grandpas don’t know about’.

“It’s pretty fun and relatively easy. This app allows you to take a picture and send it to your other friends that have Snapchat too. But the exciting part is that it deletes after a few seconds.”

Steve knows enough about how the world works to say, “It doesn’t actually delete, does it.”

“Absolutely not. In five minutes I can have a copy of every snap someone has sent in their entire lives.” She gives Steve a proud and mischievous smile. “We’re just gonna sync your contacts and then you’re free to send nudes all you want!”

Natasha!” Steve says, scandalized, but she just gives him another smile.

“Send me the ones of your cute little butt.”

When she leaves, he does not send nudes but instead tries to figure out how to take a video of him smiling and waving to send to Sam and Bucky who are both away on a mission. He presses down on the big circle in the center and a grid pops up over his face.

“What the-”

There are a few filters for him to choose from! Some give him makeup, some give him some pretty sweet facial hair. One even gives him a flower crown, which Steve decides is pretty funny looking on himself. Steve’s favorite filter by far has to be the one that turns him into a dog. He spends a good few minutes laughing at how it gives him ears and a nose. When he can keep a straight face again, he sends a snap of himself giving a very serious look complete with dog ears and a nose to Bucky and Sam.

After a few minutes, Bucky sends one back. It’s just a picture of his feet on dirt with the caption: send nudes.

Steve sighs and rolls his eyes before sending back another picture with him wearing the dog filter with the caption: no.

He gets a similar picture back from Bucky that reads: at least take your top off.

Steve laughs at the ridiculousness of the request before he does actually take his shirt off and toss it down on the floor next to him. Instead of sending what Bucky actually wants, Steve just sends him a video of him from the shoulders up. He opens his mouth just enough and the dog mouth sticks its tongue out and gives a loud slurp. He sends it to Bucky with the caption: there.

A few minutes later he gets a snap back from Bucky. It’s a picture of him pouting dramatically with the caption: asshole.

Steve laughs.


blackwatch was the most interesting thing about overwatch

blizzard i need more ex-blackwatch agents please who were they where are they what could they do p l e a s e

i need a five part mini-series stat give me all the dirt

Meant To Be

Request: Anthony and the reader met when they were younger practicing ballet and they were in love, but the reader moves to Chicago or something and, years later, she returns to New York to try out in Ham and she and Anthony meet and it’s just fluff

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Fem!Reader

Word count: 3,767(wtf)

Warning: None

A/N: My first RPF, how exciting! And it’s Ant. Did you guys know I love Ant? Cause I do.  I’d also like to point out that I really don’t know much about Broadway auditions, so a lot of this could be completely wrong. Anywayyy, hope you enjoy! 

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I’m uploading this to de-stress because frankly I just tanked an exam. Honestly, it probably didn’t go as badly as I think, but I’m pretty sure that I still got half of the questions wrong. Nonetheless, at least I’m essentially finished with work this week. Woo hoo!

Prompt[s]: I love Fenrien. Can Loki let him love with us? He will be a good Fenrien, I promise.

thank god she’s back with loki but she’s gonna have to explain everything and he is not gonna be happy

That was wild! But I hope Thor finds them and sees his brother for himself

‘The Tower’ (Part 27)

All Chapters // Part 26

Loki stood up and left your side to approach the unconscious Fenrien. He placed his foot under the snoozing man’s ribs–
“Loki, don’t-”

–and kicked sharply.

Fenrien swore loudly, and rolling over with an arm around his ribcage. He groaned for a moment – coughed – and then began to chuckle throatily.
“Sit up,” Loki demanded. “You do not live here, so do not act like it.”
“Loki, he doesn’t have anywhere else to go,” you pleaded, crossing the room swiftly and helping Fenrien to his feet.

With narrow eyes, Loki examined what was unfolding in front of him. This Fenrien character and yourself seemed very… comfortable around one another. You dusted off his clothing and studied his pupils before brushing a little ice from his long, blonde hair. The elf was tall and slender, supple dark skin contrasting his fair hair agreeably, and an all too familiar twinkle in his almond-shaped eyes. He had an arm around your shoulders and gazed at you appreciatively as you dusted him off. Something about this man didn’t sit right with Loki – though he couldn’t explain why yet.
Exactly what happened to you?” he asked pointedly.

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Logic Games for Camp Counselors

Counselors love to use these logic games as a way to pass time and keep campers engaged and having fun during down time. All of these are mind games in which the rules are ‘hidden’ from the players, that is, until they figure it out! Make sure to instruct them not to yell out the rule once they figure it out (unless the game calls for that), so as not to ruin the game for others. Depending on the game, make sure that you let campers ‘run it,’ state the phrases, try the actions, etc. once they begin to figure it out so they don’t get bored. If no one is figuring it out, try telling a person or two to get the ball rolling. Have fun!!


Sitting in a circle on the floor, grab a bunch of sticks or wood chips. Tell campers that you are going to do something with the sticks and they have to guess the number your are thinking of based on your actions. Make a picture with the sticks (a house, a number, a letter, a pile, etc.). The number you are guessing is revealed by how many fingers you are holding out once you complete your stick picture. I like to sit criss crossed apple sauce and then place my hands on my knees. If I hold out two fingers in each hand, the number is 4, or one hand with five fingers and the other with none is five, etc. Have campers guess the numbers and tell them if they are right or not. If you think they have figured it out, let them try being the one with the sticks. 


Start by saying the riddle “um. I have a magical umbrella. It’s *insert color or pattern here* and when I spin it around it turns *insert different color or pattern here.* What color does it turn next?” The key is to say ummmmm before saying the riddle (magical UMMbrella) Have campers guess, and tell them if they are right or wrong. Then let them try ‘holding the umbrella.’ Play around with crazy patterns like purple with green dinosaurs on it, orange polka dots, etc. 


Campers try to guess what can or cannot go through the green glass doors. Say “I can bring puppies through the GGD but not dogs.” The key is that words with double letters can go through (kittens but not cats, apples but not oranges,  boots but not shoes, etc.)


This game starts with a certain number that eventually breaks down into the number four. The goal is figure out how the numbers are being broken down. “twelve is six, six is three, three is five, five is four.” The next number is the # of letters in the previous number. The word twelve has six letters, six has three letters, three has five letters, five has four letters. Every beginning number eventually breaks down to the number four. 


This is a simple game, but can be difficult to catch onto the rules. Can also be fun to play as a name game as you get to know each other and remember names. Start by saying “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing a *insert object that starts with the same first letter as your name*.” (Emma and eggs, Courtney and cookies, Samantha and sandwiches.) Have campers try this one and tell them whether or not they are able to bring the object the say until they figure it out. 


This game can be played many ways with different objects. Say “If I have a rose and I give it to Courtney and she gives it to Samantha and she gives it to Emma, who has the rose?” The person who has the rose is the first person to speak after you finish saying the question. So if you ask the question, and Courtney says “it’s _____,” then you could say “no it’s you Courtney.” This one can be a little slow at first until a few people pick up on it, but then it’s super fun! One of my favorites!


Say “Pay attention. If those (point to them) are shoes, and those are shoes, and those are shoes, are these shoes?” Point to a few pairs of shoes, and then for the last object, you can either point at shoes or anything else. The key is to say the phrase ‘pay attention’ before you speak. If you do, than the answer is yes, if not, the answer is no. So if you finish by pointing at a real pair of shoes, but you don’t say ‘pay attention’, then they are not shoes. But if you point at a tree at the end and say ‘pay attention’, then the tree is shoes. 


This one is a bit difficult. Set up chairs like musical chairs. Pick a chair to assign as the ghost chair, but don’t tell anyone. Explain that there is a ghost in the room. Have everyone sit in a chair. Mentally note who is sitting in the ghost chair. Have everyone move to a new chair. Ask who the ghost is standing in front of. Let them guess, and tell them if they are correct or not. The ghost is standing in front of whoever was sitting in the ghost chair before you all moved chairs. 


Hold your hand up. Make a specific pattern of touching your fingertips and sliding your finger along the curve between our forefinger and thumb. When touching the tips of fingers, say “Johnny,” but when sliding along the curve say “Whoop.” When you are done, drop your hands and clasp them together.  Remember the pattern you made, and do it the same way every time. Have campers try to copy you and tell them if they did it right or not. The key is not to correctly replicate your patten but to clasp your hands after finishing it. 


Say “I’m throwing a party, but it’s not just any party, it’s the right party at the right place at the right time with the right people and the right snacks and the right clothes.” Then explain what you will be wearing to the party. Have campers try and tell them if they are allowed to wear it to your party or not. The clothes allowed to the party are whatever the person to your right is wearing. 


Only one of three phrases can be said. But only one of them is correct at a given time. Both up, one up one down, and both down. It depends on how your arms are positioned when the phrase is being said. So if the person’s arms are both hanging down, the correct phrase is both down, etc. Have campers try and guess which one to say and tell them if they are allowed to say it or not. 


You have to have at least one friend playing that knows the rule to get the ball rolling. Tell campers a story that explains how you met a witch and learned the secret language.Send the friend out of the room. Decide with the campers which word you are going to write and try to get the friend to guess. Call them back in. Use the secret witch writing to write the word and have the friend guess. She will get it right, keep playing until campers begin to figure it out. It involved random scribbling and pounding your hands against the table/ground. Vowels are represented by the number of pounds. 1 pound=A, 2 pounds=E, 3 pounds=I, 4 pounds=O, 5 pounds=U. Consonants are represented by the first letter of the phrase in-between pounds. The random scribbling is just to confuse people and has no meaning. Example: the word is ‘guide”. Say “Going to start now” Random scribbling with a pencil. Then pound your hands 5 times.  Random scribbling. Pound your hands 3 times. Random scribbling. Then say “Don’t get confused.” Random scribbling. Then pound your hands 2 more times. 


This game can be played with sticks or pencils (scissors for open/closed). Have everyone sit in a circle. You are going to pass two sticks to the next person either crossed over each other or just parallel to one another. The person receiving them has to say if they are receiving the sticks crossed or uncrossed. The position of the sticks does not matter, only wether the giver is sitting with their legs/ankles/arms (pick one) are crossed or not. This game works better when siting on the ground than at a table. 


Grab a stick and draw a picture in the dirt while saying “This is a man on the moon. He has a face, a mouth, a nose and two eyes.” (Draw those things) Before doing/saying this, do a small action such as touching your ear, flipping your hair, scratching your knee, etc. Have campers try and tell them if their man on the moon is correct. The drawing does not matter, only that they repeat the same small action beforehand. 

Grab a few cups or plates and a small object that fits underneath it. You need a friend who knows the rule to get the game started. Decide on a code word with the same number of letters as the number of cups you have. (if you have four cups, use the word corn, which has four letters) Share this word with everyone, but don’t explain how to use it. Lay the cups out in a horizontal line. Only the friend will understand at first but the plate to the far left (the friend’s point of view) corresponds to the first letter of the code word, so C. The next cup is O. The next is R. The next is N. Again, the campers do not know this. Send the campers and the friend away or have them close their eyes. Put the small object under one of the cups. Call them back. The friend will guess which cup it is under. She will know because the cup it is under corresponds to the first letter of the first thing you say when they come back. So if the first thing you say is “Really think about it, and tell me which cup,” then the object is under the cup that is R, or the third cup. 


This game is fun, but once the participant figures out the rule, the game is over because they have to say it out loud. That is…. until someone new wanders up and wants to play and doesn’t know the rule. Pick a participant and send them away. Explain the rule to everyone else. The person is going to come back and ask them questions. The first person to be asked  a question is to answer with the words “i don’t know” no matter what the question is. After that, the next person to be asked a question is to answer with the answer that corresponds to the last question. Call the person back into the group. Explain to them that they are a psychiatrist and this group has a problem and they have to figure out what it is. They are to go up to people and ask them simple or yes or no questions. When they think they know the problem, guess it out loud. Example: Psychiatrist to person A: Is the sky Blue? Person A: I don’t know. (this will confuse the psychiatrist, tell them to move on to next person) Psychiatrist to person B: What color is a cow? Person B: yes. Psychiatrist to person C: What is  my name? Person C: black and white. and so on. 


This one is difficult and takes a while to figure out. You are going on road trip and going to tell your campers where you went and how long you stayed there and they are to figure out where you are going next. The answer is revealed by the pathway of your trip. Letters are the first letter of where you went. Vowels are how long you stayed. (A-1, E-2, I-3, O-4, U-5) Example: I started in Delaware and stayed for 2 days, then I went to Nebraska, then Vermont where I stayed for 2 weeks, then I went to Rhode Island. Where do I go next? Answer= Denver. 


One person is sent away. The rest of the group decides on an object among them to be the magic object (a hat, shoe, shirt, backpack, water bottle, etc.) Call the person back. Explain to the person they are to pick an item from a list you give them that is the magic object. They are to figure out that the object is whichever one comes after a black object. The other objects can not be black, because that would disrupt the game. Continue to list off a bunch of items among you, pointing at each, one of them being the object chosen after a different black object. Example: “Is the magical object her shoe, his sunglasses, my foot, his hat (which is black), that water bottle, or the sky?” Answer= the water bottle because it came after the black object.


Make up a story about bears, and finish by asking how many bears there are (have it make sense with the story). The answer is dependent on how many words are used to ask the question. Ex: How many bears are there?-5, What number of bears are there?-6, How many bears?-3, etc. 


This game follows the same rules as the bear game. Grab a can and pass it around, having campers tell each other how many sides it has. The number of sides is dependent on the statement. Example: This can has five sides-5, Two sides-2, I think that this can has 8 sides-8, etc. 


This game is similar to the umbrella game. Here’s how it works. Say “Okay,” then grab a stick or use your finger to draw an imaginary boat in the air. Ask “Does this boat float?” Let campers guess yes or no and tell them if they are correct or not. The key is wether or not you say ‘okay’ before you draw the boat. Let them try drawing boats once they think they have figured it out. 


This game is almost identical to the boat float game, but draw a triangle between different people as your stand around in a circle. You can also play this game like the rose game, where whoever speaks first is the owner of the triangle. 

Again, similar to the boat float game. Pick a phrase or acton (saying okay, clearing your throat, flipping the flashlight in the air and catching it, etc.) that must be performed before the dance. Grab a flashlight (this game is obviously for night time) and perform (or don’t) the action and then proceed to do a dance with the flashlight. Ask the campers if your dance was real (performed the action) or made up (did not perform the action). 

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So.... like imagine an AU where the losers club are in Coraline

I honestly really love this !! (Oh these headcanons are based on the book)

The losers go into the neibolt house and they find a secret door that one of them finds the key for. They all go one by one to a place exactly identical to their own town. They all go to their respective homes, and they all find out everything is different.

Bill would get home and break down in tears when he sees Georgie playing with his toys in his room. Georgie had been called officially missing five months ago, and now here he was in his room like everything was normal. Though, he did love the fact Georgie was back, he knew it wasn’t real and he’s one of the first to say they needed to get out of there.

Beverly would get home and find her dad was normal and not abusive. She knew something was up when she accidentally stepped on his shoe, and he didn’t slap her across the face. She was presented with forgiveness and a shrug with a “dinner is ready” and honestly she was one of the hardest to convince that they needed to leave.

Eddie would get home and find his mother skinny. She was skinny and had a nice, healthy dinner for him and he finds out that all his pills are missing. He once asks her for some Advil and she laughs and says “if you can find a bottle then you can have some.” Eddie was actually the first person to say they needed to leave.

Richie would get home and find that he can have an actual conversation with his parents. One of the first things his father says was that he was going to increase his chore money cause he knows richie loves going to the movies with his friends. It takes a lot of kicking and screaming to get him to leave because god he’s going to miss having the ability to feel important to his parents.

Mike gets home and finds the fields full of food, and he notices brand new equipment which startles him most. Then he goes inside and finds that his parents hired another person to do Mike’s chores saying he needed to be a kid and what kid is a kid if all they do is do chores? Mike was easily convinced they needed to leave.

Stan would get home and find a brand new bird cage. It’s big enough to go inside and he gasps at how rare some of the birds are, and he looks down to find a very expensive looking camera. He takes as many pictures as he can, and later he finds the pictures turn to dirt when he gets back to his real home. Plus, he nearly faints when he walks across the town without being insulted for being a Jew. He’s one of the hardest to convince to go home.

Ben would be walking home and have multiple people greeting him and asking to hang out. He has so many friends in this other world, and his mother has friends and she isn’t so reliant on him. He finds himself only eating one plate of food that night, and that’s what has him thinking that they don’t belong in this world.


Loved Ones Gris-Gris

This bag is used as a more subtle (or softer) means of communication with the departed – through dreams. Its purpose to to build the bridge between sides and allow for easier contact both in and outside of sleep/dreams. The process is as follows:


  • Mullein (dried)
  • Wisteria Blossoms (dried)
  • Mugwort (dried)
  • Lavender (dried)
  • Graveyard Dirt

Optional Ingredients:

  • Bradford Pear Blossoms (fresh)
  • Peach Skin (desiccated) *
  • Blushing Bracket (Daedaleopsis confragosa, dried; powdered/shredded)


  • Blue Fabric (6x6, 8x8 – square)
  • Cord – white or a light blue/lilac
  • Paper
  • Blue Ink (w/ quill or pen) – if blue is not available, black will work just fine


  • Begin foremost by drawing the above seal of a slip of paper. On the reverse, right the name of the one you seek to contact above the eye and your own name below it. Burn the paper and collect this ashes – this will be the foundation of your mix. If you so choose, you could add some Van Van oil to the slip of paper before burning. 
  • Add to the ashes all ingredients mark (dried) above. Give them a blend with your fingers. In the center of your cloth, make a bed of the herbs. If you elected to use the desiccated peach skin, place it first atop the herbs. If not already shaped (I used a natural clump – pictured above), roll the Graveyard Dirt as best you can into a ball shape. Don’t wet it. If it is very dry and doesn’t hold, simply sprinkle it over the herbs. Decorate the exterior with your fresh blossoms before gathering the corners and cinching the bag around the neck.
  • To use, place under your pillow for the 7 nights leading up to the full moon. On the day or night of the moon, remove it and go to the grave of he/she you wish to connect and leave the bag upon their headstone – with flowers if you can.
  • If the person you seek’s grave is unreachable, bury the bag in the graveyard on unclaimed soil along with their name or photo.

* – to make desiccated peach skin, gently peel the peaches with a sharp knife into chunks or ribbons, depending on your peeling skills/technique. Place the peelings into a jar or bag filled with 1:3 mixture of brown sugar and salt to cover, I also add in some fragrant cinnamon powder. Let these dry in a dark, warm, dry place until the skins begin to curl and they are no longer soft (or, rather: gelatinous) to the touch. To expedite drying, using a jar, follow the same process but place the jar (filled with the skins and salt/sugar/cinnamon mixture) into an oven set to ~200F and allow them to “cook” for ~4 - 6 hours, or until they are completely dry. When they are finished, they look reminiscent of mummified flesh – hence why they’re one of my favorite Craft ingredients!