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Whouffaldi that speaks to my heart #12

In celebration of the fact that this is the 12th post in this series, and i havent run out of things to say yet, I thought we’d do a bit of ‘compare and contrast.' 

Here are two season promo pictures featuring Clara & 12, from seasons 8 and 9 respectively. Let’s do a little deconstruction of what we see in each, and then compare the two pictures. Remember, these pictures are not images captured from a scenes in the show, they have been deliberately constructed to give a particular effect. 

In the top picture, Clara is dressed in the outfit she wears during 'Into the Dalek.’ She and the Doctor are physically posistioned close together, but she looks uncertain and uneasy. This reflects the season 8 arc which was all about the rocky road to finding common ground after his regeneration. His posture is commanding,  you might even say aggressive, although that’s open to interpretation.  She is lower than he is, representing a power differential, which we also see played out in the early part of the season. Danny is there, but he’s really on the outside (and thats where he stays, at arms length) and so is Missy. 

The cogs are also also interesting. They represent time, of course, but they are not touching, not quite in sych, a lot like Clara & 12 themselves are, as they mis-judge one another during this season.

So, a close, but uneasy relationship, that doesn’t quite get into sync. 

What about the second picture? Clara and her Doctor are doing what they do best, running, together. They are completely in tune with each other in this shot, in several ways. They are dressed in matching outfits, for one. Holding hands, running perfectly in stride with one another: here are two people closely in synch with one another.  

If you transpose/invert the image, the 'V’  that forms their joined hands is reminiscent of a heart.  💙

Fire and explosions! They are running away, but do they look worried? This is a perilous situation, yet he is softer, still serious, but less overtly demanding, and more at ease. And her look is one of relaxed, well, adoration is the word that springs to my mind. There are others, (deep love is another). There’s no one else on the edges of this picture, because no one else really matters are this point, it’s all about the Doctor and Clara. And I will point out, if i may, that the tiny bits of debris at the edges, look an awful lot like confetti. 💐

So, taken as a whole, there’s a very big difference in these two images. From uncertainty to adoration. From a man unsure of who he is, (Am I a good man?) to one who is comfortable in his own skin, (I’m the Doctor and I save people). From unbalanced stances, to an equal partnership. 

From a relationship that is out of sync to one that is perfectly in tune. From being a cog in the system, to running from danger without looking back. 

That’s what I see when I look at these two pictures, and that’s why whouffaldi is still speaking to my heart. It was deliberately constructed, it’s all there in canon. 

Images from Google, no copyright infringement intended. It’s a homage…