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It’s gonna get deep here.

My parents separated when I was 5 years old. Divorced finally at age 8. I was moved into a step home with my dad where I was outnumbered. Two older siblings with no blood relation to me and only shared a broken family, and now we were being shoved together like two pieces of a puzzle that didn’t fit. Needless to say, I shrunk. I never felt like part of that family and now, 7 years later, I still can’t say that I do.

But 13 year old me walked into that band room on May 19th, 2015. And 15 year old me has come to the realization as to why I never looked back after that. I found a family. A place I fit in. The puzzle was not made out of lies or deceit, but out of a passion for music. These unique pieces coming together to form one beauitful picture, and it was that puzzle where I realized that I belonged somewhere. That my piece did fit in, no matter how small or insignificant I was. 

I didn’t know what family was, but this band has taught me what it means. I wish I could thank them enough. 


Buddha Statues’ Heads: What it actually means.

Yesterday, I went shopping at Homegoods with my mom for some interior decorations and a few gifts. And what do you know: Buddha’s heads, either in brass and sold as “antique” or dipped in bright neon paint. My mom shook her head in disapproval and laughed. This really got my mind thinking that shoppers have literally no clue what these statues’ heads are really about.

This really got my mind thinking about that Thai movie “Ong-Bak” about how a group of thieves decapitated a Buddha statue’s head  & how a Muay Thai skilled warrior volunteered to return it before it is sold in the black market. Cutting off that religious statue’s head is seen as an act of vandalism & violence. It is one of the utmost disrespectful marks one could do in the religion. The original heads were stolen from respected places of worship. Cutting off Buddha statues’ heads have been happening for who-knows-how-long originally by greedy thieves.

And now they are replicated into fashion statements or interior decorating. They really have such a dark history behind them that nearly a lot of people had forgotten. (None of those pictures belong to me.)

i know a lot of these background masterposts probably already exist, but i really love doing masterposts cause they’re really useful for me and hopefully other people??

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Colors study dump. Belongs to Mairi.

Other color studies with people and forest-nature this time. I hope it will get me out of this lack of inspiration I have these days -_- Take care everyone :3 The two pictures of the middle come from the movie : Mirror of Andrei Tarkovski. The picture from above is from a photography of Alexandra Serrano and the last is of Katerina Plotnikova. 

Steven Bomb 5: What is grief?

The differences in how grief is portrayed between Yellow and Blue Diamond in the new Steven Bomb is really interesting to me. They’re both such uniquely different, yet so familiar expressions of grief (albeit exaggarated for the purposes of the show).   

We quickly see that Blue DIamond is the one who is grieving the most conventionally (i guess), weeping, visiting Pink Diamond’s “grave”, or at least the place where she was killed. 

“Oh, Pink… I’m sorry,  I’m so sorry, I should have done more… Yellow says it’ll all be over soon, i wonder what you would think…”

It’s a very typical “having lost a family member” kind of grief. We see BD looking tired, grief stricken, hunched over and wheeping. We see her wishing above all to perserve their memory; perserving her creations by emloying the Quartz soldiers (even perserving a room of bubbled Rose Quartz-gems), . Collecting the things PD loved by bringing new human(s) to the zoo. 

Meanwhile, Yellow Diamond’s type of grief is recognizable as well. I’ve seen her catching a lot of flack for “not allowing BD to have feelings” - a too narrow view of her character in my opinion. (IMO, one of the best things this steven bomb did was taking the diamonds from scary bad guy “gods” to something much more human).

“Let’s make a plan of attack, start looking forward and stop looking back”

YD exhibits the type of grief where you just want to keep moving, keep busy in order not to look back. The song even alludes to this; “yes, of course we still love her, and we’re always thinking of her, but now there’s nothing we can do, so tell me what’s the use in feeling blue?”

Her grief materialises mainly in the wish to exact vengance upon the gems who caused PDs death, as well as the entire subgroup of quartz that she belonged to. If not for BD’s wish to perserve everything that belonged to PD (because ”they were hers”), she would have eradicated the entire cut of Rose Quartz in their possession. 

We even see it in the rehtoric (can i call it rethoric?)  she uses on BD, pushing her to see a picture bigger than her own grief, 

”Where’s their diamond when they need her, Blue? You’ve got to be a leader, Blue!”

It’s even shown in their composure; BD hunched over, head bowed, weeping, YD straight-backed, head rarely bowed (until that one, fantastic moment from the song where we see her composure break just a little). 

Steven Universe shows us something that is important to remember. Grief doesn’t always look like bowed heads and tears and laying flowers on graves. Sometimes it looks like squared shoulders and stubbornly not looking back because what lies behind you is too painful.

Steven Universe is great because it shows depth to even the most terrible of villains, and I just fucking love this show man. 

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Seventeen Reaction to Falling for International Fan

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I decided to make the reader attend a fansign event in Korea, since that would maybe make it a bit more….jarring?? is that the right word? Idfk

-Admin AJ

S.Coups/Seungcheol His eyes passed over you when you were waiting in line. He kept glancing back at your spot to study your face. You seemed nervous and he could tell this was maybe your first time attending an event for them. As you got closer he noticed the outfit you chose, and how it complimented you so well and you seemed to be taking pictures and recording. When you got to him, he was instantly shy and blushing at having your attention on him. “What is your name? You are very cute. I see you from far.”

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Jeonghan He saw you during their greeting and smiled at you. He waved in your direction as to not be obvious, however he kept glancing back at you when he turned to wave at the others attending the event. He tried doing more poses in your direction so whenever you took pictures you got a good view of him. Once you reach him at the table, he takes your hands in his and smiles at you. “Hello! What is your name? Name is cute like your face.”

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Joshua/Jisoo He spotted you and was happy to see you since, it meant you either had to save up just for the event, or you were vacationing/studying abroad. He’d make sure to make a mental note to see what language you spoke, and if it was one he spoke, he’d speak it to comfort you. He’d also help and translate for you to the nearest members so that you wouldn’t get flustered. “Don’t worry about the language barrier, we can feel your energy and it makes us even happier to know that you were brave enough to come anyway.”

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Jun/Junhui He noticed you looked different from the Korean fans. He smiled and mentally applauded your bravery to come to an event where, you may not be familiar with. He knew how it felt to have a language barrier between you and your peers. Not to mention when it involves celebrities that also may not speak your native language. He’d try to convey his attraction to you as best as he can. So in his limited English he tries flirting with you. “You are very, beautiful. I like your smile.” He gestures to his own smile and holds your hands.

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Hoshi/Soonyoung He spotted a face that didn’t look Korean and was intrigued. He looked in your direction and felt this heat spread across his cheeks to his ears. He noticed that you watched and listened attentively and that you seemed a bit frustrated at not understanding something. He whispers to either Vernon or Joshua how to say a few phrases. Once you get to him and are before him. He shyly repeats what he was taught. “Sorry, you cannot understand. I learn English for you. Thank you for support. You are very pretty.”

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Wonwoo The other boys were joking about and when one of the members moved to one side of the stage, he happened to see a face that caught his attention immediately. After the member moved away, he kept looking at you and he kept trying to keep himself from staring so much. He tries to spend the rest of the event recalling what he does know of English. As well as silently whispering English words to himself. When you are in front of him, he does his best to pick out words you say that he knows and piece the sentence together. “Oh yes! I know little bit. Thank you for love and support? Yes? Okay. You are very, pretty.”

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Woozi/Jihoon He actually notices you after one of the other members points you out and he is intrigued. He noticed that when he smiled in your direction you brightened up and he couldn’t help but feel shy afterwards. When you reached him he tries greeting you in his limited English. He understands that you don’t speak Korean, and he nods his head to show you he understands. As he signs your stuff he writes a note in English and asks if you understand it. “I am thankful you listen to Seventeen music. You are nice and pretty. Please support more?”

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DK/Seokmin He heard his name be called in a voice that had a non-Korean accent. So when he turned his head, he spotted a foreign looking face. He smiled at you and he smiled even brighter when you waved at him. When you reach him to get his signature on your stuff, he can’t help but smile and hold your hand. “You not Korean? It’s okay because I love Carat! Thank you!”

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Mingyu He grabbed Vernon and pointed you out. He asked for some pickup lines that he could use. He practiced them mentally and he whispered them to himself to get comfortable with the pronunciations. So when you reached him he froze up and smiled at you. He listened to what you had to say and was able to piece together what you were saying. At the last second he told you the pickup line. “You are a Carat, but your smile is priceless…Sorry,my English not best.”

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The8/Minghao He was not prepared to see an international fan in the crowd. He was appreciative that you still came to the event and he was definitely proud of you. He’d feel bad that you looked lost when the group spoke. He’d ask Joshua and Vernon to translate since, he wanted you to enjoy the event as well. So when you came up to him and he heard you thank him and mention his request for translation he smiled. “It’s ok! I can’t speak English well, but you listen still. Carat, inspire me to be,brave. I learn for you.”

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Seungkwan He looked out on the crowd and saw a foreign face. He immediately called out to you on his microphone and asked everyone to commend you for your bravery. The other members and fans welcomed you and he tried to greet you in English and he blushed at your smile when his accent jumbled his words. Later when you arrived at his spot, he apologized for putting you on the spot. “Sorry I make you shy! I proud of my Carat. You are very beautiful! I better my English so next time, I speak English good!”

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Vernon/Hansol  A member mentioned that a foreign Carat was in the crowd. He looked over and was surprised. He waved at you and welcomed you in English. He asked where you originate from and when you responded he was quite surprised. He kept an eye out as well as tried to await if you called out anything at any of the members so he could translate the comment to the directed member. When you arrive at his spot, he was suddenly much more shy. “It’s cool you came all this way just for this event. I hope you at least take some time to enjoy Korea. Make the most out of your trip!”

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Dino/Chan He could not contain his excitement when he spotted you. He felt so many emotions at the same time and he waved at you and sent hearts your way. He couldn’t help but feel giddy at your reaction. He then remembered his limited English and begin to panic at how he would communicate with you. As you reached him he first asked if you spoke Korean, even if it was a bit and frowned at your disappointed face. “It’s okay! I only speak little bit English. You are very cute! My Carat is so tough! Carat don’t speak Korean but come to sign. Thank you.”

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Second Star To The Right [Harry Hook Imagine] [Request]

Second Star To The Right

Harry Hook Imagine; Disney Descendants

Requested by @thestrugglesofateenagedirtbag 

I mentioned some magical items from the Tinker Bell movies, such as the Moonstone! 😊

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mal stormed into your dorm room, wearing her old purple and green jacket. She had a backpack and her spellbook. She closed the curtains, so no one could see her.

“Pixie dust can take you to the Isle, right? And as long as you’re the one who flies there, you can take someone with you?” she asked.

“Yeah, why?” you questioned. “Only blue pixie dust can do that, though. That’s hard to come by once you run out, though.”

“Do you have any? I need you to take me to the Isle,” she answered. “I can’t stay in Auradon anymore.”

You hesitated for a moment, “Mal, I don’t know…”

Mal’s eyes began to water: “Please, [Y/N], you’re the only person who can get through the barrier. I don’t belong here…”

You immediately hugged her, and said, “Okay, okay, I’ll take you to the Isle if it means that much to you.”

You pulled away from the hug, watching Mal rub her eyes. You then took out a box from under your bed. You looked at Mal: “Throw me my backpack.”

Mal listened. You caught the backpack and removed your school supplies. After doing that, you opened the box, which had a picture of Pixie Hollow on it.

You placed everything Tinker Bell and her friends had given you inside your backpack. This included ‘lost things’, a Dictionary of Animal Languages, a magic wand, Captain Hook’s lamp, the Mirror of Incanta, golden pixie dust, blue pixie dust, and the Moonstone.

Once you were done, you stood up and looked at Mal: “Let’s do this.”

- - -

Thirty minutes later, you and Mal were on the Isle of the Lost. You followed her into a place owned by Lady Tremaine. Dizzy, the daughter of Drizella, instantly greeted the two of you.

“Mal!” she exclaimed. “Is Evie with you?”

“No,” answered Mal, and then she pointed at you, “but this is [Y/N], the daughter of Peter Pan.”

“Hey,” you greeted, shaking the Tremaine’s hand while she grinned.

“Peter Pan?” asked Dizzy, looking confused and slightly nervous. “You might want to watch out for Harry Hook.”

“I’m not going to stay much long,” you said, opening your backpack to get some more pixie dust, only to find none at all. “Oh, no…”

“What?” asked Mal.

“Nothing,” you said, taking out the Moonstone instead.

Mal and Dizzy watched with concern as you held the Moonstone up in front of a window. The moonlight didn’t create anymore blue pixie dust like you needed at the moment. You watched as the Moonstone’s bright glow slowly faded. Mal and Dizzy both gasped.

“I need another Moonstone,” you said, “or else I can’t go back to Auradon.”

“I don’t know where you could find another one,” sighed Mal. “I’m sorry. If I didn’t ask you to bring me here, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Mal, it’s okay,” you said. “Besides, I’m sure someone on the Isle has a Moonstone.”

“I know someone,” whispered Dizzy, “but you’re not gonna like who it is.”

“Who is it, Dizzy?” asked Mal.

Dizzy sighed, “Harry… Harry Hook has one. It’s in Ursula’s restaurant, in the freezer where they keep the ice or something… and I think it’s the only one on island that you can get right now.”

You sighed, “Why didn’t I see that coming?”

- - -

It was still dark when you and Mal arrived at Ursula’s Fish and Chips. She planned to distract everyone inside while you looked for the other Moonstone. You quietly opened the doors, hearing Mal and Uma talking to one another. The two were surrounded by everyone in the restaurant. You quickly moved around the crowd and into the empty kitchen, spotting a freezer in the corner.

You opened the lid. Immediately, you saw the glowing Moonstone inside. You smiled to yourself and picked it up. You closed the freezer and left the kitchen. Mal’s hand slammed against the table she sat at with Uma, who she had been arm wrestling. She noticed you and you pointed to the Moonstone in your hand, causing her to give you a subtle nod. This didn’t go unseen by Uma, however, because she turned around.

Uma saw no one.

You had ducked behind the counter, crawling on the floor. You stood up when you reached the end and sprinted to the door. Mal did the same. Everyone in the room turned to the two of you. Just as you were about to make it outside, something grabbed onto your backpack and pulled you back into someone’s chest. Mal turned and gasped.

“I believe that’s mine,” whispered a voice, the person taking the Moonstone from your hands. “Now… who might you be?”

You scoffed, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“[Y/N],” hissed Mal, glaring at you.

“[Y/N]?” asked the person behind you. “Is that your name? I’m Harry Hook, pleased to meet you.”

A silver hook was suddenly in front of your face. Harry used the hook to turn your face to his own. He smirked at you.

“Why would you need a Moonstone…” he paused for a moment, “princess?”

You glared. Everyone gasped, including Mal, when you pulled Harry’s sword from his side and pointed it at him after spinning from his arms. He smirked at you again.

“I’m sure you’ve heard of my kingdom… Neverland,” you smiled sarcastically.

You hit the Moonstone with the sword, making it fly from Harry’s hands. Mal caught it in her own hands, a smirk on her face. You threw Harry’s sword across the room. You and Mal slowly backed away from him. His arms were crossed and he was smirking; he looked rather impressed.

“See you next time, Hook,” you smirked, finally leaving the restaurant with Mal. “Don’t mess with a Lost Girl.”

Harry turned to look at Uma and Gil, who both had shocked expressions on their faces. A wide grin came across his own face, and he said, “I like her.”

home frustrations.

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derek hale x reader

prompt: derek come backs and seeks you out.

warnings: swearing + smut.

A/N: just a little fyi, this is very loosely edited but fuck, daddy derek is back!! my husband, my lifeline, MY HEART!!!!

the continuous tapping of your pen against your notepad sounded around your small bedroom while your music played quietly in the background of your thoughts. you needed to study yet your mind was elsewhere entirely.

all of your friends were out probably getting themselves killed but refused to let you join the fun - all because of the spanish test you had in the morning. it was stupid but you couldn’t defy your alpha and what scott said went, no questions asked, no matter how much you pleaded your case.

your tapping quickly stopped as you heard a strong knocking at your door downstairs. sighing, you closed your notebook with a thud and laid your pen on top of it before you stood up and headed down the stairs. the knocking came louder as you got closer, almost impatient and demanding.

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@taylorswift look what you made me do (for a contest to meet you in NY but, unfortunately, I didn’t win…).

However, I had so much fun doing this and people seemed to like it, I hope you do it too. I love you 💕