pictures from cell phones

hey everyone! sorry to bother you again but i still need a little help if anyone can manage! 

i just finally got a job that saved me from complete brokeness, but right now it’s really hard to catch up to my rent this month with food and gas to work and i’ll be short on rent even if i dont spend ANY money on food for the rest of the month. 

so i’m doing 5 dollar commissions, no color, but pretty much anything you can request, i’ll do (unless i know it’s not in my skill range.) I wish I had examples, but I don’t have my deviantart account and all my digital work is on my virus controlled lap top so I can’t provide any digital work. but I can send cell phone pictures from my sketch book! 

my main area of expertise is cartoons! I can emulate most any popular style for you! Steven universe, Total Drama Island, Sonic the Hedgehog, you name it! I can also do portraits or landscapes! Anything else you can think of, just ask!

If you don’t have the money right now, a share would be greatly appreciated! I love all of you guys so much and I hate having to ask for help! 

pm me to work out details for your requests and i can send my paypal! I can do either digital or traditional (i would ship)! I am definitely more comfortable with traditional as far as skill, but I am nearly just as good with digital! 

and of course if you want something more intricate then a colorless lining or drawing then we can negotiate a price! and if you don’t want anything and just want to donate to me, thats fine too! just let me know and ill link my paypal to you.

thank you in advance again and please share this if you can! sorry about not having examples on hand in the post but since the cell phone photos are on my phone, i can send them through tumblr message easily! <3333


A few quick cell phone pictures from work today, thought you guys would enjoy.

Edit: added species names in the image captions since people were asking, had to wait until I had time to do it on the computer.


Told you there’d be pictures! Only from my cell phone because I forgot to bring my camera but good enough. 

Look at me, super cool goth witch that I am. My friend did a nice little french braid thing down the side of my head which was awesome, and that fur collar was a real life saver, I would’ve been so cold without it!

anonymous asked:

@customers with kids Hey you know what would be cool? If you stopped your fucking kid from very obviously taking cell phone pictures of me while I'm ringing you out. I know I'm unusual-looking, I really don't need to be reminded of it all the god damn time.

The school I went to visit before rejected me because they are not a Therapeutic Environment and do not think I would be Successful.

There are two schools I might be going to next year. One is in a mental hospital. One is not in a mental hospital but looks even worse. I also might be homeschooling. I hope I am homeschooling.

*looks through school handbooks*

These are the rules on high-fiving!

Our students are Well Supervised.

We can search our students at any time.

What happens in therapy, stays in therapy, ‘cuz confidentiality!

Daily therapy!

Restraint consent forms!

No taking pictures or recordings of anyone.

You cannot call your parents from your cell phone, you must call your parents from our desk.

12-month school year!

Teachers, parents, and therapists working together!

If you get hospitalized you still have to do your homework!

No sharp objects, including safety pins in your clothes.

Behavior Analysis Forms!

The CBT DBT CPS methods!

Privileges, Privileges, This Privileges, That Privileges…

We believe in our students! Everyone has the capacity for change!