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look I’m not gonna say La La Land (which I haven’t seen, precisely because it looked tropey and predictable and dull) deserved the Oscar but come on people there’s being glad something else won and then there’s reacting with vicious glee that the cast and crew got told they’d won and pulled up on stage and then thrown off again after someone said “lol whoops never mind”.

“yay a movie I liked won Best Picture!” is cool. “haha fuckin white people thought they’d won then got kicked out I love it” is just mean. and I’m really disappointed by how much of the latter I’m seeing on my dash right now.

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hi do you know how to make glitch edits? i found a cool picture i think would be good for glitchkin A e s t h e t i c but idk how :/

I know of only one site! It’s Snorpy or something…one sec.