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i know a lot of these background masterposts probably already exist, but i really love doing masterposts cause they’re really useful for me and hopefully other people??

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amberarts13  asked:

kk i keep seeing around that Keith is Galra???? did i miss something?? (i mean there was that one time towards the end up the season, but was it confirmed? ) ((also sorry i only message you about Voltron >->)

Message me about Voltron, I do not mind. Oh, and no, it’s not been confirmed, people just have jumped on the bandwagon for the theory. Which is fun because I really enjoy it. Here’s what we’ve got so far ‘going’ for us potentially with pictures to go along (not in order of significance, but in order of appearance/concept): 

1. The ‘energy’ telling Keith to search coming from the blue lion. 

So far only lions belonging to their respective owners have been able to ‘communicate’ with the others. Some have hypothesized that the quintessence in the lions connected with Keith’s alien side (Galra or not), making him more prone to sense it. Now, Hunk could track the energy with the Geiger counter, but when the thing was brought up, Keith had no idea what the fraunhofer line was and it had to be explained. So that means he probably sensed it organically. 

2. Keith’s eyes

It’s only a small thing, but the other humans have what could pass as naturally occurring eye colors, while Keith’s are… well, purple. A color commonly connected to the Galra. Not only that, but the only other characters with purple tinted eyes are connected to the Galra somehow (though most Galran’s have the bright yellow ones). Could be nothing, but hey, at least they are pretty.

3. The Handprint Scanners (Important)

Multiple times the other characters are required to use Galra Tech to get these hand scanners to work, including other aliens. 


Shiro (Caption is important):


But Keith just puts his hand on one and it works. 

Okay, that’s not suspicious at all.

In case you aren’t sold, here’s Shiro’s Galra hand interacting with an identical panel to Keith’s.

4. The ‘burned/broken hand’ from Galra Magic

That doesn’t look like a normal burn to me, or even the right patterning for a bruise. It follows the path of the magic, where it would leave the body like an electrical shock, but a burn is a burn, and would be colored red, not purple. There’s the chance that it’s colored due to the magic alone, but with everything else, Keith’s skin color changing to match the Galra’s is something to consider.

He healed upon coming into contact with the quintessence, but since we haven’t seen anyone interact with that personally other than it being a ‘life force’ we don’t know if this means anything special.  

Also, when Shiro is hit with something similar, his body doesn’t absorb the energy like Keith’s does, and instead has a recurring wound:

5. This infamous and foreboding line:

Enough said.

6. Keith’s knife and the dagger wielding double agent. 

Okay, first off, why would they give Keith something, have him look at it during the ‘wake up scene’ and then never have it serve any other purpose? It’s a unique looking blade, but the hilt, where any distinguishing feature might be, is wrapped. People have already speculated that it could be a link to Keith’s parents and it might be a stretch, but this is just fun so… Galra dad anyone? He did let down the barrier for seemingly no reason at all. (I remember suggesting this as a joke right after I first saw it, but…)

Just an animation choice, but the symbol on the hilt is in the middle of the screen for an extended time more than once. That probably means it’s important.

7. Symbolism of Note:

  • Keith’s Red Lion’s starting place with the Galra, while all of the others are elsewhere.
  • Shiro (the body of Voltron) having a right arm (Keith’s position on Voltron) that is Galran.

Also, if Lance’s comment in the first episode about betting the reason the Galra could find them was “Keith’s fault” ends up being foreshadowing, I’m screaming.


Me: *Hands a stuffed dog to Jensen*
Jensen: *nods enthusiastically
Me: *Hands a Starbucks Cup to Jensen*
Jensen: *keeps nodding*
Me: *Hands a pair of pink aviator sunglasses to Jensen*
Jensen: *keeps nodding with his hands now full*
Me: “You know what to do with these, right?”
Jensen: …
Jared: “Mockumentary, dude.”
Me: *tries to position myself so the mirror won’t face the camera*
Jared: *manhandles me so my ass isn’t facing the camera*
Me: *dies a little on the inside*
Chris: *takes the picture*
Me: “OK, guys, now switch for round two!”

UPDATE July 9, 2015

Hey everyone!

I am still fighting the art thief and reporting like crazy to Facebook and the other sites he is selling my art on.

I just wanted to take this moment to thank all of you who have reported and stood up for me.  If I could thank you all in person I would!  I am so touch that you all came together and help me through all this stress. 

You all are beautiful and strong. 

So much love and more

Katie (Redhead-K)


I am in desperate need of help!!! I am going through the worst art theft ever!  Someone on FaceBook is advertising and selling t-shirts on a site called This asshole has made over $6,000 on my “Can I Sit Here” print 

External image

  I have contact the guy and ask him to stop and take it down.  He never replied. Instead he blocked me and took down all the comments I posted.  I contact facebook and virlstyle and they both shot me down saying I don’t have enough evidence to prove the print belongs to me!!! I put a FUCKING WATERMARK THAT SAY MY NAME! GOOD LORD!!! :chainsaw:

So I am asking you guys to go to this fuckers facebook page and comment the hell out of the pictures he is advertising! It’s the only thing I can do to make my point.  I know this sounds rash but I don’t care. I am at my breaking point.  I tired to be nice but he blew me off! :chainsaw: This is WAR!!! And I am not playing nice anymore…..

Also everything else this person is selling is stolen art as well!!!

Here is his page.  It’s called

Toothless Lovers

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Make Me Choose Meme:

triscabob asked: David Tennant or Matt Smith

“It’s difficult to describe your own personality. I’d say tall, skinny and Scottish. That’s the basic design of me and pretty accurate actually. I’m not painting a pretty picture am I? Shall I lie? I’m devastatingly handsome – honest.”
(Metro interview, 2009)

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So i decided I’ll make a short out of the two pictures I last made bc @genozaidee’s question about if there was a backstory gave me an idea and @miya-sheep’s brilliant essay just inspired me more xD

i’m gonna start with Ink’s POV first~


Describing Claude Faustus and Alois Trancy in two words…..-

T R A N C Y.-


“So, back in ancient times, when Vigil was just forming, and Darksiders was but a twinkle in our eye, we created a pitch for Sony to do a Sly Cooper game for PSP. Unfortunately, all I could find were these low res files, and there are a bunch missing which I will try to track down. Pretty different style for me, and incredibly fun. These were all done circa 2005. And obviously, all rights and characters belong to Sony, so don’t do anything crazy with these to get me in trouble.”

All Art  © Joe Madureia

Just so you guys know, there could’ve been a Sly game for the PSP, here is a couple examples of concept and fan art and the such.

(Links to the albums on facebook, they have a few pictures I didn’t include in this photoset. 1 2)