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February 2017: Part of the participants of this year’s Kitano Odori posing for a group picture during the official photoshoot. From front to back:

Front row: Maiko Ichiaya (Ichi Okiya), Umekana (Umeno Okiya), Naoai, Naokinu (Nakasato Okiya), Katsuna (Daimonji Okiya), Umechie (Umeno Okiya), Ichitaka, Ichikoma (Ichi Okiya) and Umehina (Umeno Okiya)

Second row: Geiko Umechika (Umeno Okiya), Naohiro, Naosuzu (Nakasato Okiya), Umeharu, Umegiku, Naoko, and Tamayuki

Third row: Geiko Katsune (Daimonji Okiya), Ichitomo, Ichimomo (cIhi Okiya), Naosome (Nakasato Okiya), Katsuya (Daimonji Okiya), Fukuzuru, Umeshizu (Ichi Okiya), Umeha (Umeno Okiya), Naokazu (Nakasato Okiya) and Ichimari (Ichi Okiya)

Source: Asahi Photo on Twitter

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Can you logically explain why (with the exception of maybe the Thanksgiving picture, which looks like it could have been a diner/cafeteria type restaurant) there are NO pictures of Sam and Cait outside of work? If they are together, I would imagine that someone somewhere must have seen them. I don't buy that they ask fans to keep quiet about it.

Ok, anon, you got me! I have to admit that I cannot offer you a logical explanation as to why there are no pictures of Sam and Cait together outside of work. Why not? Well,…. because there are actually quite a few, and they have been coming out pretty steadily since the very beginning. They are not hard to find if you know where to look, as most of them were posted by Sam or Cait themselves.
The ones that come to mind are:

-2 selfies of them together in London’s Hyde Park from September 2013 posted by Sam
-A selfie of them in a Paris hotel from just before Christmas 2013
-A pic posted by Cait of Sam in a NYC pub on Friday evening in January 2014 after the conclusion of their press tour.
-A selfie of them on the summit of North Berwick Law, and another pic of Cait at the summit. Posted by Sam in May 2014.
-A selfie of Sam and Cait and her sister out hiking in the LA hills posted by Sam in January 2015.
-A selfie of Sam and Cait having lunch in LA posted by Sam in January 2015.
- A selfie of them in a hotel room bed, with alcohol in hand, prior to live tweeting the season 1b premiere. Posted by both Sam and Cait in April 2015. (This might be considered “work related” by some since they were to live tweet an ep. but the beer and the bed seem rather casual for a work environment-even among friends.)
-A candid picture that seems to have caught them from behind standing in the front row at a WWPJ concert in Glasgow in summer 2015.
- A pic and video of Sam, Cait, Duncan, and Graham taken by Graham’s wife from a dinner out in Edinburgh where they celebrated Cait’s Girl on Top award posted by Cait in September 2015.
- Two pictures of them from Thanksgiving 2015. The first from a crew lunch at a Glasgow restaurant, and the second from a restaurant at the Gleneagles hotel where they were staying for a location shoot that weekend.
- A selfie of the two of them and several other pics of Sam and Cait hanging together at a Glasgow pub posted by Cait in January 2016.
-A shot of Sam and Cait at the table at a Glasgow restaurant for a bday party for Ollie, Cait’s on set PA.
- A fan pic from April 2016 from The Cafe Zique in Glasgow where Sam, Cait, and Duncan were together having drinks.
-A candid shot of Sam and Cait standing arm in arm in the seventh inning stretch at a baseball game in LA in June 2016. (Again it is from behind but the couple has the right height and build and hair, the same clothes as an earlier fan pic of Sam, and they are sitting in the same seats as the video shows Sam sitting in at the finish of the game) .

- And then there are the “heavy maybe’s” like the Easter 2014 road trip where both Sam and Cait posted pics from the same location-but none of them together. Or the Miami holiday in September 2015, New Years of 2016 in Costa Rica, and the Paris and Venice holiday in March 2016, where Cait was posting but Sam was MIA for the duration. And Cait’s recent southern Italian holiday with a similar MO.

Those are just the ones that I remember- there are likely many more. And as to your assertion that no one is telling of meeting Sam and Cait together on the street anywhere- I can only say that the same thing is true of Cait and Tony, or of Sam and any of the “girlfriends” that a certain blogger has claimed he is seeing. There are no verifiable claims to have seen either Sam or Cait out and about with any of these others either. So it would seem that whoever they are with they are both quite careful to keep their heads low when they are intent on having privacy. The amount of pictorial, and other, evidence that we do have of them sharing time together, along with the lack of any real evidence pointing to them being with others suggests to me that the most obvious solution here is also the correct one-that these two are with each other- it just makes all the facts fit!


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At warped I met Jonathan Braddock from Get Scared which has always been my all time fucking favorite band and when I saw him sitting in his merch tent I almost cried and I had to sit on a hill and just stare at him for like twenty minutes before I actually worked up the courage to talk to him (which is weird for me because I’m normally not shy AT ALL). Earlier a random girl there had written ‘bad girls go to hell’ on my arm because my favorite song by them is Whore. I hugged Jonathan and almost cried and he signed my arm and told me not to get into too much trouble.

It was so much fun and I got to watch them from the front row (((and I didn’t get a picture but I also met Shawn Jump from Icon For Hire and got to touch his Mohawk)))

meeting darren last night (7.7.15) i asked him to make my playbill out to me and he didnt hear me and handed it back to me after he signed and then made a cute silly face when he heard me ask the third time…when i asked him to sign the midnight radio kermit picture he said he recognized me from having a great time in the front row. he didnt even react to the kermit pic so i was like well do u think its funny? and he was like oh yeah! i was putting all my energy into writing on it! (i posted a pic of what he wrote) and then he said he remembered me from the past times we met so im very happy (you can delete this long comment if you reblog lol)

A view of the dignitaries’ gallery at the opening of the general debate of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly in New York. Those pictured include (front row, from right): Mette Holm, wife of the General Assembly President; Yoo Soon-taek, wife of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon; Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States; Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and UN Mine Action Advocate Daniel Craig.

“Our aim is clear. Our mission is possible. And our destination is in our sights: An end to extreme poverty by 2030. A life of peace and dignity for all.” – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his speech to world leaders on Monday. 

These are pictures I took from the front row during Idina’s standing ovation. I saw the queen around this time last year and all I can say is, I miss her and I’m so proud of what she’s accomplished and everything she is. She deserves every single thing she has right now and more.

Can’t wait for the world tour. Can’t wait for Frozen 2. Can’t wait to see more of her.

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Redlights and blue, flashing and blinding. There are people everywhere. Ambulance crew and uniformed bobbies, the homicide squad suited and bleak. John is on the stretcher staring at the sky and wishing everyone would just go away.

A face hovers into view. Lestrade.

“Alright?” he asks, his voice casual but a touch of concern visible in the tightness at the corners of his eyes, the strain of his mouth.

“Yeah, course. Didn’t hit anything important,” John says. “Where’s Sherlock?”

“Fine. They’re just checking him for concussion.”

John grunts. It hurts. God it hurts, but all he sees is Sherlock, going limp and falling, over and over and over again in his head. He tries to sit up and a hand pushes him back down. Again.

“Please stay still, Doctor Watson,” the paramedic says, the edges of impatience clear in her voice.

He scowls and subsides, but he turns his head, trying to pick out Sherlock’s form in the mass of unimportant people.

So naturally Sherlock appears from the other side, and John startles at the hands that grip him, crying out at the jolt to the bullet wound in his side.

“Jesus, Sherlock,” John snaps.

Sherlock says nothing. Two large hands grab John’s face and John stares up at Sherlock, hovering inches above him, frantic and wide-eyed as he peers down at John.


“You idiot!” Sherlock hisses. “How could you not have seen him there?”

I’m the idiot?” John snarls. “Who’s the one who insisted that it was all clear. That Murphy would never be so stupid as to hole up here.”

Sherlock scowls and opens his mouth to argue when there’s a sudden flash of light and the sound of an artificial shutter and they both look over to see Lestrade with his phone pointed at them, taking a picture.

He shrugs at them. “You’re just so precious, the two of you,” he says with a smirk, and puts the phone in his pocket and walks away.


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