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kk i keep seeing around that Keith is Galra???? did i miss something?? (i mean there was that one time towards the end up the season, but was it confirmed? ) ((also sorry i only message you about Voltron >->)

Message me about Voltron, I do not mind. Oh, and no, it’s not been confirmed, people just have jumped on the bandwagon for the theory. Which is fun because I really enjoy it. Here’s what we’ve got so far ‘going’ for us potentially with pictures to go along (not in order of significance, but in order of appearance/concept): 

1. The ‘energy’ telling Keith to search coming from the blue lion. 

So far only lions belonging to their respective owners have been able to ‘communicate’ with the others. Some have hypothesized that the quintessence in the lions connected with Keith’s alien side (Galra or not), making him more prone to sense it. Now, Hunk could track the energy with the Geiger counter, but when the thing was brought up, Keith had no idea what the fraunhofer line was and it had to be explained. So that means he probably sensed it organically. 

2. Keith’s eyes

It’s only a small thing, but the other humans have what could pass as naturally occurring eye colors, while Keith’s are… well, purple. A color commonly connected to the Galra. Not only that, but the only other characters with purple tinted eyes are connected to the Galra somehow (though most Galran’s have the bright yellow ones). Could be nothing, but hey, at least they are pretty.

3. The Handprint Scanners (Important)

Multiple times the other characters are required to use Galra Tech to get these hand scanners to work, including other aliens. 


Shiro (Caption is important):


But Keith just puts his hand on one and it works. 

Okay, that’s not suspicious at all.

In case you aren’t sold, here’s Shiro’s Galra hand interacting with an identical panel to Keith’s.

4. The ‘burned/broken hand’ from Galra Magic

That doesn’t look like a normal burn to me, or even the right patterning for a bruise. It follows the path of the magic, where it would leave the body like an electrical shock, but a burn is a burn, and would be colored red, not purple. There’s the chance that it’s colored due to the magic alone, but with everything else, Keith’s skin color changing to match the Galra’s is something to consider.

He healed upon coming into contact with the quintessence, but since we haven’t seen anyone interact with that personally other than it being a ‘life force’ we don’t know if this means anything special.  

Also, when Shiro is hit with something similar, his body doesn’t absorb the energy like Keith’s does, and instead has a recurring wound:

5. This infamous and foreboding line:

Enough said.

6. Keith’s knife and the dagger wielding double agent. 

Okay, first off, why would they give Keith something, have him look at it during the ‘wake up scene’ and then never have it serve any other purpose? It’s a unique looking blade, but the hilt, where any distinguishing feature might be, is wrapped. People have already speculated that it could be a link to Keith’s parents and it might be a stretch, but this is just fun so… Galra dad anyone? He did let down the barrier for seemingly no reason at all. (I remember suggesting this as a joke right after I first saw it, but…)

Just an animation choice, but the symbol on the hilt is in the middle of the screen for an extended time more than once. That probably means it’s important.

7. Symbolism of Note:

  • Keith’s Red Lion’s starting place with the Galra, while all of the others are elsewhere.
  • Shiro (the body of Voltron) having a right arm (Keith’s position on Voltron) that is Galran.

Also, if Lance’s comment in the first episode about betting the reason the Galra could find them was “Keith’s fault” ends up being foreshadowing, I’m screaming.


This graph is based on Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

Basically “The Hero’s Journey ‘W Graph’.

 I made the top picture by hand and scanned it. I’m sorry about the messy writing as I tried my best to make it as neat as possible, but my penmanship is not the best. 


So anyway, I got a few questions about planning stories and honestly I don’t plan them. I just do it from the top of my head–which is very bad, I know. But I am now starting to plan my stories and it does make it a bit more manageable and organized. Soooooo I went researching for tips and found something called Fiction Writer’s Cheat Sheet. I liked the idea of the “W Graph” so I decided to make it by hand in different colors. Then scanned it to have a digital copy to work on it through my computer in a pdf file or if I want to do it by hand I can just print one out. Always  make sure to “save as” a different document. 

I am not sure if something like this is already out there, but I thought it would be easier to have something printable out there and just plan it out, not having to struggle with the format.

Hope this comes in handy!!!

Good luck my fellow writers!

i’ve been using rules of three to keep my habitat maintained during depressive episodes (every time you get up from bed/desk/flopping on the floor, move 3 things back to where they belong) 

and now i’m using it with keeping my digital life neater, too (when I need a break I unsubscribe from 3 email lists/change 3 passwords/rename 3 files/move 3 pictures or screencaps to their proper folders)

and sometimes I get motivated and do more than 3 things, and sometimes I don’t, and that’s okay, because I am Making the Job Smaller and Getting A Small But Accomplishable Thing Done

Translations for the 5th DVD Extra Comic!

Here you are, @fancy-hat-imagines! You were looking for someone to translate it so if you didn’t mind, I was able to translate this cute extra comic!

I apologize that if you see big blobs of random colors in the speech bubbles- I was unsure how to color them in because this wasn’t scanned… Also, it’s my first time ever doing something like this sooo…. Not my best ;P

My translations aren’t the best either ahaha… I haven’t read Japanese in sooo long! It’s been awhile! But please enjoy!

DISCLAMIER: Although this is crappy scans + translations, I would like it if you do not repost this in any other social media without my permission! It looks poopy, but it kinda took me awhile rippp :’)))

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER (omg I know): The original pictures do not belong to me! They belong to the rightful owner :)

The boy who sits next to me in math class, known for his love of partying and use of drugs, draws the most beautiful drawings in the margins of his homework. Pictures of flowers curling around radical signs and fire that swirls until the words are no longer legible. He sits in a lower level math class as if he belongs there but he can help me with the most complex problems when I am struggling. He does it without complaint. He shows me his pictures as he explains what he was trying to do, shyly as if he is not aware of his talent.
The girl who usually rolls in late on a Monday morning after a weekend of drinking too much and kissing too many, is the greatest listener. She smiles at me and laughs brightly, her mouth stained with liquor and regret. Her lopsided smile tells the story of the boys who treated her wrong, the bruises they left her not evident on her skin but in the way she is hesitant, always trying to avoid getting hurt but never getting far. She pauses too long before answering questions about her life in order to figure out the best way to present herself.
The girl who is my lab partner in chemistry, who patiently goes through the instructions with me every time when I am lost, helping me when I make mistakes with a positive attitude, never scolding me, has to take daily anxiety medicine to keep her under control. She helped me choose my schedule for senior year as I panicked in class. My hands shaking against my jeans and my teeth biting into my lower lip as she whispered to me the best techniques to stay calm.
The nerdy boy who helped me pass Algebra last year works 30 hours a week only to come home to an unwelcoming house. The school jokes about how he can wear a different Star Wars shirt everyday for two weeks without ever repeating an outfit but he uses them to cover up the bruises on his arm. He smiles shyly to disguise his chip tooth given to him too many years and too many incidents ago for him to truly remember what caused the fight. 
The heartbreaking girl on the school newspaper came after me when she saw me leave lunch half in tears. She sat with me for close to an hour as she listened to my story and she filled the silences with her own. Not of the hearts she has broken but of the damages done to her own. She held a paper towel to my red face as she told me words of encouragement with a sympathetic look on her face. She sat me on the ground as she redid my makeup, she knew exactly how to hide the evidence of my meltdown.
—  We are not what we seem

I was bored and goth nothing else to do so why not draw this and this drawing was just for fun and just a reflection practice it turned out beautiful as I an intended to do but anyways it took me half of my day yesterday to finish it it was long to and sorry if the picture is long too.

Wolf fell goth belongs to (IDK)
Wolf goth belongs to @blogthegreatrouge

Regular Goth and fell goth belongs to @nekophy


Some while ago I got an ask on my personal blog to help with this and because I had a lot of stuff with school and because I’m soo lazy, I didn’t do it straight away, but here we are! None of the pictures belong to me.

Let’s start with the eldest, shall we?

JINHO - Okay, so, Jinho used to be an SM trainee, but he left them, and honestly I’m so glad bc SM lost a gem. He’s the main vocal and even though he’s the eldest, he’s the shortest ;-; he has this adorable smile when his eyes crinkle *cries* fyi if you watch ‘Gorilla’ he’s the one in the Nirvana shirt 

HUI - our brave leader and main vocal! He takes care of the members but also loves joking around. You’ll easily recognize him by his fluffy hair and such plump lips, like damn. And when he smiles, oh my God… He has that eye smile and it’s the purest think ever.

just look at him omg

HONGSEOK - has some serious visuals, main vocal, hard worker. Was under YG, was in that reality survival show where iKON was formed and he did’t pass, so he moved to Cube and he’s ours now ^.^ He has such pretty eyes and plump lips and a unique face so it’s easy to recognize him, intellectual, a bit darker skin than the others, A B S

E’DAWN - main rapper, dancer, on the shorter side of Pentagon, basically a big ball of weirdness, kinda reminds me of G-Dragon with his rapping, usually parts his hair down the middle. Sang with Hyuna on her “Roll Deep” performance, fellow gemini,

SHINWON - tbh, the first time I saw him, he reminded me of Chanyeol (??) He’s the sub vocalist, tall as fuck and loves to joke around and laugh. He hangs out a lot with the rap line, visual, can play the piano, cuts paper with his cheekbones, in their latest Vapp video, I noticed that he likes unbuttoning his shirt 

YEO ONE - Lead vocalist, so pretty he puts Taeyeon to shame, seriously he’s so beautiful. He’s a hard worker and really talkative, has a cheerful personality. He’s very good at dancing and acting, he actually appeared in a web drama

YANAN - Another tall member, Chinese, sub vocalist never had a girlfriend, so soft-spoken and gentle with the cutest smile ever. yes, bias >< can look like a bad boy or an angel, there’s no in between

YUTO - Sub rapper, Japanese, acts like he’s emotionless,has a poker face a lot, but he’s actually a huge softie, tall, when watching their mv’s he’s the one with an insanely deep voice

KINO - Sub vocalist and lead dancer, he’s seriously a dancing machine. Has a very bright personality, loves to smile and just overall a nice person, very talented, maknae line loves to joke around. He’s only like 8 months older than me, I can’t believe *cries*

WOOSEOK - When I saw the Gorilla thumbnail, I was like “Kris?! :O” I’ve also heard of people comparing him to S.Coups, or a mix between those two. He’s the maknae and the main rapper, likes anime, the tallest in the group, looks like a bad boy but he’s a cutie :3

Basically half of the group are my biases and the other half are bias wreckers 

-admin Ella ♣


Ayyy! I got a chance to do a collab with the amazing @kare-valgon and I am so, so happy with how everything turned out! She drew me a wonderful OuterBass Sansby lineart and I drew her a CandySwap Sansby lineart! I adore both pictures, and a huge thank you to Kare!

Outertale belongs to @2mi127

Underbass belongs to @nonstopdoodle and @baconatorkat

Candytale belongs to @candy-undertale

Underswap belongs to @popcornpr1nce


So after posting the previous drawing, i just suddenly overcame with the urge of drawing Minty and Nacho’s Frisk, who is an adorable piece of fluff that i want to hug and snuggle for the rest of my life!

so wanting to do a reference, i went to the comic… and then ended up doing a redraw of one of the pictures… well, the opposite direction of a picture? *shrug sheepishly (it’s 3 am, i’m sleepy) there is a lot of mistakes but i’m too tired to fix them.

it took me an hour, which made me appreciate Nacho and Minty so much more since this is a very small picture in the page.

anyways, @caretaker-au, this is for you for being so awesome and amazing and i loved every moment at the stream.

caretaker-au!frisk doesn’t belong to me but to Minty and Nacho from @nochocolate

enjoy ^^

p.s. i am going to sleep now, don’t worry!

A quick Eric Bittle for @bootycap ! Yes, that shirt belongs to Jack Zimmermann. No, Bitty did not have permission to take it. 

(I never finished that In the Flesh picture, and have ALWAYS felt bad about it. Since I see you’re loving Check, Please! as much as I am, I hope this makes up for it. )

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Alright, so here is my Headcanon for Trolls.

Btw: this art belongs to the absolutely AMAZING @fablegate who very generously allowed me to use it! If you love this movie and this pairing as much as I do, then go follow them!

‘Kay, so let’s get started.

So, based off this picture, I got to thinking about how long Poppy and Branch have known each other. And how close they’ve been during that time.
As a lot of other people have hinted towards as well, Branch most likely had known Poppy and had had a crush on her for a while. Probably since they were young. I completely agree with this (mostly because I adore this ship and support pretty much anything about it), but I’d like to point out another thing.

In the movie we see Branch’s horde of invitations, most of which are probably from Poppy. It’s safe to assume that.

Well, if you look at how many there are, and how many different events there are, it’s a pretty good guess to take that these date back YEARS. Again, probably to when they were kids.
So, what I’m getting at, with the picture and the horde of invitations and cards, is that Poppy and Branch were close as kids. I mean, yeah, all the troll kids were pretty close when they were youngsters. But Poppy and Branch were close.
Why else would she be so adamant about including him in everything? Sure, it probably was the whole “no troll left behind” thing she grew up knowing, but it probably also had to do with the fact that they knew each other pretty well. This would probably be why he formed a crush on her too.

All I’m saying is that they were pretty close growing up, and that was why she never gave up on him, and why he loved her so much.

Headcanon done.