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Everyone seems to like Cordelia, so here are some new pictures I took today!

츠암내 예쁜애 옆에 예쁜애 또 예쁜애 너무 예쁜애 심쿵사 부르는 예쁜애 ㅠ_ㅠ 인간 비타민 #레드벨벳…이렇게 받기만 해도 되는지!!! #빨간맛 으로 올 여름 물들이는 중!! #슬기 #웬디 스페셜MC 출격! #엠카운트다운~도 물들일 예정! 이따봐용!

Claude: … Chloe, I didn’t mean this. I…



“"I wanted to explore the relationship between the present and memory. All of us sleep with ghosts from the past, we carry them with us and they have a permanent effect on our daily lives. These ghosts embody all the people we loved, who have been important in our lives, who have changed us. While a lot of people spend their lives in therapy to manage them, I have the chance to carry them through music.“ - Brian Molko, Les Inrockuptibles, 2003

“The album title’s about carrying the ghosts of your relationships with you, to the point where sometimes a smell or a situation or an item of clothing they bought brings a person back. For me it’s about the relationship that you have with your memories. They inhabit your dreams sometimes. There can be a lot in the future that’s gonna remind you of the ghost of relationships past. So I see the album as a collection of short stories about a handful of relationships. Most of them mine. In a way writing the songs helps me to get a lot of the nasty feelings off my chest and put them in a box, and therefore have a bit more of an objective discourse with those emotions because you’ve done something positive with them, you’ve rid yourself of them.” - Brian Molko, Guest Programmers and Specials, 2003

“Inspired by a crazy American psychologist who believes in the cliché of eternal love. He thought two of his patients were soulmates who’d been reincarnated through many previous lives.” - Brian Molko, Rock Sound, 2003


request; can u do a fake text with luke he goes out on a date with ur best friend and u get sad bc you like him but he doesnt know that neither does ur best friend he notices how sad u been so he asks u wats wrong? (this is part 2)

so like i said i was going to make this request into a serious and here’s part two. 😅 the texts are usually iMessage, but since y/n isn’t texting Luke (in this case) i changed it so it can be easier to know who y/n is texting. hopefully im not confusing you. 😬

part one

part three

Strangers in the night

Group/member: BTS // Taehyung

Genre: fluff??

Word count: 673

Summary: Based of the song “strangers in the night - Frank Sinatra

Originally posted by lqtaehyungie

Strangers in the night

Exchanging glances

Wondering in the night
What were the chances

 You sat in the beautiful restaurant with your best friend, BF/N. The place was warm and full of people dancing and laughing. The band was keeping the cold night happy with melodies and fun. You sat there in your red dress, with a grin on your face as you scanned the place. “Y/N, there’s been a boy staring at you for quite some time now”, she told you as she nodded towards the guy sitting across from your table. As your glance slowly landed on the mysterious boy in front of you he gave you a small smile, you smiling back, with a wink. As the night went on you kept exchanging glances.

 You decided to go to the toilet you told your best friend as she answered with a, “okay, then I can ask the dark haired boy dancing out there, for a dance too”, she laughed and stood up. You went to the toilet and fixed on your makeup and curled hair. On your way back you bumped into a tall figure your high heels being a little too tall so you lost your balance only to feel some strong arms around you. You looked up at the stranger in front of you with sparks in his eyes. You got out of his grip “thank you” you giggled looking down on your feet. “No problem, love”, he said, his eyes still focused on the features of your face.

We’d be sharing love

Before the night was through?

Something in your eyes
Was so inviting

 ”You look beautiful”, he suddenly said as you looked up at him pink rushing up to your cheeks. ”Thanks again, you look good yourself” you said as confidence slowly hit you. His eyes were bright and inviting as he chuckled looking down on the floor before his eyes meet yours again.

Something in your smile was so exciting

Something in my heart told me I must have you

 His smile was bright, you felt butterflies in your stomach as you knew his smile was meant for you. He held out his hand “would you like a dance, my lady?” He asked, your smile growing bigger. “I would love to, sir”, you chuckled as you placed your hand in his.

Strangers in the night, two lonely people

We were strangers in the night
Up to the moment when we said our first hello

 You thought this excitement was because he was handsome and you hadn’t been with a man since forever, little did you know it was so much more. You followed after him, on your way over to the dance floor. The song slowed down as you found your spot.

Little did we know

Love was just a glance away, a warm embracing dance away

 You placed your left hand on his shoulder, your right hand in his. You felt his warm skin on yours with his right arm on your back. Your eyes never left his thinking it was only for one night, making sure to remember his face.

And ever since that night

We’ve been together

Lovers at first sight
In love forever

 “What are you thinking about?” You felt strong familiar arms around your waist. “Nothing”, you said with a smile on your face putting the picture from that late summer night down. He chuckled giving u a peck on your cheek, feeling his head on your shoulder and his breath on your neck. “What do you think your parents will say when we tell them the big news?” Your husband of two years asked placing his hands on your stomach. “That you’re gonna be a great father”, you chuckled turning around to give him a kiss. “I love you”, he smiled his bright box smile before giving you another one. “I love you too, Taehyung”, you smiled at the man in front of you, your eyes never leaving his.

 It turned out so right

For strangers in the night

Note: Thank you so much to the person who requested this! I’m sorry it’s short and it’s my first time writing something based of a song, but it was interesting :)