pictures for tumblr


• It’s public, true, but it’s my personal blog, so if someone comes to me with questions or simply talks to me here, yes, I do expect them to do it in a more polite way.

• Why being so upset because YOU didn’t understand something though?

• Innuendos, lexical field, poetry…

• You are unfortunately missing the point of my whole blog.

• I “care about the guy” but I suggest you take your own frustration to him yourself.

I suppose you were looking for some exposure @rathersavage, so here you go.
I would actually be interested in your blog (and I can easily understand why you are bitter), but you might want to choose your battles on this site, I don’t think getting all upset with a guy for his way of expressing his feelings to his wife is a necessary one but to each their own.


Thought its time for a new profile picture. Already painted it few months ago but i finally overcame my scan laziness and scanned it. I dont know why i hate scanning my pictures so much. Maybe its because its so difficult to get colours and values right. I am not so picky with my photos but the scans should look good.