pictures from news sites not mine



Patrice Lorache is a known Canadian photographer whose idea-picture representation saves him from the curiosity of many young who would like to get explanations for many things. At the time of his wife’s pregnancy, he creatively brought in art to explain how babies are made in such a hilarious way. The photo series dumped how to make a baby is an eye catching series done by both parties throughout the gestation period shots taken at the best and calculated moments. Photos taken as the Sandra’s tummy grew big with baby Justine from the car station site. The Patrice and Sandra pregnancy story outlaws all the traditional tales told to the young about pregnancy and where babies come from. In the picture series, the man continuously pumps air to the wife’s belly to the maximum amount of air space it can hold. At that point the good news are the tearing apart of the tummy is a joyful moment and the baby bathing ceremony ensues. The couple is in a celebratory mood with their baby with them wrapped with the available clothing within reach. If your guess and mine tally then you can tell how much fun will there be in the house.