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imagine how much better the Thor movies would’ve been if Frigga were actually written in a realistic way rather than a ‘women don’t talk when the menfolk are talking’ way

I mean she’s a powerful magic user and more importantly she’s a MOM. Thor and Loki wouldn’t have gotten away with SHIT. The entire goddamn plot never would’ve happened, no wonder they dumbed her down.




I’m back with another theory as it relates to pictures!!

This one will focus on these two pictures here:

The first thing I want to do is draw your attention to the numbers circled in red in the first picture (top left corner). Discussion with @blakeperalta​ pretty much confirms that those numbers are (In the following order) the roll number (the film roll), minutes, seconds and finally, milliseconds. So the first picture (of Bellamy and Murphy) is from 26 minutes into an episode, and the second picture (of Murphy and Raven), is from 9 minutes into an episode. This means these two pictures (as well as the pictures of the Blake Siblings w/Clarke) can not be from the trailer, because no trailer is going to be 9 or 26 minutes long. In fact, it’s likely we’ve only seen 3 pictures from the trailer (all the screencaps marked “The 100 S5 Trailer, with all other images being from episodes).

Now obviously these two pictures can’t be from the same scene because they are almost 20 minutes apart, but they are definitely from the same location. “Where is that?” you may be asking. Well, I am confident that they are aboard the Eligius ship. Back in November, when the press were allowed onto the set for interviews, we got some Snapchat screenshots of the interior of the Eligius ship, they looked like this:

As you can see, the vent/lighting thing here is almost exactly the same as the vent/lighting thing behind Bellamy and Murphy in the first picture, and the overall scene lighting (shades of blue) is the same for the Raven and Murphy picture.

“So what does that mean?! Did the Eligius ship take the SS7 hostage at some point?!”

Highly doubtful!! We know that the Eligius lands on Earth in the Season 4 finale/Episode 501, however I don’t believe that SS7 is down on Earth yet. In fact, I don’t think they arrive until the end of 501/502. Remember my episode speculation for 501:

501 will by mostly flashbacks with scenes from the present day in the last 5-15 minutes.  My prediction is that we end 501 with the Season 4 finale ending scene (Eligius landing on the ground), despite the ending of the finale (with Clarke telling Madi to get guns), I think they’ll quickly realize they’re not enemies, at least not yet, and somehow Eligius will wind up back in Clarke and Madi’s small village area.

I now believe I have an idea of what Episode 502 will look like:

I think 502 will begin with SS7 crash landing. I think, based on a conversation between Murphy and Raven in S4, that they will land in a body of water. (When they were still trying to find a way to make the Nightblood, Raven was frustrated because she couldn’t successfully complete the simulation without crashing and burning, Murphy suggests that she simply land in water and Raven comments that it could work-but they never have to implement this solution because they wind up using Luna’s bone marrow to create the Nightblood.) We know, thanks to a BTS picture of Clarke with fish:

That there is running water near the Shenandoah Village. Even if its just a small stream or river, it’s likely that wherever the fish came from, there’s a larger body of water that the river/stream flows into. SS7 could land in that larger body of water, and then follow the water until it leads them towards green space.

Because Eligius is already living with Madi/Clarke (we know that at some point Eligius does wind up living in the village thanks to some BTS pictures of Eligius equipment inside a church-like building, and we know Shenandoah has a building that could be a church):

I think its possible that SS7 wanders into the village and encounter the Eligius crew who react in a hostile manner. There’s a scuffle (this would explain why Bellamy has a scraped cheek in the picture with Murphy), somehow they figure out “Hey we’re not enemies!” (my preference is that Clarke returns from somewhere, perhaps sending out her daily radio message, sees the scuffle, sets out to stop it and then, BAM! It’s Bellamy/Raven/someone she knows/thought was dead and we have our SS7/Clarke reunion/Madi introduction).

Now, the scuffle will have to happen relatively early on in the episode and this brings me to the Murphy/Raven picture, with Raven holding the radio. I’ve seen lots of speculation that this could be the group hearing Clarke’s messages and realizing that she’s alive. I think that’s a viable theory, but I, personally, don’t think they’ll hear Clarke’s messages at all, if only for the cinematic glory of capturing Bob’s acting chops as we watch Bellamy see Clarke for the first time after spending 6 years thinking she’s dead. I actually don’t think they ever get the radio working on the Ark at all.

So once they fix their Eligius issues (again, relatively quickly in the episode), they realize Eligius has working comms. They ask if they can use it to contact Polis because after meeting up with Clarke they realize that no one from the Bunker (which could only hold 1200 people for 5 years) is with her. They attempt to contact the Bunker (even though I’m sure Clarke will mention she’s tried), this is why Raven has the radio-she likely knows the proper frequency/whatever for the Bunker, and when they get no answer/get a bad answer we get the face that we see Raven expressing in the screencap.

These could also be why Bellamy looks upset in the Murphy/Bellamy screencap (even though it’s almost 20 minutes later), they receive bad news about the Bunker, which is where Octavia was supposed to have been safe for 6 years. So Episode 2 would end with the Eligius crew, SS7, Clarke and Madi going off towards Polis to see if they can unearth the Bunker, remember Eligius is a mining company!

Of course, I could be completely wrong. There’s always the option that SS7 sees the Eligius, the Eligius see them, they hail them, are picked up from the Ring and then wind up on Earth that way!

As always feel free to add/comment/whatever! Hope you enjoyed this!!

Finally, I managed to finish the picture of the Uchiha-Hyuuga step-siblings, from the Fugaku/Hiashi idea on @blackkatmagic‘s blog.

Besides the fact, that it took me literally ages to finish it, I’m actually very, very pleased with how it turned out. (Originally it was supposed to be just a picture of Hinata and Sasuke, because the thought of those two as siblings kind of started the whole idea, but you can see how that plan turned out. Not that I’m complaining)

Now I just have to learn how to write in a decent quality and then I can actually do something with this idea. How hard can it be? :D

Grocery Girl

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Summary- Y/N works at a small grocery store in her home town and Dacre Montgomery just happens to stop in at that store and the rest is history. 

Word Count- 1372

Author’s Note- Hope you guys like it! This is my first story that I have written and posted in a long time so bare with me if it isn’t the greatest. Since I will have more time now I decided to start writing again! Let me know if you like it and want more! 

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Monsta X reaction to their s/o cuddling the large stuffed toy (given by them) whenever they’re on tour

cont. cuddling a large stuffed animal (gift from them?) while they are sleeping because mx was on tour and the reader couldn’t sleep without cuddling them so they used the toy as a substitute

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Shownu; The two of you were facetiming when Shownu told you to go to sleep and he’ll end the call once you fall asleep. When you pulled the huge teddy bear he gave you, he couldn’t help but break into a soft smile. Telling him that you couldn’t fall asleep without him by your side and that you use the teddy bear as a substitute. Shownu would feel a pang on his chest to be honest, seeing you like that would make somehow think of things to make it up for you once they come back. 

I’ll be back, baby, don’t worry. Just a couple of more days and I’ll be there by your side, arasso? I love you and don’t worry, I’ll still be here when you finally fall asleep.”

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Wonho; He’d be utterly speechless when he hears it from your sibling. Receiving a picture of you hugging the huge stuffed toy he’s given you while sleeping made him emotional to be honest, especially when your sibling told him that you couldn’t sleep without him and you decided to use the stuffed toy he gave you. Wonho wouldn’t like the thought to be honest since he knows how much you mean to him and that he misses you so bad that he’d send you a message filled with love.

Hey babe, I miss you so much and I hope you’re going to have a great day ahead of you. I’m always here to listen to your problems despite being away, okay? Don’t think about being keeping it all to yourself because your my top priority. I love you and I’ll be home soon.”

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Minhyuk; This boy will literally find it cute to be honest. Just the thought of you nuzzling on the fluffy bear’s neck makes him giddy and he’d also find it funny to be honest. But then when the two of you are facetiming, the first thing that he’d be able to see would be the stuffed teddy bear on your bed. He’d be talking about it to be honest and that’d be the only thing that’ll come out from his mouth for a good fifteen minute, making you blush from embarrassment but then he’d reassure you right away that you’re so precious.

Aigoo, my jagiya is so precious. Don’t worry baby, you can have me all you want once I get back there but for now, just think of me while you hug Mr. Snuggles, okay? AAANNDDD GUESS WHAAAT, you can use my perfume for that teddy since I know how much you love me *wink* (this would make you want to end the call tbh)”

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Kihyun; Kihyun would be pretty vocal about this to you. At first he’d wonder why you can’t sleep without him by your side, only to end up blushing by your answer. But then it’s also a bad thing to tell him about this because he’d get really cheesy and greasy and corny….. But then he’d be giggly about it to be honest. Just thinking about you pouting at the stuffed toy he gave you would literally make him laugh out loud, making the other members look at him.

Omo, you can’t sleep without me by your side? I can’t sleep without you by me side too baby. *wink* Do you want Oppa to give you five kisses? Arasso *sends kisses five times* Not enough? Well, you’ll get a lot of it once I get back there.”

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Hyungwon; I actually don’t know but Hyungwon would practically be clueless about it at first to be honest until your mom, yes your mom, sends him a video of you practically telling her that you can’t sleep without it and that she shouldn’t take away the stuffed toy that Hyungwon gave you because it’s a substitute for Hyungwon. He’d actually find it cute to be honest but then he’d feel guilty to be honest for making you sleep on your own with that stuffed bear. But then he’d be all smiles, teasing you about it to be honest.

Baby, did you know that omoni sent me a video of you telling her not to get the stuffed toy I gave you since you couldn’t sleep without it since it’s like a substitute of me? Looool, you’re so cute baby. Babe? Aww, don’t get all sulky now. I miss you so so much and you’re doing that? C’mooon, I’m just messin’ with you~”

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Jooheon; This tiger will literally ask you to show him the stuffed toy he gave you. He’d actually tell the stuffed toy to watch over you for him and that to give you the best hugs and cuddles for him. Jooheon would literally be cute about it to be honest. He’d actually found out about the information from your roommate since you kept on whining about it to her, only which she took action and told Jooheon about it. 

Baby, where Mr. Stripes? Oh, there he is! Okay, Mr. Stripes, listen to me. I know that my baby can’t sleep without me by her side and I want you to be the substitute for my absence. Can you give her the best hugs and cuddles for me? Yes? Good, now, I leave everything in your hands.”

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I.M; Changkyun would be cool about it to be honest. But then he couldn’t help but worry about that to be honest like what if that stuffed toy gets kidnapped or what. Well, if ever that could happen, Changkyun would actually buy a huge stuff toy at the country they are in and send it to your address with a letter with it. And once that you receive it, Changkyun would just casually explain it to you and that he’d find it cute that you used that stuffed toy as a substitute for him.

I bought that stuffed toy for you because what if Bluey gets kidnapped, huh? If that ever happens, Brownie is there to be by your side, not making you lonely and what not. And yeah, I wanted to add Brownie to your collection since a cute girl like you deserves it *wink*”

Winter Idol // m.y 2

Member: Min Yoongi

Chapter One

Genre: a bit of everything

Work count: 2.3K

Summary: working with one of your best friends of years shouldn’t come with so much hatred. With your career sky rocketing along side his everything should run smoothly until jealousy and rumors take place.

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I woke two hours later and thankfully the apartment wasn’t cold, due to the company I had last night. In fact it was a little too warm in here. I opened my eyes too see I was still on the couch and I felt something heavy over me. I quickly looked over me to see what the object was. I saw the top of a head the color of the sky and I immediately grew confused. Yoongi? I thought he went home? No wait. He did go home, what was he doing here? I looked down at my watch and saw it was time for me to get up so I shook him a little to try to get him awake.

“Hey yoongi” I say as I shake him awake a little. He stirs in his sleep bringing his head over to my chest his cheek against my body as he tightens his hold.

“No I don’t wanna go I want to stay here.” He sends a smile my way and I can’t help but blush.

“Hey! No we need to go now! Lay is gonna kill me if he finds out you slept over on a schedule week again!” I try my hardest to push him off and I succeed. I run towards my room to quickly pull a somewhat good outfit for the long day we have planned.

“Your phone is ringing y/n!!” I see yoongi sitting up on the couch and making his way towards the kitchen island.

I through on a adidas jacket that I’m pretty sure is not mine as I make my way to my phone. It has then stopped ringing and before I can see who it is it rings again with Namjoon’s number blinking on my screen.

“Hey joon what’s up?” I make my way to the kitchen and yoongi is putting on his shoes.

“Hey y/n so yoongi didn’t come home last night and we don’t know where he is and like we can’t show up today without him or else Lay will get after us and I just want to know if you know anything?” I can clearly hear jimin in the back asking if everyone was ready yet.

“Umm no… I haven’t seen him. Maybe try his phone again?” I look over at yoongi and he’s looking at me with a confused gaze.

“Hmm that’s weird. Okay I’ll try it again I’ll see you in a bit y/n text me when you leave home.” Joon has always been so kind and every time he says that it makes me smile.

“I will bye joon.” I look at yoongi as he is getting up to put his coat on. I hear him mutter something along the lines of “that’s not my jacket” as he gives my jacket one last look.

“What did joon want?” He shrugs the coat on and I make my way to the door grabbing my gear and the black beanie on the island top.

“He asked if I had seen you. I said no.”

“Why if I was here? Are you ashamed of my friendship y/n?” I looked over at him and his face looked so sad.

“No yoongi! Of course not! It’s just he said Lay would get after you guys.” And I couldn’t hang out with you guys as much.

“Oh.. okay well-“ his phone rings and he looks down and locks it again. “I’m gonna go I don’t want you to get in trouble yeah?” He gives you a small wave and exits your apartment.

The walk to the building is quite long it was almost 5 in the morning as i make my way to the subway that will lead me there. As i sit i open up my email and see a couple of the emails about the shooting locations alongside a couple of wardrobe deals from various companies wanting to sponsor BTS. I come across an email that looked important. URGENT MATTER Ms.Y/L/N Open ASAP! I look curiously at it for a second as the subway starts to move. When i open it it only has the company name a phone number and the name of who, I’m assuming is the person who sent this. SM ENT +82 342 654 73 Dojung. I pin the email as a favorite and as important as I lock the device and put some music on. Riding the subway to the BigHit offices has always been quick so I try not to nap on my way.

As I walk out the subway I crash into someone and it causes my bag of gear to almost drop. As I gasp and throw myself at the bag the stranger comes from around me keeping one arm wrapped around me as his hand reaches over to grab the bag.

“Oh my god! I am deeply sorry!” The stranger has managed to save my bag and my embarrassment as he stands me still and gives my bag to me.

“It’s fine don’t worry I’m glad the bag is okay thanks for that.” I dust myself off from the dirt that wasn’t on me as I look up to thank the stranger. He’s quite handsome and his smile is beautiful.

“I’m sorry it’s because I’m in a hurry I’m late to my new job and I don’t want my boss to think this will be a routine for me and-“

“Seriously it’s okay the time you’re wasting trying to explain yourself to me the more time you’re wasting.” I giggle as he opens his eyes wide and I wave him goodbye. The poor man runs towards the exit doors and I make my way up the stairs.

The season has changed quite a bit since last night as I make my way into the doors of the building I can see lay walking into a room along side some other people who I haven’t seen before. I enter the small office space that I claim and set my bags down. I’ve always been very into making spaces look like home so all through the walls I have pictures of loved ones. I come from a family of five siblings and three of them are older while one is younger me being the second youngest one. I left home at just sixteen and many people never believe that I would be gone from home that young, but I had school that allowed me to move out at that age.

As I sit on my desk I have a picture of my first photos I took at the underground shows and honestly I miss it. I haven’t gone down there ever since PD found me and asked if I’d like to work with a new group he is mentoring and his company he was building.


“Y/n I’ve seen your previous work and I know PD-Nim would be more than excited to have you on board with us!” I look away from my camera screen to namjoon speaking with such enthusiasm.

“I don’t know joon… that’s a tough job and it’s working with idols like…that’s professional level. Why would he ever consider me to shoot for his label.”

I see him open his mouth and close it right back up as his friend comes to tell him he’s up in one minute. I give him a shrug and move to a different place to get ready to shoot his stage. I don’t think I could ever leave working at the underground shows, because everything is so raw and it’s true to the rapper spitting out the lyrics. The things some of these people say just makes my heart hurt at how they’re feeling. As I see joon enter the stage I get the camera ready as the beat starts to flow.

“Do you do this to everyone?” I don’t bother looking away from the view finder as I continue snapping pictures.

“Mostly depends who it is, there’s a lot of new rappers tonight so I’ve gotten a couple of them.”

“That’s cool…I’ve seen you at a couple of the shows and I always seen you with RM so I didn’t know if you only shot him.” The voice is so smooth. It’s almost like I can get lost in it with how calm he sounds.

“Well kind of he’s the only actual friend I have at these shows so yeah.” I look away from the camera to finally make eye contact with the stranger next to me.

“I’m yoongi by the way.” He looks a little taken back from the eye contact and looks anywhere else but at me which makes me giggle.

“Nice to meet you.”

That night I made a new friend Min Yoongi and he actually knew namjoon so it worked out. Ever since that show we were inseparable. It was always all three of us or none of us. We kept a very closed circle and when they got to serious business is when PD-Nim asked if I’d join the team. Knowing that yoongi and namjoon would be the acts id be shooting I decided yes.


I quickly set my things down making my way to the practice room where I’m sure the guys would be since it’s where we usually always meet. Before I make it down the hallway I’m stopped by Lay.

“Hey y/n I need to speak to you.” I look up and the atmosphere dropped drastically when he said that.

“Yeah what’s up Lay?”

“There’s someone from SM Entertainment in practice room three waiting to speak with you.” I couldn’t figure out if he was upset or not, but it really did look like it with the way he was looking at me and his tone of voice.

“Uh okay? Do I go there now or…”

“Yeah.” Lay turns around and makes his way into the practice room where the guys where as I make my way into the other one.

Upon entering I see that the SM guy is there along side three other men in suits. They have a table set up and they also have PD-Nim there and Sik which was a coordinator along side myself for BTS. I make my way to a seat next to Sik before presenting myself to the strangers in the room.

“Y/n this is Dojung he’s the CEO of SM entertainment” I look towards the voice which is PD-Nim “and he’s here to speak with you about a possible employment opportunity.”

“Employment? Am I getting fired sir?” I reach over to grab Sik‘ Shan’s from next to mine. PD-Nim looks over to me.

“No not at all! It’s just you’re very talented and I didn’t want you to stay only primarily with us, if other companies see your potential I want you to have the chance to explore them is all.”

“It’s only if you’d want to take the deal that I’m about to present to you miss y/n.” I look over to the voice which I’m assuming is Dojung as he reaches into his bag to retrieve s Manila folder containing papers.

“No offense Mr. Dojung but you only just sent me an email this morning. Why the sudden urgency?”

“I need to know if you’d be interested if not I need to find someone quickly. You were my first choice so I immediately regret sending the email so I made my way down to the BigHit offices to come speak with you in person.”

“I see well thank you for that.”

“So this right here is the project I’d like for you to join us in. The group we have that we’d like you to look over is EXO” how am I not surprised “they will be planning a comeback very soon and we need all the artistic help we can get. Now I’m not expecting an answer right away you can have the rest of the week to look it over, but whatever you do you can not discuss this matter with anyone outside of this room. Myself and PD has already promised that but we’d like for you and Sik to agree as well.” I look over at Sik and we both nod at each other.

“If I accept will this be myself only or will Sik join me as well?”

“Just Yourself. Sik will be here still. I’ll leave these here and of course look over it carefully it has all the information you need and if you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate on giving me a call.” With that he stood up gave me a handshake and left the room.

We cleared the break room but I still staid back kind of in a daze. It was about two hours since Dojung left the room as well as everyone else but I couldn’t get myself to leave for some reason. It was a great opportunity to be able to work with one of South Korea’s successful groups, but I didn’t know if I would be able to leave BTS especially since we were gonna be so busy for this comeback and the tour that was being planned. I hear the door slam and I quickly throw a jacket over the folder on the table.

“Y/n! I didn’t know you were here today!” I look up and it’s Hoseok and Jimin.

“Oh yeah I was just in a meeting is all.”

“Oh well we are still practicing I think Sik was looking for you, but we are gonna go out tonight you should come!”

“Yeah I definitely need a night out where are we going?”

“I think yoongi hyung wanted to go to an underground place.” Jimin looks at me and send me a smile.

“Yoongi hyung hasn’t stopped talking about it and he kept bragging about how you showed him and wants to go again.” Hoseok slaps Jimin on his chest as to be giving s warning.

“Anyway will you come y/n?”

Oh what the hell its been a while since I last hung out with them why not?

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Was just rethinking about the "My family's slave" story and just noticed that the rest of his siblings (from pictures in the article he has 4) didn't seem to factor into any meaningful attempts to get Eudocia home. Even his older brother who introduced the author to the word slave for Eudocia. So you basically have a family of 7 all complicit in the crime of slavery.


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Ok so, ut and us bros (I'll send more asks for other characters too ;3) the skeles are looking at the gifts they received. One of them is from Sibling. It's an album, with picture of everyone (mostly bros & sibling), just doing things. Taking a nap, playing outside, cooking, drawing, lost in thoughts; alone or together. There's some landscapes too.Sibling's wrote this at the end of the album : "Because I want to be able to keep the more important moments of my life : the moments with my family"

🌟UT Bros: Sans sort of chuckles and looks away, “Aww, kid, that’s real sweet if ya.” He seems kind if speechless actually as he awkwardly rubs the back of his skull. Sans isn’t good with vocalising his affections but you can see how touched he actually is. “This kinda makes my gift look dumb…or well, dumber than I intended it to be but I-,uh, hope you still like it.” (Sans got you a jacket similar to his except it’s your favorite color.)

Meanwhile, Papyrus clasps his hands over his mouth and begins to tear up, “Oh my gosh, Papyrus, are you okay?” He immediately pulls you into an almost to tight hug, “YES YES, OF COURSE I’M OKAY! THANK YOU SO MUCH, DEAR HUMAN! THIS IS TRULY ONE OF THE BEST GIFTS I HAVE EVER RECEIVED!” He’s going to be holding onto you all day after that, you’ll have to get Sans to talk him into putting you down. (Papyrus got you some fingerless gloves with skeleton hand bones printed on the backs.)

🌟US bros: Blueberry’s reaction is pretty similar to Undertale Papyrus’ as he begins to tear up in happiness as well, “PAPY PAPY, LOOK WHAT THE HUMAN MADE FOR US!”, “Heh, yep I see it, bro” Blue turns back to you and hugs you tightly, nuzzling his face into you, “THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, HUMAN!” (Blueberry got you a silver bracelet decorated with bones charms and blue gems)

Stretch smiles as Blue continues to fawn over your gift, you really new how to make his bro happy, not to say it didn’t make him happy as well. He’d take his time to look through the album thoroughly once Blue puts it down, which might not be until he falls asleep tonight, bur he could wait. You’re sitting beside Blue as he excitedly flips through the album. Stretch locks eyes with you and mouths thank you fallowed by a wink and you just nod happily before your attention is pulled back to Blueberry asking you questions about different photos. (Stretch got you whatever new video game you had your heart set on)

The Glistening Of Fangs- chapter three

Alfred walked through the door of the house and was immediately greeted by the smell of something sweet baking.

“Natalya! I’m home!” she called, taking her coat off and hanging it up on the rack next to the door. Another woman emerged from the kitchen. She had light colored hair pulled back in a long ponytail, bangs held out of her face with a while headband. She wiped her hands on a dark blue, flour covered apron.

“Who is this?” she asked, not an ounce of warmth in her voice. She eyed him coldly.

“This is…” she looked at him out of the corner of her eye.

“Alfred.” he supplied quickly.

“He’s making his way to Russia and I offered him a place to stay!” Katyusha said cheerfully. Natalya shot something at her in what he assumed was Ukrainian, and Katyusha said something calmly back. She looked to Alfred apologetically.

“The guest room is up the stairs, down the hall, third door on the right.” She turned back to the other woman and went back to speaking in their foreign tongue.

Alfred turned and began making his way up the stairs, looking at all of the different pictures lining the walls. There were many, mostly of Katyusha and her siblings. There seemed to be pictures from all types of cameras and time periods. He had not thought that there was anything different sbout them in the beginning, so he just assumed that they liked photography, although all of the pictured were very, very old looking.

Once he got to the indicated room, he stepped inside and shut the door behind him quietly. Alfred toed off his shoes and collapsed on the end of the bed, not caring to cover himself or strip out of his dirty clothes. He fell asleep to the warm smell of baking bread and cinnamon.


Alfred woke to the familiar light pressure and pinch of fangs burying themselves in his neck. Groggily, he shifted himself so he was a bit more comfortable and let himself wake up slowly, eyes still closed. This was a rather common occurrence; when Arthur was leaving for work, he would go to Alfred for something quick to eat since he was the heaviest sleeper.

It wasn’t until the fangs were gone that he remembered that he was, in fact, on the border of Ukraine and Russia and had left his last master’s house over an entire week ago.

His blue eyes shot open and he shrieked, tumbling backwards off of the bed and landing on the hardwood floor in a tangle of sheets. “Owww. Fucking fuck!” he cursed, struggling to untangle himself from the blankets. The initial shock faded slightly.

He rubbed the back of his head and looked around what part of the room was visible. Nothing was out of the ordinary, so he thought he had just imagined it. “Woah, trippy.”

But when he went to sit back up, an ash-blond head popped over the side of the bed, startling him yet again and making him shoot back and against the wall with a surprised exclamation.

“Are you alright?” the new person asked. Alfred looked at him, bewilderment clearly visible on his face. For once in his life he was truly thankful that he slept with all of his clothes on.

“No I’m not alright! You can’t just do that without permission! You scared me!” Alfred spat, crossing his arms indignantly. “Who are you, anyway?” He studied the features of the person above him. His eyes were a bright purple, his hair and skin were so pale he was almost white, and he adorned a creepy-yet-somehow-friendly smile. He looked completely normal, but there was just something off about the whole picture; how perfect it was.

“My name is Ivan. My sisters told me your name is Alfred. That’s right, right?” Ivan smiled a little wider, showing his… fangs. Long, pointed, glistening white canines. This, this was definitely the Ivan he was looking for.

“Oh thank God you’re the right one,” he whispered to himself, albeit a little louder than he originally intended. The Russian flinched slightly. Alfred noticed and immediately tried to make up for his mistake.“Oh my gosh I forgot you’re a vampire I’m so sorry!”

Ivan looked confused, to say the least. “I don’t… You know what I am, and you’re not afraid?”

“Well, I’d think that I wouldn’t be afraid, since you’re the only reason that I’m here right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I came looking for you. See, I need your help.” Alfred already felt like he was submitting to the vampire, what with the positions they were in.

“What do you need the help of a vampire for?”

“Not just any vampire; you, specifically.” Alfred took a breath to steady his shot nerves. This may have been what he came for, but the task of actually asking for help was turning out to be a little harder than originally planned.“I…I need protection from my last master. Would you help me?”

Ivan cocked his head to the side in an almost wolfish manner. “What’s in it for me if I do?”he inquired, almost catching Alfred’s eye. Alfred quickly blinked and looked down; catching a vampire’s eye was dangerous no matter who you are, even for other vampires. Lets them gain control over you, among other, more sinister things.

“Whatever you want, but I don’t have much money, so that wouldn’t be the smartest thing to ask for.”

“No,” Ivan laughed, “I have no use for some material thing that can be very easily acquired.” He paused in his speaking, and Alfred was floundering desperately, trying to come up with something, anything, to pay him with. He was so deep in thought that he started when the Russian’s silky voice purred out again. “I’d be willing to offer my personal protection if you became mine. Mine and mine alone.” Ivan hung his arm over the side of the bed, tracing lines along the probably ancient stitching. I did want another master to live under, Alfred thought to himself, But what if he’s just as bad as Arthur had gotten? No matter; I ran away once, and I can do it again if I need to. Maybe borrow some money and go back home. Alfred argued back and forth with himself for almost a minute, before finally delivering his answer: “I’ll do it.”
Post-it Poems


So I fully intend to do one story that includes all of these words but I thought of this idea and couldn’t resist. Enjoy this beautiful sappyness. 
(edited by @alittlemissfit of course)

As Scully packed up the apartment that she’d barely made herself at home in, she found herself distracted by things she’d either hidden away when she moved in or that she’d gotten from her mother’s house.

She would find keepsakes from when she was a kid or old pictures of her siblings. She would find old case files that she’d chosen to keep for one reason or another.
But she hadn’t taken a pause in her work until finding a simple wooden box. One that held quite a few memories.

Running her hand over the lid she wondered if she wanted to open it.
The small cedar box held old notes from Mulder. Poems that he’d given to her over the years, written out in his messy scrawl on post it notes. The tradition started when she was dying of cancer and continued for most of their life together.

Scully rifled around through the post-its and found the first one he’d given her. It wasn’t dated or signed but she knew it was the first from the moment she saw it. She’d found it sticking to her nightstand one day after a nap.

The note read:

Ah, love, let us be true
To one another! for the world which seems
To lie before us like a land of dreams,
So various, so beautiful, so new,
Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
And we are here as on a darkling plain
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night.
- Matthew Arnold

At the time it made her cry, hold tight to her pillow to soak up her tears. When Mulder came back later that night she kissed him, was grateful she still had the strength to hold him. She’d run her hands under his shirt, down to the sizable bulge in his pants.
He’d taken her hands and held them between them before she asked him to make love to her, convinced it would be their last chance. Every day she’d felt weaker and weaker and when he looked into her eyes he’d been unable to pull away. They moved slowly together on the hospital bed in the dark room and she’d tried to hold on to every moment. Wanting to remember each detail during the pain to come.
When she recovered they didn’t discuss it. He would occasionally kiss her on the cheek or forehead, say something that made her smile or melt, but they steered clear of heavy discussions, talking about things like love.

Searching for the next note Scully found it sticking to the bottom of the box. After Emily had died she closed herself off, from Mulder, from her mother, from everything. And he let her, until one day a few weeks later she found a post-it on the window of her car after work.
The sad words read:

Tread lightly, she is near
Under the snow,
Speak gently, she can hear
The daisies grow.

All her bright golden hair
Tarnished with rust,
She that was young and fair
Fallen to dust.

Peace, Peace, she cannot hear
Lyre or sonnet,
All my life’s buried here,
Heap earth upon it.
- Oscar Wilde
I’m here when you’re ready- M

She cried after reading it, cried like she wanted to at the funeral. Before she knew what she was doing her car was in front of Mulder’s building.
She didn’t have a plan but walked up to his apartment and when he opened the door she flung herself into his arms. He held her until she fell asleep, and in the morning she left before he woke. Again, they didn’t discuss it.

Remembering all the words unsaid, she came upon another note in the box. This one she’d found in her briefcase after she’d rescued him from the Bermuda Triangle. When he was lying in the hospital he’d told her he loved her. She had tried to take it with a grain of salt but at night she’d find the words echoing in her mind, seeping into her dreams.
After he was released from the hospital she found the note. It had read:

S, I meant what I said-
I have been here before,
  But when or how I cannot tell:
I know the grass beyond the door,
  The sweet keen smell,
The sighing sound, the lights around the shore.

You have been mine before,—
  How long ago I may not know:
But just when at that swallow’s soar
  Your neck turned so,
Some veil did fall,—I knew it all of yore.

Has this been thus before?
  And shall not thus time’s eddying flight
Still with our lives our love restore
  In death’s despite,
And day and night yield one delight once more?
- Dante Gabriel Rossetti

That time there was no rushing over to see him. She had worked up the nerve to bring it up one day until she saw him standing close to Agent Fowley in the hallway, having a hushed conversation.
She’d tucked the note away and felt like a damn fool for a long time after.

She didn’t open up to Mulder again until after his brain surgery, and shortly after received another tender note. It had been inside a file folder holding their latest X-file, one that had come across her small desk. The poem was scrawled on the front and back of the post-it note.

To Scully-
There is a lady sweet and kind,
Was never face so pleas’d my mind;
I did but see her passing by,
And yet I love her till I die.

Her gesture, motion, and her smiles,
Her wit, her voice, my heart beguiles,
Beguiles my heart, I know not why,
And yet I love her till I die.

Her free behaviour, winning looks,
Will make a lawyer burn his books;
I touch’d her not, alas! not I,
And yet I love her till I die.

Had I her fast betwixt mine arms,
Judge you that think such sports were harms,
Were’t any harm? no, no, fie, fie,
For I will love her till I die.

Should I remain confined there
So long as Phœbus in his sphere,
I to request, she to deny,
Yet would I love her till I die.

Cupid is winged and doth range,
Her country so my love doth change:
But change she earth, or change she sky,
Yet will I love her till I die.
- Thomas Ford

The words filled her but she didn’t go to him. Instead Mulder came to her. As she sat on her couch reading the note for the fifth time, he knocked on her door.

She opened the door and they simply looked at each other for a moment before she moved forward. Taking his face in her hands she kissed him, practically devoured him. They wound up stumbling into her apartment and into her bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes behind.

That night he spoke poetry aloud to her, and the next morning she pulled open the top drawer of her nightstand, showed him each of the notes he’d given her before handing him a pen and a stack of post it’s.

She asked him to write the one he’d just recited while pillowed on his chest, cuddled close to him and reveling in the afterglow.

Pulling that note out from the box she smiled, recalled the husky tone his voice took on as he spoke the words, kissed and nipped at her breasts.

Have you beheld (with much delight)
A red rose peeping through a white?
Or else a cherry (double graced)
Within a lily? Centre placed?
Or ever marked the pretty beam,
A strawberry shows, half drowned in cream?
Or seen rich rubies blushing through
A pure smooth pearl, and orient too?
So like to this, nay all the rest,
Is each neat niplet of her breast.
- Ovid

At the time she’d laughed in delight at the mischievous look in his eyes. He rolled her nipples between his fingers while reciting it by memory and she praised him for efficient multitasking.

Reaching for the next poem, she was overcome with the sadness she’d felt back when she first read it. Mulder had left it for her the morning he left, three days after William was born. It was stuck on the top of the pile of post-its that still sat in her drawer, but it had taken her a week to find it. When she had she’d held it tight to her chest and cried. The tear stained paper read:

I’m sorry that I have to leave.
I love you.
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of every day’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love with a passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints,—I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life!—and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Scully felt the tears gathering in her eyes but blinked them back. Kept sifting through the other notes in the box: From time to time she’d find them in her office at the hospital or hidden in her suitcases when they were on the run. She kept the box all these years and she’d kept them all.

Not hearing the door open she was startled when Mulder’s arms wrapped around her, circled her waist.

“Whatcha doing?” he asked, laying a kiss on the top of her head.

“Your post-it poems,” she answered, leaning back into his chest as he looked at her in surprise.

“You kept all of those?”

Putting the box down she turned in his arms. Laying her hands flat on his chest she smiled, looked up into his eyes.

“Of course I did. Every single one.”

His eyes watering Mulder pressed his lips to her forehead. Pulled away after a beat  just enough to speak.

“Now that I have your face by heart, I look
Less at its features than its darkening frame
Where quince and melon, yellow as young flame,
Lie with quilled dahlias and the shepherd’s crook.
Beyond, a garden. There, in insolent ease
The lead and marble figures watch the show
Of yet another summer loath to go
Although the scythes hang in the apple trees.

Now that I have your face by heart, I look.

Now that I have your voice by heart, I read
In the black chords upon a dulling page
Music that is not meant for music’s cage,
Whose emblems mix with words that shake and bleed.
The staves are shuttled over with a stark
Unprinted silence. In a double dream
I must spell out the storm, the running stream.
The beat’s too swift. The notes shift in the dark.

Now that I have your voice by heart, I read.

Now that I have your heart by heart, I see
The wharves with their great ships and architraves;
The rigging and the cargo and the slaves
On a strange beach under a broken sky.
O not departure, but a voyage done!
The bales stand on the stone; the anchor weeps
Its red rust downward, and the long vine creeps
Beside the salt herb, in the lengthening sun.

Now that I have your heart by heart, I see.”

At some point as he spoke Scully curled her head into his neck, listened to the rumble of his voice. Reaching her hand up she stroked his cheek that was covered with a day’s worth of stubble.
They stood in silence for a few minutes until Mulder pulled her back from him, looked into her eyes.

“Let’s go home Scully.”
She nodded, holding the box into one hand and held his with the other.

They had movers coming to get the few boxes that remained of the half-life she’d lived in the bare apartment. But she knew that she would have left all of the rest behind to be with him.

(-final poem written by Louise Bogan)

anonymous asked:

Hcs about the Shepard gang? Like what the other members are like

What I find so surprising is that I’ve never gotten this question before.

So I kind of just made these up and I like them somewhat. I definitely haven’t thought about this enough for these to be canon for me, though.

I’m canon on Marshall and Nick, but that’s all.

— He’s a very close friend of Tim’s.
— 18 and has known Tim since freshman year.
— Middle class, grew up with only a mother.
— Independent and occasionally helps Tim.
— He’s in the gang as more of a friend but works with Tim sometimes.
— Is actually really cute and hardworking.
— Nearly black hair, fair skinned and has some freckles.
— Almost fully English so has many of those common characteristics.
— Very similar to Tim but more of a good guy tbh.

— Curly light gold hair and cocky.
— Very strange kid, tbh.
— 16.
— He’s like tough like a greaser but abstract and artistic like a hippie.
— Mod but a greaser at the same time???
— Hangs out with Socs and literally whoever he wants; extremely popular and vibrant.
— Almost like a Bob mixed with Soda?
— Works for Tim on the down low and kind of definitely wants to fuck him.
— Ngl Tim is this boy’s idol, which doesn’t really make sense at all.
— Has a pretty twin named Chloe.

— 17 and Italian as fucking hell.
— Like, speaks Italian.
— Is trying to grow his hair out.
— It’s dark and straight, super sexy.
— He’s from the city.
— Not too smart but not dumb.
— Motorcycle enthusiast and wild.
— He will do ANYTHING.
— Charismatic and so sarcastic but incredibly funny.
— Is always slightly drunk because everyday is just another day to chill.
— People always want to be around him, he’s got a great personality.

— 17 turning 18 very soon.
— Trying to make money for college.
— Pretty good kid, grew up in Tulsa, everyone knows him.
— Introverted and always has cigarettes with him.
— Is always faintly there; everyone knows him but it’s like he disappears sometimes.
— Plain-colored tees and jeans everyday.
— Almost a redhead, but it’s like a fawn color.
— Little boy haircut and curly.
— Does some bad things but wants to be good.
— Him, Marshall, and Tim are a little trio but it’s not public like shut up it’s an unspoken secret

— An actual redhead.
— But doesn’t have any freckles really?
— Always tanned and it looks good ngl.
— A fucking psycho.
— He will do anything and everything.
— Tim loves that about him ofc.
— Big drug dealer.
— Incredibly stupid, not literally, but like seriously he tried to make a trampoline so he could jump off a roof.
— Throws epic parties (I hate the word epic I’m)
— His family has money.
— Two generations off from Ireland and overwhelmingly PROUD.
— Has 7 siblings.
— Picture little Irish redhead rugrats running around trying to stab each other with rocks.
— They’re extremely freckled.
— Francis just got lucky, I guess.

— A very newcomer.
— Not white (how surprised are ya??)
— Probably not even in the book time, I’m talking afterwards.
— Just turned 16.
— Kind of like a Johnny, but not so sentimental and not scarred for life.
— Horrible home life, though.
— His parents aren’t too bad but they’re very poor and he has two younger toddler sisters.
— So committed to them it’s sweet.
— Fucking chill as hell.
— Smokes so much weed and has the biggest afro.
— Fantastically woke.
— Everyone keeps him around because he’s so chill and can sneak into places very easily and stealthily.
— Is never surprised by anything.
— “yeah” “yeah” “yeaaah” “yea”
— “brother”
— Actually belongs in the ‘70s.
— Was made for the '70s.

This was more like their kind of circle, but Tim definitely has other boys that do his dirty work and stuff. Less attractive people, bad dudes. Basically.

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Do the Duggars see Michelle's last miscarriage as punishment for something she has done? What about the daughters miscarriages? Are they viewed as flawed humans becaue they lost a baby? I hope not.

“Dear Jubilee, Mommy wanted to write a letter to my precious baby girl.
You know, your name, Jubilee Shalom Duggar, means joyful celebration of peace.
We were so thankful to God when we found out we were expecting you! So often in society, babies are looked upon as a problem, trial, or responsibility, but God says babies are a blessing. We do not believe that babies are a bother, a headache, or a financial drainer, or a career interrupter. We love babies! Your siblings did not view you as the competition. They are truly saddened and disappointed to not have really known you. Only God knows how much you were already loved. You were not loved any less because you were baby number twenty, or Duggar grand-baby number twenty-two.
We are blessed because you lived. You were only here with us such a short time; it’s an awesome thought to me that you fulfilled your life’s purpose, in such a short time. What a blessing to know that you are in the arms of Jesus, and that it was His face that you saw first. You were loved. You were wanted. Your parents wanted you to be. Your grandparents wanted you to be. Your brothers and your sisters wanted you to be, and the rest of the family wanted you to be.
I will miss listening to your heartbeat and praying for you as you grow in my womb. I will miss feeling you kick in my tummy. I will miss cradling you in my arms and singing to you. I will miss teaching you to sing “Jesus Loves Me.” I will miss watching you grow up and learn. I will miss seeing life through your eyes, as I have enjoyed doing with all the other children so much. I will miss doing Mommy things with you and for you. I will miss noticing how you do things like the others, or how different you are. I will miss your smile and your personality. I will miss holding you, and hugging you, and kissing you, and touching your soft skin. I will miss hearing your voice and your songs. I will miss reading with you and talking with you. I will miss watching you play and watching you work. I will miss taking pictures of you and seeing you experience things for the first time. I will miss taking you to the zoo. It overwhelms me to think of all that I will miss about you.
You’re a love I was able to touch for such a short few moments and a life I will hold in my heart. I don’t know God’s purpose for taking you on to Heaven, but I know your short life will help me to remember truly how fragile life is. It will help me to more fully enjoy the time I have here with the other family members. It will help me to focus on what is truly important in life, and help me to be more aware of Heaven and the ultimate destination. It will help me to delight in every moment of growing up that your siblings have in my presence.I will not forget you. I will look forward to seeing you one day. I like to think of you being in Heaven with our other loved ones there, and all of you getting to spend time together. I’m going to frame your birth date and meaning of your name with all of your siblings’ pictures on our baby wall. From now on, when I’m asked how many children I have, the answer will be twenty: Nineteen here, and one in heaven.You are precious to me, Jubilee.
Mommy loves you.“

This is the letter Michelle wrote to Jubilee’s memorial service. Seems like they don’t take it as a punishment. (Annie)

Highs and Lows

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1920

Summary: Ralph is out of the U, and the reader is even more on edge than before.

Warnings: Blood, threats, stalker ex-boyfriend

Italics are flashbacks.

Part 27 in The Future Series.  Read Part 3 here, Part 4 here,Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, Part 8 here, Part 9 here,Part 10 here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 13 here, Part 14 here, Part 15 here, Part 16 here, Part 17 here, Part 18 here, Part 19 here, Part 20 here, Part 21 here, Part 22 here, Part 23 here, Part 24 herePart 25 here, and Part 26 here.

Okay…don’t hurt me.

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I am feeling down, so here is my year in review via selfies*.
(*two of them are clearly not selfies but I love them & have a hard time taking selfies so w/e)

We’re moving. And I struggle because my granny was also moving (now turns out she’s not but) she was trying to give me all this stuff, high school awards, pictures from life of me and my siblings, and I wanted none of it. What adult wants their high school awards in their house? That’s for parents to brag about. But I don’t have those. And granny was trying to downsize. And I just wanted it gone. I was ugly in these pictures, I don’t even enjoy my siblings, I don’t want to look at them. It’s weird.

I have a music jewelry box granny gave me when I was little. I’ve grown out of it and need a much bigger, adult box, with like actual places to put earrings into rather than just boxes that slide out. I asked her what I should do with it and at first she didn’t know what it was but when I explained that she gave it to me, she asked me why I couldn’t just keep it and how she wishes I was more sentimental.

I don’t want to keep it because there’s no point in having stuff I can’t use. I’m an adult. I don’t want it just lying around for no purpose. I don’t WANT decorative plates I can’t actually eat off of. The only exceptions to this include things that hang on the wall because I like decoration. But even stuff like… My school has given me a coaching trophy every year I’ve coached a sport. I don’t care about that shit. I know I’ve coached it. And honestly I don’t have the best memories of this school so I don’t like having anything from it.

But. Old jewelry. I don’t wear gold anymore. What does one do with childhood jewelry? I’d like to take it somewhere and see if they could melt it so I could get anything for it. I don’t want to keep stuff for my potential kids. I just don’t care. I’d rather have that space for make up or skin care or a bread maker that I actually want.

I don’t want to hang on to childhood knee socks I wore in case one Halloween I have a use for them again. I don’t keep clothes I don’t wear. And I don’t want the family pictures destroyed because my heroin mom threw them in my grandmas driveway after threatening to burn her house down, but I also don’t have the time to put them into albums. But that’s something I’d actually do with them, because I do like looking at old pictures and I think kids like looking at old pictures of family if they know who they are.

But my Omi and Opa? I wasn’t close to them. I don’t need pictures of them. I don’t have family outside of my granny and uncle and I want absolutely nothing to do with anything my mom has touched.

I don’t keep old Christmas stockings. I don’t want weird mugs that are made for beer, I don’t even drink beer. I don’t care about all the awards from the talent shows or whatever weird sport I played as a child. I just don’t care. I want my framed diplomas, because I worked for those and the rest can be trash.

I don’t want the old jewelry my old stepdad bought me, even though it’s nice and I don’t hate him; I just don’t wear it.

I don’t know how to explain that I just don’t…… I don’t care about this stuff. It does nothing for me. Michael won’t throw a damn thing away that his parents gave him because he cares. But I just can’t relate. And I know it makes me seem cold hearted and I don’t know why. I think because I hated a lot of my childhood… It wasn’t… Fun. And I’ve never been materialistic. I show love through gifts just because that’s what my abusive mom would do, even though I really just wanted to spend time with her. But I never used the stuff. Because I didn’t want it, I didn’t pick it out.

I don’t want hand me down mix matched cups and plates. I’m a big girl. I make big girl money. I want to buy my own matching plates. I want my own pots and pans. I don’t care if there are good ones being given to me.

I want. My. Own.

I fought for this life. I did most of it alone (with michael of course) and God dammit I’m going to live that way. For me. For myself. And I’m not going to keep stupid shit that only has bad memories attached to it.